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Minecraft Server Hosting Services

Minecraft Server Host Features

How To Make a Minecraft Server in 1.19.1
Easy setup

The onboarding process takes less than five minutes, so you can be back at Minecraft in no time. Simply pick a Minecraft hosting plan, finish the registration, and launch your game server.

Dedicated IPv4/IPv6 addresses

With a dedicated IP address, you can secure your Minecraft game servers and protect it from DDoS attacks. Plus, get direct and easier access to your server files via FTP.

Automated backups

Never worry about losing your progress. If anything happens, you can restore your most recent backup from the control panel in seconds and continue building your world.

Multiple Minecraft Server types

All our Minecraft server host plans include versions for different kinds of players. Ranging from Official to Spigot, you can switch between server types using our Game Panel.

Install Modpacks and plugins

With our plugin and mod automatic installers, you can customize the gameplay to your liking. The full file access also lets you add third-party plugins and mods manually.

Fast SSD & high-clock speed CPUs

Our VPS uses premium hardware to create fast and lag-free servers, with terabytes of SSD storage and industry-standard Intel Xeon Processors.

Use Our Control Panel To Manage Your Server

Our easy-to-use control panel allows you to control all aspects of your Minecraft server. From stopping and starting it,adding modpacks automatically, whitelisting players, adjusting player slots, and more our control panel gives you fullcontrol over all aspects of your server. Our control panel is easy to navigate and provides you with all the tools youneed in order to fit your server to your specific needs. Access the control panel at any point in time through your BisectHostingaccount and make your server the best experience possible!

Best Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers In 2022

Here we will compare and explore cheap as well as free Minecraft server hosting to choose the Best Minecraft Server Hosting as per your need:

Minecraft Server Hosting is a service provided by companies to help individuals or organizations with hosting their games on the World Wide Web. It facilitates the environment to host a multiplayer game. These services provide improved performance, 24*7 availability, and low latency with reduced cost.

Minecraft Server needs some significant features that are absent from the generic one. Online games, especially multiplayer games, require more resources. For an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience, there should be a consistent set of features with DDoS protection.

Ease of setup, control panel, mods allowed, and server locations are the factors that should also get considered while selecting the provider.

In this tutorial, we will see the top providers of Minecraft Server Hosting with their key features and technical specifications to help you select the one as per your requirement.

What You Will Learn:

Let us review some of the best and even free Minecraft server hosting providers below.

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Can I Upgrade My Server And Add More Ram

Yes, To upgrade your services you must log into your billing area and choose upgrade/downgrade from the left-hand menu on the service. After selecting the new package you will be able to complete the upgrade. Once payment is received your existing service will be upgraded or downgraded automatically. Your server IP and all of the files will stay the same, the only thing that will increase is the RAM and slots. Please restart your server for the changes to take effect.

Avoid Overly Cheap Minecraft Hosting Plans

10+ Best Minecraft Server Hosting (2020) Free &  Paid

There are many hosting companies out there that offer rates lower than the ones recommended here. However, I urge you to exercise caution when considering taking up these plans. Many of these plans will often offer sub-par services and may cut corners in areas ultimately affecting your gaming experience

Hostinger is our top pick as Minecraft hosting provider for a number of reasons. The first and foremost is that it is extremely rare to find a host that offers plans specially built to cater for Minecraft hosting.

Their Minecraft hosting plans are built on VPS servers, meaning you will get the dedicated resources needed to host Minecraft. Their plan structure is also built around the concept, offering a minimum of 2GB memory, near instant Minecraft server setup, and technical support that can help if you get stuck.

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How To Make Your Own Minecraft Server

4.61,066 reviews

  • Christopher MurrayThis site’s maneuverability and user friendly platform makes it easily good choice for someone who doesn’t want to waste their time running a server on their own PC. The prices, compared to value of other Minecraft hostings is outstanding, no other site I visited could come close to what’s found here on ScalaCube. I was recommended ScalaCube by my brother who also bought a server from them, and now I will be recommending it to my friends as well.
  • Chris WilliamsI’m actually the developer for this server and I have used ScalaCube before on my own and others servers. I have always been able to run servers successfully and lag free with your service. I kept trying to convince the people I am currently developing for to switch from another Minecraft hosting to this but they finally did after the server was getting DDOSed.

We provide cheap Minecraft Server Hosting services.Through our Control Panel you can set up an unlimited number of game servers with an unlimited number of slots on one VPS server.We offer VPS servers with a restricted amount of resources: memory, CPU, disk space.Servers seamlessly support a large number of players, as long as there is enough RAM and CPU power.Plan descriptions only give an approximate number of players the server can accommodate.In reality, this number can be more or less, depending on the plugins and mods installed on your server.

Full Access to Files


Host No 3 Mcprohosting

One of the biggest brands in the Minecraft server hosting community, MCProHosting offers plans for Minecraft: Bedrock and Minecraft: Java Edition. The plans range in price from $7 to $100 per month, with the most expensive plans providing unlimited player slots that allow you to create massively populated servers.

