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How To Make Your Own Mobs In Minecraft

The Ultimate Guide To Minecraft Modding With Java In 2021

Make Your Own CUSTOM MOBS [1] || Minecraft Data Pack Tutorial

In this Minecraft Modding tutorial, we will be providing you with step by step instructions on how to get started with Minecraft modding while creating an awesome custom Sword that youll get to play in the game.

Well be using Minecraft 1.12.2 as it is the version compatible with our current Minecraft courses. Newer versions may use different setup instructions.

As a rule of thumb, Minecraft mod code is not compatible from version to version. For example, 1.12 mods will not work with 1.13 and above.

Youll need a PC or Mac computer for this tutorial, as Chromebooks or mobile devices will not run the software properly.

At CodaKid we have taught over 30,000 students Minecraft coding, and have won numerous industry awards for online courses including a Parents Choice Gold Award and CODiE Finalist for Best Coding and Computational Thinking Solution.

While we teach coding for kids, this guide can be used by teachers, parents, or anyone with an interest in creating a custom Sword Mod for Minecraft Forge.

We hope that you enjoy this free step by step guide to covering one of the first courses we teach in our Minecraft Modding series.

Well cover the very basics of what youll need to start Minecraft modding, and you will learn how to use Java, one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

Well also teach you how to download and use the Eclipse IDE, a text editor used by professional developers at companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Where Will Your Minecraft Mods Take You

Modding Minecraft is an excellent way to add some variety to the game, but it’s even better if you make the mod yourself. Once you have learned these basic building blocks, you can begin to make more complex mods.

If you’d like to keep customizing, take a look at how to use command blocks in Minecraft. And if you enjoy custom game content like this, you might have a laugh at some of the best video game glitches.

Writing Your First Minecraft Mod

For this example mod, we’re going to produce a super diamond ore, which will produce a vast quantity of diamonds when mined, instead of the usual one or two. You might also want to get inspired by some great existing Minecraft mods.

To get started, you need a texture for your new block. This is an image which defines what your block looks like. This could be stone, wood, or any custom artwork. This example will use the diamond ore, but you can use any art you want.

From the top of the main menu, select Tools. Choose Create item/block texture. This will open the Texture Maker, where you can create your own texture, based on existing Minecraft artwork.

The texture maker contains contains four layer controls. These allow you to choose artwork and a color, which all get combined into your final texture.

Except for Layer 1, the layer controls contain the same three settings. From left to right, these are:

  • Artwork selector: Use the drop down menu or popout interface to select a piece of artwork.
  • Color picker: Select the three dots to choose a color for this layer.
  • Lock saturation and brightness: These limit the layer color brightness. Play around to see what you like.
  • Once you’ve designed your artwork, select Use at the bottom, and then Block for the texture type. Choose Exit to go back to the Workspace page. The workspace page will now list your texture.

    From the left hand menu of the Workspace tab, select Mod Elements. This is where you will create your mod using your texture.

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    How To Make Your Own Mob Pet In Vanilla Minecraft

  • If you don’t know how to place a command block, watch the video to understand. “Copy” ctrl + C and “paste” ctrl + V
  • Link > > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-fC4F2cD3c
  • /scoreboard teams option defender collisionRule never
  • /scoreboard teams option defender seeFriendlyInvisibles true
  • /scoreboard teams option defender nametagVisibility always
  • ______________________________________________________________________________________________
  • /scoreboard objectives add position dummy
  • Those commands are for this objective to work
  • /testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:repeating_command_block -1
  • /testforblock ~ ~-1 ~ minecraft:repeating_command_block -1
  • Summon Mob
  • Info: for Mobs , If you found, “CustomName, Team, Health, Tags, generic.maxHealth,Base, generic.followRange,Base,generic.movementSpeed,Base, generic.attackDamage,Base, generic.maxHealth,Base”, you can modify these anytime.
  • For wolf, find “Owner, Tags, CustomName, generic.maxHealth,Base, Health, generic.attackDamage,Base, generic.armor,Base, generic.maxHealth,Base”, you can modify these anytime.
  • /summon skeleton ~ ~ ~
  • /summon wolf ~ ~1 ~
  • Farming Mobs Equals Increased Health Protection


    Minecraft stands out from other latest video games, where it offers five different gaming modes with respective difficulties, such as the Creative mode, Survival mode, Adventure mode, Spectator mode, and Hardcore mode.

    Excluding Spectator mode, the rest of the world requires you a high mastery and honed expertise in farming mobs. In these modes, you will have a health bar, a hunger bar, and an experience bar. These bars affect your stamina, speed, precision, and strength in killing different kinds of hostile mobs.

    In this case, farming mobs ameliorate the collection of your resources, leveraging your needs with a minimum amount of effort. Through winning strategies like spawning and killing mobs, you can guard your walls and advance the game.

