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How To Link Microsoft Account To Minecraft Ps4

How To Create Microsoft Account

How to link your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4 and Xbox! (New methods that work every time)

As part of this guide to link your Microsoft account to your PS4 game console, we will walk you through how to create a Microsoft account.

  • Open your browser and go to and click on Sign Up Now.
  • The sign-up form will appear. You need to provide all personal information such as full name, address, date of birth, etc.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on Create Account.
  • Your account will be created, and you will be taken to your new account settings.

Now that your Microsoft account is ready, we are good to link the account on your PS4.

How Can I Reset My Microsoft Account

Recover your Microsoft account online. Enter your Email, phone, or Skype name in the first box if you know it. In the Contact email address text box, type an email address where we can contact you or send your password reset link. Note that this email address should be different from the one youre trying to recover.

How To Setup Microsoft Minecraft Cross

Gaming devices are now unified, all thanks to the invention of cross-play. Ironically, setting up this special feature is not difficult.

  • For the cherry-selected device, open the Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store, or Nintendo Game Store.
  • Navigate to the title of the search and type in Minecraft.
  • A list of suggested topics should appear, select the Minecraft version you intend to use.
  • Download it. It can be free or for sale.
  • When the download is complete. Open Minecraft on your device, follow instructions to set up cross-play, and start playing.
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    Why Does Https: //akams/remoteconnect Error Occur

    If your Minecraft game usually works smoothly but the aka ms remoteconnect suddenly pops up, there are several possible explanations. However, these are the two most common reasons:

    Corrupt game

    Since Minecraft has multiple versions and can be played on different platforms, theres a possibility that your game has corrupted files.

    Corrupted files can happen because of an upgrade or installation due to a failed internet connection. Unreliable internet connection errors can also cause other types of connection and server errors.

    Aka ms/remoteconnecterror due to corrupt Minecraft game data can be resolved by installing Minecraft again with a stable internet connection.

    Changing devices

    If you regularly use the CrossPlay feature on different devices, theres a bigger chance that youll experience remoteconnect error.

    While frequently switching between devices is the most common cause of the remote error, it doesnt mean that you will always experience this error.

    Linking Your Microsoft Account To Your Gamertag

    How to link your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4 and ...

    Now you have created a Microsoft Account, you are going to have to link your Microsoft Account to your Gamertag. In order to do this, Microsoft provides a code that you will have to enter when you go to the page that connects your accounts together.

    Note: This is not needed when you are on Minecraft on Xbox One or on Windows 10.

    If you load up Minecraft on your games console, then select sign in . You will be asked to link your Microsoft Account to your Gamertag. The message will look like this:

    Figure 1: The sign in window that is asking you to connect your Microsoft Account to your Gamertag.

    In a web browser, either on another device go to and sign into your Microsoft account. Then on the same device, in the same browser, go to this web address:

    You will be presented with a page that looks like this:

    Figure 2: Microsoft remote connect page asking for the code provided on figure 1

    You will need to enter the code it provides you at the bottom of the sign in page , into this box, then click next.

    Once you click next, it will ask you if you are sure you wish to connect the accounts together. It will provide you the permissions Microsoft has when it comes to accessing personal information from your Gamertag on other services. If you are happy for this, then click yes.

    You should see your screen refresh on Minecraft and will be able to access online multiplayer.

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    How To Setup Akams/remoteconnect On Ps4 And Ps5

    The PS4 is one of the most popular consoles available, it comes with a wide range of exciting and entertaining games to keep its players happy.

    One of these games is the Minecraft video game. However, to enjoy it, the player needs to configure the device at sign-in. Heres how to do these:

  • Buy or Download the Game Every Playstation console comes with a preinstalled store called PS Store. You need to log into the PS Store, and buy the game at the store or download it.
  • Sign-in After installing the game on your PS4 or PS5, you will need to sign in to a Microsoft account at PS4 to be accepted into the game. The next step will be to launch the game and take the Microsoft account login option on the left side of the screen at This will open a legal window with a code and a link to subscribe to.
  • Login Next, open this link on another device . Enter the code you get in step 2 in the space provided.
  • This will log you into your Minecraft Microsoft account PS4. Please note that if you do not use the code immediately, it may expire.

    How To Setup Akams/remoteconnect On Xbox One And Xbox Series X/s

    The main device from which this login problem no arises is Xbox, the ability to prepare the Xbox player is key to enjoying the game.

  • Setup a Microsoft Account On the newly purchased Xbox device, you need to download the Microsoft Application and setup an account with your personal information.
  • The next step will be to download the game from the Microsoft Store on your device. In the search bar, type Minecraft when it appears, you can choose to download it for free or purchase it by sending your banking details.
  • Sign-In After the download is complete, you will need to open the game. To the left of the game, there is a login button, you need to click on it and press the letter A. You will sign in with the profile you use for your Xbox and then you can start to enjoy the benefits of playing Minecraft game on your own, or with your family.
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    How To Setup Akams/remoteconnect On Nintendo Switch

    Setting up Nintendo Switch is very similar to setting up this game for other devices.

