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How To Double Enchant In Minecraft

How To Do It

Mcpe how to double enchant stuff

Open up Minecraft and log in to your Minecraft World. Open up chat with T and copy and paste command which you can find above. After that youll get the stick, sword or whatever with multiple high level enchantments! Now you can try to kill any mob you want and it will kill it instantly! Try it on wither for example. You will be surprised!

Build An Enchanting Table

First things first: You’ll need an Enchanting Table. None of the parts for this are super rare, but they do require a bit of time and work.

You’ll need:

  • Two diamonds
  • Four blocks of obsidian

Obsidian can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe. So, really, you need five diamonds to build an Enchanting Table. There’s a good chance that you’ll find a book in a treasure chest by the time you’re ready to build. Just in case, though, you can craft one from three sheets of paper and leather from one cow.

That alone will get you going, but to make a fully-functional enchantment table, you’ll want to surround it with bookshelves–crafted from books and wooden planks–around it. At least 15 bookshelves, with a one-block buffer around the table itself. You’ll know you’ve done it right because magical characters will start flowing into the open book on the enchantment table.

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How do I open the enchantment shop?

  • Simple, just type /enchantshop or /es to open the custom enchantment shop GUI.

Enchant Shop GUIHow do I change the enchantment prices?

  • After you run the plugin for the first time, it will generate a config.yml where you can edit the prices.

What version of Minecraft should I use?

  • This custom enchantment v2 plugin was developed on Minecraft version 1.16.4 and it has been tested to work in the new version 1.16.5 and it also supports all the versions of 1.16 but it is highly recommended to use 1.16.4 for stable use.
  • Version 2.0.6A and above will only work on 1.17
  • More information about the plugin here.

How do I enchant my stuff?

  • Right click on the enchantment book in your main hand.
  • Switch to your tool/weapon/armor that you want to enchant.
  • Right click again while holding the item in your main hand.
  • For enchanting tutorial, click here.
  • Storm Ally 2.1.0 upCommandsSoft Dependency plugin

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    How To Enchant Items In Minecraft

    Once you have crafted yourself an Enchantment Table and placed it in a suitable location, you’ll be able to enchant your items. The Enchantment Table works in a similar way to the regular crafting table but you’ll need one additional resource in order to start enchanting Lapis Lazuli. This is usually found in deeper caverns and mines and only requires a stone pickaxe to harvest. You should look out for the telltale dark blue colouring that gives it away.

    Once you have the item you want to enchant and the Lapis Lazuli placed in the Enchantment Table, you’ll have three enchantment options to choose from. The enchantments listed are entirely random and once an item has been enchanted, you won’t be able to change it so choose carefully. Alternatively, you can enchant a book which can be saved and applied to an item later.

    The Enchantment Table will only let you apply one enchant to an item. If you want to apply multiple enchantments, you’ll need to either use an enchanted book or combine two enchanted items using an Anvil.

    How To Get Double Minecraft Axe Enchantments

    [AUCTION] Double chest of Bottle o

    Why stick with one axe enchantment if you can have two? You may have already noticed that you can only use unenchanted axes on the Enchantment Table. However, you can combine two enchanted axes using the Anvil to double the effects. This will repair one, and destroy the other. Do keep in mind that both items need to be the same type . You can also use an axe and an Enchanted Book instead.

    Not all axe enchantments can be combined though. Silk Touch wont go together with Fortune, and the same goes for the combat-based ones .

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    Bagian 3 Dari : Menempatkan Sihir Pada Benda

  • 1Buka paron. Setelah mempunyai sihir yang diinginkan, Anda bisa menambahkannya ke benda yang digunakan untuk menyerang atau bertahan .
  • 2Tempatkan benda yang ingin disihir pada paron. Benda tersebut akan masuk ke dalam kotak yang ada di sisi paling kiri.
  • 3Tambahkan buku sihir. Pilih bukunya, kemudian pilih kotak bagian tengah di jendela paron.
  • 4Pindahkan benda yang telah disihir ke dalam inventaris. Sekarang benda tersebut akan muncul di sisi kanan paron. Pilih benda tersebut dan pindahkan ke dalam inventaris untuk menyelesaikan prosesnya.Iklan
  • What Is The Anvil For

    If you’re interested in taking your enchanting skills to the next level, it’s basically a necessity to have an anvil on hand. Anvils are incredibly useful for a variety of things, including making your enchanted items last longer and become stronger.

    • Repair your items and equipment. Anvils can restore most items that have durability, as long as you have another one of those items lying around. This is especially useful for repairing enchanted items, which are far more valuable.
    • Combine enchantments. Whether you’re using multiple enchanted items or an enchanted book, you can combine enchantments into one super item. Very useful to get the perfect combination of traits.
    • Personalize items. Anvils allow you to rename items as well, giving them a degree of personalization. Now you can ride into battle wielding your mighty sword, “Insert-Name-Here.” I’ll let you handle the actual naming.