    Moreover, mobs cant attack you in creative mode. But in the survival and adventure modes, hostile mobs can damage and kill your HP.

    Take note that in Survival mode, you can search for resources, craft items, and pick up whatever you want. However, you will not be able to fly.

    As a professional reminder, you have to play the Creative Mode or Survival Mode first if you want to enable the Minecraft Adventure Mode.

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    How To Make A Mob Farm In Minecraft For An Xp Farm

    Grinding up XP in Minecraft can be a chore. There are about a hundred other things you could be doing instead of hunting mobs in caves or waiting for nightfall. Constructing a mob farm can save you time and quickly increase your XP.

    Heres an easy way on how to make a mob farm in Minecraft.

    How Do You Summon Wither Storm

    All you have to do is construct a T out of Soul Sand and place three wither skulls on the top three blocks. Soul Sand is a common material found in the Nether, while Wither skulls can be dropped by killing wither skeletons in Nether Fortresses. Once you place the final skull on the top blocks, The Wither will spawn.

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    Obtain A Source Distribution

    Visit and make sure the version selected is the version for which you want to create a mod. In the large “Download Recommended” box, click on the small MDK box. A dialog box will appear, asking where you want to save the file, and what to name it. Choose any convenient location, but leave the name unchanged.

    Testing Your Behavior Pack

    How to Make Custom Mobs in Minecraft!

    The behavior pack is now game ready. to test it, open minecraft, go to a world on which you want to test it. go to the world settings, navigate to the addons menu, and find it under my packs. it will now work on your worlds. this is where the “version” line in the manifest.json file becomes important. anytime you modify anything in the development pack, the world will continue to run the old version unless the pack version is higher.

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    Build Exterior Wall On Platform

    Now, youll need to make a 2-Block high wall on the platform. You dont need to build it on the edge of the platform. Instead, just place the cobblestone on the blocks that make up the exterior of the platform.

    Build them at least 2-blocks in height. If you want to spawn Enderman, then you should build them 3 blocks in height.

    The wall should extend around the entire platform.

    How Do I Add A Custom Mob To Minecraft

    Basically decided to make my own mob, I have:

    • Drawn the model
    • Added the function call for addMapping within the EntityList class

    I’m stuck on what to do next. I’ve tried finding the code that deals with passive animal spawning in the world, however I can’t seem to find it.

    Help greatly appreciated.

    • 1\$\begingroup\$I’ve made a new proposal for a modding site on stackexchange, if you want to give it your vote. Can’t hurt, even if someone answers your question here.\$\endgroup\$ EngineerAug 31 ’11 at 13:08
    • \$\begingroup\$And do a search on “minecraft”, you will find results on this site re modding that game.\$\endgroup\$Aug 31 ’11 at 13:13
    • 1

    Well I’m not going to write a whole tutorial but I will link you to some resources and give some tips.

    Firstly if you are going to mod Minecraft in any way, you want to go to the modding wiki.

    I had a look around the wiki, and found a basic mob creation tutorial.

    There is a massive mod creation tutorial here. You should have a skim through that

    I picked out some individual tutorials that you might like-

    Now on to the model creation, this took me a while to find, but I found 3 modelling programs.

    For the passive animal spawning code, I suggest you download Minecraft Coders Pack MCP, and search through the source files. The way I first found how to mod the terrain generator, was searching the source directory for the blockID I was modding. I suggest you search for terms like “spawn” and “entity”.

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    Minecraft Custom Mobs For Vanilla Part 1

    Hello everyone! Gammerguy here or thePYROhobo in minecraft I’m here to show you how to make your own custom mobs using command blocks. This instructable is a multi-part instructable and I will be adding more command block fun later. I can’t tell you enough that this takes awhile with some trial and error but the results are sometimes really good. When you learn commands you can also make projectiles,special abilities, wands, clones, nuke tnt and much more. Now without further ado lets make some custom mobs!

    How To Enable Custom Skins Within Minecraft


    It’s now time to enable your custom skin within Minecraft.

  • Launch Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition from the Start menu, desktop, or taskbar.
  • Click Play

  • Click the edit button next to an existing world. It looks like a pencil drawing two lines.
  • Click Resource Packs.

  • Click the resource pack you just added. In this case we called it Note 7 Creeper.
  • Click Play.

  • Minecraft’s Boss Update + over 9000 hours in MS Paint = Galaxy Note 7 Creeper, lol.

    Jez Corden October 22, 2016

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    A Note About Mappings

    There are two different sets of mappings available for method names – “MCP” community-based mappings, and “Official” mappings based in part on the official Obfuscation maps . The default in the MDK has recently been changed to ‘official’, but this tutorial will use the MCP mappings for now because function parameter names are not available in the official mappings.