MCProHosting stands out because it offers 22 server locations across six continents. This makes its services open to players in Africa, South America, and Australia, which are continents that are often underserved when it comes to Minecraft server options. MCProHosting also allows wary users to try before they buy thanks to the seven-day trials it provides for six of its hosting plans.

Beyond that, McProHosting offers protection against DDoS attacks. Each plan comes with unlimited storage space, allowing your Minecraft world to grow as large as you want it to be. The service is fast, simple to use, and offers dedicated 24/7 customer support.

The main drawback of MCProHosting is its cost. Though it offers one of the best dedicated server services around, it also falls into the higher end of the price spectrum. If youre in North America or Europe and dont intend to play with gamers from other continents, you may find that a locationally-limited provider can offer a more cost-effective service.

McProHosting Pros

  • Free trials on several of its packages
  • Unlimited storage space on all plans

McProHosting Cons

  • One of the most expensive dedicated server solutions

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How Do I Host A Minecraft Server

You can make your own Minecraft server by choosing a provider and determining the size that you need and selecting which version to start with. Most packages are instantly deployed and after completing checkout your server will be up and running within a few minutes. All you need to do is share the IP address with everyone you wish to play with.

Storage Type And Space

The 12 Best Paid & Free Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

While Minecraft isn’t a particularly storage-intensive game, getting an SSD will help speed up the performance if you’re running a Minecraft server. However, be aware of the potential differences in this area.

Some web hosts can have SSD-based server applications when storing your data on traditional hard drives. This is distinct from providing a complete SSD solution in which all data is stored on the SSD. Shockbyte, GG Servers, and Host Havoc offer the best SSD solutions in their plans.

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Top 10 Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Before you go for Free, We would like to ask, are you looking at an ultimate gaming experience? Performance is not free, Yes, its cheap now. Get the deal below.

Go for Shockbyte and choose a monthly plan, try for one month, experience the ultimate speed, and real fun, Grab the deal, and click above.

Game Servers Arent Our Only Specialty

We at BisectHosting not only specialize in Minecraft and various other game servers,but we specialize in creating and helping you manage servers for anything you may need.Have a business website that you want to run on your server? We can help you get it runningproperly to do exactly what you need it to do!

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Our Support Team Is Available 24/7

With an average support ticket response time of 20 minutes and support representatives in numerous different time zones,help is just minutes away. Our support team is able to help you with any questions you may have from the most simplisticto the most difficult! Contacting our support team is simple to do by opening a support ticket or reaching out to asupport team member through our Discord server getting assistance with your Minecraft server has never been easier!

Launch Your Private Minecraft Server In Minutes

Best 3 Minecraft Server Hosting For 2020 â Minecraft Building Inc

Now that you have reached the end of our Minecraft Server Hosting guide, the only thing left for you is to launch your private Minecraft server. Most Minecraft hosts automatically design a server for you and provide additional plug-ins and modpacks to customize your server.

If you are interested in a large selection of modpacks, ServerMiner offers more than 50,000 modpacks and customized servers in their premium packages. Fortunately, the premium packages are affordable compared to other competitors.

For an enhanced performance and smooth gaming experience, Shockbyte is the perfect Minecraft Hosting Server for you. With a guaranteed 100% uptime, you are assured that your server will always be accessible to your players.

Apex Hosting is ideal for beginners and novices who do not understand the full gear of Minecraft servers. The host provides video tutorials and 24/7 support for any questions that you may have regarding your server.

With its budget-friendly packages and free plan, ScalaCube offers free additions including a free subdomain. You are also guaranteed unlimited player slots and ultra low latency at affordable prices.

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Minecraft Server Hosting Is Just The Beginning

We provide more than just Minecraft server hosting! We provide various other premium game server hosting options.Team Fortress 2, Terraria, ARK – Survival Evolved, and Rust are just a few of the various other games we providegame servers for. Get the same great server support and quality service for some of the most popular multiplayergames! See all the available game server options here.

Rent Minecraft Server At Gportal

Rent your own Minecraft server now at GPORTAL and explore the adventurous block world of Minecraft! The long-running game Minecraft has been on the market for over 10 years and is as popular as ever. The huge and creative Minecraft community ensures with mods and plug-ins that you never lack new game content and adventures – and your GPORTAL Minecraft server ensures that you remain flexible for all new developments.

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Can I Use Cheap Minecraft Hosting

There is a tonne of smaller, more affordable Minecraft providers out there, some of them I covered above. Some services are even free, so why would you pay for premium service if free ones are available?

Why Paying For Hosting Matters!The simple answer is that these free services are not feature-rich and are very limited, especially as you grow. Without a premium service, youll be limited on bandwidth, RAM, and power and wont have features like DDoS protection or a dedicated IP address.

