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Which Is Better Minecraft Or Roblox

Similarities Between Minecraft And Roblox

MINECRAFT vs ROBLOX: Which Is Better In 2019? (Video Game Comparison)

Minecraft Roblox and Roblox both employ the concept of the sandbox to create their games. It is the case that players create and play with their imaginations to construct the world of the game, instead of playing against other players or trying to make it through the levels with the same number of points or items.

Theres no predetermined storyline for either game, but there are real-world events that players can be part of to earn valuable items or exchange experiences with others.

The two games are focused on creating exciting and unique experiences. Through an open-world system, players can explore virtually unrestricted.

Minecraft Vs Roblox: Which Game Is The Best Choice For Your Child

Published by KidzToPros on April 11, 2021

Its no secret that kids love to play video games. Minecraft and Roblox are the worlds most popular online games for kids. As parents, we tend to worry about the time our kids spend playing these games and the benefit they gain. The good news is there is mounting evidence that video games are good for kids and provide value well beyond entertainment.

Technology has advanced in recent years that has enabled the creation of online worlds and communities for kids to explore, design and share. In particular, a sector of games known as sandbox games help promote creativity and teach kids self-direction, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Instead of focusing on linear game play and the need to pass levels, sandbox games let players freely explore and create worlds.

Minecraft and Roblox are the worlds leading sandbox video games. As a parent, youll want to know which one is better for your child to play. While these games have a lot in common, they also have distinct differences that can help you decide. Here is a look at Roblox and Minecraft, including similarities and differences to help you decide which one is right for your child.

Minecraft Vs Roblox: Which Game Is Better

by TheDAE | Aug 12, 2021 | Gaming, Minecraft |

Gaming is the way to have fun with friends, communicate with others, and meet new people Here at the DAE, we not only provide quality STEAM education but also ways for kids to interact and game together. Kids gave insight on their favorite games, how they enjoy them, and the answer to the ultimate question: which is better, Minecraft or Roblox?

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Roblox Going Down Boosted Minecraft & Among Us Popularity

During a recent four-day Roblox server outage, player usage numbers dramatically rose in rival mobile games such as Minecraft and Among Us.

The game creation platform Roblox recently experienced a server outage, and the downtime led to a rise in gamers logging onto rival mobile titles Minecraft and Among Us. Developed by Roblox Corporation, the online gaming platform allows users to design their own video games and play the various games designed by other players. Roblox has dominated mobile gaming revenue since its launch on iOS back in 2012, and its wild popularity has allowed it to stay ahead of the competition.

Roblox is an entirely free-to-play title, with gamers able to craft their own gaming experiences and play other users’ games at no cost. However, the game does feature multiple microtransaction systems which allow Roblox Corporation, and developers to use the platform, to earn money. Users can create purchasable content in the form of either one-use game passes or ongoing developer products which can be purchased repeatedly. Players can also create and sell virtual cosmetic items, which other users can buy to customize their in-game avatar. Despite being a free-to-play title, Roblox stock rose 54% on its first day of entering the stock market back in March 2021, ironically giving the free game a massive worth of around $45 billion.

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So Which Is Better Minecraft Or Roblox

Minecraft vs. Roblox  Which One Is Better om 2020?  Tech ...

Lets start with the similarities. Both Minecraft and Roblox:

  • Are sandbox games where creativity rather than competition is the aim.
  • Are hugely popular games played by millions of kids throughout the world.
  • Encourage self-directed learning and peer-sharing of projects.
  • Have huge online communities which provide support and inspiration for kids for example, tutorials, YouTube videos, and wikis.
  • Allow players to create their own private servers to play with friends.

But where do they differ?

  • Lua is much easier than Java and can even be learnt by first graders. But Java is used in a wider range of professions.
  • Roblox has slicker and more impressive graphics, whereas Minecrafts pixelated blocks are more retro.
  • Minecraft is about creating a world and surviving in it, making it more of a solo endeavour. Roblox is all about the community and interactive multiplayer experiences.
  • Minecraft mods are all built around the master game, whereas Roblox allows users to play and create completely different game genres. But on the flip side, because all the Roblox games have been created by users, they can drastically vary in quality.
  • Roblox has a single version which works seamlessly across all platforms. In Minecraft, kids can only play together if they have the same edition, and modding can only be done via the Java Edition.
  • Purchasing Minecraft is a one-off fee, whereas Roblox is a monthly subscription which ends up being much more expensive.

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Minecraft: Quality Is Guaranteed

Quality is guaranteed every time you play this game, unlike when you play Roblox. This is because all of the games in Roblox are user-created, which means that you don’t really know how great a game will be until you play it yourself. Some people are better at creating games than others, which is why some prefer Minecraft because of its consistency.

