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How To Get Minecraft Vr On Oculus Quest

Minecraft For Playstation Vr

How to Play Minecraft VR on Your Oculus Quest WIRELESSLY | Vivecraft & Windows 10 | Version 1.16

Minecraft now supports PlayStation VR headsets, as well. After the latest update, you can enjoy Minecraft in PlayStation VR. For this, you will need a PlayStation VR headset and PS4 controllers.

To begin playing, update Minecraft on your PlayStation 4 gaming device and prepare yourself to appear directly inside of Minecraft. After updating the game, two distinct modes will appear:

  • Living Room Mode
  • Immersive Mode

Living Room Mode, as its name suggests, allows you to experience the VR version of the game by sitting in a lounge. Meanwhile, Immersive Mode allows you to move freely inside the game, as you would in reality. You can play this game in virtual reality as you would play normally. All the features are almost the same in VR, but the 3D effects will immerse you in the world of Minecraft like never before.

Is It Possible To Play Minecraft On The Oculus Quest Or Quest 2

Although Minecraft is not available for Oculus Quest or Quest 2, there is a native version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for the Oculus Rift. You can still play Minecraft on your Quest, given that you have a VR-capable PC and an Oculus Link connection. As long as youre connected to your computer, it will run the Minecraft program and provide visual data to the headset, allowing you to play Minecraft in VR.

You may play both the Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft during your quest, although the processes are slightly different. If you dont already own either version, youll need to purchase one before beginning your quest.

Here are the Minecraft versions available on Quest:

  • Windows 10 version: This version is available on the Microsoft Store. It includes built-in VR capabilities and is simple to set up and use, but it cannot be modified in the same manner that the Java version can.
  • Java edition: This is the original Minecraft edition, which has a plethora of free modifications accessible online. This version is more challenging to get working in VR because youll need to install Java, Steam, and Steam VR if you havent already, but the implementation is more fascinating. For instance, by physically swinging your controllers, you may mine bricks.

Windows Vs Java Editions

Originally, Java was the original desktop version of Minecraft and the Windows edition was a port of the pocket edition. Over time, these two versions will merge together into a single copy. Until there, there are a few big diferences.

For starters, the Java edition allows you to play Minecraft multiplayer with people around the world. There are plenty of VR servers to join and play with other players. The Windows edition supports playing in a single room with up to 10 people at a time only.

If you want to play with Minecraft VR mods and enhancements then the Java edition is going to be your pick. The Windows edition does not currently support third party mods outside of a few texture enhancements.

The Windows Edition of Minecraft supports Xbox and other Bluetooth controllers better. You can configure your controller to work best for you and optimize to your liking. This might not be a big factor for virtual reality players, since VR mode activates VR controller support at the same time.

Lastly, the cost of the Java edition is higher at $28 vs $10. When you buy the Java edition then you also get a code to redeem and play the Windows edition too.

Both editions of Minecraft have free VR support included. However, there is also a third party VR mod for Minecraft called Vivecraft.

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What You Need To Know

  • Consulting CTO of Oculus, John Carmack, had Minecraft VR running on the Oculus Quest.
  • Carmack attributes the lack of an official release to the inability to align dev team schedules.
  • Minecraft VR can be played officially on the Oculus Rift platform, including all the latest updates like The Nether Update.

While Minecraft has been available on the Oculus Rift platform since August 2016, it has yet to make an appearance on other major VR platforms like the Oculus Quest. Since the Quest’s debut over a year ago, many users have been asking about the possibility of seeing Minecraft VR on the Oculus Quest, but Facebook, Microsoft, and Mojang have been surprisingly silent on the matter. Industry veteran and Consulting CTO of Oculus, John Carmack, says he had Minecraft running on the Quest at one point but was unable to get the production team’s schedules aligned to get the project officially delivered onto the Quest platform.

While the statement from Carmack seems a bit on the politically correct side of things, many have taken it to mean that Microsoft hasn’t seen much of a reason to invest in VR, regardless of the market realities. On the Xbox side of things, Microsoft has said it’s not interested in bringing VR to its next-generation Xbox Series X and, by proxy, it makes sense that it wouldn’t invest money into its development teams to create VR versions of any of its other properties either.

How To Install Minecraft On Playstation Vr

How To Play Minecraft On Oculus Quest UPDATED

As of September 23, 2020, Minecraft for PSVR is now available as a free update to anyone who has the game! Just make sure your game is updated and you will have access to enable Minecraft VR mode when you put on your Playstation VR headset.

On September 7th, 2020, a new blog post on the Sony blog announced that Minecraft virtual reality is coming to the PSVR!

Anyone who has Minecraft for Playstation 4 received a patch that automatically gives access to Minecraft VR functionality. Youll need a PSVR setup to use it, but everything else is automatic.

If youd like to buy the game, check out the official Sony Minecraft store page.

