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How To Get Apples In Minecraft Fast

How To Tame Horses In Minecraft


You dont need any ingredients to tame a horse, but you do need some patience and some good luck. Horses can be found in plains and savannas, and they usually dont run from you. You can even attach leads to wild horses and they wont protest.

Heres how youll go about taming wild horses:

  • Approach the horse you want to tame.
  • Press the use button on the horse.
  • The horse is most likely going to buck you off, but dont be scared.
  • Repeat until hearts start popping up.
  • Now you can saddle the horse or breed it.
  • Feeding the horse apples, wheat, Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, or hay bales can also help tame your horse sooner. However, these foods are completely optional and you dont need to have them to tame a horse.

    Horses have a temper stat, which can range from zero to 99. The first time you mount a wild horse, a random temper number is assigned to it. If you have a number above 95, then youve instantly tamed it.

    If you dont tame it instantly, youll be bucked off, but the temper value will rise by five. Keep persevering until it reaches 100, which is when the hearts start appearing.

    Since youre going to try and breed horses, you need two of them. Alternatively, you can replace one horse with a donkey. Donkeys are technically horse variants, and theyre found in herds of two to six donkeys just like horses.

    Donkeys spawn in plains and savannas just like horses. Both horses and donkeys also have a 20% chance of spawning as a foal.

    How To Get The Best Horse Donkey Or Mule In Minecraft

    The stats of wild horses and donkeys might suggest that the former are naturally faster than donkeys, although some selective breeding can render this claim untrue. Wild horses spawn with random stats, whereas donkeys in the wild are typically pretty slow and a bit useless.

    However, if you begin to selectively breed your horses, you could, in theory, create a donkey that is just as fast, healthy, and able to jump as any horse. This can take a bit of time, but it’s probably worth it: an animal with chest space is generally more useful than armor because fighting on horseback in Minecraft is a bit of a nightmare.

    Break Leaves With Fortune Enchantment

    There is a tiny chance that broken leaves will drop an apple. Using a fortune enchanted tool to break leaves will increase this tiny little chance into something a bit bigger.

    Hoes are the most recommended tool to acquire apples because they do not drop exclusive leaves as shears do. One with fortune enchantment will be even better as it increases the dropping chance of apples.

    Although the odds remain pretty low, players will be able to collect an extensive set of apples over time.

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    Where To Find An Enchanted Golden Apple In Creative Mode

    • Java

    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find an enchanted golden apple in the Creative Inventory menu:



    • Platform is the platform that applies.
    • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
    • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

    User Created Content To Enhance Minecraft Gameplay

    Apple Trees (1.11.2)

    Mods are mostly created by Minecraft fans and players to further enhance their experience in the game. These usually add more content, change visuals, or provide an easier time at surviving in every Minecraft biome.

    May Have Bugs & Errors

    As mods are content done by users, some may have bugs or errors in them. This may appear in the form of some items not working as they are intended. Check the mod’s changelog or updates to see if there are any errors to expect.

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    How Do You Get Lots Of Apples

    Padfoote said:Singularities are an item from AE used to create long distance connections for a single network. I mentioned them because to make a single Singularity you need 256,000 items to basically trash.

    Brian Cherrick said:Applied Energistics? I will have to look into this. Could you give any more information?But for the refining process, I thought it had to be apple/fruit juice? Orchard mode? I am a little confused at that.

    YX33A said:As for the trees and Orchard Mode, that’s what the default managed multifarm setting is.Plus, apple juice is sorta a waste. I mean, why use apple juice and not, say, veggie juice? Or honey? Why apple juice? Liquid honey is my go to fluid for that sorta thing, believe it or not.

    Top 3 Ways To Collect Apples In Minecraft

    Due to their ability to be crafted into golden apples, many Minecraft players are interested in collecting a good amount of apples quickly. Apples aren’t an amazing food source on their own, but they can certainly get the job done if players have not created a crop or animal farm.

