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How To Build A Shop In Minecraft

Perform Your Favourite Song With Minecraft Note Blocks

How to build a flower shop in Minecraft

Minecraft note blocks have been a staple of the game for as long as I can remember, dating back to the first Minecraft Note Block Cover videos in 2011.

Essentially, note blocks are Redstone powered devices that play a single note when Redstone power is passed through them.

Their tone and sonic qualities can be varied based on which block they are connected to. This allows users to create elaborate performances of any song they can think of.

If you are looking for a great starting point to what is a complex science, this tutorial series by Amosdoll is easy, accessible, and gets you straight into action.

How To Build In Minecraft

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This wikiHow teaches you how to master the basics of building structures in Minecraft. While building a structure in any version of Minecraft is essentially the same process consisting of creating four walls and a roof, finding and collecting the correct resources can be a challenge if you don’t know where to start.

Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

Struggling to come up with some awesome Minecraft Building Ideas?

When it comes to building in Minecraft, the sky is the limit. Sure, thats a great selling point. But imagine I handed you a hundred stacks of blocks and complete creative freedom.

Chances are you might struggle to come up with fun things to build in Minecraft. Perhaps there should be a term for it: builders block.

Thats why we here at WhatIfGaming have decided to put together an expansive list of 80 awesome Minecraft building ideas!

On this list, well cover everything from massive building projects to neat little decorations. So, there will be something to set the creative juices flowing for everyone!

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Obsidian City In The End

Minecraft doesnt officially have an end. But when you get as far as defeating the Ender Dragon you get the sense that you should start thinking about making a new Minecraft world.

But stop! Why would you quit before you have made good use of The End? Its an often neglected but incredibly fertile bit of space to build something truly impressive, and I have some ideas if you dont know where to start.

Of The Best Minecraft Building Ideas

Minecraft: How To Make a Shop!! ( Easy Starter House ...

So, there we have it! 80 cool things to build in Minecraft the next time you are struck by a bout of builders block.

There is an insane range of Minecraft building ideas here. But one important thing to remember is that your next Minecraft projects dont all need to be massive undertakings.

Part of the fun of the game is finding ways to fundamentally change your experience, like spawning in a foreign biome or attempting to thrive in the nether.

If you are still looking for things to build in Minecraft the check out our post on the 10 BEST Minecraft base ideas

Finally, have you heard of Drag Clicking? Its a great new method for gaining a competitive edge in combat situations. Here is our comprehensive guide to Drag Clicking and our guide to the Best Mouse for Drag Clicking in 2021.

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Rebuild Your Favourite Maps In Minecraft

When you have been playing Minecraft for a long time, the same temptation will always eventually arise. Do you quit, log out, and switch to another game for a bit?

Well, you could. Or you could bring another game into Minecraft. There are a bunch of awesome examples of FPS maps and platforming levels recreated in Minecraft. But here are two of my favourites to get the inspiration flowing:

Which map or location are you going to recreate? Let us know in the comments below!

Minecraft parkour maps are a mainstay of many online servers and challenge maps but attempting to build your own could be a great addition to your creative or survival world.

Essentially, parkour maps are mid-air platform challenges where players must judge large and small jumps from block to block. In the more difficult maps, blocks are replaced with more unconventional items with unique hitboxes, like cobwebs and fences. It takes a lot more skill than regular Minecraft, so check out our list of the Best Mouse for Minecraft in 2021.

If you are not sure where to start and you would like a refresher on the basics of creating an awesome Parkour map, check out this tutorial by YouTuber Ragon Akashi.

The Palo Alto Lantern House

When all else fails, there’s no better place to look for inspiration than the real world. Translating that into Minecraft, however, is no easy task due to the various limitations the game puts into place with blocks and placement. That being said, this Minecraft house idea definitely is close to its real world version.

Doodlemerson was inspired by the Palo Alto Lantern House located in real-world California. A gorgeous, luxurious modern build, it actually translates brilliantly into the game and looks just as luxurious as the real deal.

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Write Down Your Idea And Find Reference Pictures

A lot of people dont understand how important planning can be when it comes to anything. Plan out days to work on your builds and set a date on when you want to have it completed by. Its always a good idea to write your ideas down on paper, this way you wont forget it.

