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What To Do In Minecraft When Bored

Join A Minecraft Multiplayer Server

What to do when you’re Bored of Minecraft

With many Minecraft servers available with a wide variety of games and playstyles, boredom gets crunched.

Many Minecraft servers offer mini-games. These are short and fun games that a player can join on their own or with friends. Considering that there are many of them and they don’t last long, it creates an atmosphere of high energy, which is great for relieving malaise.

The best mini-games servers are Hypixel , the Hive , and OWNAGE . Multiplayer servers have much more to offer, such as creative plots, skyblock, parkour, and much more.

Turn The Graphics Black

Lots of classic video games have fun unlock-able Easter eggs that allow players to mess with the visuals , and Minecraft is no exception. Players can access one of 25 different graphics shaders by pressing a button in the Options menu marked: Super Secret Settings…

Pressing it will randomly apply one of the graphics shaders, and while some tweak the graphics so subtly its almost unnoticeable, others are delightfully weird. One turns everything black and white and reminiscent of a pencil drawing, while another completely inverts the screen so all the action takes place upside-down.

Sadly, as of the Minecraft version 1.9, the feature has been disabled, but players still running earlier builds can access the graphical wackiness.

A Fun List Of Things To Do In Minecraft When You Are Bored

Minecraft is a world-renowned sandbox videogame created by the Sweden-based Mojang Studios. The game started as one of the studios side projects but quickly flourished into a multi-million-dollar franchise that includes books and toys besides the game. For players who have already spent numerous hours on the game, there is always a desire to discover fun things to do in the game when bored. What are some fun things to do in Minecraft?

A player can use a wide range of materials to create intricate, astounding worlds, gadgets, and structures in the game. The game has two modes, Creative and Survival. While in Survival mode, players seek to create defences against monsters and ghouls. In the Creative mode, the player can create anything their mind perceives.

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Design A Fireworks Show

Design your very own Minecraft fireworks show! There are many types of fireworks to choose fromcheck out a fireworks crafting guide for help. Add some extra spice to your fireworks show by:

    Using redstone: Fireworks can be shot out of dispensers. Use redstone to create intricate, timed fireworks shows.
    Adding music: Add some music to your show with a jukebox or some note blocks. Put in music that is related to different countries, for example,. If you are using red and yellow, thats like the China Flag. You can even look up Chinese music to go with it. If you are using blue and white, thats like Greecelook up Greek music!
    Setting the scene: Pick your location and time of day for the best show. Typing /time set dusk sets the time to dusk. You can use /time set to get night, day, or dawn as well.

Fun Things To Do In Minecraft Survival

Top 10 things to do when youre bored in Minecraft

In Survival mode, a player battles mobs and ghouls, builds structures, collects resources and explores the world with the sole purpose of thriving and surviving. Here are five fun Minecraft survival ideas.

Make a farm

While farming is not a requirement in Minecraft, it is quite helpful to have resources in the form of crops. In the game, one can farm a wide range of crops. These include pumpkins, melons, and wheat. To create a farm, you will need to identify an adequately lit area with grass or dirt.

When making a farm in a dark area, start by crafting some torches. You will then need to create a gardening hoe and till your farmland. This is then followed by the planting of seeds and irrigation using a nearby water source. You can water plants by right-clicking while holding a bucketful of water.

You can then fence your farm to prevent animals from destroying your crops.

Trap players and mobs with soul sand and ice

Traps are quite common in Minecraft and are widely employed to kill mobs and other players. While in Survival Mode, a player can work with others to fight mobs, explore, build, and survive.

There are numerous traps in Minecraft, including explosive traps, water traps, pitfall traps, capture traps, and lava traps. The different traps vary in complexity and material requirements. Some, such as the ice traps, are quite easy to create.

Create a pyramid

Put collars on your tamed dogs

Cure zombie villagers

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Cool Things To Build When Your Bored In Minecraft 50 Things To Do In Minecraft When Your Bored

Minecraft: 10 Things To Do If You’re Bored If youve been playing a lot of Minecraft and youre getting a bit bored, try out these things!

Now that Minecrafts developer Mojang is a subsidiary of Microsoft, it opens up new avenues for a sequel. Although the thought has been entertained, it appears as if Microsoft has no plans to make the game into a series. Instead, spin-off games like Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft Dungeons have carried on the Redstone torch.

ang xem: Things to build when your bored in minecraft

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Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time. Outside of mining and building are perilous places like the Nether world and the End. In Survival, players must forage to survive an onslaught of mobs and starvation. How many hours of Minecraft have you logged? Here are some things to do when youre bored and eager for new Minecraft experiences.

