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How To Find Treasure Chest In Minecraft

How To Use A Treasure Map

AQW – Result of 1 year worth Treasure Chests

Once youll have the Treasure Map, you can use it by keeping it in your hand. It will look like this:

Now what you need to do is go to the red X by following the map.

Once youll be there youll need to dig a bit around the place. The X is not super precise, so you wont know exactly on which block the Treasure will be.

If you dont want to dig around and you get bored while doing it, a nice trick is to use TNT. Yes, exactly. You need to place some TNT around the area and blow it up. This will destroy all the unnecessary ground that is covering your treasure. And when the explosions will reach the Treasure chest, this will be destroyed, but all the items inside it will drop and theyll be ready for you to take them. Its also much more fun.

If you want to find a Treasure chest quickly by using cheats instead, you will need to type:

/locate structure buried_treasure

How To Find A Treasure Chest In Minecraft Java

In the Java edition, the procedure of finding a treasure chest is exactly the same as the other editions. You just need to collect the treasure map from the chests and then follow the instructions of it. As it has red X marks on it which indicates the location of the treasure.

In Java Edition, the arrow of the player is shown below the X of the treasure. Also, the treasure contains the highest amount of diamonds per chest among all generated structures. It has about 1.25 diamonds per chest on average.

When Can You Notice The Underwater Loot

You can notice the underwater loot only at night due to the light coming from it. It is tough to observe the light of rays coming from the underwater loot during the day because it is not easily distinguishable.

But, if you want to acquire the loot and rewards from the underwater treasures, you must keep track of time. So, knowing how long is a Minecraft day to stay on track of the day-night cycle is essential, ensuring that you don’t miss out on the underwater treasures.

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Minecraft Buried Treasure: How To Find It

So, you traveled to different biomes but couldnt find the exact location of the buried treasures?

What if I say, the best method to find a buried treasure is by using a treasure map. Thats where my Minecraft Buried Treasure Finder Guide comes in handy.

You have to dig a few blocks to find the treasure chest. The closest chest also contains saddles in Minecraft.

How far down is the buried treasure in Minecraft?

The buried treasures are 3 to 6 blocks deep down. Treasure maps dont help you find the exact location of the treasure. They only reveal structures and monuments. You have to dig about 2 meters of radius around the X mark to get the treasure.

Keep Reading, As Ill show you where the treasure chests are exactly located.

Also, Check out our separate post on how to find spawn chunks in Minecraft.

Finding Treasure With Chunk Borders

How to Find Treasure in Minecraft?

Buried treasure will always generate near the center of the chunk. The world is broken into sections called chucks that aren’t visible when playing. Fortunately, you can easily turn on chunk borders by pressing F3 + G. Doing so will display all chunks.

When you get near the X on the map, turn on chunk borders and find the center blocks of the chunk. Dig down until you reach the treasure chest, and gather your rewards!

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How Does A Buried Treasure Look Like In Minecraft

The look of Buried Treasure totally depends on the Biome in which it is found. But Mostly is a colorful treasure box.

Buried treasure in Minecraft contains only a single chest.

The chest is almost always buried under some materials and so you wont leave empty-handed.

Some Minecraft biomes dont have buried treasure chests. Here, I have given a picture for your ease to know how actually a Buried treasure in Minecraft looks like.

If the chests are buried in a beach biome, then they will have a sand or gravel block covering it up. Sometimes, if the buried treasure is generated on the side of underwater structures, hills, the treasures will spawn underwater with a stone block covering them up.

Add the best Minecraft Music Bots to make your treasured adventure more amusing.

Sometimes the treasures spawn on the surface of the ocean floor which gets covered by gravel or sand blocks.

Brew some potion of weakness in Minecraft to kill the hostile mobs easily so that your treasure chest adventure doesnt get disturbed.

Terrain biomes generate buried treasuries by any suitable terrain-generated blocks, such as coal ore and diorite.

How Do You Get The Underwater Treasure In Minecraft

The fact that some of these chests will be underwater you may wonder how you get to them.

If your buried treasure happens to be underwater you will have to get underwater and due to the fact that you will most likely not be able to find the treasure immediately, you should keep an eye on your oxygen level. If you want to be sure this doesnt stop you a way to avoid this is taking a Potion of Water Breathing.

Once you find your treasure, simply look into it. To make sure you can actually get to the chest make sure to remove the send blocks covering it or a water block if the chest is waterlogged.

