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How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft 2020

What Animals Can You Tame In Minecraft 2021

How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft 2020

Minecraft How do I Tame and Breed Animals?

  • Wolves Can be tamed by giving them bones.
  • Cats Cats can be tamed by giving them raw cod or raw salmon.
  • Horses, Donkeys, and Mules These animals can be tamed by repeatedly attempting to ride them until they no longer throw you off and hearts appear around them.

Finding A Cat In Minecraft

Unlike taming a horse or taming a fox, you wont have to scour biomes and travel miles across the Minecraft world to find a cat. They are rather easy to find, and your best bet is finding the nearest village. According to the developers, this is the rule.

  • A cat will spawn in any village with at least 4 beds and at least 1 village.
  • For every 4 beds in a single village, one cat will spawn, with a maximum of 10 cats. That gives you a lot of choice in terms of the fur color.
  • For black cats, you should look for witch huts in swamp areas. Additionally, in the Bedrock Edition, black cats have a higher chance of spawning on a full mood.

Facts About Cats In Minecraft

Now that you tamed a cat, its important to see how it will behave.

  • It will follow you around.
  • You command the cat to sit, for example, inside your house or on your bed.
  • Unless commanded to sit, the cat will wander around you and explore.
  • Indoors, cats will climb your furniture. Also, they will stay close to you when you go to sleep.
  • The cat can teleport to you within 12 blocks in all directions.
  • Cats can accidentally block a chest, bed, furnace, or other objects while wandering. You can push them away, dig a block underneath, or lure them with raw fish.

And there you have it, thats how you domesticate a cat in Minecraft. While they can be annoying at times, these creatures are mostly a joy to be around.

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Where Do Cats Spawn In Minecraft

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Before we go to the steps on how to tame a cat in Minecraft, we should know first where to find cats. There are some places where cats can be found such as in the villages. Untamed cats can be found in villages if there are at least one villager and four beds. One cat spawns for every four valid beds, with a maximum of 10 cats.

Feed The Fish To The Cat

How to tame a fox in minecraft

Place some raw salmon or cod on the floor, and the cat should go and eat it. However, cats are notoriously hard to please, so you’ll have to place multiple offerings to tame the feline.

You’ll know when it is being tamed when red hearts start appearing around the cat.

Once they disappear, you have successfully tamed the cat, and it will now act as a pet!

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Start To Find An Ocelot

Since you want to tame an ocelot, find them in the game would be important to do and there is a lot of ways that you can do.

It is not easy to find an ocelot in Minecraft because it is not the same as others animal. Most people would try to find an ocelot even if they might have a struggle.

Summon an ocelot is one of the best ways to do. If you cannot find them, you can try to use a spawn egg.

Minecraft: How To Tame A Cat

Cats in Minecraft are as helpful as they are adorable, and they come in various colors and even different colored eyes. Players who tame cats in Minecraft are able to use them to scare away Creepers and Phantoms. However, be careful as players can still ignite a Creepers blast if they get too close, even with a cat nearby. Untamed cats generally spawn in Villages where four or more beds are present, and black cats can also appear in the Witchs Swamp Hut. Read on to find out how players can tame cats in Minecraft.

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The Behavior Of Cats In Minecraft

A stray cat will attack nearby rabbits and baby turtles. They are immune to fall damage but will still pathfinding to avoid falling off of cliffs. Stray cats will sprint away from players if they move too quickly or attack the cat. You can also leash the cat with a lead to prevent them from moving too far away from you.

The player can right-click on a tamed cat to command it to sit. This will prevent teleporting and keep the cat from moving. Tamed cats like to sit on things, like real-life cats, they will sit on chests, active furnaces, and the foot of beds. Like tamed wolves, a non-sitting cat will teleport to their owners if they are more than twelve blocks away from each other.

Creepers and phantoms will avoid entering a six-block radius from the cat. This can be useful to players who are trying to keep mobs from attacking them.

When the player sleeps, the cat can bring a gift to the player when they wake up. They can bring you rabbits foot and rabbits hide, string, rotten flesh, feathers, raw chicken, and phantom membranes. If the cat is sitting, they will not bring the player a gift when they wake up in the morning.

