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How To Get A Fox In Minecraft

Where To Foxes Spawn

How to get the ARCTIC FOX in Minecraft! *super EASY!*

Foxes can be tricky to track down.

They will only be found in taiga biomes. That’s the cold forests that feature spruce trees. They aren’t very common, but do usually spawn in groups of three or four which offsets the rarity.

If there’s no snow you’ll get the red foxes, but if there is snow on the ground you’ll get white arctic foxes.

Find A Group Of Minecraft Foxes

Minecraft foxes usually spawn in groups. Then wander around your Minecraft world to find a group of Minecraft foxes. You will do so to get a fox couple for breeding Minecraft foxes. Minecraft foxes are the scariest mobs that usually spawn at night. You will need to deal with them with a bit of bit care. During nights, there are higher chances that you will find a group of foxes.

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft Mobile

Before consolidation into Bedrock, Minecraft Mobile was known as the Pocket Edition and ran on Windows phones. Although the Pocket Edition still technically exists, as it was also the basis of the Windows 10 version, its mostly just Bedrock Edition with a different name.

All the steps required to tame foxes as detailed in the Java version is the same for the mobile app. The only real difference is that instead of right-clicking when feeding berries, you tap on the fox instead. Also, the sneak button is the diamond in the center of your movement controls, on the lower left side of your screen.

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Minecraft: How To Tame A Fox

An Amethyst Geodes in Minecraft have a very high chance of spawning with a large opening into its core. This feature can be a great help for players searching for Amethyst in dark underground areas, as the clusters produce light and might act as shining beacons from afar.

Players should be careful to harvest only fully-grown Amethyst clusters to maximize their shard gathering. Using Amethyst Shards x4 and Glass x1, players can craft the Tinted Glass, a unique block that can block light from passing through while still remaining transparent. Players can also make a Spyglass, a helpful piece of equipment for explorers to visually enlarge objects from afar. The Spyglass is crafted using Amethyst Shard x1 and Copper Ingots x2. Like Iron Ore, Copper in Minecraft is a common ore that players can find within mines between sea level and bedrock.

Minecraft is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

Minecraft Guide To Foxes: Taming Breeding And More

How To Get a Pet Fox in Minecraft ( Minecraft PE and PC ...

Foxes are amongst the latest mobs to leap their way into Minecraft and have already captured the attention of many players with their furry tails and adorable day-time naps. Having been present on the Java Edition of Minecraft for a while, foxes have officially made the jump to the Bedrock Edition with the latest beta, meaning it’s time to go over what foxes do, and how you can become best friends with them.

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The End Of A Furry Tale

That’s all you need to know about the new foxes in Minecraft! If you play on the Java Edition, you’ve probably had these guys for a few months now, but for everyone playing on the Bedrock Edition, there’s yet another new thing to go out and find. I, for one, fully intend to fill my entire house with nothing but foxes.

What do you think about the new foxes? Are you going to create a foxy army? Let us know below!

S To Tame A Fox In Minecraft Pe

You can tame wild foxes to make them become your pets. It’s very easy to tame a fox in Minecraft PE. You follow some steps below to tame a fox in this game.

  • Step 1. Pick up some sweet berries

Sweet berry is the most favorite food of this animal. You should keep some sweet berries in your bag when going out for taming foxes. Besides, you also need to bring a lead with you to lead the tamed foxes. It’s very easy to grow and farm food in Minecraft.

  • Step 2. Go to locations of foxes and find foxes

As mentioned, you can find red foxes in the taiga and white foxes in the snowy taiga. Then, find a flock of foxes during their active time. Therefore, you need to go out at night.

  • Step 3: Breed foxes and tame baby foxes

Don’t run to the foxes or they will run away. You should approach them quietly and feed adult foxes with sweet berries to breed them. Then, the adult fox will give birth to a baby fox. Next, attach a lead to the baby fox so that it won’t follow adult foxes around. Then, lead the tamed fox to your farm.

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Find And Capture Two Foxes

First you’ll need to find your wild foxes.

Foxes can be found in the taiga biome and taiga biome only, with the small caveat that they might wander to adjacent biomes. The taiga biome is characterized by its tall, green spruce trees. There’s a few variations of the taiga biome, including snowy taigas that feature white foxes.

An untamed fox is a fickle, skittish creature. You’ll want to search for them during the day, when most of them will be asleep.

The moment you see a curled up, conked-out fox, make sure you start crouching right away. You’ll use the shift key to crouch on a computer, or your controller-specific crouch button if playing on a console.

