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Minecraft Texture Packs Free

The Best Minecraft Texture Packs

How to install any texture pack for FREE in Minecraft Windows 10 Edition

The best Minecraft texture packs for version 1.19 in 2022 to change how your game looks with new styles – from grim fantasy to stylishly cartoony visuals

Looking for the best Minecraft texture packs for the Java Edition? Minecrafts low-fi charms were predictably the first thing modders took to fixing. The ruddy textures, while distinctive, are an obvious target for an upgrade if you stare at them long enough. While Mojang has been gradually revamping the aesthetic appeal of Minecraft, particularly with the introduction of Minecraft Ray Tracing, texture packs are your best bet if youre chasing a specific look.

Weve compiled this list of the best Minecraft texture packs in one handy location. Theres nothing too crazy here, as massive visual overhauls tend to be part of more extensive Minecraft mods that fundamentally change the game, but thats another article entirely.

One thing to note is that this list of the best Minecraft texture packs is for the Java Edition of Minecraft, which you can access via the new PC launcher, so if youre using the Bedrock Edition, youre likely to run into some issues. However, its worth mentioning these Minecraft texture packs will work on the Java version you can find in the PC Game Pass version. Below is a fantastic selection of texture packs that give Minecraft altered visual styles, from the ultra-realistic to the cartoonish, to far-out sci-fi and subtle makeovers.

The best Minecraft texture packs are:

Best Minecraft 118 Texture Packs

Even though all of the texture packs on this list work on any Minecraft version, not everyone may have updated to the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update. Thats why we have a separate section dedicated to the ones made for upgrading your new Minecraft 1.18 worlds.

19. Alacrity

This Minecraft texture pack refreshes the all-around plantations in Minecraft worlds. We get better trees, realistic plants, improved stones, new items, and a lot more. Not to forget, it works even better if you are using one of the best Minecraft shaders from our list here. If you are planning to create a realistic base in the game, this is the texture pack you need.

Alacrity Texture Pack

20. Stay True

This texture pack focuses on improving the default texture pack by adding more clarity and realism to them. In simple terms, it breaks the blocky limitations of most textures like leaves. With that, the Minecraft world feels more open and free. Fortunately, the pack doesnt do it too much. So, you get a taste of the enchanted world of Minecraft without going far from its vanilla touch.

21. Tissous Zombie Pack

Tissous Zombie Pack

22. Excalibur

Excalibur Pack

/10 Quadral By Syclone Studios

Quadral uses a distinctive style that really refreshes every texture in the game. Even the UI uses an old-timey design that makes you feel like youre checking a journal of quests whenever you boot it up.

The texture pack makes Minecraft look like a classic RPG, which youll notice most when you go to populated areas and build more structures. Rich, reddish tones encompass the texture pack without being too light or overwhelmingly vibrant, so you wont get sick of looking at it after a while. And dont forget to look up at the sky occasionally and enjoy a sun that looks like it was embroidered by your favorite grandma.

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How To Install The Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Installing Minecraft texture packs depends on what version of the game you’re running, as well as whether these packs are official and on the storefront. We’ve broken our instructions into Java and Bedrock versions, so players can set it up accordingly.

Minecraft Java Edition

While you’re tinkering, check out the best Minecraft mods!

Of course, this assumes that you’re downloading packs, not buying them. The Bedrock Edition of Minecraft has a storefront built in which players can pay for new texture packs, without having to go through the trouble of downloading and installing them.

Any packs you buy this way will also be in Settings/Global Resources for you to select, but they’ll also be tied to your Minecraft account, so no matter which platform you log into the game through, you should be able to access that store-bought texture pack .

Of course, knowing how to set up texture packs is only half the battle – now you have to find some with installing in the first place.

Enjoy Your Textured Minecraft Experience

The Minepack Original! Released for 1.2.5 Minecraft Texture Pack

You now have the skills to edit how your own Minecraft game looks. Adding new textures to your game can really help Minecraft feel like a brand new game again. If you want to go straight medieval then, there is a texture pack for it. If you want to act like youre playing the old NES, then there is a texture pack for it. If you want a frightening atmosphere then, you guessed it, there is a texture pack for it.

If you found this article helpful, please give us a shout on our Discord to let us know! You can also read our article on how to install minecraft mods to add even more features.

Want to learn about coding games like Minecraft? Start with a coding class:

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/10 Simply Cubed By Pixel Squared

Dont be fooled by the seemingly simple concept. The whole world space looks completely unrecognizable just by making every little pixel a square.

If you thought vanilla Minecraft looked cube-y enough, you have yet to see these textures in action. The Simply Cubed pack doesnt change much in the UI, but everything else is transformed. Yes, even The Nether.