Trap Players With Ice And Soul Sand

In Survival Multiplayer, Minecraft users have the option of working together to survive, build, explore, and create, or fight each other using endlessly more inventive deathtraps and weapons to kill each other before plundering.

While there are more complicated traps that one can construct and automate with redstone, pistons, etc., one of the simplest ways to make an enemy slow and vulnerable involves using ice and soul sand. Ice is fairly easy to find , but soul sand can only be find in the spooky alternate realm known as The Nether. Players must construct portals to reach it, and one of the many materials inside is soul sand.

Players normally slow down when they walk over soul sand, but a lot of players dont know that burying a block of ice underneath a block of soul sand multiplies the effect, reducing the speed of a sprinting player to a snail-like creep.

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Things To Do In Minecraft When Bored

Minecraft is a fantastic game with seamless possibilities. There are literally countless things you can do in the game as it gives you the ability to organize your gameplay. You can build, you can battle, and gather as many resources as you can. But, there are also many unique and less popular things that you can do in the game. Well tell you about them here.

In this post, I will tell you about the 60 unique things to do in Minecraft. If you are a regular Minecraft player, youd love this post as youll have plenty of amazing things for the game when you are bored with the usual things.


Enterable Covered Ground Bed

41 More Minecraft Things to Do When Bored at Home

This design is similar to the Covered Ground Bed, except that you can enter it and there is a layer of protection.

Dig a hole in the ground of the bed, like the Covered Ground Bed. Then, place the bed down. Next, place two dirt on top of the blocks next to the base of the bed. Fourthly, place a block of dirt directly on top of the pillow side of the bed. After that, you can place a slab 2 blocks above the base of the bed. Remove the dirt in front of the base of the bed and place a slab. You can now walk into your shelter for the night, and place a trapdoor on the block in front of the base of the bed above the cobblestone slab for protection. Close it so no mobs can get in. However, you have to destroy this trapdoor to get out. The section above the trapdoor when closed can be used for archery, or can be replaced with another trapdoor. If you have a torch, you can place it above the base of the bed on any of the dirt blocks.

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Defeat The Ender Dragon

Defeating the Ender Dragon seems to be the main event in Minecraft.

Almost all the players would want to defeat the largest mob in the game and reach the credit screen.

In reality, only a portion of Minecraft players has reached the Ender Dragon and defeated him in all its glory.

The preparation for fighting the Ender Dragon is already tedious.

If you want to pass the time, this is the ultimate quest you can partake.

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Things To Build In Minecraft When Youre Bored

Build a three story house and a pool for your house Make farms for all types of animals Make a dock and a lighthouse Make an island far, far away. Ok, not that far. You dont want to get lost Make a huge bridge for your new island Build a roller coaster Build an automatic cake factory Build an underground base Build a city or a sky city

Build a mansion or a castle Build a famous landmark Build a subway system Build a school Design and build a rocket Create a huge bridge and connect two hills together Build a temple, a fortress, a maze or an airport Try to build the Great Wall of China Build a museum or gallery Make a doghouse

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Download And Play Through A Map

Adventure maps are an interesting way to play through a story or quest. An easy-going, simple adventure map is Archer Hero. This is a tale that isn’t too time-consuming. Throughout the game, something new is added to the storyline, keeping it fresh.

Many adventure maps are like this. Short stories pack a lot of punch and others that are longer with a rich plot. Either way, they are excellent for squashing languor.

Fluffy dogs frizzy dogs cuddly dogs grumpy dogs: no matter your shape or size, youll be doing plenty of tail-wagging at Dogtopias delightful canine carnival!Grab the free map, and explore this magical island yourself:

Try Out New Items And Features Added

Download What to do when you

One notable thing to do in Minecraft after a recent update is to play around with any new additions that have been released. Newly-added content can range from entire new biomes like The End to various new items and features. This already huge game continues to grow and expand, so it’s always a good idea to delve back in and explore the new happenings, especially after some time off.

The recent 1.17 update alone includes a slew of new items including a land-scanning Spyglass, Glowing Sign, Glow Berries, and Tinted Glass.

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Huge Mushroom Shelter Or Pss

There is another instant shelter that is easy to make all you need is 1 red mushroom, some bonemeal, 1 block of ground, 12 blocks of choice, a torch or two, and 1 bed.

First plant your red mushroom on a dirt block, then use your bonemeal on that mushroom. Remove the central stalk to make it easier to maneuver. Fill the area between the edges of the mushroom and the ground with your blocks of choice, place a torch or two, place your bed, and you’ve finished your makeshift base. Some people like to think of it as a tent. It also has the plus side of producing even more mushrooms to make food. As of Java Edition 1.2.4, you need to plant the mushroom on Mycelium to build the shelter unless the mushroom can’t see the sun.