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One: Shipwrecks And Ruins

While exploring the ocean, youll notice unusual features on the ocean floor or near the shores.

Shipwrecks appear as parts of a ship underwater, either upright or on its side. Most shipwrecks will have three chests, one of which contains a buried treasure map. Additional loot inside these chests can be just as valuable, so theres much more to maps than just exploring them.

Alternatively, underwater ruins look like structures made of sandstone or stone bricks. They can often appear in close-knit clusters. Exploring the ruins will yield a chest that usually has a buried treasure map inside. As you explore more ruins, you increase your odds of finding a buried treasure map.

Youll usually need to dive to explore these ocean floor features, so make sure you dont stay underwater too long, or youll drown. You can also look for some enchantments and potions to make the diving part easier to manage.

How Do I Find Treasure Chests In Minecraft


When you get near the X on the map, turn on chunk borders and find the center blocks of the chunk. Dig down until you reach the treasure chest, and gather your rewards! The buried treasure chests will have a variety of loot. Below, you can find all potential loot as well as the chances of finding it.

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How To Locate A Treasure Map In Minecraft

After finding a shipwreck, the next step is to find a treasure chest. You can find it inside a shipwreck that is not difficult to find. You can access the map, which will show you the location of the treasure map, and not only that, you will also find some valuable items that you can use for crafting.

How To Find A Buried Treasure Chest In Minecraft

1. Discover the Buried Treasure Map from Shipwrecks

Firstly, go to Shipwrecks that are found in the ocean. Then search for the Map Chest inside the Shipwreck. Open the Map Chest and drag the Buried Treasure Chest in your inventory. Now open the map and locate the Buried Treasure Chest location.

Now start digging around the X mark to find the chest. Its usually located within ten blocks of the mark. After looking for some time, youll find it.

This chest contains rare sea items as well as some gold and platinum ingots.

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How To Use Buried Treasure Map

1. Check the area where you are on your map, and you will understand your geographical position. As you can see, my current location on the following map is South-West. That is opposite to the X mark. So, I need to move North-East to get to the mark.

2. Next, we need to check which direction our player is facing. On the Minecraft Java Edition, you can quickly press the F3 key to open up the information panel. On the left side, you will see the direction your player is facing.

If you are playing the Bedrock edition, you will have to manually try moving into random directions or use the sunrise/ sunset to determine the correct movement. Even in Minecraft, the sun rises from the East and sets in the West.

3. Next, once you know the direction you are facing in your Minecraft world, you need to move towards the ideal direction. In my case, the buried treasure is present in the North-East direction. So, I will move North first and East next once I am close to the mark. If you move in the correct direction, your map should look like the screenshot below after traveling some distance. Also,if you are close enough, you will start seeing the world forming onto the map.

Finding Buried Treasures In Minecraft Has Its Benefits

Our attempt at finding a treasure chest.. location still unknown ...

From Minecraft 1.13 JAVA edition forward, buried riches have been included. When youre outside of the creative mode inventory or Commands, the only method to get the heart of the sea is to dig up buried treasure boxes.

In Minecraft, use a command block to get expensive goods in a matter of seconds.

And the hearts of the sea are among the most expensive items on the whole Minecraft world.

The Buried Treasure Map may be used to determine which biome the treasure has spawned in.

Finding a buried treasure is an adventure in itself. Its more enjoyable than just seeking the stuff.

Quick Tip: Give Minecraft extra RAM for smoother gaming.

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How To Find A Treasure Chest In Minecraft Education Edition

In Minecraft Education Edition, you can use a command for searching the treasure chest. And for this, you need to do

  • Type the letter T for opening the chat.
  • Then enter the command /locate.

After finishing these, a list will appear to follow the command and you can select any of them. There will also be shown the coordinates of the nearest location and set the middle coordinates to 100 so that you can fly overhead! When you reach the location, you will find your treasure by digging in the ground as a buried treasure chest lies under the ground.

How To Find Buried Treasure Maps

You can find them only in Shipwrecks and Underwater Ruins, they will be inside chests that you will find inside those structures. This means that you will need to do some underwater exploration, so dont forget to be prepared with some Water Breathing gear and be sure to know how to swim properly.

If youre having a hard time finding this kind of underwater structures, you can always try to feed a Dolphin with Raw Cod or Raw Salmon. Giving them food will improve their trust in you. If their trust is high enough, they will swim towards the closest Shipwreck or Ocean Ruin, and sometimes even a Buried Treasure chest. In the third case you wont even need to use a Treasure Map.