You Can Breed More Cats If You Can Tame Two Or More Of Them

How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft 2020

After youve tamed the cats you can also breed them. If you take two cats and give them more fish they will spawn a kitten. The animals will approach each other and then a kitten will appear. The new cat will be the same color as the parents, but a little smaller.

Thats all there is to tame and breed cats in Minecraft.

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Can You Tame Pandas In Minecraft

They re typically beside their favorite food, Bamboo and that is the key to taming them. Furthermore they need to be eight bamboo blocks within a five block radius of one another while in the heart mode. You dont exactly tame them, but if kept in captivity which is easy since they dont move they re basically yours.

How Do You Tame A Fox

Wild foxes cant be tamed instead, you must convince foxes to breed Pokémon-style. This can be done by giving a sweet berry to a fox, and then giving another sweet berry to the fox you want it to mate with. After being given time to do their business, the foxes will produce a brand new fox who will be loyal to you.

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So How Exactly Do We Tame Them

A player needs to be holding a raw cod or salmon to have the stray Cat approach them. If they arent holding these fish, the Cat will run away from a player at every instance. After feeding it a random amount of these fish, the Cat will become tameable and get a collar around its neck similar to Wolves.

Once tamed, a Cat will no longer despawn and will follow the player unless they are right clicked, causing them to sit and stay in a single spot.

How To Tame Cats With Fish

How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft  Minecraft How To

Once you have fresh fish you can tame cats in Minecraft. You can get Raw Salmon or Raw Cod by going fishing with a fishing rod. The fishing rod can be crafted at the crafting table by combining 2 string and 3 sticks.

Now that you have the fish that the cats like you can head back to an area where cats are, like a village for example. Walk up to the cat and give them the fish. Youll know that youve done it correctly when the cat has hearts above its head after eating.

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How To Tame A Minecraft Cat


Cats like raw fish as food. So to tame a cat you need raw fish. You can get raw fish by fishing. Collect as many as possible because taming a cat requires more than one raw fish.

Looking for a Cat

If you already have fish its time to look for cats. You can find cats in the countryside. They still live in the wild. However, when you play below v1.8 to get cats you need to tame ocelots that live in the jungle.

Giving Fish

After you have fish and find a cat that you feel is suitable. Now is the time to tame the cat by giving raw fish. You can give raw cod or salmon.

However, to give fish is not arbitrary because cats are sensitive and shy animals. They will run away when approached. So giving fish to cats requires special tricks such as the following:

1. If the fish are in the inventory, first move the fish to the hotbar.

2. Hold the fish that has been moved to the hotbar or if confused press the fish image.

3. Approach the cat slowly.

4. Then, when you are almost close to the cat, you stop. This serves to prevent the cat from running away because, as mentioned earlier, cats are sensitive animals.

5. Let the cat approach they will be attracted by the raw fish you hold.

6. When the cat gets close, press or hold on the cat and the words Tame.

7. Press the text TameIts to tame the cat and give the fish, press and hold on the text until love-love appears and a red mark on the neck means the cat has been successfully tamed.

What Is The Typical Cat Behavior

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Knowing the behavior of cats is another important thing to understand before you know the steps on how to tame a cat in Minecraft. Cats are generally immune to fall damage. But, cats still avoid falling off high cliffs to normally cause fall damage.

With the invisibility status effect, a cat can still see players. Except for a quicker pace, kittens obey equal conduct as adults. Cats usually hiss at phantoms that are presently pursuing a player.

Creepers and phantoms will keep away from cats even while they are pursuing a player. Creepers and phantoms will retain a distance of 6 and sixteen blocks away respectively from any cats. But, a creeper that has begun its detonation does now not flee until the participant leaves its blast radius.

Cats coast in water little cats in the water, in the long run, die from suffocating if not protected. A drowning little cat can be saved with a lead or by transporting to its owner.

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Get Your Pet Cat To Follow You Around

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As youre exploring your own Minecraft world, you will come across stray cats from time to time. These non-hostile mobs will leave you alone if you leave them alone, but you also have the option to tame them. All it takes is fish and a little persistence, and you can turn a stray cat into a tame cat in Minecraft.

If you have an old version of Minecraft, or youre playing on an older console like Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Wii U, then there are no cats in your game. However, if you have an updated version of the game on any other platform, these instructions will work for you.