If you dig a 1-block hole in the ground to plant the mushroom in, it will usually grow its walls all the way to the ground.

Brown mushrooms can also be used as a safe place to snipe mobs from with the bow and arrows.

What Not To Do

Shoot yourself– This could result in loss of arrows and/or hardcore world.

Try to make an obsidian cauldron– Put lava in a cauldron and try to pour water into the cauldron. SPOILER ALERT: it doesn’t work

Play other games– Sure, you can go do something active, but don’t play any video games other than Minecraft!

This article’s lead section is missing or may not adequately summarize its contents.

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Build A Roller Coaster

Minecraft’s titular feature of mining extends to mine carts. Despite being a basic thing to do in the game, players often overlook it. Add in a dose of imagination, and those minecarts and rails can be transformed into a roller coaster fun ride.

Think of it as a monorail except with Redstone tracks and ups and downs at incredible speeds. Roller coasters in Minecraft can be custom-themed and colored to provide a thrilling experience like none other.

Become Invisible To Endermen

41 Minecraft Things to Do When Bored at Home

Endermen are the mysterious, gangly mobs that roam the world of Minecraft, occasionally picking up and moving around blocks for a purpose known only to them. They are completely peaceful unless the player attacks them, or looks directly into their eyes, at which point they turn into shrieking, charcoal terminators that relentlessly pursue the player.

Luckily, theres a handy trick that players can use to avoid the danger of accidentally making eye contact with the purple-eyed demons– all they have to do is equip a pumpkin as their head armor on the inventory screen.

The players viewpoint will be severely restricted since theyre looking out the eyeholes of a jack-o-lantern, but they can stare at Endermen all they want without fear.

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Design Your Own Village

A perfect thing to do when you get bored is to start designing and building your own personal village, you could find a default village and make it your own or you could start from scratch and build up a whole city.

Along with building these custom villages, you can fill up your personal village with trading villagers for enchants and certain items.

Cool Things To Build In Minecraft

  • Create a volcanic wasteland by using obsidian, black stained clay, lava blocks, and lava formations.
  • Build a lush green forest using custom trees to make it look like the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Add large skeletons of huge beasts into the desert biome.
  • Make some fireworks and have a firework display whenever you complete something.
  • Design and make custom banners and nameplates for all the houses in your village.
  • Build a dark and haunting mob arena.
  • Craft a whale or a giant squid floating in an ocean.
  • Dug up tunnels below the river.
  • Build two pirate ships and make it look like they are having a war.
  • Build compact statues around the fortress base.
  • Build a race track for your farm animals like horses or pigs.
  • Build a sky base.
  • Craft a massive chest room.
  • Build a huge library having many shelves, a librarian, tables, chairs, and an area dedicated to reading.
  • Make a horse stable with many horses and a care-taker.
  • Use creative lighting in your base and remove all the torches.
  • Occupy a desert pyramid.
  • Build your own McDonalds store in the game.
  • Build an ancient temple filled with traps and treasures all around amidst the jungle.
  • Turn a village into a military compound having jets, anti-air cannons, boats, and other war-machines.

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Try Out Creative Mode

Those who have been handling Survival mode for some time should really be a natural in Creative mode. One can avoid being bogged down in Survival by making things easier in this creative sandbox a mode that lets players create and destroy objects instantly and simply.

With the entire item selection within arm’s reach, players can build whatever their minds can conjure absent the looming threat of enemy mobs. This ease and open-ended features allow players to really flex their creative muscles and go to town on building creation.

Best Things To Do In Minecraft When Bored

5 Things to do if you are bored in Minecraft

Minecraft can be a lifesaver on a slow day with nothing to do. This game is perfect to beat boredom.

Usually, gamers can work on a sophisticated build with the power of unlimited blocks in creative mode. They could tackle the challenge of hardcore mode with the knowledge they lose that world forever if they die.

Sometimes, these options won’t help on an ultra-sluggish day. Other factors must come into play to peak players’ interests. Hosting LAN servers, experimenting with seeds, and setting little goals can satiate the hunger for fun.

The following list contains the best choices to crush ennui.

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Put Collars On Dogs Youve Tamed

If you have a dog, most players dont realize that you can also change the color of the collar on them. All a player has to do is equip one of the 16 possible dyes in the game and use it on your canine companion, and you can personalize your hounds collar to your liking.

Its a completely useless trick, but it is completely adorable. It’s so subtle that its no wonder most players havent heard of it.

Can you think of any other survival secrets from Minecraft that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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