  • The player needs to look for the game Minecraft from the store.
  • Next, open the game, click to log in with Microsoft account, and use website for connecting. After a successful connection, you can now play the game.
  • Ive Tried Everything Even With A New Microsoft Account It Doesnt Work

    How to link your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4 and Xbox! (Works every time)

    How to connect microsoft account with ps4 minecraft. You can now safely close this window. Hey guys and today I will be showing you how to fix the bug with Mi. HOW TO RESET PASSWORD1.

    Make a note of the activation code which is eight digits long. Get Nitrado Servers at fair price. Also if this is important its a disc version of Minecraft for the PS4.

    I tried reinstalling the game and no luck there either. When you click the link youll be guided to the remote connections login page. Your Playstation 4 will ask you to access a website from an external device like a phone or computer to sign.

    You will not be able to link another Microsoft account to your PS4 account. Basically I press sign in with a Microsoft account and it gives me a website and a code I go to the website and put in the code and my password and the website says Youre now signed in to Minecraft for PlayStation4. It will reset the Minecraft app completely from start.

    Linking microsoft account with PS4 Minecraft I followed the directions given to link my mircosoft account with my playstaions version of minecraft yet when i go to sign in to the account it says we tried signing into your MA but something went wrong ive tried clearing the data and re signing in yet to no avail. Go to the Minecraft PS4 and tap to download Minecraft for PS4. Keeps saying it already linked to an account which doesnt make sense because its linked to my PS4 account which is the same as my ps5 account.

    Minecraft Xbox Xbox One Minecraft

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    Minecraft Bedrock Edition How To Fix Sign Into Microsoft Account Bug

    How do I link my Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4?

    To link your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4, youll need to have a Mojang account. If you dont have one, you can create one for free on Mojangs website. Once you have a Mojang account, log in to your account on Mojangs website and go to the Account page. Under the Console Accounts section, click on the Link button next to the Minecraft PS4 entry.

    Why wont my PS4 Minecraft connect to my Microsoft account?

    There are a few reasons why your PS4 Minecraft might not be connecting to your Microsoft account. One possibility is that you have two different accounts with different passwords, and the PS4 is trying to connect to the wrong one. Make sure that youre logging in with the same account on both devices.Another possibility is that your PS4 is not set up to connect to the internet. Check your settings and make sure that youve enabled network connectivity.

    How do I link my Microsoft account to Minecraft?

    To link your Microsoft account to Minecraft, open the game and select Login from the main menu. Then, select Microsoft Account and enter your email address and password. If you dont have a Microsoft account, you can create one by selecting Create a Microsoft Account on the login screen.

    How do I connect my Microsoft account to my PS4?What Microsoft account is linked to my PS4?How do I link my Microsoft account?Is Minecraft free if you have a Microsoft account?How do I know if my PSN account is linked?

    Change Microsoft Gamertag : Minecraf

    I need help with ps4 mojang gamertag. I search this up but im still very confused, i just need to know how to change my gamertag Your gamer tag is the same is the gamer tag of your ps4 profile so if you want to change your Minecraft gamer tag then you have to change your. I linked my Microsoft account to my Minecraft and it stuck me with a random gamertag. I have no clue how to change it since I dont own an Xbox. While there were some guides saying how to change the gamertag via browser, I followed the instructions and still could not find where to change it Minecraft- ps4 account Is there a way to sign your ps4 account off of your Microsoft account, I accidentally signed into the wrong Microsoft account, but I logged off of that account, so when I try to sign onto Minecraft on my ps4 with the other account, its telling me to that I cant sign into the second account, and that I need to sign back. Type a new gamertag , and then select Done. If the gamertag you entered is already taken, youll be prompted to try another gamertag. After you enter or select a new gamertag, select Yes, use this gamertag. If this is your first time changing your gamertag, you can change it one time for free

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    Solution : Sign In With Your Microsoft Account

    When youre playing Minecraft using your Microsoft account, error can appear on your screen. Signing out then re-connecting to your Microsoft account will usually solve the error.

    How to fix on Xbox

    • Copy the portal code

    When the error pops up, click the portal link, then you will be asked to enter a code. After entering the right code, you should be able to play Minecraft successfully.

  • Visit the Settings menu in Minecraft.
  • Navigate to Device and Connections > Remote Features.
  • Enable remoted features, then select Instant-on.
  • Visit then enter the code on your Xbox screen.
    • Setup RemoteConnect on Xbox

    Instead of visiting, you can also click on to setup RemoteConnect on Xbox One.

