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Lego Minecraft Texture Pack

New Minecraft Texture Pack Introduces Lego Bricks

If LEGO® Made a Minecraft Texture Pack [MineBricks V2 SEUS PTGI]

A Minecraft fan is currently working on a texture pack for the sandbox that includes LEGO bricks and pieces that look amazing.

A big Minecraft Fan has created a LEGO A texture pack with game-inspired textures. This isnt the first time the popular sandbox game has seen a crossover with LEGO , with the toy company releasing more than a few Minecraft sets in the past, including the humongous LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave set with almost 3,000 pieces. The Minecraft sets are quite expensive, just like other LEGO sets.

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It isnt surprising that LEGO and Minecraft would collaborate on products, as both feature similar themes involving creating things out of blocks. The popularity of Minecraft has grown tremendously since it was initially released almost a decade ago, enough that it has even spawned several spin-off games. On the flip side, Minecraft isnt the first video game franchise that LEGO has worked with across its over 70-year history. LEGO has also collaborated with the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog to release official LEGO sets this year to celebrate the video game franchises 30-year anniversary.

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Lego Block Model Resource Pack 1192/1182/1171/1165

LEGO Block Model Resource Pack 1.19.2 is a pack based on famous LEGO blocks. That means we will have Minecraft blocks in four rounded pieces. It has 16×16 resolution in this Resource pack.

In this Resource pack your entire Minecraft will also be covered with a layer of LEGO blocks. However it will make look Minecraft insanely good. All blocks of this pack are modeled faithfully to original LEGO, Unlike the other default models and double half slabs and also normal full blocks have different models.

Lego Block Model Resource Pack

  • All blocks are modeled faithfully to the original LEGO.
  • Unlike the default models, double half slabs and normal full blocks have different models.
  • Redstone Dust and Rails are modeled so that they avoid the studs.
  • Stairs, Slime Blocks, and Beacons are modeled based on the original LEGO, so that it will suit with it.
  • No block model creating softwares were used, and were mostly hand typed.
  • Can be used with other texture packs, so please enjoy many kinds of LEGO.

This Resource Pack is compatible with other texture packs.

Supported VersionsAll 1.8 released versions are supported.For 1.8 snapshots, versions beyond 14w27b are supported.For 1.9 snapshots, none of the versions are yet supported.

Known Bugs

  • Studs have a glitched breaking animation.

Planned Blocks

  • Texture Pack that changes the textures like LEGO

Unplanned Features

  • Banners, Chests, Ender Chests, Signs, Trapped Chests
  • Barrier Blocks, End Portals, Lava, Water

Used Softwares

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Minecraft Player Retextures Zombies With Lego Design

LEGO and Minecraft are such a perfect combination that, aside from the sponsored LEGO sets that people can purchase and build, it’s a surprise they’ve not worked together.

Two of the most prominent games that both happen to be block-based? It’s just too perfect. Fortunately, thanks to u/Cirelectric on Reddit, there is a collaboration, albeit unofficial.

The video follows a few retextured zombies made into LEGO minifigures. One of them is even wearing armor and holding a weapon. They are chasing a villager who has not yet been retextured but will be soon.

That shouldn’t be too difficult, especially given how well the zombies turned out. Not all Minecraft entities should be too much of a challenge to make into LEGO-esque figures, which is why it’s a surprise it’s not been officially done. The creator is planning on doing the following:

Brickcraft Texture Pack 1182 1171


Minecraft Brick Craft Texture Pack for 1.18.2, 1.18.1, 1.17.1, 1.16.5, and 1.17.2 Most Minecraft players would agree that the game is essentially a video game version of LEGO, which is why these modders decided to combine the two.

Brickcraft Texture Pack 1.18.2, 1.17.1

The artwork and game components, such as trees, closely mimic the world-famous toy bricks, including the studs and “anti-studs” that are commonly used to stack bricks on top of each other in reality. A version that converts Minecraft into LEGO just seems to make sense, given that the former is almost probably inspired by the latter. Even if it doesn’t, at least not explicitly, many players recognize that both have caught that never-ending inventiveness that never seems to fade.

