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Minecraft 1.18 Server Hosting

Minecraft Server Hosting Pros And Cons

How To Make A Minecraft 1.18 Server (Hosting A Vanilla Server is EASY)

A Minecraft server represents a space of your own that you control to invite your friends to play. If you want to set up your own private Minecraft server, you could always do that on one of your own PCs. There are plenty of issues therein, though, not the least of which is that you have to be pretty clued-up and tech-savvy, with a thorough knowledge of your network stuff.

If you dont, not only could trying to set up the server prove something of a technical nightmare, you might also leave yourself vulnerable to attacks from the likes of hackers if the server isnt properly configured.

There are, of course, also potential issues around bandwidth in this endeavor, depending on the kind of internet connection you have at home.

Thats why many folks look to take the hassle out of setting up and maintaining a Minecraft server, choosing to pay a hosting company to run their server.

This kind of game server hosting is much like hosting a website. In web hosting, a third-party manages the websites file storage including images, videos and the like. The web host rents out the server hardware on which the website is run and without that hardware, the site obviously wouldnt exist.

Game server hosting works in much the same way, and just like web hosting, renting out the hardware requires a monthly recurring fee. So, theres one question you may have at this point is it worth shelling out the cash for this kind of service?

Minecraft: Dreamcraft 118 Servers Instantly Online & Ddos Protected

Our free DDoS protection ensures that your Dreamcraft 1.18 Gameserver does not slow down during a DDoS attack. The incoming packets are analyzed and attacker packets are sorted out. This will not strain your Dreamcraft 1.18 server, which will continue to run as usual. The players on the game server dont even notice a DDoS attack. If you have your own IP address, you can even set up the DDoS protection as you wish and you will have access to the attack protocol to see current and past attacks and to react accordingly. Of course, your Dreamcraft 1.18 Server will only be installed on current and powerful hardware. The combination of these two factors ensures the best possible gaming experience.Do you have any more questions that are unanswered here? Are there any problems with your server? Contact our support team and we will help you. Our support team can be reached daily via live chat, ticket, e-mail. Of course you can also post your question to the bottom of this page so that every customer can see it.

  • Intel E5-2650v4 processors provide high-performance servers for lag-free gaming
  • SSD server for lightning fast chunk processing and best Minecraft performance
  • 328GB DDR4 RAM host systems provide enough power for all your plugins and more
  • Full access via FTP, updates can be installed with a mouse click
  • InGame console for sending commands and more.
  • Online Configeditor to understand and edit the server settings
  • Backups: Create and import with a mouse click

What Are 118 Minecraft Servers

These are minecraft servers that run on the 1.18 version of the game. This means that you will be able to enjoy all of the 1.18 special features while playing on this server! Moreover, these servers will often let you join on older versions of the game as well so do not worry if you do not have 1.18 installed. It is however recommended to join these servers using the 1.18 version to avoid bugs.

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This Is My First Minecraft Server Can You Help Me If I Get Stuck

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any Minecraft hosting questions. Just drop by our Live Chat or submit a ticket if theres anything we can help with.

We also have many tutorials available to help with any aspect of managing your game server, covering virtually every topic.

If it is your first time using a Minecraft host, we recommend watching our Getting Started video playlist on YouTube and viewing our Knowledgebase.

45 Days of the Enjin Advanced plan is provided with all Minecraft server hosting plans. Enjin is the most popular solution for Minecraft server website hosting. Enjin offer many features such as a donation store, vote for diamonds and much more.

We provide 30 Days of Buycraft Premium with all Minecraft server hosting plans. Buycraft is the most popular webstore solution for Minecraft Servers, allowing you to accept donations for your server to make funding your server easy.


Minecraft : The Wild Update Is Here

How To: Personal Minecraft Server in Custom Block Case : 10 Steps (with ...

Minecraft 1.19 introduces game-changing features, including a new biome, accompanying wildlife and the Warden, protecting the Deep Dark, a new underground environment.Launch your own 1.19 server at Shockbyte with our limited-time discount.

Discount code






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Hardware Dedicado Mejor Rendimiento Precios Increbles

Baja Latencia

The Minecraft Hosting proporciona servidores de Minecraft con muy baja latencia, usando la tecnología que hemos desarrollado en nuestros Datacenters. Estámos muy orgullosos de ofrecer nuestro hosting para minecraft para todo el mundo.


The Minecraft Hosting te ofrece la mejor proteccion DDoS para tu servidor de minecraft. También todos tus datos y pagos estan encriptados completamente con SSL y seguridad extra que ofrecemos en The Minecraft Hosting.

Almacenamiento Ilimitado

Cuando eligues The Minecraft Hosting estas eligiendo libertad! En The Minecraft Hosting te ofrecemos disco duro SSD ilimitado para tu servidor de minecraft y slots ilimitados!

RAM Dedicado

The Minecraft Hosting te da la memoria Ram completa que compraste para tu hosting, con un rendimiento maximo gracias al hardware que usamos! Con nosotros tendras una experiencia increible en tu hosting para minecraft.