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How To Play Minecraft Vr On Oculus Quest

Before we even talk about playing Minecraft on Oculus Quest, we should mention that there is no way to natively install Minecraft and play Minecraft on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

With that out of the way, lets take a look at what you can do to play Minecraft on Quest.

To play Minecraft on Quest, you need two things. An Oculus Link Cable. And a PC that can handle VR.

You can use the Oculus Link cable to play Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock version with the correct setup. Oculus Rift, along with Oculus Quest, represents the best way to experience any supported virtual reality game without experiencing too much motion sickness.

And the best VR game, gameplay-wise, is Minecraft.

Lets take a look at how you can play Minecraft on Quest with all features and services.

Minecraft For Oculus Quest

If you own an Oculus Quest, you can also play Minecraft in VR with this device. Yes, Oculus Quest is a standalone headset and Minecraft is not available for that. If you search Minecraft on the Oculus Quest store you will not find it. However, you need not spend money on a new headset! Oculus Quest supports Oculus Link, which allows you to connect your headset with a PC â you just need to buy an Oculus Link cable. The Oculus Quest will behave like a traditional tethered headset, and you can play the PC version of Minecraft using this device.

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Play Either Bedrock Or Java Minecraft In Vr On Quest

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  • Minecraft isnt available for Oculus Quest or Quest 2.
  • To play Minecraft on your Quest, you need a VR-ready computer and a link cable.
  • You can play both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft using the link cable.

This article explains how to play Minecraft on your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 virtual reality headset. We include instructions for both Bedrock and Java versions of Minecraft.

How To Install Minecraft For Oculus Quest 2

How to Play MINECRAFT VR on the NEW Oculus Quest 2 – Updated Walkthrough Guide Gameplay Graphics

A few steps are required to get Minecraft working correctly for the Oculus Quest 2. These steps are as followed:

  • Install Vivecraft here
  • Install Virtual Desktop here
  • Once all these prerequisites are installed, the player can now run Minecraft. After the game is launched and the player is looking at the Launcher, they must hit the Installations button in the top left and then select the Vivecraft installation. Before they run it, gamers must launch Virtual Desktop Streamer .

    Once players have launched VDS, they can put on their Oculus Headset. In the headset, they must do exactly as mentioned below:

    • Run VDS
    • Start Steam VR
    • Run Minecraft

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    Minecraft For Windows Mixed Reality

    Minecraft can be played using Windows mixed reality headsets, through which players can explore Minecraft worlds in a fully 3D environment. Perhaps, before reading this article, you were only aware of the ability to play Minecraft on Oculus Rift. Presently, Windows Mixed Reality offers you many more alternatives, providing an impressive virtual environment. Simply connect the headset via USB, and you are all set.

    Likewise, there are a ton of VR headsets that you can choose from. Many electronic manufacturers are making Windows mixed reality headsets. Samsung, Dell, Acer, and HP have made their own headsets for Windows Mixed Reality, so you can pick whichever device works best for you, at a reasonable cost to boot.

    How To Install Minecraft Vr On Oculus Rift

    Below is a step-by-step guide on how to install Minecraft on the Oculus Rift PCVR headset:

  • Purchase the official Windows or Java version of Minecraft and install it on your computer.
  • Download Oculus Home on your computer visiting and click on the start download button.
  • In Oculus Home, search for Minecraft and install the free game. This will install the virtual reality runtime files.
  • The next time you launch Minecraft from inside your Rift headset, the regular Windows game will launch with full VR-support.
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    Can The Worlds Most Popular Mining And Crafting Game Be Played On The Best Selling Vr Headset Is There A Minecraft Vr

    With hundreds of millions of players, Minecraft is one of the worlds most popular games. And it may be appealing to experience the world through VR. Whether or not you can play Minecraft on the Oculus Quest 2, one of the leading VR headsets currently on the market, is the issue well be exploring today.

    We know that the game is available on the Oculus Rift. But has it made the leap onto the latest and greatest model in the Oculus range? Lets find out.

    Minecraft Vr On The Oculus Quest


    Unfortunately getting Minecraft to work flawlessly on the Quest or Quest 2 is going to need a little extra work on your part but things are relatively simple still.

    Note: You are going to need to own the Java version of the game. The Windows 10 app version isnt going to work, unfortunately. If you have that version of the game then just follow these steps and you will be up and running in next to no time.

    • Install Java on your PC if you dont already have it
    • Make sure you have a copy of Minecraft Java Edition downloaded and installed
    • Run the game normally to make sure everything works as you would expect
    • Google and download the latest version of SteamVR for your PC
    • Now download and install Vivecraft
    • Open Minecraft Jave Edition and choose the Vivecraft profile
    • Install the Virtual Desktop Streamer application on your Quest/Quest 2
    • Connect your Quest to your PC with a USB 3.0 cable
    • You can now play Minecraft on your Quest 2 until your hearts content

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    How To Play Minecraft In Oculus Quest 2

    To play Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2, the players need to complete some prerequisites. Heres How to play Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2:

    • First, the players need to install Java on their PC
    • Then the players need to buy and download the Minecraft Java Version on their PC
    • After that, the players should run the game to check if it is working fine
    • Then the players need to download and install Steam VR on their PC
    • After that, the players can download Vivecraft to run Minecraft on Oculus Quest 2
    • Then the players need to open the Minecraft Java version and choose the Vivecraft Profile to run the game on the Oculus Quest 2.
    • To connect the Oculus Quest 2 to the PC the players will need a cable and install the Virtual Desktop Streamer Application
    • And finally through this method players can easily enjoy Minecraft on the Oculus Quest 2.