How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft 2020

How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft Creative – A Minecraft Shorts Series – #shorts

Earlier, Minecraft, a cat was a type of mob that has been created by taming an ocelot. Although, in newer versions of the game, a cat is the new type of mob that is independent of the ocelot. Currently, stray cats are wandering around in the game that you can tame into pets.

To Tame a cat:

1. Collect some raw cod or raw salmon from a nearby lake or river.2. Equip the raw fish and gradually approach a stray cat.3. Use the raw fish from the sceptical kitty.4, Continue to feed the raw catfish until hearts appear on its head, signifying it is being tamed.


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Why Cant I Tame An Ocelot

Players can no longer tame Ocelots when they give them. While the creature will trust the player if they get fed enough, they cannot be properly tamed. This change does make it easier to capture cats, though, as cats naturally spawn as strays in villages, making it easier for players to capture and tame them.

In Our Example We Will Be Using Raw Cod

How to tame a cat in minecraft. Lets learn about it and the materials needed. Put the food item in your hands 9 advancements 10 history 11 issues 12.

How to tame a cat step by step guide step 1: Build an army of pets to help you hunt for loot and provide protection from hostile mobs by learning how to tame cats or dogs in minecraft. The only items required for this is fish to feed the cat.

You can tame a cat by giving it any kind of raw fish such as raw cod or raw salmon. To tame the cat simply hold out the fish walk towards the cat and use the following action commands to feed the cat. If you are having trouble finding one you can use a spawn egg or summon a cat.

Find a cat to tame. At least 5 raw fish Wait for the ocelot or cat to approach you.

If you want to learn more, like how to catch fish needed to tame an ocelot, keep reading the article! Required items to tame a cat in minecraft. Once the cat gets close enough, you can feed.

In the first attempt to tame the cat, you’ll see the gray smoke appear above the cat, meaning the cat still not like you yet. Carefully approach the ocelot or cat. For pocket edition , you move your pointer over the cat and press the tame button.

You can find the stray cats in all villages, and they can be tamed then kept as pets. If you do not already have a crafting table, you can find one in witch huts, igloo basements, or small village homes. Equip the raw fish and slowly approach a stray cat.

Minecraft Trollface by

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Players will know when the cat is tamed as it purrs and meows at you constantly, isnt afraid of you any more, and follows you around. You can tell the cat to sit by tapping on the cat, and if you hold the fish while doing so the cat will sit, eat the fish, and enter love mode. If you need to get the cat to sit and stay, or move and come to you, the fish is always the key motivator.

Achievements can be gained from taming cats: receive a gift from a cat in the morning and gain the Where Have You Been? achievement befriend 20 stray cats and gain the Plethora of Cats achievement tame all 11 different cat types and gain A Complete Catalogue achievement tame any type of animal and gain the Best Friends Forever achievement.

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How To Tame A Fox In Minecraft

How to Tame a Cat in Minecraft " Procedures"

So, night has fallen and youve found a fox but they keep scampering away from you. Like other skittish creatures in Minecraft, foxes are a little shy so you have to sneak to approach them. However, an easy way to bridge the gap between humankind and foxkind is to have some Sweet Berry on hand. They love this stuff, so make sure youve got a handful before sneaking up to them and interacting with the fox. Little hearts blooming overhead will indicate that theyve received your gift.

Once youve been able to do this enough times – we found that four or so helpings of Sweet Berry did the trick – the happy critter will be tamed and will be your friend. If you feed two foxes in the same vicinity as each other Sweet Berries and tame them both, they have a chance to procreate! Foxes that trust you will also occasionally bring you things that they pick up in their mouths, and though we mostly received feathers, were sure that there are other cool items that they can fetch if given the chance.

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Where To Find Cats

There arent any animal adoption centers in Minecraft youre going to have to find a stray cat to bring home out in the wild. Luckily, cats are relatively easy to find. Stray cats spawn in villages with at least one villager and four beds. For each four beds in a village, a cat will spawn , so youll likely have a variety of colors to choose from in an average village.

Black cats can also be found around witch huts in swamps.

In the Bedrock Edition of the game , black cats are more likely to spawn when there is a full moon.


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