You may also not be able to add your plugin of choice, run modded applications, or get a high level of customer support should you have any questions or experience any problems. Lets say your hosting crashes, and you cant get it back up yourself you need a team on hand to get things sorted quickly. Otherwise, your players are going to leave, especially if it keeps happening.

Minecraft Server Hosting Minimum And Recommended Requirements

Minecraft just did big poo-poo again

Minecraft isnt a resource-intensive game. You need to have a basic server for it to run flawlessly. nsure that your system has the following hardware:

  • Intel Core-Based/AMD K8 CPUs the computing power for supporting up to 5 players.
  • 1 GB RAM the systems random access memory for the smooth running of apps/mods.
  • 10 GB storage the amount of space needed to run Minecraft. If you wish to install custom apps, consider having at least 50GB of storage.
  • Windows/Linux/MacOS any of these operating systems is ideal for installing the game.
  • Java the original version of Minecraft is built on Java. Therefore, ensure that you have the latest version of the software on your system.

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Your Control Panel Is Easy To Use & Mobile Friendly

Get Nodecraft on whatever platform you game. Download the Nodecraft App:

Save & Swap Games Instantly
Save your progress in the cloud and instantly start a new game server.

You play other games too, right? So do we. That’s why Nodecraft created a system that allows you to save your progress and freely swap to host a different game, at no additional cost. Dont worry about fees for swapping, because there arent any. Nodecraft gives you more freedom and the best service, at an affordable price.

Create your Minecraft Server today!

Create a Minecraft Server anywhere.

There’s a lot of ways to create your own Minecraft server. Pick either edition or swap them out at any time, no extra fees.

What Are Dedicated Minecraft Server Resources

When you are looking to buy Minecraft hosting, the first thing that might come to your mind is how much RAM and bandwidth will I need?

Well, this really depends on what type of server you want public or private.

If its a public server where anyone can play then, its ideal to get a hosting package with the most RAM and bandwidth you can get, but its worth looking into what options are available.

This is not the smartest option for building a business but it is good to know what this offers, they are a goldmine of information.

With a 1GB package, youll have enough power for between 5-10 players, but you could technically have unlimited players, they just wouldnt be able to play on the server together at the same time, which defeats the point of having multiplayer.

Whats more, due to the way Minecraft works, you need to consider how big the world is. If you have a player at world spawn and a player at coordinates, 10,000, 10,000, then your Minecraft hosting needs to spend RAM loading in the chunks in that area for both players.

When you have more Minecraft players, all in different areas of the map, possibly warping around to other parts of the map, then youre going to need even more power.

This might not be so much of a problem on smaller, private servers, but if youre looking to run professional hosting for lots of players, youll need a server that can keep up.

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Create Your Minecraft Server With Ease

We make it simple to create your Minecraft server by providing the best minecraft server hosting for any version you would like to start with industry leading customer service. We have hosted over 300,000 Minecraft servers and have the best support in the industry. Our dedicated hardware features high clock speed CPUs and SSD hard drives providing high TPS and lag free servers for every one of our customers.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services For 2022

landscapedesignmanhattan: Host Minecraft Server With Vpn

Minecraft is a video game that was launched back in 2009. With over 141 million players, the popularity of this game isnt slowing down. Around 2.8 million to 3.6 million people play this video game on a daily basis. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the games multiplayer mode. It allows multiple players to join the game simultaneously and play together to tackle obstacles or build remarkable creations. However, to have a flawless gaming experience, its best to start your own gaming server. Although this may sound like a walk in the park, finding the best Minecraft hosting service can be tricky, with so many options to choose from.

Fortunately, we have shortlisted Minecraft server hosting services to make your lives easier. With your own gaming server, you can host multiplayer games without having to set up the environment every time from the start. In addition, you can also install mods to enhance the gaming experience on your server.

In this blog, well help you understand how to choose the best Minecraft server hosting service, and well also share a few reputable options that we trust to be reliable.

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Shockbyte Best Affordable Servers

Shockbyte is an incredibly popular server provider, and at the time of writing, supports over 400,000 game servers. Their reputation among server providers is also one of the highest, averaging 4.5/5 stars across 4,500+ reviews on Trustpilot.

However, by far, the biggest draw to Shockbyte is how affordable the Minecraft packages are. With prices starting at just $2.50 per month for a small, low-end package thats capable of supporting up to eight people, these packages are ideal for even the lowest budgets.

With a tonne of excellent guarantees, like 100% uptime, security, and a capable support team, Shockbyte is a service provider well worth thinking about.

Data Center Location?

Shockbyte has servers located in North America, along with Europe, and in Southeast Asia in, Singapore and also in Australia.

Why Choose Shockbyte?

The sub-domain feature included with every order is just fantastic. IP addresses are how players will find and log onto your server, and having a custom one makes the overall experience so much more fulfilling and streamlined for players.

Prices start at $2.50 per month


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