Brickcraft Texture Pack 1.18.2, 1.17.1
Brickcraft Texture Pack 1.18.2, 1.17.1
Brickcraft Texture Pack 1.18.2, 1.17.1

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How To Install Minebricks Resource Pack:

  • Download and install Optifine. This is required by the pack and this pack will not work without it.
  • Download the MineBricks LEGO texture pack for Minecraft from the download section below. there are many different versions, just choose the one you like, enter 0 in the input field, click I want this!, enter your email address and click the Get button
  • Launch the game client through the Minecraft launcher.
  • On the main menu, click Options.
  • On the options menu, click Resource Packs.
  • Click on Open Resource Pack Folder. folder titled resourcepacks will pop up
  • Move the .zip file you downloaded in the first step to the newly opened resourcepacks folder.
  • Your pack should have appeared in the left window, just hover over it and click on the arrow pointing to the right.
  • Lego Block Model Resource Pack Installation Guide:

    • Must Download and install OptiFine HD or MCPatcher HD for better display of the game.
    • Go to the Start Menu and then Type %appdata%.
    • After that then go to Minecraft and then go to Resourcepacks.
    • Move the Download .zip file into resource packs folder.
    • Have fun and enjoy playing this Resource Pack.


    You must have to install or Download OptiFine HD or MCPatcher HD for this Resource Pack.


    We usually took very good care of the links which are available here. But sometimes developers Original links removed from the Third party hosting websites. In that case the links went automatically broken We will require some assistance in this regard. So Please inform any broken or content in the below comments section. We will Rectify that as early as possible. Were updating these Resource packs regularly and If you find any fake links or deleted ones kindly comment and let us know. We do give genuine downloaded links for all Resource packs.

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    How To Download And Install Brixel Texture Pack

    1. The first step is to decide whether you want to get Brixel for free or buy it on Patreon. Then you continue with one of the two options:

    a) A new free trial version is released regularly on Curseforge and PlanetMinecraft. You can get this version with just one click on the download link.

    b) There are also regular updates on the official Patreon, which are much more extensive. First of all, you need to sign up for a paid subscription to get complete access to all posts. Go to the latest post and download all files you need.

    2. The steps are exactly the same from now on. Go to the Minecraft website and install the game. You must have launched it at least once to have all the file paths that will be needed throughout this tutorial.

    3. Now download the latest version of Optifine. Optifine is required so that you can play with all the features.

    4. You have the choice between using the BSL shader or the SEUS PTGI shader. A shader pack is required because it shows the normal blocks in 3D. Parallax mapping is used for this because no PC would be able to deal with the textures.

    5. Open the Brixel ZIP folder that you downloaded in the first step. You will find a file called Brixel 1024x PTGI place this and run in your .minecraft folder.exe. A similar name is quite possible if you have chosen a different resolution or version.

    7. Go to the options and then to the resource packs. Select the resolution you have installed.

    This Texture Pack Turns Minecraft Blocks Into Lego Bricks

    LEGO Texture Pack For Minecraft Bedrock!

    Turn any in-game creation into a Lego set.

    There are plenty of cool Minecraft texture packs that players can use to transform Mojang’s blocky sandbox, but I think this one is my new favourite of the lot. MineBricks , created by Macio6 Productions, is a texture pack that turns Minecraft’s classic blocks into Lego bricks.

    Minecraft and Lego have joined forces in the past to create official physical Lego sets, but I love the pairing in reverse: turning Minecraft’s grassy landscapes into vast fields of Lego bricks.

    The texture pack is spot on, giving each block the iconic Lego cylinders. Not only that, but Macio6 has made the texture pack work with some of the most popular Minecraft shaders , including Sildur’s Vibrant Shaders and SEUS Renewed, giving a spectacular plastic sheen to each and every brick.

    Players can download MineBrick for free over on the texture pack’s official website . The base download includes 128x and 256x resource pack resolution, but is also available in 512x and 1024x versions if you’re willing to part with $5.