Now, still crouching, build a pen around the fox to trap it. You can use any block to make your pen, but you’ll want to make the walls tall at least three blocks. This will make sure it can’t escape. You can’t stop crouching until the fox is cordoned in its pen. The moment you uncrouch, a fight-or-flight switch flips in the foxes and they’ll run away.

If you see two foxes near each other, that’s even better trap them both in the same pen.

This is rare, though, so you’ll probably need to find and trap the foxes separately. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to connect the two traps with a wall of blocks.

Regardless which option you choose, you ultimately want to end up with a fairly tight enclosure to hold the two foxes.

Feed The Foxes Sweet Berries To Breed

How to tame foxes in Minecraft

You will need to have some sweet berries, these can be located in the taiga biome on the ground in bushes. Be careful around these bushes, they have thorns and will deal damage you and slow you down if you try to run through them! Once you’ve got at least two sweet berries, you can feed each fox one and it will create a baby fox! This fox will now trust you, and not run away from you like other foxes. However, while it’s still a baby, it will follow the adult foxes if they run away! It can be useful to have a name tag with you to name the newly created fox so you don’t get it mixed up with the others.

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Minecraft Foxes Taming Guide

The first step to taming a fox in Minecraft will be finding some in the wild. Foxes are most likely to spawn in taiga biomes. Foxes can also spawn in snowy taigas and giant tree biomes. Theyre usually at ground level and tend to gather in sunny clearings. Foxes tend to spawn in small groups of three or four that stay within the same general area.

The easiest way to get a tamed fox in Minecraft is to look for some that are sleeping. During the daytime, foxes will sometimes search for dark areas to lie down and rest. If you crouch-walk, you can get very close without waking the fox up. You need multiple foxes to make a tamed fox, so try to find two sleeping close together.

Trap the two foxes together in a basic structure. The easiest way to do this is to trap two foxes separately and then connect their shelters with a tunnel. Remember that foxes can jump, so build the walls at least two blocks high. Then feed both foxes some sweet berries. After a while, a newborn baby fox will appear in the enclosure.

Its also possible to come across baby foxes in the wild. Foxes only have a 1/20 chance of spawning as a baby. Baby foxes cannot be used for breeding tamed foxes. But keep in mind that theyll grow up into normal foxes eventually. Trapping one and feeding it sweet berries will eventually make it grow into an adult Minecraft fox.

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Where To Find A Fox In Minecraft

One thing to note about MInecraft foxes is that theyre nocturnal animals, which means that anyone looking to begin their search is going to have to do so when its dark. Of course, things get a little more dangerous when youre around, so newcomers are going to want to make sure that they can fend off something that might want to turn your new pet into dinner before they go fox-searching.

Foxes can be found in taiga biomes at night, usually because they like nesting in leafy forests. You can find foxes in the following taiga biomes: taiga, giant tree taiga, and snow taiga biomes. You can also find them in taiga villages if those are kicking around your world. Theres a small chance for foxes to spawn as cubs, and if youre in a snow taiga biome, then the foxes will be white instead of the classic russet with white tails.

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What Are Foxes In Minecraft

Joining the prestigious ranks of tamable mobs with wolves, ocelots, and cats, foxes seek to take the crown for most adorable Minecraft animal. And they may very well succeed. Foxes are a passive mob with some unique behaviors that make them an exciting addition to the game’s bewilderingly expansive collection of wildlife.

Depending on your luck, foxes may be a tad challenging to track down in-game. They can only be found in taiga biomes , and they won’t be as common as mobs like pigs or cows. However, foxes do typically spawn in groups of 3-4, which offsets their rarity.

There are two different kinds of foxes that can be found in the game. In taiga biomes devoid of snow and ice, the foxes that spawn there will be red and white. However, foxes that spawn in taiga biomes that do have an abundance of snow will generate with white and grey fur, much like arctic foxes. This, of course, makes them the best thing in Minecraft.

If you have a desire to maximize your chances of finding a fox in-game, they also enjoy hanging out around villages. Minecraft foxes are just as mischievous as their real-life counterparts, leading to some amusing fuzzy capers when nighttime comes around.

Overall, foxes are quite small and have large amounts of energy when they’re active. Large heads and big, fluffy tails complete their look. There are also baby foxes, although those are rarer in the wild.

What Do Foxes Do In Minecraft

Feeding a Fox Every Minecraft Item (in ASMR)

Foxes that trust you and have been tamed will also get you things that they pick up in their mouths. And while they mostly bring you feathers, there is a chance that they can get you other cool items as well.