    You’ll need to spend a bit of experience to use an anvil for anything, but it’s almost always more feasible than creating an entirely new enchanted item instead. With an anvil around, nothing goes to waste.

    To craft an anvil, you’ll need three blocks of iron as well as four iron ingots. In total, that’s 31 iron ingots! Be prepared to spend a bit more to have that extra edge over your opponents. An anvil is crafted by having a base and stand made of iron ingots, with the head being solid iron blocks, as seen in the image above.

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    Add The Item To Enchant

    For the purposes of this tutorial, we are going to enchant a stone sword.

    So we need to place the stone sword in the first box in the Enchant menu. Then place 3 lapis lazuli in the second box.


    Once you have placed your stone sword and lapis lazuli in the two boxes, you will see the enchantment slots display up to 3 enchantment options. Each enchantment will display a number on the right which is the number of that you must have to unlock and view the enchantment .

    In this example, the first enchantment is unlocked if you have 7 experience levels, the second one is unlocked if you have 18 experience levels, and for the third enchantment you need 30 experience levels to unlock it.

    The higher the experience points required to unlock the enchantment, the better the enchantment. If you don’t have enough levels, you can always earn more experience points by killing mobs or using the .


    When you hover over the third enchantment, it says and the cost of the enchantment is 3 lapis lazuli and 3 enchantment levels . Knockback II is one of the 3 enchantments that you can select from the enchanting table.

    Other Means Of Enchanting

    Lets Play Minecraft Ep.16 Double Enchantments

    There are several other ways to enchant your equipment. Lets go over those quickly.


    Villages often have Priests. These special Villagers can add specific enchantments to your items. Theyll show the enchantment in the trading interface, so you dont have to guess what youll get. Add the item you want enchanted, pay some Emeralds, and thats that. This is a somewhat costly process in terms of resources, but you dont need to spend a single level. Thats neat!

    Enchanted Books

    Craft Books and then enchant them at your Enchanting Table. You can stack multiple enchantments on a single Book and then transfer all of them onto another item when you have a combination that you like. You do this by working with an Anvil and using the Enchanted Book and the item that youre trying to enchant. This costs additional levels.

    Book enchanting is a very costly process. Youre likely to spend many more levels investing in the final item than you would by just going to the Enchanting Table with the same item. However, Enchanted Books are useful. Theyre the best way to infuse an item with a specific combination of powerful enchantments. Otherwise, youre playing a game of chance each time you spend your levels. You might end up with a fairly weak enchantment and produce a Diamond Sword that doesnt do anything you care about. Thats a bummer.


    Types of Enchantments

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    How To Build An Enchanting Table

    An enchanting table is your tool for enchanting everything you own, so if you’re interested, it’s imperative that you craft one of your own. Not only that but just crafting an enchantment table isn’t enough. You’ll need to feed your enchantment table the sweet, sweet knowledge that only books can afford.

    To craft an enchantment table, you’ll need:

    • 4 blocks of obsidian. Obsidian is created when water hits a lava source block. As one of the strongest blocks in Minecraft, it can only be mined with a diamond pickaxe.
    • 2 diamonds. One of the rarest materials found in Minecraft, diamond ore is only found near the bottommost levels of the Overworld. You’ll need an iron pickaxe or better to mine them.
    • 1 book. To craft a book, you’ll need three pieces of paper and one scrap of leather .

    Once you’re done, you’ll need to combine everything in a crafting table, as seen above. Enchantment tables are placeable, just like crafting tables, furnaces, and more.

    Whenever you’re deciding where to place your new enchantment table, it’s best to leave space all around it. A 2 block gap on all sides is your best bet that way, you have room to upgrade your enchantment table as needed. Oh? You don’t know how to upgrade your enchantment table? It just so happens the next section covers precisely that.

    How Do You Double Enchant A Sword

    Once a player enchants an item, there are two possible things a player can do with it on the anvil. Either combine it with another enchanted item or use a second enchantment on it. Likewise, to use a second enchantment, players will need to use an enchantment book. Players can find it inside chests.

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    How To Get Multiple Level Enchantments On One Item In Minecraft

    Hey there! Do you want to know How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft!? Then this video is right for you! ill show you easy and quick tutorial on How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft 1.16.5!. I hope yall like it. I hope yall like it. If you want to see more articles like this be sure to check out my website regularly!

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    • Commands: Diamond Sword with Sharpness 1000, Looting 1000, and Mending 1000.
    • Diamond Chestplate and Boots with Protection 1000, Blast Protection 1000, and Fire Protection 1000.

    How To Increase The Level Of Enchantments In Minecraft

    Minecraft: Enchantment Mods

    There are a couple of ways to ensure you get better quality enchants. There is no level requirement to start enchanting in Minecraft but a higher level character will have a choice of higher-ranked enchants. It’s worth remembering that these will still be random so it will involve a lot of trial and error to get the exact enchants you want. To further increase the potential of possible enchants, you should place bookcases around your Enchantment Table as this also increases the potency of the enchants it can create.