Next you should create a document or a folder to store everything in, and then you should start planning the build! We recommend planning the following:

  • The build theme
  • How big the build will be
  • The color scheme of the build
  • A concept layout drawing/sketch
  • When you want to have it made by
  • How detailed you plan to make it

You should also find some images you can refer to for the building theme, we have provided an example below.

The left picture is our reference image for a Japanese temple while on the right is our finished product of a Japanese temple using the reference image.

We recommend getting around 5 different reference images of what you want to create along with drawing plenty of concept images of the terrain, villages and whatever else you want to create.

You can click here to view Team Visionarys portfolio to find images you can reference to for your own builds. This helps put all your ideas together to create the most realistic build you can make.

Dont Over Detail Your Minecraft Builds

Minecraft: How To Make a Shop!! ( Easy Starter House Tutorial )

Over detailing buildings is something a lot of new builders will attempt to do, but the truth in that is, it will generally make your build look quite messy and not as good as it could have been. After-all, your main goal is to build something that looks visually pleasing to the eye.

Sometimes super detailed builds work well with what you are aiming for, but the majority of the time, its just the case of cutting back on the slabs, stairs and other small stuff. You want to make sure that the build looks good from a distance, if it looks too chaotic from farther away, you more than likely need to cut back on some details. Its always a good idea to ask your friends for feedback while constructing your magnum opus to help with development in the early stages.

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A Pig Riding Racetrack

Does anyone remember when riding Pigs was the big thing? Seriously. Before horses and the like, players would find saddles in chests. Then they would place them on pigs, get on, and just be with the pig.

You couldnt even control the pig very well. It was a lot of fun.

So why not put that old tried and true mechanic to the test with your very own pig racetrack. There are a lot of ways to do it. But for a blast of instant nostalgia, why not try out something like this old video from ZackScottGames?

Just be sure to have enough carrots and sticks handy for every player if you are in multiplayer. If youre solo, get that stopwatch handy for some time trials action!

How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft

If you just want a few new villagers, breeding them is a pretty quick process. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • At least two villagers
  • At least one bed for every villager, plus one more
  • Food bread, carrots, potatoes, or beetroots

1. Get your villagers close to each other. The best way to do this is to build a wall around them and trap them inside, or build a structure and move a villager into it using a boat.

Quick tip: You can get villagers into a boat by placing one in front of them, and letting them walk into it. Once a villager is in a boat, you can hop in and “sail” it across land or sea. Break the boat to free them.

2. Once your villagers are stuck in a small space, place beds around them. You need to have more beds than you have villagers, since the child they make will need a bed too. And any bed you place needs to have at least two blocks of free space above it.

3. Now you’ll need to increase the “willingness” of your villagers. Villagers will only breed once they’re “willing” enough, and you can increase a villager’s willingness by giving them food. Here’s how effective each type of food is:

Type of Food
Beetroot 12

4. Give your villagers food you can just throw it at them until hearts appear above their heads. This means that they’re willing.

5. Wait. The next time two willing villagers bump into each other, they should stand together for a few moments and then spawn a baby villager between them.

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A Bona Fide Minecraft Castle

If you have ever put together a massive house made from wood and stone, chances are you have imagined what it would be like to live inside a bona fide Minecraft castle.

Dream no longer! Why not build your very own intricate Minecraft castle? With a throne room, chest rooms, armoury, and dungeons, this will be the perfect addition to any rustic Minecraft world in the later stages of the game.

Over a couple of instalments, BlueNerd Minecraft has a comprehensive tutorial explaining every step of the Castle construction process.

Built Your Very Own Custom Item

My growing town needed some market stalls

Okay, hear me out here. Coding your mod, particularly if you are not very tech-savvy, may seem like an incredibly daunting task. But as evidenced by this fantastic tutorial by Suited Llama, it need not be that much of a challenge.

Starting small, you can come to have your custom item in-game in only a few hours and with very rudimental knowledge of Java.

It will be a long shot for most of us, but if you are looking for new ways to build in Minecraft, coding your additions will raise every ceiling in the game.

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Nether Base In The Overworld

Or, how about the opposite?

The Nether update brought a bunch of new blocks and decorations for building in the underworld. But you can use the same blocks and techniques to build a unique overworld house that will put all others to shame.

This Nether starter house tutorial from TheMythicalSausage looks great and will be a great place to start. But with the Nether blocks unleashed last year, you will be able to come up with some killer ideas for new buildings.