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Image credits: mcpedl

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How To Spawn A Snow Fox

If you’re in creative mode then you’ve no doubt found that there’s only Fox Eggs available for make foxes in the game. This will typically generate a normal fox, so if you’re looking for the snow variant then you need to do something different! You will need to go to a snow taiga biome and drop the egg there to get one to spawn.

How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

First you need to make a brand new foxbasically, you need to convince foxes to breed. All you need to do this is to give one sweet berry to one fox, then give another sweet berry to the fox you want it to mate with. Then wait for them to breed. The freshly-hatched fox will be loyal to you.

The problem is it’ll also want to follow the other foxes. So if you want it to follow you, you’ll need to get it away from the other foxes. The best way to do this is to attach a lead to it and walk away from other groups of the furry fauna, then itll only have eyes for you. Make sure you look after it now that youve taken it into your care.

While you can find leads out in the wild, youll probably have to craft one using four string and one slimeball. Also, if you choose to breed a white and a red fox, then their baby has a 50% chance of being either white or red, whereas two of the same colour will produce the same type of cub.

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Where To Find Foxes In Minecraft

There are two types of foxes in Minecraft, and they both spawn in different biomes. Red foxes spawn inside Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga biomes, while white foxes spawn inside Snowy Taiga biomes.

Foxes will spawn in groups of 2-4, and each one has a 5% chance of spawning as a baby fox – but remember, none of them will ever be tame or loyal to you because they were all born wild.

Red and white foxes behave in exactly the same manner, and you can breed and tame them in the same way. The only difference is their colour, in much the same way as Axolotls vary in colour but remain functionally identical. If you breed a red fox with a white fox, then there is a 50% chance of the baby fox being either colour.

If you want more variance in the looks of foxes in Minecraft, your best bet is to dress up your world with a new Texture Pack or Shader Pack, or find a suitable Minecraft mod that does the trick for you.

That’s everything you need to know about how to tame your very own Minecraft fox! If you’re looking for information on how to tame other animals, check out our guides on Minecraft Bees, Goats, and Horses. Otherwise, you can check out our Minecraft house ideas and building ideas pages in case you want to build a new fox home and you’re looking for inspiration.

Locate Foxes In A Taiga Biome


Foxes can be found in wooded biomes like taiga, giant tree taiga, and snow taiga or in villages within these areas. Foxes can be found sleeping in the forest during the day, or looking for a shaded area to rest. They will sometimes head into villages at night where they can occasionally be seen stealing crops that are dropped by the villagers. They are far more active during the late hours, so it’s easier to locate them in the day.

If you don’t mind using Minecraft Commands, then you can use one to help you out. It’s called “/locatebiome” and it will give you the coordinates to the closest biome of the type you are looking to locate. So, in this case, you would put in “/locatebiome minecraft:taiga” and it will tell you the coordinates you’ll need to go.

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How To Find Foxes

Foxes can be difficult to find in Minecraft, as they only spawn in some locations. Start looking in Taiga, Giant Tree Taiga and Snowy Taiga Biomes, as these are where they spawn.

Currently, Foxes spawn in very small packs which usually have anywhere between 2 to 4 Foxes. Only 5% of all spawns will be babies. If Foxes are spawned in a snowy biome, then they will have white fur instead.

They are nocturnal animals, so during the day, Foxes will try and find a place to rest which isnt bright. This will typically be under trees, or near caves. If a Fox detects the player getting close, they will wake up and flee. If instead, its sitting down, thats because the Fox cant find a suitable place to sleep.

Bred Foxes In Minecraft Are Automatically Tame

Wanting to tame an army of foxes in Minecraft would probably be a bit like chucking Sweet Berries into an animal-shaped vacuum if not for one simple save: any fox cub thats the product of two tamed foxes will automatically be born tame. Thats right.

You only really have to use those Sweet Berries on the original breeding pair of foxes and once thats done, their offspring will be automatically tame and warm up to you. We noticed that they were quick to scamper off once the sun rose, so youre going to want to fence them in if keeping a large fox pack is something that you want to do. Fox cubs will stick close to their parents instead of following the player around, so you dont have to worry about having a hanger-on while youre knee-deep in bashing enemies. Foxes that are trusting enough will harm enemies who are harming you, though we would want to leave cubs out of it for now.

Now that youve got a better idea of how to tame a fox in Minecraft, all thats left is to venture forth into the biomes of your choice and to pick up some loyal pets for yourself. Just arm yourself with Sweet Berries, patience, and supplies for some night-time scouting until you find these furry, soon-to-be friends.

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