    If you’re after more eye-boggling projects created by the Minecraft community, someone has made gorgeous IRL Minecraft blocks that look cool as heck and a builder has recreated the entire Breath of the Wild map . In other news, Minecraft’s most archaic server was brought to its knees by griefers which is pretty wild.

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    How To Install Lego Minecraft Resource Pack:

    • Open Minecraft, and go to Options-> Resource Packs-> Open Resource Packs Folder.
    • Drag the zip file you downloaded into that folder.
    • Select the pack, and youre done!
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  • Minecraft Lego Texture Pack Download

    Applying a Shader or a Texture Pack in Minecraft is as easy as installing the files and putting them in the game folders. Below I have listed the steps you will have to perform to make your Minecraft World into a LEGO one.

    • Firstly you need to find the Texture pack, you can download the files from Mod Creators like Macio6 who made MineBricks, or Wabbabrick who made Brixel.
    • After you have downloaded the Texture Pack, install the OptiFine Mod. This Mod will not only help you integrate the Texture Pack into your Minecraft game but also improve your gaming experience. I suggest you read their website for more in-depth knowledge.
    • Also along with the OptiFine Mod install the SEUS PTGI shader file as this Mod will make your Minecraft World photo realistic.
    • Now you should have all that you require to enter the World of LEGOS. Startup your Minecraft Client.
    • On the Minecraft Launcher, Select the OptiFine 1.16,5 version, both the Texture Packs that I suggested are supported on Minecraft 1.16.5.
    • If you cant find the OptiFine version then go to Installations and check all of the version options above.
    • Once you have done this, Run the Game.
    • After that click on Options> Video Settings> Shaders and then add your Shader files to that page.
    • Now just click on the LEGO Shader pack and the game will reload.

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    Brixel Texture Pack Free Download

    Brixel texture pack is the best thing that could happen to Minecraft and LEGO® fans. The blocks in the game are modified to look like real LEGO® bricks. Accordingly, it will be like a trip back to your childhood, when you built the coolest LEGO® sets in your nursery. Unfortunately, LEGOs attempts to publish their own video game were not crowned with success, so you should really appreciate this crossover.

    The creator Sebastian, who is known on the internet under the pseudonym Wabbabrick, will surely have needed several hours to create all the textures. In the meantime, even a whole team has been created. The goal in their work is always to make the Minecraft blocks look like the real LEGO®. The team itself calls them all Brixel because it is a cubes built of many small 3D elements. Especially the level of detail is outstanding because there are different layers on each block, so they get depth and relief texture. By the way, all textures are completely self-made and of course not automatically created by a computer program. But that would actually be pretty cool because it would save quite a bit of time.

    Lego Minecraft Texture Packs

    TOP44+ Minecraft Lego Texture Pack Pics
    • 1024x 1.19 Themed Texture Pack55% AlexTestria10/5/22 3:46 posted 10/4/21 9:3064.6k23.2k67
    • 64x 1.19.1 Themed Texture Pack55% AlexTestria10/5/22 3:45 posted 9/28/22 11:052k5422
    • 512x 1.19 Themed Texture Pack30% Designio Graphics9/30/22 3:20 posted 7/6/21 5:4596.7k32.1k57
    • 2048x Bedrock Realistic Texture Pack5
    • 16x Bedrock Other Texture Pack65%
    • 1024x 1.19 Themed Texture Pack80%
    • 16x 1.19 Other Texture Pack104
    • 16x 1.18.1 Other Texture Pack6
    • 16x 1.19 Themed Texture Pack95% Kodisa6/14/22 11:37 posted 1/20/21 4:1234.5k9.8k38
    • 32x 1.19 Themed Texture Pack89 PadawanAmy6/8/22 10:45 posted 1/26/21 12:5421k6.1k28
    • 16x 1.18.1 Other Texture Pack1
    • 16x 1.19 Other Texture Pack5
    • 1024x 1.18 Themed Texture Pack10%
    • 64x 1.17.1 Other Texture Pack62
    • 1024x 1.17.1 Realistic Texture Pack14
    • 512x 1.16 Themed Texture Pack55%
    • 256x 1.17 Experimental Texture Pack5% Luxcas7/12/21 4:29 posted 7/8/21 11:419.4k9686
    • 16x 1.16.5 Themed Texture Pack18
    • 32x 1.16.3 Experimental Texture Pack5% Stridey10/30/20 10:26 posted 2/23/19 5:5876.8k12.1k69
    • 16x 1.16 Themed Texture Pack30
    • 16x 1.16 Themed Texture Pack20% LeenaV9/1/20 10:23 posted 4/11/20 7:285.8k3374
    • 16x 1.15 Experimental Texture Pack20%
    • 16x 1.15 Other Texture Pack75%
    • 16x 1.13 Themed Texture Pack75% Mexbot Arts10/12/17 2:06 posted 1/12/14 4:4421.9k3k57
    • 32x 1.11 Experimental Texture Pack5% 2TheEdge6/8/17 9:20 posted 4/8/17 11:2427.8k9119