    To maximise the potency of your enchants, you’ll need to raise your character to level 30 and arrange 15 bookshelves around the Enchantment Table. There is a very specific way they need to be placed or they won’t have any effect bookshelves should be positioned two blocks away from the table and on the same height or one block higher and nothing should be placed in between.

    If you don’t have the materials for bookshelves, there’s no need to go above level 8 on your character as further levels won’t influence the strength of the enchants produced.

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    Minecraft Guide To Enchanting: Setup Books And More

    Knowledge and overt amounts of caution will get you far in Minecraft. Still, eventually you’ll need an extra boost in power to survive the perils of Minecraft like the End and the Nether, or to fight off the hordes of beasties that only want to eat/explode/shoot you. That’s where enchanting comes in. Here’s the full breakdown of everything you need to know.


    A game of magic

    Minecraft has to be some kind of magic since it has defied all logic and continued to dominate the gaming world a full decade after its launch. It continues to receive increasingly complex updates and is a must-have for any creative gamer.

    How To Build An Enchantment Table In Minecraft

    To enchant items in Minecraft, first, you’ll need to build an Enchantment Table. You’ll need to gather two diamonds, four obsidian blocks, and one book in order to make one.

    If you need help locating the materials, diamonds are usually found far underground and you’ll need an iron pickaxe to mine them. Obsidian needs to be mined with a diamond pickaxe and you’ll find it where lava and water meet if you aren’t having any luck locating any, you can fill a bucket with water and dump it on some lava to make your own. Books can be crafted with paper and leather or obtained by destroying bookcases, which are often found inside villager’s houses.

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    Can A Weapon Enchant Proc On A Second Hit

    The exception to this Dual Wield abilities only use Main Hand enchant rule is broken by Twin Slashes, which procs the Main Hand enchant on the first hit, and the Off-Hand enchant on the second hit. Glyph of Rage still cannot proc off the second hit. All elemental enchantments have a 20% chance to proc a status effect.

    Enchantments For All Armour Pieces

    How To Get Multiple High Level Enchantments on ONE Item in Minecraft! (2020)
    • Blast protection: Increased protection against explosions. Can go up to a level IV enchantment.
    • Fire protection: Increased protection against fire. Can go up to a level IV enchantment.
    • Projectile protection: Increased protection against arrows. Can go up to a level IV enchantment.
    • Protection: Converts all damage to armour damage. Can go up to a level IV enchantment.

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    Can You Enchant A Weapon More Than Once In Skyrim

    Youenchantmentscan youitemsyouEnchantingenchantingyouone

    . Also asked, can you enchant a weapon more than once in Minecraft?

    Once an item is enchanted, it can‘t befurther enchanted using an Enchanting Table. However, youcan combine two enchanted items, or add a secondenchantment from an enchanted book, using anAnvil. Youcan also combine the enchantments from two bookstogether into a new double-enchanted book.

    Also, can you recharge enchanted weapons in Skyrim? Recharging. Recharging is the process ofadding more charges to depleted enchanted weapons. Thisdestroys the Soul Gem and transfers the energy to theweapon. Note: Azura’s Star is a soul gem that you canuse to recharge items or enchant items and can neverbe destroyed.

    Moreover, can you enchant improved items in Skyrim?

    When you enchant an item which had beenupgraded with Smithing, such as Iron Dagger , it revertsto the basic item unless you have the ArcaneEnchanter perk. Once you take that perk, you can goto the forge and re-upgrade the item.

    How do you make enchantments more powerful in Skyrim?

    To get your new enchantments to double instrength, you’ll first need to get your enchanting up to 80,spending perk points on the way. Once you have Enchanter at 5/5,your new enchantments will be twice as strong. Forexample, when I first placed Fortify Archery on an item, it wouldonly fortify it by 8%.

    Do Enchantments Stack In Minecraft Dungeons

    Enchantments are incredibly powerful.

    Image via Mojang

    Your weapons, armor, and ranged weapon can contain up to three enchantments each in Minecraft Dungeons. These enchantments are important because to diversify and enable you to create a unique playstyle. Some of the abilities these enchantments do seem a bit similar, and because the three available enchantments on your weapons are random, they do sometimes feel the same. For example, you could have two enchantment slots that both have the ability to use leeching, which enables you to steal up to 22 percent of an enemys health.

    If you see two of the same enchantments on a weapon or an armor piece, yes, these two enchantments will stack on each other. Having a pair of leeching enchantments on your melee weapon means youre consistently healing as long as you find yourself in the middle of the fight. The same goes for having any type of rolling ability with your armor, or the looting enchantment, which increases the chance for mobs to drop consumables.

    For those eager to find everything in the game, make sure to check out where all of the secrets runes are in the game. You can find one in Obsidian Pinnacle, and make sure to locate all of the secret levels, such as Arch Haven, which you can unlock by playing through Pumpkin Pasture.

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