  • Uninstall Minecraft.
  • Visit the Microsoft Store using your Xbox One then search for Minecraft and download the game.
  • Open the game, then click the sign-in button. The game will automatically sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • To fix the error, make sure that the Cross-Play feature is enabled.

  • Launch Minecraft on your Xbox console.
  • Pause the game, then click on Invite to Game. Click on the Friends menu, then click Find Cross-Platform friends.
  • Find the friends you want to play with by searching for their Minecraft ID. Click Add Friend.
  • Wait for your friend to accept the invite, then you can join their world.
  • How To Link Microsoft Account To Minecraft Dungeons Ps4

    How to link your Microsoft account to Minecraft PS4 and ...

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    What Is Akams/remoteconnect

    The website allows users to link multiple devices to one Microsoft account to access all available features. One of the most famous uses of this link is for playing Minecraft over multiple consoles.

    Remote connect of multiple devices is possible through Microsofts CrossPlay feature.

    Note: There is an error with a confusingly similar name however that affects multiplayer rather than crossplay.

    Minecraft Pe Login Issue

    XBoX Accessibility

    Minecraft PE Login Issue – Cannot Remember The Email Connected With The Microsoft Account: My 6 year old nephew never logs out of his microsoft account but when he went to play minecraft this afternoon it was logged out. this has happened to me on my accouont on several devices….

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    Changed Microsoft Account Login Id Now Cannot Log Into Solitare And Can’t Install Mahjong On

    XBoX on Windows

    Changed Microsoft Account Login ID, now cannot log into Solitare and can’t install Mahjong on …: A few days ago I changed my main email to an outlook account. I updated my xbox login. I can login to Microsoft Jigsaw, where I have a premium account. I can’t log into the Microsoft Solitaire…

    How Do I Know If I Have Bedrock Or Java


    If the number is in the bottom left, you are using Java Edition, also evident in the subtitle below the main title. If the number is in the bottom right, you are using Bedrock Edition. This is evident because Bedrock Edition just uses the title Minecraft with no subtitle. The number itself is the version number.

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    Nintendo Switch And Playstation 4

    Once crossplay has been enabled in Minecraft Dungeons, if you have already set up a Microsoft account, then you should only need to log into your Microsoft account to set up crossplay.

    If you do not own a Microsoft account, dont own Minecraft, and have just bought Minecraft Dungeons, follow the steps below to set up a new Microsoft account:

  • After buying Minecraft Dungeons from the Nintendo eShop or PlayStation Store, open the game.
  • A prompt will appear asking you to sign in for online coop. Press the A or X button to continue.
  • After signing up for a Microsoft account, use a PC or mobile phone to go to the remote connect site. Enter the unique code thats displayed on the right of the screen.
  • Sign into your Microsoft account on your PC or mobile phone. The Xbox Live profile should appear on your Switch.
  • Select Lets Play to complete the linking process.
  • You should then be able to play with friends on other consoles by selecting Friends, then looking at the option to Find Cross-Platform Friends.
  • Linking Microsoft Account With Ps4 Minecraft

    Report abuse

    Thank you for taking the time to post this on the Xbox Forums. We understand that you are currently experiencing difficulties with being able to log into your Microsoft account on the PS4 platform.

    In this scenario, certain individuals have found favorable results upon signing in to their Microsoft account that they created on the Console Companion app for mobile devices or on the Xbox website. This then prompts you to create a Gamertag if you haven’t already, and once that is complete, you should be able to sign in to your account on your PS4.

    Give this a try, Shiro, and let us know if this works for you!

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    How To Play With Friends On Other Platforms

    Now that you’re cozied up to Xbox Live on your Playstation, you can play with your friends and family from basically any gaming platform that has Minecraft. As long as they’re on the Bedrock Edition, you’re ready to play. There’s three different ways of accomplishing this, from creating a new world, joining a friend’s game, or participating in a Realm.

    • Creating a new world. If you’re set on creating a new world, allowing cross-play is easy. Whenever you’re on the creation screen, navigate to the Multiplayer tab underneath the default Game tab and ensure that the “multiplayer” option is enabled. Once you’ve done that and have created your world. You can invite people to your game, or have others join you while you’re playing.
    • Joining a friend’s world. When you’re in the Play menu, the tab to the right of the Worlds tab is the Friends tab. This tab lets you see which of your friends are currently online and are joinable, including those on the same platform and those playing elsewhere. From here you can just choose a game you want to join.

    • Joining a Realm. The Bedrock Edition on Playstation 4 will also recieve full support for servers and Realms. They’re not there at release, but are promised to be added in a future update. When they arrive, if one of your friends has a Realm you wish to join, or you’re interested in creating a realm, you can also do this from the Friends tab.


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