24/7/365 Soporte

The Minecraft Hosting ofrece un increible soporte por livechat y tambien en tickets desde el area de cliente. Nuestro equipo de staff contestara y te ayudara en todos tus dudas para arreglarlas en tu servidor de minecraft.

99.99% tiempo de actividad

The Minecraft Hosting proporciona un 99.99% uptime, para asegurar que tu servidor esta en linea todo el tiempo. Nosotros no sabemos lo que es downtime por eso siempre eligue TheMinecraftHosting.

‘s Best Minecraft Server Hosting Deals

Hostinger promises the best web hosting solution for the perfect website, but also specializes in Minecraft server hosting, offering plans made especially for the game including resources that look to optimize Minecrafts performance to the core.

Hostinger lets you set up a Minecraft Virtual Private Server in seconds, saving precious time, for as low as an $8.95 monthly fee. Hostinger plans offer 2GB to 8GB memory for Minecraft hosting, dual CPUs, DDoS protection, full-time support, free MySQL, and even a mobile app with each plan guaranteeing a 99.9% uptime.

With a few clicks, Hostinger lets you manage your VPS easily, and also prioritizes the privacy and security of your data, and even offers a money-back guarantee.

Instant setup makes getting your server ready in seconds possible once youve registered and paid for the account, youre good to go. Setup isnt the only convenient and time-saving element of Hostinger as backing up your files takes only one click, and modpacks and plugins are easy to install through the control panel. The companys support team will also gladly answer any questions you have about the process of setting up your Minecraft server, and handy online tutorials are provided too.

Hostinger offers Minecraft hosting servers in five locations, namely the US, UK, Netherlands, Singapore and Lithuania.

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Rent Minecraft Server At Gportal

Rent your own Minecraft server now at GPORTAL and explore the adventurous block world of Minecraft! The long-running game Minecraft has been on the market for over 10 years and is as popular as ever. The huge and creative Minecraft community ensures with mods and plug-ins that you never lack new game content and adventures – and your GPORTAL Minecraft server ensures that you remain flexible for all new developments.

Firewalling Nats And External Ip Addresses

How To Make A Minecraft Server in Minecraft 1.18
  • You must open a TCP/UDP port on the firewall.
  • If the server in question is not reachable via a globally routable IP address, you will need to add appropriate address and/or port number translation rules to the gateway usually your router has the global IP address.
  • For help with address translation, opening the firewall and routing , is a good source. Select your router from that list, skip the ad that comes after selecting the device, and you will see instructions for setting up port forwarding. Alternatively, you can read the documentation supplied with your router, modem, or other ISP related hardware.
  • Verify the port is open, and note your external IP by using a port checker tool, such as You Get Signal. The default port you should test is 25565, unless you specified something else. Have the Minecraft server running when you test the port.
  • You can obtain your external IP address from YouGetSignal.
  • Local network dedicated servers

    This only applies to Classic servers.

    To correct this, you must add a function to the end of your URL, bookmarks, or whatever else you connect by. The function is: ?override=trueExample:

    Note: This situation does not effect Beta servers, and you should be able to connect via an internal or external IP.

    The SRV record

    To manually verify the SRV record, use :

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    Startup And Maintenance Script

    Alternatively, you can manage/automate the startup and shutdown of the Minecraft server using a script such as the ones listed below:

    Port forwarding is used when you have a router and you wish to let users connect to your server through it. If you wish to host your server for local reasons, it is not required that you do so. Keep in mind that port forwarding might cause security risks.

    When port forwarding, it varies on how your router will ask you for the information. If you don’t understand on how your router wants you to input the information, try visiting for a tutorial.

    Once you have managed to locate your router’s admin page, and find the Port Forwarding page hit add new service or custom service. When you get a page asking to setup the new rule, it should prompt you on what you want to call it. You may name it as you wish, but for simplicity, name it “minecraft“. Then, you want to look for “type”. If “TCP/UDP” or “Both” isn’t an option you will have to create two rules for both protocols. For the ports , enter 25565. If it asks for anything else other than output IP , leave it alone and continue.

    To find your computer’s IP address, use the following steps:


    Now it is time to configure and connect.

    Can I Change My Plan Or Upgrade My Server Later

    You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from the client area. Once you have submitted the order, the plan change is applied automatically and instantly. No files or settings are lost when upgrading, your server will simply be upgraded to the new plan you have selected.

    Our customers range from first-time server owners to large-scale Minecraft server networks with hundreds of players. With Shockbyte, there is no limit to the size you can grow your server.

    Every part of your game server can be changed at any time. You can change the server type, plugins, mods at any time.

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    How We Chose The Best Third

    It’s important to note that we didn’t explicitly “test” the Minecraft hosting provider options on this list. Instead, we compiled a competitive overview based on a variety of factors, including third-party ratings and features offered by each hosting company. We’ve also weighted the rankings of these businesses by the Better Business Bureau and TrustPilot. With that data in hand, we split them into two tiers:

    Best Minecraft hosting providers : These Minecraft host vendors all have a rating of A or higher from the nonprofit Better Business Bureau and a rating of 4.0 or higher out of 5 from TrustPilot, a Danish consumer review site. All of the TrustPilot rankings are based on at least 1,000 user reviews. All of the vendors listed in our top picks also say they offer 24/7 support and modpack support.