    Apples can be considered an uncommon item in Minecraft as there are not many sources that provide them. However, players will be able to quickly collect a large number of apples by performing one or all of the following techniques. They will be crafting a stack of golden apples in no time

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    How To Use Apples

    Apples at surface level seem like a food item not worth the effort of getting. It only gives 4 Food Points and 2.4 Saturation restored. Saying that it is an important ingredient for the best craftable Food Item in the game, Golden Apples. As we know, Golden Apples gives a player Stat bonuses like Regeneration II for 5 seconds, Absorption for 2 minutes. It gives us the same amount of Food Points but for the bonuses, its well worth it. It is also used in making Villager Trades cheaper by Dezombifying the Villager. To craft a Golden Apple, you will need an Apple and 8 Gold Ingots. Place the Apple in the Centre of the Crafting Table and surround it with Golden Ingots. Also, you need to eat an Apple to get the achievement A Balanced Diet.

    These were the ways you can get Apples in Minecraft and also its uses. Hopefully, this has helped you in your adventures. You can also check our guides on the Best Crossbow Enchantments and Migrating Accounts.

    How To Get Wheat In Minecraft

    How to get apples fast minecraft (bedrock)

    You can get wheat through different methods in Minecraft. You can find it in Dungeon, Igloo, Shipwreck, villages, and Pillager Outpost. Or else you can get it by farming.

    Wheat is easily farmed and can be grown on a large scale with the help of Fortune enchantment.

    Whenever wheat is harvested, it drops between one wheat seed and three wheat seeds. From the moment a wheat crop is planted until it can be harvested, it goes through eight stages before it is ready to be harvested.

    Crops that are harvested before they are fully grown drop one seed. The growth of wheat is dependent on sunlight. A seed planted in the dark will be destroyed. In harvesting wheat with a Fortune-enchanted tool, the seeds dropped increase, but the yield of wheat does not.

    When you need it in small quantities, you can also get it as a dropped item through foxes.

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    How To Get Microsoft For Free On Your Pc

    The PC version of Minecraft is the original and many people prefer to play from their desktop device.

    Thankfully, there are quite a few ways you can get MC at no cost for your PC. The version of the game thats available for the PC is called the Java edition, as I briefly mentioned above.

    Heres how to download Minecraft for free

    How To Farm Apples In Minecraft

    The farming process of golden apples is very boring. However, hoes are the best way to farm apples. As it doesnt drop leaves so much, the chances of getting apples are low. For better chances of dropping apples, you can use a fortune enchanted hoe.

    Other hands, you have to grow an oak tree from the seeds of the apple and you can have apples from the oak tree or from their leaves or wood. You can cut them and break their leaves to get golden apples.

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    Apples Can Be Found In Chests When Looting

    Apples in Minecraft can be found in chests when players are scavenging for goods.

    In Minecraft , players have a 74.2 percent chance of finding up to 5 apples in a house chest from a village in the plains, and 59.8 percent chance at a weaponsmith’s chest. There is also a very strong chance of apples being found in stronghold chests, as well as those in igloos.

    Apples And Hay Bales Can Also Be Combined To Heal The Horse In Minecraft


    Hay bales are the secret of horse healing but when the hay bales and apples are combined it heals the horse faster.

    Wheat and hay bales do not just have healing properties, they can be used for taming as well.

    Wheat and hay bales have not just given importance in the game to heal the injured horse but their rewarding nature can be used to tame the horse as well. Moreover, these items can be fed to immature horses to help them grow.

    In short, Food items, whether they are made for healing or not, help horses in regaining health.

    Once the horse is injured nothing can help them restore the health they have lost but food items. All food items are made to serve different purposes, whatever the purposes are, they help in regaining health.

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    What Do Horses Eat In Minecraft

    Horses eat a variety of food in Minecraft. Food helps horses to heal, grow faster and maintain the energy for all the tough tasks that it performs to help the player. Food may change the behavior of the horses and restore their health if dealt with damage. Foul growth time is reduced by 4 minutes if fed once. But what does a horse eat in Minecraft?

    Horses eat sugar, wheat, apple, golden carrot, golden apple, and hay bale. All these food items replenish a horses health and provide it enough energy to run and transport the players load. To feed a horse in Minecraft, hold the food in your hand and press use the horse.

    Different food affects the behavior of horse differently. Food items can heal it, speed up its growth process, or increase the temper. Golden carrot and golden apple are used to induce love mode on the two horses for breeding.

    Horses are strong and stocky animals. They can run fast, jump high blocks and carry loads for longer distances. If you want to move from one place to another at a faster speed, horses are the best option to do so. Theyre considered the fastest mode of transportation in the game.

    The speed of the horse can be 4.74 blocks/sec to 14.10 blocks/sec compared to the players speed of 4.32 blocks/sec. They can also jump a lot higher than a player. An average horse can jump up to 5 block heights compared to 1 of that of the player.