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How To Find The Treasure Chest In Minecraft Bedrock

  • The first thing you have to do is find a treasure chest in Minecraft for collecting the treasure map from the chests such as shipwrecks and ocean ruins. After collecting the map, players need to focus on the red cross mark under which the buried treasure chest lies.
  • Then go to the red cross mark and start digging as this buried treasure is produced under the ground, sand or gravel, but sometimes they can also be found under stone or sandstone blocks. Players can use shovels for faster digging as it takes a long time and maybe need more attempts to find the treasure. If you are lucky, you may get it on the first attempt.

Find Out The Location Of The Buried Treasure Using The Buried Treasure Map

op loot in blacksmith chest | minecraft trial | 1.18

There will be two marks, one is white dots which indicate the facing directions of the players and the second one is the red X mark will show the place where the buried treasure lies.

When you find the red X cross, go towards it. When you are close to the location of the red X cross, the white dots reach the same position as this red one which means you have reached the location of buried treasure.

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How To Locate Buried Treasure In Minecraft

Once you obtain the map, upon looking, the white dot indicates the players position and a red X is where the treasure is buried. Just move towards the treasure, the top of the map is always north. Press F3 on your keyboard to show the direction youre facing and proceed accordingly. Players can then start digging once theyve reached the location. They are mostly buried under some material, depending on the spawn location of the treasure.

Step Four: Enjoy The Loot

After finishing all the processes explained above, now you can enjoy the loot of this buried treasure which contains lots of valuable things such as diamonds, emeralds, etc. You also have the chance to get both from the same loot. It also consists of TNT and most importantly the heart of the sea which is very rare and important. You can not get it from another treasure chest.

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How To Find Buried Treasure In Minecraft Ps4

Finding buried treasure in Minecraft ps4 is exactly the same as the other. Just take the treasure map in your hand, open it and it will have red marks as well as white marks on it. The red marks indicate the location of the treasure where it is hidden whereas the white marks indicate your location.

When the white marks overlap the red marks, it means you are exactly at the location. Thats it. You can start digging to get the treasure. If you are lucky, you may have this buried treasure at the very first attempt, otherwise, you have to try more and more.

What Is Actually Buried Treasure

Watching my friend play in survival cause i

As we can guess from Its name, buried treasure in Minecraft is something that lies under the ground and gives you many rewards. In this buried treasure, the loot chest is produced without any type of structure around it. However, the treasure will help you to gain all the advantages while exploring the Minecraft world.

From this buried treasure chest players can get rewards like gold, iron, and diamonds, as well as emeralds. Also, they have one Heart of the Sea, which you only find in this treasure chest and it is the rarest thing you will find in it.

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How To Craft A Large Chest In Minecraft


  • 2 Normal Chests Planks are required to craft a normal chest. Then two normal chests are used to make a large chest.
  • How to make a Normal Chest a Large Chest

    Place two regular chests side-by-side to make a large chest as shown above to make a large chest automatically. No extra crafting steps are needed.

    Dig Deep Unless You See The Buried Treasure Chest

    After reaching the location of the buried chest where the white dots and the red X cross marks are in the same position, players have to dig the ground. Players need to dig until the buried chest is visible. If you are lucky, you can get it in one attempt. But if you dont see any treasure, you still need to dig or you have to start digging in the other red X cross marks section.

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    Find And Use Buried Treasure Map In Minecraft


    With the ability to find a Buried Treasure in Minecraft, you can take your ocean quests on a completely different level. And what better way to start one than one of our best Minecraft island seeds. These seeds spawn you on a survival island, offering you the perfect opportunity to look for buried treasures and go on sea adventures. Though, if you are running the latest Minecraft 1.18 update, digging down into some of the beautiful lush caves might be a fresher alternative. Well, at least until the Warden comes in the Minecraft 1.19 mob update to make cave exploration riskier.

    Coming back to the treasure, the hardest part of the process will be finding a Shipwreck with a map chest. Some players even use particular Minecraft seeds for this exploration side quest. You can ask fellow community members for such seeds on Minecraft Discord servers or try one from our list of best Minecraft seeds. Not to forget, as a lot of treasure exploration is underwater, so good performance and visibility are a must in-game. Therefore, we suggest you to get improved FPS. The treasure hunt in Minecraft is a fun adventure, but it is also time-consuming. So, dont waste another moment and get exploring! And do share your experience with us in the comments below!

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