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How To Build A Cannon In Minecraft

How To Build A Tnt Cannon In Minecraft Xbox 360 Minecraft T

How to build the most powerful and easiest TNT cannon in Minecraft.

A TNT cannon is a mechanism that uses TNT or minecarts with TNT to launch primed TNT or other entities.

ang xem: How to build a tnt cannon in minecraft xbox 360

Here is a video covering some general types of TNT cannons and is a good introduction to them.

1 General2 Naming standards3 Building materials6 Charge condensing9 Cannon tutorials9.2 Reloading cannons9.3 Short-middle range cannons9.3.7 One-button defensively ranged cannon9.5 Automatic cannons9.6 Specialized cannons9.7 Launcher Pads9.7.3 Aim-able T gun9.8 Dry cannons9.9 TNT catapults

First Dispensers And Extra Blocks

For the next step you will be adding some more solid blocks in the positions that you can see the orange wool in. This acts as a color code so I can more easily show you which blocks I mean, in which case for you these blocks would be the ones you chose as your solid blocks. Then, add the dispensers. Each of the has to be between the orange blocks and one block above them as well. Also you will move your whole row of these back by one from the original design so that the last TNT will touch the sourceblock of water. In this case this is not bad as the TNT is already primed when you put it in. Also this time dont place your repeater next to the launching tnt, which is going to be at the fenct. You can see this on the picture. After you do this, add blocks in the spot where the green wool is on the third picture. This is a 2×3 field which will hold aditional redstone later. Lastly add blocks in the position where the red wool is on the picture. This will be where the dispenser is later placed at and it also holds some redstone.

Mod To Get A Cannon In Minecraft

In addition to the solution that I proposed in the previous chapters, you can decide to install mods for Minecraft that add cannons in this video game. An example is Myles cannon mod, available for free at

To use this mod, you need to install minecraft forge, a tool to manage this additional third-party content. Then go to their official website and click version number that you find in the sidebar, which is compatible with the mod. Once done, download the file .exe using the key window installer.

After downloading, double click on it and press Okay, in the box that appears, to confirm the installation. At this point, hit the road C: Users AppData Roaming .minecraft through File Browser Windows and navigate to the folder mods. If you can’t find it, create it manually.

Now, access the link I gave you, to access the website of Myles cannon mod en Curseforge, and press the button , to get the file JAR. Put this file in the folder mods and start Minecraft. On the home screen, press the icon, which is next to the button. Theater plays, and choose the profile Forge. Then press the button Theater plays guidance on start Minecraft with support for mods.

What you must do now is create a new game or access an already created one and open the avatar inventory in mode creative. Clicking on the tab Research, you will find the canyons by searching for the term » canon «.

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# 4 Time To Add Slime Blocks

The TNT launcher is almost finished. Now, players have to glue slime blocks to both sticky pistons. After adding the slime blocks, put some TNT blocks in the dispenser.

Attach a button to the dispenser and press it to launch a TNT. After pressing the button, go back a few blocks in case something goes wrong. If all goes well, players will hear a kaboom! and see a TNT crater.

Tnt Cannon #2 Automatic Firing Cannon

Minecraft ~ How to make a Medieval Cannon

This is the second, and more advanced TNT cannon which fires automatically for you, which means you only have to add as much TNT as you have into dispensers once and then just press a button. This is based on a redstone clock and dispensers, which is a kind of advanced subject in Minecraft, but I explain every single step clearly so you can follow even if you do not know what these are. FOr this second TNT cannon you will need all of the objects in the second picture:

-23 repeaters

-31 redstone dust

-66 solid blocks

-8 dispensers

-8 TNT for one explosion

-1 fence

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How To Make Tiny Tnt Cannon

Tiny TNT Cannon is used to throw TNT anywhere on the ground and it will destroy the land completely. In this guide, you will learn the method to make a Tiny TNT cannon.;

The first thing you need to do is to place three dispensers on the ground as shown in the image below.;

After this, place a smooth stone slab in the front and add a bucket of water between the dispensers.;

Now you have to add redstone dust at the back of side dispensers and place a redstone torch at the top of the middle dispenser.;

The next thing you need to do is to place a dispenser at the top of the water. And two glass blocks on either side of the slab.;

Add a stone button under the redstone torch as shown in the image below.;

After this, you need to fill all the dispensers with TNT. Push the stone button to activate Tiny TNT cannon.;

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Build A Cannon In Minecraft

Now that you know the materials and items you need to build a cannon, it’s time to get to the heart of this guide.

First, clear an area of land of size × 9 4. Once done, place a layer of rock blocks, for a total of 36 uds.

Now in both sides long, place a line of 9 units of stone blocks per side. On a short side, instead, place 4 units of stone blocks, to form a large “U” on the surface.