    Change the following line in build.gradle line 34


    On line 51 of ExampleMod.java, change options to gameSettings

    Things You Are Not To Do

    There are some things that you should be careful to not do when creating a mod. Keep this list in mind:

    • Don’t release Minecraft versions or modifications that allow you to play without having bought Minecraft from Mojang Studios.
    • Don’t release the de-compiled source code of Minecraft in any way.
    • Don’t modify existing mods without permission from that mod’s author. Check their License, usually available in the author’s GitHub repository. If you can’t find the license, then you do not have permission to share a modified version with anybody. You may tinker with the files for personal use only.

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    Creating A Behavior Pack

    To begin, you can find the unmodified game files on Minecraft’s official site.

    To find the files, navigate to the bottom of the page, where you will find a paragraph where you can dowload a zip for the unmodified base files. You must then take the downloaded zip file and navigate to the com.mojang folder and place the zip file in the development_behavior_packs folder, and unzip it.

    This step is not strictly necessary, and you can create a behavior pack without it, but it makes it much easier.

    to start without the downloaded files, you can follow these steps.

    • Again, navigate to the development_behavior_packs folder and create there a new folder named “tutorial_behavior_pack”:
  • Within that new folder create a JSON file called “manifest.json”
  • What Youll Need To Make A Mob Farm In Minecraft


    If youre playing survival, then youll need to grind up a few items in order to make this farm. At the very least, you should have the following items:

    • 4 Hoppers
    • 4 Chests
    • 1 Full Stack of Trapdoors

    As with anything in Minecraft, its always a good idea to make a few extras just in case. Here are the steps you need to take to make your very own mob farm in Minecraft.

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    Exporting Your Minecraft Mod

    Once you have produced your mod, you need to export it ready for Minecraft to use.

    From the bottom left of the Workspace toolbar, choose the Export workspace into mod file button. This will bundle your mod up into its own package, ready for Minecraft to import. If you modified more than one block, then all will show up in your mod.

    Note: If you’d like to work on several mods at the same time, switch to a different workspace from the main menu.

    The Mod details menu provides options for packaging your mod. You can enter a name, a version, description, and creator details. Upload an image if you want to. The most important of these options is the File extension. Leave this on the default option of .JAR.

    When you’re ready, press Recompile and export. This will package up your mod, but it may take some time depending on your computer, and the number of things you have changed.

    You will need to agree to the terms of use, but once compiled, finish up by choosing a location on your file system to store your completed mod.

    Set Up Java Developer Kit

    We will need to download the Java Developer Kit that will let our Minecraft Modding in Eclipse work correctly.

    You can find the for JDK 8. The version of JDK you need is JDK 8 to work properly with Minecraft Modding.

    The download page should automatically detect your platform and give you the correct download. The version I am downloading that is shown in the picture is for Windows 64-bit. However, you can click Other platforms to find versions for other operating systems. Click the Latest release button to begin your download.

    Now the download of the executable file will start.

    Once this is finished, find the file in your downloads folder and run the executable to install the JDK.

    Run through the pop up window guide to install the JDK for your computer and click on each next keeping the default settings until the JDK finishes installing.

    You will need to agree to the End-User License Agreement to continue.

    Let Java run its installation until it is finished.

    Now that JDK is finished, we can set up our code editor in the next step.

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    Parent / Guardian Authorization For Off

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    IMPORTANT POLICIES SECTIONYou certify that your student is in good health and able to participate in the program activities. You authorize the program staff to attend to health issues or injuries your student may incur while attending the program. You acknowledge that you will be financially responsible for any medical treatment needed during the duration of the program. You give iD Tech staff members permission to take your son/daughter/ward to places of relevant interest, the swimming pool , guided campus tours, and facilities within walking distance of the program, both on and off campus.

    You give permission for your student to go the places described below during his/her time at iD Tech. You understand that your student will be supervised by staff while on a walking trip.

    Occasionally, staff will take students to a location on and off campus to visit a local venue. This might involve going to another building on campus, a campus facility tour, a trip to a park, an outing to a local mall, or going to a movie theater. All events would be in walking distance of the program facilities.


  • engage in or threaten violence
  • bully, intimidate, or harass others
  • use inappropriate language
  • impersonate another person
  • publicly display session
  • Note On Available Behavior Changes

    Create your very own mob in minecraft! CustomNPC mod ...

    Not all behaviors of a mob are data driven yet! You cannot change the details for special movement behaviors like flying or swimming . This can also interfere with behaviors you might add to them. For example, giving the squid a melee attack does not work while it is in water as its swimming behavior is still hard coded. Additionally it is not possible to just change some mobs behavior such as for example the witch utilizing potions is not data driven yet and you will be unable to control it.

    Look forward to these changes in the future!

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    Can You Ride Goats In Minecraft

    You can also produce milk by using an empty bucket on them, kill them for raw mutton, or cooked mutton if the goat was on fire, but who would do such a horrible thing? Their ill-tempered nature does make it impossible to ride them, unlike Minecrafts horses, so theyre probably the more valuable pet.


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