Additionally, if youre planning to host a PVP realm, youll find these textures helpful for visibility and frames. Players are distinct enough to spot without sacrificing any building strategies.

Best Pvp Minecraft Texture Packs

PVP or player vs player mods in Minecraft are highly competitive, and each FPS counts. These texture packs make special modifications to the environment in order to gain a competitive advantage. Different sizes weapons, selective colorization, and even pure style these packs have a lot to offer.

13. Bombies 15K

This texture pack is easy on the graphics with low-quality blocks, thus, delivering higher FPS. It also around the corner. There are also carefully designed armors that can act as camouflage in the right environment and as a distraction where you want to stand out.

14. John Smith Legacy

This is one of the most up-to-date Minecraft resource packs on the list. That means the effects in this pack have their proper sound effect and cover almost every block in the game, including netherite-based armors and weapons. You are transported to a world out of the period of European knights. The texture pack makes it easy to see the enemies with the toned-down texture of the world while giving you an overall majestic feel. The funny-looking villagers are just a bonus.

John Smith Legacy Texture Pack

15. Mythic

Mythic Texture Pack

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How To Add Texture Packs To Your Game

There are a couple of ways to add texture packs to Minecraft. Type:

into the file explorer and open the resource packs folder. Drag the ZIP folder to the resource packs selection menu. Many texture packs also need some additional downloads to work. All of the texture packs on this list were found on and most require OptiFine to work .

Lb Photo Realism Pack 256256 Version 1000

6 Extreme Realistic Texture Packs That Make Minecraft Like Real Life 2022

LB Photo Realism is a texture pack thats nearly as old as Minecraft itself so its no surprise that it will have the most downloads. Currently at over 2.5 million downloads from Planet Minecraft alone, LB Photo Realism aims to make Minecraft more realistic, as if the name didnt give it away. There are many resolutions of this texture pack so you can find one that your computer can easily run. Adding the right shaders and the Wild Grass mod can also give biomes their own unique plants that are realistic and help give your environment that extra spark.

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What Are Minecraft Texture Packs

Minecraft is a game with simple graphics and a block-like appearance. Aside from the gameplay arguing with physics Minecraft also has a very unrealistic look. This style is very popular and many gamers love it! However, its not for everyone. Since Minecraft is highly moddable, there exist many different types of texture packs that can alter how your game looks while you play.

Texture packs are a collection of files that change the visuals of blocks in Minecraft. These blocks range from building materials, items, mobs, and anything else that you can see in your game. Without getting too technical, by default, Minecraft has a native resolution of 16×16 pixels. Texture packs can increase them up to 1024×1024, which has 4,906 times the number of pixels as native!

Note: you may hear the term resource pack in place of texture packs. While resource packs provide new textures for your gameplay, they also provide other game features such as music, sound effects, particle effects, and text. Resource packs are only available in Java Edition 1.6.1 and higher. In this article, anytime you see the words texture pack, you can safely replace them with resource pack.

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What Are Texture Packs In Minecraft

As the name suggests, the texture packs are add-ons for Minecraft that replace the original textures of this sandbox game, giving it a visual makeover. Some of the texture packs are smaller and more focused on limited aspects, while others change the look and feel of your entire game. You will find everything from FPS boosting textures to the ones you want to run onan Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti.

For each texture pack listed below, we include a comparison of what the game looks like with and without the texture pack. We have also added download information to make it easy for you to test them right away. But first, lets understand how to install the texture packs in Minecraft before anything else.

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/10 The Milky Way Texture Pack By Giggle Block Studios

Create a unique space-themed Minecraft world with The Milky Way Texture Pack. While the textures may feel jarring in some nature-leaning assets, it works wonders for players creating futuristic themes.

The chest texture is a highlight simply because it cements the astronaut adventure feel that the pack is aiming for. And, a word of advice – go heavy on those beacons and quartz blocks. It elevates the modern vibe drastically, especially if you use the included skins for Steve and Alex.

How To Install Texture Packs In Minecraft


Installing texture packs and resource packs have the same process. The in-game name might be different for the option, depending upon your version, but the steps are the same. In any case, boot up Minecraft, and lets get started with the process.

1. From your Minecraft home screen, click the Options button located next to the Quit Game option.

2. Then, select the option called Resource Packs or Texture Packs. Whatever the option is called in your game version, it will be present at the bottom left of the Options menu.

3. Now, you will see a list of existing resource/ texture packs if you have any installed. Are you wondering how to add more texture packs to Minecraft? Well, if you are playing Minecraft in windowed mode, you can drag and drop your downloaded texture packs to install them. If not, click the Open Pack Folderoption and move your packs to that folder.