At this point, it is time to place the dispensers : insert them a row of 6 units in the middle section and then one in the bottom corner, as you can see in the image below. Recommend: Dispensers should have outlet holes facing inward.

After that, place the red stone dust along the side where the 6 dispensers are placed. On the other hand, however, you will need to apply a unit of d powder el Red stone near dispenser, then followed by 4redstone repeaters, in which you will have to set the maximum delay. Then add 2redstone unit on Both Sides.

Almost there – place a Stone block between the two redstone lines, to merge them and add a button in this last. On the other short side, instead, insert a Stone block next to the dispensers and one bed sheet, to complete the gun frame.

After performing these operations, place the avatar inside the cannon, between the blocks and dispensers, and destroy the stone unit in front of you, the same one that is under the block with the button. At this point, use the bucket of water to fill the hole with water and slide it into the barrel frame.

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How To Build A Working Tnt Cannon In Minecraft

Blowing things up is a common way to pass the time in Minecraft. TNTs are one of the deadliest blocks in the game. Many players have faced their deaths due to TNT experiments going wrong.

Still, players love to play with TNT blocks. TNT cannons are famous for their extreme destruction power. Players can use these cannons to obliterate their friend’s Minecraft base from existence. TNT launchers are also used on anarchy servers for griefing bases and killing players.

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to build a TNT cannon in Minecraft. It is a simple design and can be made by anyone, including beginner players.

# 5 Add Some Automation

Minecraft: How to make a Working Cannon

Players can use the button to start manually. However, it can also be automated with a Redstone watch. Place four repeaters, side by side, a couple of blocks from the dispenser, as shown in the picture.

Increase all of your ticks to four and connect them with Redstone powder to the dispenser. Quickly attach a Redstone torch and break it to create a signal loop. This signal will launch TNT after specific time intervals.

Thats. TNT Cannon is ready to use. Remember to be careful when using it. Let the first TNT explode before launching another.

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How To Make A Cannon In Minecraft

Minecraft is about creating your world the way you want it to look like. This game was introduced in 2011 on X box and PS platforms and it took the stage by storm. With over millions users all around the globe, minecraft became a huge success in no time. The game is dependent totally on imagination. Do anything you want, construct a world in the way you imagine it to be. It is just like lego block game. In minecraft the environment is all blocky and you are the one constructing your ways through.

There are several more interesting parts of this game. For example all of a sudden something will appear on your screen and you have to kill it with swords and arrows but wait, there is another option available, a TNT cannon which may be used to destroy the target you want to. So how to make a cannon in minecraft or how to make a TNT cannon in minecraft is the question in place. There are many ways of doing it and we will consider some popular and easy ones.

There are several tutorials available on the internet on how to make a cannon in minecraft including special videos on Youtube. After researching over the internet, here is something to help you out.

Cannon Sizes And Special Features

An example of a super large cannon

The default definition of cannon size is how many TNT are in the shot or how far it fires. If you are talking about compact cannons, you might be talking about literally the size of the cannon or if you are talking about cannons meant for mass destruction, you might be talking about the size of the shot. But usually, people mean charge mass.

A small cannon, such as a 112.0MM3 cannon, only has a very small range, and is meant for stopping large amounts of rushing players or mobs.

A medium cannon, such as the 116.0R4.6M2 is meant for setting up as a first line sieger, to be set up and aimed at a target such as supplies or a wall while one has arrow cover, or to be set up as an anti-archer cannon.

A large cannon, such as the 119.0R4.10M3 is for attacking from a distance, a borderline long range mortar, an anti-cannon defense, a second line sieger, and many other uses.

A sniper cannon, such as the 119.3R4.10M6 is for a tent line sieger, setting up to shell opponents camp when they can’t even see the cannon shelling them, and other out-of-sight range tasks such as that.

And of course, mass demo cannons, such as the 187.0MM6 spread-shot, which is used to completely mutilate any defenses whatsoever.

Players also like to add features to their cannons including:

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Limitations And Ways To Possibly Get Around Them

The five big, main limits to TNT cannon engineering are:

  • That no matter what you do, a TNT will explode approximately 4 seconds or 8 flashes after being primed. The way to sidestep this is to make the TNT fly faster, but that leads us to limit 2.
  • Minecraft can only take so much, and entities flying at escape velocity around your Minecraft world can cause it to crash. Another thing that can cause crashes of your Minecraft is large amounts of impulse charges detonating in unison. With the allotted 1.5 GB of RAM, the max TNT is about 500. The way to possibly sidestep is to increase the RAM allowed for Minecraft, although that is not recommended for lower end computers.
  • TNT has a 7 block detonation radius, so just making a large cannon is a waste of time. Beyond 9 charges, the TNT is wasted. However, this can be sidestepped by either adding more vertical rows of charge to your cannon, adding a charge condensing system to your cannon, or a combination of them both.
  • TNT flows with the water while in it. This can be good or bad, depending on the situation. The way to sidestep this is to use water source blocks, and don’t place any TNT inside it.
  • If you make a vertical cannon too powerful, it will fly up too fast and high meaning it will crash your game. This can be sidestepped by decreasing the power of said cannon, or making it semi-vertical. That way you can go up and sideways.
  • Projectiles To Load Into Cannons

    How to Build a Cannon in Minecraft

    There are 12 different cannon projectiles that you can load into cannons. Each projectile has a special effect; some projectiles do very high player-damage , while others work like long range splash potions.

    The type of cannon you load these projectiles will affect its range, but not its damage or effect.

    A full list of all projectiles and their stats can be found below.

    Projectile Name

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    How To Make A Tnt Cannon In Minecraft

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 16 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 264,322 times.Learn more…

    This wikiHow teaches you how to build a large cannon in Minecraft’s Creative Mode. While it is technically possible to create a cannon in Survival, the amount of time and energy needed to select all of the resources makes doing so impractical. You can build the cannon outlined here in all versions of Minecraft, including on computer, mobile, and console versions.

    Gather The Necessary Materials

    Before explaining how to make a cannon in minecraftIt seems correct to show you the necessary resources and useful tools to complete this project.

    First, you need a building material like Rock or even the obsidian, to build the frame of the gun. L ‘ obsidian It is the material that I recommend you to use because it is not destroyed in the event of an explosion .

    If you want to use obsidian, build a diamond peak and get several water buckets. Then he comes to a place with del magma and pour the Water above, to cool the lava, turning it into obsidian. Through diamond peak, then you can collect this resource.

    Another material you need is the Red stone, which is useful for starting remote mechanisms. There Red stone can be found in mines, using a pickaxe to collect this resource from the appropriate blocks .

    In addition to the red stone, you will need the redstone repeaters : these objects are intended to delay the sending of a signal that runs along a line of Red stone, useful to trigger the explosion of the bullet at the last moment.

    To build this item, you first need two red stone torches, which are obtained from the union of a stick is a’ redstone powder drive. Once you have these torches, combine them into one Job together with a unit of red stone dust and three rock blocks, get a redstone repeater.

    Finally, you need a bucket of water is a button. The latter can be created on a workbench, simply using a block of any material.

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    How To Build A Tnt Cannon With Adjustable Range And Direction

    So far I’ve seen different cannon designs such as basic guns, animal gun and the infamous 360 Gun.

    But what is an as easy as possible gun design with big range covering an angle of about 90 deg?


    You can do this, just make something which has room for multiple slots of tnt, and adjust the amount for the range. For direction, it’s a bit trickier, but you can have multiple openings to the cannon, plug the ones not in use, etc.

    # 2 Place Two Repeating Redstones Facing Out Of The Dispenser

    Minecraft Tutorial – How To Build a Cannon (2016)

    After adding the dispenser and sticky piston, place two Redstone repeaters facing out, as shown in the picture. Players can create Redstone repeaters using three stones, two Redstone torches, and one Redstone dust in Minecraft.

    After placing the Redstone repeaters:

  • Right-click the repeater facing the piston until it reaches four ticks.
  • Change the other repeater to two ticks.
  • Make sure the repeaters look the same as the image above.
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    How To Build Tnt Cannon Minecraft How To Make A Minecraft Tnt Cannon : 6 Steps

    Welcome to World! Check out our;advanced tutorials;and come play with us on our;free server.

    ang xem: How to build tnt cannon minecraft

    Do you need an extra boost in your game of PVP? Do you feel unapologetic to creepers? If you enjoy feeling like a madman, then this build is for you. After all, the only thing better than explosives, is a device that shoots explosives.

    Instructions: Tnt Cannon In Minecraft Build

  • You start with the construction of a stage and place to the right 10 blocks to the rear.
  • After you place two blocks to the left and to the front, so that the blocks like a “J” shaped.
  • The gap you can close with 7 Launchers, until the design is completely closed.
  • In addition, you place a launcher on the right side of the stage.
  • On the right side, you can now place four Redstone repeaters, which will connect you with the top of the launcher and delay.
  • The rest of the cannon wall and dress them up with Redstone. In the case of the Launchers, you must hold down the key pressed.
  • In the middle of your cannon you fill now water to build back in the middle of a button to make it go.
  • Before you shoot, you need to fill the launchers with TNT. Then press the firing button back and the gun fires.
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