    Other Minecraft hosting options to consider : All of these Minecraft host vendors have TrustPilot ratings of 4.0 or above however, those ratings are based on fewer than 1,000 user reviews. One — Nodecraft — has a D+ rating from the BBB. The others have either As or higher, or no BBB page due to location.

    Important caveats: The Better Business Bureau is not affiliated with any government agency and does not rate companies outside of North America. To be BBB Accredited, companies pay a fee to the organization. TrustPilot, meanwhile, also offers a paid tier that provides companies more interaction with their user ratings. It also removed 2.2 million fake reviews in 2020.

    Minecraft 118 Pve Servers

    Survival Craft Servidor de Minecraft latino 1.2.5 Minecraft Server

    On these servers, players are encouraged to team up together in order to get through the harsh lands of Minecraft 1.18 Exiles. Since there’s no real danger or risk of being killed by another player it makes building your home base much less stressful. This is great for new players that want to learn Minecraft 1.18 and be put through the works without the stress of dying to other players.

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    Why Should I Choose Shockbyte As My Minecraft Host

    We offer many more features and utilize more powerful hardware than any of our competitors, even at a lower cost. Shockbyte has been providing Minecraft hosting services since 2013. With hundreds of thousands of customers served and more than half a million servers hosted, we have an incredibly strong reputation among the Minecraft server community.

    Were so confident youll be happy choosing us as your Minecraft host that we offer a full money back guarantee. If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, just contact our support team within 72 hours for a full refund. All we ask is that you let us know why so we can further improve our service.

    If youre still not sure, just take a look at the thousands of positive reviews from our customers on Trustpilot.

    Requirements To Start A Minecraft 118 Server

    CPU and Bandwidth

    CPU and bandwidth are the most important considerations in running a dedicated gaming server for Minecraft 1.18. The game isnât very disk or RAM intensive, but the more popular your server is, the more CPU and bandwidth processes you are going to want to allocate. A heavily populated Minecraft 1.18 server can use upwards of 2TB of bandwidth a month, but this will vary based on setup and usage needs. At least a 100Mbps port speed is recommended for effective network traffic management.

    Minecraft 1.18 Dedicated Server

    A Minecraft 1.18 dedicated server would need the minimum processing power of 2GHz or higher. The server software can be installed on Linux or Windows. Ports 25565 should be open on your server firewall for complete network access to the dedicated game server. Using a dedicated server will significantly help your Minecraft 1.18 project with any lag or issues you may experience along the way.

    Minecraft 1.18 Server Not Responding?

    Having trouble connecting to a Minecraft 1.18 server? This is often the result of a network overload, DNS issues, or server errors. You can try to refresh or reconnect but if that doesn’t work then you may need to contact community support for further assistance.

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    Get Up To Explore The Dampest And Darkest Parts Of The World In Your Wildest Journeys

    Minecraft 1.19.2 server hosting has arrived. Explorers, adventurers, mud enthusiasts! Get ready to explore all the new features of the Wild Update. This update features:

    • Frogs from different biomes are waiting to be discovered by you!
    • The Swamp and Deep Dark biome are coming to the Overworld! Venture in to find the Mangrove trees and find the spread of the Sculk Veins.
    • Keep an ear out for the Warden as they love to barge in on all kinds of noise.
    • Allay is joining in to help you collect all the loot and dance to the music!
    • As well as various improvements and tweaks for world-class gameplay

    Create Your Minecraft Server With Ease

    How To Make A Modded Minecraft Server in 1.18 (Forge Server 1.18)

    We make it simple to create your Minecraft server by providing the best minecraft server hosting for any version you would like to start with industry leading customer service. We have hosted over 300,000 Minecraft servers and have the best support in the industry. Our dedicated hardware features high clock speed CPUs and SSD hard drives providing high TPS and lag free servers for every one of our customers.

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    Easy Minecraft Server Administration With Gportal

    With Minecraft server hosting from GPORTAL you have the possibility to easily install and try out compiled modpacks. With little effort and without the need for sophisticated server knowledge, you can easily manage your Minecraft server and have more time to play Minecraft. Control settings, modpacks and much more through our web interface, without any command line or code. This way, any Minecraft player can rent a server and start playing right away. Thanks to the unlimited slots available at GPORTAL, you can play Minecraft with all your friends at any time. There are hardly any limits to your creativity.

    Unlimited server slots

    In addition to a high-performance server, GPORTAL also provides you with unlimited server slots. Instead of the usual server hosting models, where you pay by the slot, with us you get as many slots as you need – at any time. Whether you want to play Minecraft alone, with a few friends or in a community round, GPORTAL is the right place for you. Choose your suitable Minecraft server RAM and you can start playing right away.

    Your benefits with a GPORTAL Minecraft server at a glance

    • Immediately online
    • SSD server hardware and high performance


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