4. Alternatively, you can also move your packs to one of the following directories for Minecraft Java edition:

  • %AppData%\.minecraft\resourcepacks
  • %AppData%\.minecraft\texturepacks

You will only see one of these based on your games version. You can copy and paste your downloaded files into one of these folders to get them installed and access them within Minecraft.

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/10 Space Station Textures By Owls Cubed

Hooked on all things Among Us? Space Station Textures turns monsters into robotic-looking beings and puts the iconic visor on everyone. It covers player characters, pigs, zombies, you name it.

In terms of the environment, this pack flips some colors completely and makes the entire scheme look more space-themed. Bodies of water look much darker here with wavier lines, almost as if to simulate the vast universe.

Should you turn your gaze upward, youll find the sky heavily populated with big clouds that have different expressions on them. Its a cool change that works whether youre revamping your world or starting from scratch.

Best Cartoon Or Cute Minecraft Texture Packs

With performance and graphics out of the way, lets now look at some fun cartoonish texture packs for Minecraft. The whole point of these packs is to make your game look cute and more enjoyable.

7. Rodrigos Pack

This soft-styled texture pack not only makes your world a lot rubber-style but also provides a performance boost with its minimal blocks. Rodrigos Pack has 8 x 8 blocks, but you wont feel them lowering your quality. The designers have focused on keeping the Minecraft feel intact while adding a cartoonish layer on top. This makes it one of the most fun packs to play with a performance boost.

Rodrigos Pack

8. Pastel Craft

One of the best Minecraft texture packs, Pastel Craft focuses on colors and cartoonish effects but ensures that each block is identifiable individually. Many minimal or cartoon-based packs tend to oversimplify blocks so much that you have to put in extra effort to identify them. This pack is one of many limited ones which focuses on keeping quality high while using pixelation for cartoonish effect.

Pastel Craft Texture Pack

9. Hafen

Hafen, when closely translated from German, means Pottery. And this texture pack gives your world a pottery clay-like look. Among the top Minecraft texture packs, this one has the most dynamic-looking cartoonish textures. It has a heavy focus on looks and the color interaction that you notice in the way each color fits with the other in this pack.

Hafen Texture Pack

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Minecraft 1191 Texture Packs

This Minecraft 1.19.1 texture packs list includes only the best resource packs for the Wild Update. However, there are very few changes to the textures in the 1.19.1 version. But this is nothing new, because usually only a lot of new content comes when a major update is released. A good example is the previous version, which added new biomes, mobs, and blocks to Minecraft 1.19 texture packs. You can read more about it in the linked article.

By the way, the 1.19.1 minor update includes new chat report categories and technical changes. All this doesnt affect the texture packs for 1.19.1. Still, its worth browsing our list because the pack creators have been releasing a lot of updates to older textures lately. Sometimes our resource pack list is updated several times a day. Thats quite often and the same goes for the Minecraft 1.19.1 shaders list.

Bloom Bright And Retro

TOP 21 Best Minecraft Texture Packs for 2021

Throw a splash of bright paint over your Minecraft worlds Bloom, Bright and Retro is an eye-catching resource pack that turns your textures up to 11, in a high-contrast, old-school Nintendo style. Theres also an add-on that will let you wield the Master Sword from Zelda, so you can go and save the realm like the hero you were born to be.

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How Much Are Minecraft Texture Packs

All of the texture packs on this list are free to use, but if you want to obtain are higher quality resolution for your favorite pack then you may have to pay for those certain resolutions. But remember, the higher the resolution, the more powerful computer you will need, so if your pc is fairly old or does not have powerful graphics cards, sticking with the free and low-resolution packs will be the best option.

The Best Minecraft Texture Packs You Can Get

There’s a lot of good texture packs on the storefront, but considering they’re pre-curated to some extent, below we’ve taken a different angle and gone through some of the best texture packs available online – all of which are still active with recent updates, and should be functional on newer iterations of Minecraft. If you want those blocks to pop, check out some prime selections below.

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The Best Resource Packs

The best pack is subjective to each of us but fortunately there are thousands to choose from, mix and match, download and try out! Everyone has different tastes and Minecraft allows artists to create every type of texture pack you can imagine. With over 40k texture packs published in the past 10 years, you are bound to find the right texture pack for you. Once you find the best Minecraft texture pack, favorite it and you’ll get notified when the author updates! It’s always exciting to see a notification that your favorite pack is ready for download!

New Default+ For Minecraft 1192

Luckys HDPhoto Realism 64X64 Minecraft Texture Pack

New Default+ for Minecraft 1.19.2 is a texture pack that takes standard textures as a basis and reworks them to make them look more attractive and comfortable for each user. The player has more options for working with textures. Thus, by renaming certain items, you will get new textures that look very beautiful and realistic.

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