Top 14 Best Roblox Minecraft Games

Roblox is a contemporary sandbox game that plays more like a video game. Its a compilation of Roblox-based games in a nutshell. Roblox isnt the game its just the framework that makes it possible for other games to function properly.

Users create a character and then choose a game in which to play that character. Roblox Studios gives creators a lot of flexibility and choices, which opens up a lot of possibilities. Coders love coming up with fresh ideas, and it seems that gamers do as well.

Programmers develop a broad variety of genres and new titles every day, but only a handful of them become well-known owing to their distinctive idea. Both gamers and creators are extremely tight in the Roblox community. Gamers are passionate supporters of new games, which benefits both the creators and the designers.

There are a vast variety of games in Roblox that fall into different categories. Players can play different games such as simulator games, tycoon games, or even car games on Roblox.

In this article, we will be drawing up a comparison between Minecraft and Roblox. So, stick to the end to find out more.

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How To Make Games For Roblox

Almost any individual can make games for Roblox. The process is quite simple. You just need to download the Roblox Studio software that will help you in creating the game you want.

Roblox boasts of over 2 million game creators designing games to be played by more than 100, 000 individuals simultaneously. Kids can build virtual rooms or simple games where they can easily hang out with their friends.

Nevertheless, experienced individuals can build more complex and bigger games. They can even make good money by taking a percentage of the in-game purchases by making use of Robux- the virtual currency used for playing on Roblox.

If reports are to be believed, people are doing good business through the games they are creating on Roblox. They not only make good money but even collaborate with various other individuals working on different projects.

The game development scope at Roblox is so very huge that people can even set up their agencies for making games for the platform. They can hire other testers, artists, and developers in partnership with the Roblox platform.

Minecraft And Roblox Comparison

Roblox Vs Minecraft – Which is better?

Personally, in my opinion minecraft is much better than Roblox. I shall now state evidence to this conclusion. I was first introduced to roblox when I was 9. A year later my cousin showed me the joys of Minecraft. I understood it much better and even learned to do better in school. Also, in Roblox you have to pay for every article of clothing your avatar is wearing. In Minecraft you can easily create a skin, showing off things Roblox probably won’t have Also, say you play singk

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Minecraft: More Suitable For Younger Ages

The ESRB has determined that Minecraft and Roblox are both rated for kids ages ten and up, but most parents will agree that Minecraft is more kid-friendly. The reason for this is that Minecraft tends to be played solo with minimal chat with other players. On the other hand, Roblox has a variety of games that can expose younger children to greater degrees of violence or even uncensored content.

Minecraft And Roblox Modding Scene

Roblox itself is just a platform where people code their games for others to play using a scripting language called Lua. Because of that, almost all the games on the platform can be called “mods”, in a sense. You can even make money by selling your game to other people in Roblox. However, not all the games on Roblox are free.

Minecraft, on the other hand, has a fairly ordinary modding scene. People have been making mods for Minecraft Java and Bedrock for ages… and all of them are free. Modders usually just get money from donations.

Overall, while Roblox mods are mostly free, Minecraft mods are better because they are completely free.

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No Competition In My Opinion

In Roblox, there are just so many more availabilities in terms of scripting and building. While Roblox has thousands of various games, if I remember correctly, Minecraft has about 3 different game modes. Also, I honestly don’t see the point of Minecraft. If you just stay in your house the whole day, you’ll be fine. In Roblox, there is actually a goal in 95% of the games. In Roblox, you can build what ever you want on Roblox Studio, while in Minecraft, you have to find pathetic materials to build anything, including a house, from which, if your house happens to be made of wood, you are a laughing stock and will be bullied. Yet, if your house is made out of diamond, people basically accept any command you give them, for you will be regarded as ‘wealthy’ in a virtual world. One particular better trait in Roblox, is the fact that you don’t have to fight for survival the second you leave a building/shelter/house.In conclusion, Roblox is better without a doubt.

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  • Differences Between Minecraft And Roblox

    Ten Reasons Why Minecraft is Better Than Roblox

    The biggest difference between Roblox and Minecraft is their structure. Minecraft is a self-contained game where players create the world by manipulating blocks while Roblox is a system that gives you access to other games. This makes Minecraft more predictable in terms of content. Everyone is playing with the same basic content while Roblox players have an entirely different experience from the start based on their choice of game.

    Where the mods come from is one of the major differences between Minecraft and Roblox. Minecraft is updated with mods made by the core development team. In Roblox, each game is developed by another player. Minecrafts mods are designed to adjust the experience that users are having while mods in Roblox change the experience entirely.