    How To Install Discovery On The Oculus Quest

    Discovery is a sandbox building game that looks and feels exactly like Minecraft. It has been out since the start of 2021 and has received regular updates.

    To install and play Discover on the Oculus Quest, first follow our guide to install and setup SideQuest VR for the Quest.

    When you are ready to go, . With your Quest headset connected to your computer, click on Install to Headset to install the app. Discovery has been submitted to the Oculus App Lab and will be available to download and install from there soon.

    Also, a group is currently working to port Vivecraft to the Quest platform. We will have more details when that becomes available.

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    How To Play Steam Vr Games With Oculus Quest 2 Air Link

    Setting up Air Link is a bit different from just jabbing a wire into your PC. To set up Air Link on Quest 2, you must first download the Oculus desktop program and log in with your Facebook or Oculus website info.

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    Once logged into the desktop app, locate settings and find the beta tab as shown below.

    Under Beta, there will be an option called Air Link. Enable it by clicking the circle to the right of it, as shown above.

    Next, you will need to place your Quest 2 on your head, locate the app menu, and then settings. Under settings, there will be an option called experimental features. Click this and find Air Link under it, and enable it similarly to how you did it on PC.

    Soon after, you will be able to play both your SteamVR games and Rift Games wireless. But, you may encounter problems such as low visuals and lag.

    For guides and articles on VR games, we at Pro Game Guides have you covered.

    How To Play Minecraft Java Edition On Oculus Quest Or Quest 2

    How To Setup Minecraft VR In 2020 | Oculus Quest

    You can also play Minecraft Java Edition in VR on your Quest, but its more complicated. It requires a mod called Vivecraft, which enables the Java edition of Minecraft to operate in VR. The VR implementation here is more robust than the Bedrock version, providing you with many movement and interaction options to customize your experience.

    To play Minecraft Java Edition on Quest, you need to install Java, install Steam, and install Steam VR. If you dont already have all three installed, make sure to install them before proceeding.

    Heres how to play Minecraft Java Edition on a Quest:

  • Purchase and install Minecraft Java Edition if you havent already done so.

  • Navigate to and click the latest version of Vivecraft.

  • Click vivecraft-x.xx.x-jrbudda-x-x-installer.exe and download the file.

  • Launch the file when it finishes downloading, and click Install.

    The installation will fail if you havent installed Java on your computer.

  • Click OK.

  • Launch the Oculus app on your computer.

  • Put on your Quest headset, and connect it to your computer with a link cable.

  • Select Enable.

  • On your computer, locate Steam VR in your Steam library and click Launch.

  • In the Steam VR interface in your headset, select the monitor icon.

  • Using the virtual desktop, launch the Java version of Minecraft.

  • Select Vivecraft from the Minecraft version selection menu.

  • Select Play.

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    Oculus Quest/quest : Playing Minecraft Java Edition

    You may also play Minecraft Java Edition in VR on your Quest, however, it is more complex. It requires the Vivecraft mod, which allows the Java edition of Minecraft to run in virtual reality. The VR implementation here is more sophisticated than the Bedrock version, allowing you to personalize your experience with a variety of activity and interaction choices.

    Important Note: Youll need to install Java, Steam, and Steam VR in order to play Minecraft Java Edition on Quest. Before proceeding any further, ensure that all three of the apps are installed.

    Heres how to play on Quest using Minecraft Java Edition:

  • If you havent already, get Minecraft Java Edition and install it.
  • Go to Vivecrafts download page and select the most recent version.
  • The file may be downloaded by clicking vivecraft-x.xx.x-jrbudda-x-x-installer.exe.
  • When downloading is completed, open it, and click Install.
  • Note: The setup will fail if you do not have Java installed on your PC.

  • Press the OK button shown on the dialogue box.
  • Run the Oculus application.
  • 7. Use a link cable to connect your Quest headset to your computer.
  • Choose Enable.
  • How To Play Minecraft Vr On The Oculus Quest

    As amazing as the Oculus Quest is, it’s still not as easy as it should be to play Minecraft on it. Let’s fix that, right here, right now!

    If you have read our review on the Oculus Quest you will know that it gets so many things right, with just a few caveats that may well be deal-breakers to some people. However, one of these issues should not be the inability to buy and play Minecraft probably the best game ever created and Im not getting into an argument about that!

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