Cliff House Building Design

Watching the sunrise or sunset can be a great way to cool down and destress after a long day. Having a house that allows you to live that reality as you look outside the window or step outside the balcony? Even better.

This Hanging Cliff House by Random Steve Guy allows you to watch the horizon from up above. The materials needed arent too rare and can be found in the overworldnamely the Wooden Planks, Glass Panes, and Wood. And a mountain face too, of course.

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Abandoned House At Sea

If building underwater isn’t an option in a survival game just yet, building a house floating on water might just be the next best Minecraft house idea.Tkapplez graced the Internet with a breath-taking photo of his abandoned house at sea, paired with really nice realistic shaders.

This build shows yet again the power of wood and stone, but also the importance of knowing what the palette of the build is. While this house uses a ton of different blocks and patterns, nothing breaks from the color scheme. If anything, the variation brings much-needed texture and shape into an otherwise oddly shaped build that comes together beautifully.

Dispensing The Bought Item

How to Build a Potion Shop in Minecraft | Minecraft Tutorial

on top of the red stone torch that if off place a block above it then place another block down and forward of the new block you placed

then add a new block to the newest one you just put down to the left of it then place another block

on the new blocks you just added put a red stone repeater facing forward on the left one and one facing backwards on the left one with a full tick on it

then add a dispenser in front of the left block with a repeater on it

then put whatever item you want in the dispenser i used red stone blocks

make sure that you cover all the sides of the dispenser so the items don’t fly out everywhere

then put a red stone lamp above the dispenser to tell when the item has dispensed

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Good City Mods To Use

If you are using Forge 1.12.2, you will have access to literal thousands of mods. Other versions also support mods, but must use Forge or Fabric. Cities can look even better with mods, such as realistic signs, new products, new blocks, and even pilotable vehicles. Here are several mods to consider:

  • Traffic Control, Fureniku’s Roads, Traffico, and Immersive Vehicles work extremely well together, since they all are based around adding vehicles and road-related items.
  • Chisels and Bits or LittleTiles can be used for that tiny bit more detail. Just be warned that they are incompatible with each other.
  • Online Picture Frames can allow you to import images from image-hosting sites like Imgur.
  • Numerous currency mods exist. Consider adding them.

How To Build A Fish And Chips Shop On Minecraft

First, you build the walls. Choose any colour you like I chose pink.

This is the birds eye view, as you can see I have made it in the shape of a square but you can do any shape you like.

Add a door or two at the front of the Fish and Chips shop.

You can make the walls taller by adding more blocks. I added some different colours for effect but you can choose any colour.

Fill in the place above the doors. Try and follow your pattern on top of the door.

Add a table by using gates and carpet and make chairs by just putting two blocks on top of each other and add a block in front of the first one.

Make a place for the kitchen and make a square shape in a corner of the shop. If you would like you can add a furnace to cook in.

This is what the furnace should look like.

You can add a trapdoor so you can enter the kitchen too.

Add a roof and follow the pattern of the top layer of blocks.

It may be a bit dark so you can add some lights as well .

On the outside of the shop you can add lights and signs near the doors.

Also, you can add a toilet by making a chair and adding a trapdoor on top of it. If you want to you can add a lever so you can flush the toilet. The lever also opens the door for you.

On the outside of the toilet add a light and a sign maybe saying toilet.

Now you are finished your Fish and Chips shop. You can now play around inside and maybe get some customers. Have fun!

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Redstone Door Minecraft Building Ideas

A pressure plate door where you dont have to flick a lever or touch a button to let it open? Yes, please!

This Redstone Door by BlenDigi harnesses the power of Redstone dust to create an automated entryway. All you have to do is step on a designated area and the blocked-off wall in front of you will magically open, like a secret passage.

Better yet, find more cool Redstone contraptions for your next creative home.

Cattle And Livestock Pen

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A Subway (Restaurant ...

I have seen it in just about every survival world my friends show me. A house with a large fenced-off square beside it, filled with just about every farm animal available on the game.

If you are looking for a fun project to make your base even more aesthetically pleasing, why not try out this Cow Pen tutorial from Fresh Joy?

Concise and well designed, there will be enough space here for all your favourite farm animals. It will also be a handy way to get close to your farm animals, given that they arent free to roam about a massive square of land.

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