    Another important difference to remember is the cost of each game. Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time and you have to buy the game to play. It starts at $30 for the basic pack or you can get the advanced pack with more add-on features for $50. Roblox is free to start playing and anyone over the age limit can register on their own. However, Roblox and Minecraft both sell in-game extras and out-of-game merchandise as a means of generating money.

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    Minecraft Vs Roblox: Ease Of Use

    When it is about ease of using gaming interfaces, both are challenging. It is this aspect of the games that make them fun and exclusive. Minecraft does not come with any instructions. However, it offers a total of three difficulty levels.

    The players learn to enjoy gaming sessions by experimenting, exploring, and watching different videos available on YouTube. They can even read through the reviews of the other Minecraft fans.

    There are a couple of modalities offered by Roblox, and they are create and play. Playing the games designed by other individuals offers great variety. However, this can be frustrating at the time because every user can build the games.

    There are several instructions available for the kids looking to design their very own games. Along with instructions, they also get a community of supportive players and even Wikipedia.

    Both Roblox and Minecraft have a large number of followers on the internet. Therefore, it is quite likely for the players to find huge information on the games in the form of YouTube videos, wikis, and Reddit forums.

    Both games have one common problem, and that is violence. Roblox users tend to load games that are more about disasters, explosions, and shooting styles. While the games on Minecraft are hand-to-hand fighting-style games signified in caricature.

    Roblox: Game Creation Is Easier

    If you are interested in learning how to code games, then Roblox is the way to go. They use a scripting program called Lua, compared to Minecraft who utilizes a modified JavaScript. It is much easier to learn in Lua and kids of all ages are creating games because of its simplicity and ease of understanding.

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    Cost Comparison Between Roblox And Minecraft


    Minecraft is a paid gaming platform and it charges its users for using or playing on its application. The cost of this platform is $26.95. it is a one-time payment which means that you will not have to pay further for using this application.


    Roblox is a free gaming platform that lets its users or players start gaming on its platform free of cost. You are not charged for the basic version of the game. Even the creation version of the game does not require any charges and can be done absolutely free. But if any user wants to start monetizing their content like creating or selling items then they will require the premium membership. The charge of this membership ranges between $4.99 $19.99.

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    Comparison Table Between Minecraft And Roblox

    Minecraft VS Roblox | Which Is Better?
    Parameters of Comparison Roblox
    Game Modes Minecraft has four game modes available for its players: 1) Peaceful 2) Easy 3) Normal, and 4) Hard. Roblox comes with two gaming modes: 1) Playing and 2) Creating.
    Plot Minecraft has a simple starting plot, and later the player can do as they wish without any specific instructions. Roblox does not have any specific plot. Players can start creating games and start playing their favourite games.
    Interaction Solo members play Minecraft. Members have to play their own survival game. Roblox is a multiplayer game and a social game that can be played with many social interaction players.
    Gameplay Minecraft offers players to create their world with the materials that are provided from scratch. Roblox lets players create and design their own game on the social gaming platform.
    Programming Language Minecraft is written in the script of Minecraft-adapted Java language. Roblox is carefully crafted and scripted in the language of Lua, which is used for designing games.

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    With Roblox You Can Build With More Detail

    Minecraft is ugly and blocky. You need a fast computer to get enough fps for the game to be both pretty and not laggy. If you haven’t played Roblox recently, you should. They have improved their graphics with dynamic lighting and shadows. And the game isn’t limited to just huge square blocks. There are beautiful builds that can’t be built on Minecraft due to the detail in them. And besides, building things bigger isn’t a good compromise. I mean, building something such as an oven as huge as a mountain just for detail is stupid. When you can go on Roblox and build it life-size to your character with the same amount of detail. Plus, it is much faster!As a closing statement, I really suggest you play Roblox if you haven’t checked it out since 2010 or before. If you’re imagining the graphics like that, phht, yeah, minecraft’s graphics would be better. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

    Wow This Is Still Happening

    Again, here’s my opinion on this. ROBLOX has no limits what so ever. If you can script if you think about it you can do anything in that game. ROBLOX updates way more than minecraft and is more out and about.Yes, ROBLOX does have hackers,but as I said before every game can be hacked. Minecraft so popular because of it’s youtube fame and its on Systems like PS3 and XBOX, but think about it. What do you do when you find everything and kill the Enderdragon, it gets boring eventually. ROBLOX has new games coming out almost every week to do. It also has more of a community than minecraft. When I first got Minecraft I was like, how do i do any of this? I think it takes FOREVER to learn every single crafting item in that game because there’s so much. I only know about a third of things to make in that game. I think this should have ended a while ago. This is like comparing Mario to Halo. The only thing they have in common are there fame on the internet. And it is true that Minecraft is a little bit laggy. But im not saying its a bad game at all, i’m just mad that every single person here is complaining about BC and NBC. You guys should focus on gameplay and not money.

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