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    The Best Resource Packs

    The best pack is subjective to each of us but fortunately there are thousands to choose from, mix and match, download and try out! Everyone has different tastes and Minecraft allows artists to create every type of texture pack you can imagine. With over 40k texture packs published in the past 10 years, you are bound to find the right texture pack for you. Once you find the best Minecraft texture pack, favorite it and youll get notified when the author updates! Its always exciting to see a notification that your favorite pack is ready for download!

    Minebricks Resource Pack 119 / 118


    With so many resource packs being released daily, it is difficult to find something original or refreshing. MineBricks resource pack is the exception from the rule. It is the resource pack that many Minecraft players have hoped for to be created. What makes it so spectacularly refreshing is the fact that it is inspired by LEGOs. Even if it is not a licensed resource pack, it is very loyal to the way LEGO bricks look but have been successfully adapted and integrated into the Minecraft world. To make the world of Minecraft look as if it is made of LEGO bricks, MineBricks fiddles around with textures, colors, and lighting effects. The most considerable amount of work was invested into textures. Textures for almost all the blocks in the game have been changed. They are now made of solid colors that are considerably more vibrant. The removal of the details in textures also removes scatter and noise. It changes the textures for coal, gold, iron, diorite, gravel, snow, sand, stone, dirt, and many more types of blocks. It also changes the textures for trees, leaves, grass, and different types of flowers. All these changes make the environment look like it is made from LEGO bricks as well as the trees and plants. The MineBricks texture pack goes beyond the standard textures for blocks and it introduces new textures for mobs and critters as well. It also adds new textures for windows, paintings, and other objects in the game.

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    Lego Minecraft Texture Pack Make A Lego Version Of Your Minecraft

    If you are a Lego enthusiast, there is some good news for you! Using the latest Lego Minecraft Texture Packs, you will be able to transform each block into a Lego brick, allowing you to have the ultimate Lego experience. These features alone should be enough to attract people to give it a shot. The best thing about the Texture pack is that it doesn’t cost anything to use.

    Despite the fact that there are other Lego texture packs accessible on the internet, none of them are as realistic as this one. With the Lego Minecraft texture pack, you can get graphics that are as photorealistic as possible. One fascinating feature of the mod is that it produces a Lego-like sound when a brick is destroyed.

    With the texture pack, each block has a look and feel of the classic Lego cylinders. The tools that are utilized in the game are also constructed from Lego pieces. You can also experiment with some Lego-like weapons, which will make the experience much more enjoyable.

    Minecraft bricks aren’t all cubes, although there are several exceptions. As an example, you can see that the grass has distinct forms than a block and the long grass, wildflowers, and mobs. As a result, the Minecraft Lego texture pack may take on the appearance of almost anything in the game, which gives you a proper experience of the Lego World. To get the greatest results, we recommend downloading the most recent version of the mod.

    Not Created By Mojang

    Literally everything is Legos with this incredible Minecraft Shader/Resource Pack Combo!

    As we have mentioned in the previous details within this article, this MineBricks was created by Macio6 Productions and not an official add-on by Mojang or Microsoft.

    However, modding frontier curseforge is one of the entities responsible for hosting downloads for this resource pack.

    Although this resource pack is not an official plug-in or DLC from Mojang, we assure you that it is safe and has no viruses.

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