    How To Get Apples In Minecraft

    Apples are dropped by the decaying of Oak Tree Leaves and Dark Oak Tree Leaves. You must cut all of the Wood Blocks of the Oak Tree and let the Leaves be where they are. Over time the Leaves will begin to decay. As they decay, they will drop Apples. This is a slow way of getting apples as it takes several minutes for the entire canopy of Leaves to decay completely. Another way is you could Trade with Villagers. An Apprentice Level Farmer Villager has a 50% chance in Bedrock Edition and a 66.7% chance in Java Edition to trade 4 Apples for Emeralds.

    Another way of getting Apples is to Raid Generated Structures. You can get Apples from Bonus Chests, Igloos, Strongholds, and Villages. But the best way to get Apples by far, in my opinion, is by using a TNT Tree Farm. On this farm, you will have to plant an Oak Tree Sapling. One change you can make in the farm is to add a Leaf crusher module in the TNT Tree Farm. This will speed up the process of collecting the Apples from the Leaves. The Beauty of this method is that you will Sticks and Apples as a by-product while you are farming for the Wood. Among the methods I have listed, this one is the most efficient.

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    What Is The Fastest Way To Cure A Zombie Villager

    To cure zombie villagers in the least amount of time, follow these steps:

    Secure the villager so no hostile mobs can reach it and build a roof over their dwelling to ensure they dont burn in the sun.

    Craft a splash potion of Weakness. This is the method of afflicting Weakness on the villager and requires the least crafting. Throw the potion on the villager.

    Use the golden apple on the villager immediately after they start emitting gray swirls, i.e., when theyre affected by Weakness.

    Surround the villager with iron bars and beds. This will speed up the process.

    Can You Heal A Horse In Minecraft

    How to Get Apples Fast on a Minecraft Multiplayer Server [1.2.5]

    Arent games made to land their players into a fancy world where they are in charge and everything works the same as they do in real life? So, how can a horse that got injured not be healed?

    Yes, the horse that has been tamed with a lot of effort can be healed and brought back on the track. If the horse that got injured or sick can not be healed then whats the point of this game anyway?

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    How To Cure A Zombie Villager In Minecraft On 114

    Minecraft Java Edition 1.14 was a significant update to the game, but the basic mechanics of curing zombie villagers remain the same:

    • Equip and throw a splash potion
    • Equip the golden apple and use it on the villager

    Regarding zombie villagers, there were some changes introduced with the update.

    The 1.14 update had a strong focus on villages. Since its introduction, you could encounter a single zombie villager instead of finding them in larger numbers in zombie villages or mobs. Update 1.14 also expanded the biomes where zombie villages may spawn, adding the snowy tundra variant and updating plains, desert, savanna, and taiga villages.

    Since the update, cured villagers retain their trade when returned to their standard form. As an unpleasant surprise, villagers hurt by zombies can now turn into Iron golems even if they survive the attack.

    How To Get Apple In Minecraft

    Apples are claimed as an uncommon item in Minecraft because its not that easy to find. Players have to go through many steps for getting the apples and for this, you have to know all the necessary steps. So that, you will be able to get the apples without any difficulty. Here are some steps which you have to follow for getting the apples

    • Find an oak tree: First, you have to find an oak tree in the garden for the apples because there are various kinds of trees available in Minecraft but only oak trees grow apples. It is mostly like our real-life experience.
    • Hold an axe: After finding the oak tree, you have to chop it with your axe to grab the apples from the tree.
    • Chop down the oak tree: To get the apples more easily, you have to chop down the trees and make it short so that you can pick the apples with your hands.
    • Pick up the apples: After chopping the trees, you have to take all your apples before it disappears and take it to your inventory which will help you to have further usage of the apples.

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    Use The Current Music App

    You can get Minecraft for free on your Android device by using the Current Music app.

    As explained in our Current Music app review, this app pays you for listening to music. Yes, you read that right. You can choose from more than 100,000 radio stations!

    You can also earn for:

    • Taking surveys
    • Shopping
    • Referring friends

    You can then redeem your earnings for a gift card to the Google Play Store where you can get your hands on a copy of MC for your phone at no cost!

    • Get the Current Music app for Android devices here.

    For even more ways to get the game for free on your phone, please go to the How to get Minecraft for free on any device section.


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