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The Mine Minecraft Lego Set

Discontinued Lego Minecraft Sets

LEGO MINECRAFT – Set 21118 THE MINE – Unboxing, Review, Time-Lapse Build

Like any ongoing legacy of Lego collections and editions, Lego Minecraft has also seen its share of discontinued sets.

So, the question is: which sets have been retired, and can they still be bought?

In short, yes.

However, I advise you to cross-check between the online Lego Store and Amazon to figure out which are still available for purchase.

Per the online Lego Store, a total of 48 Minecraft sets have been retired they currently sell the 28 listed above.

However, although youll have access to a complete list of retired Minecraft Lego sets on the site, you wont be able to purchase any through the brands online store.

Thats where Amazon comes in.

If you go into the , youll find that many sets are still available. But expect to see a spike in price every now and then! Also, availability may vary according to your location.

That said, I advise using the Lego Stores retired sets catalog as a reference to purchase items on Amazon. BrickLink also has a complete reference catalog where you can see each Minecraft Lego sets status.

Here are a few of our favorites you can find on Amazon:

Lego Minecraft The Creeper Mine Building Set

View on WalmartWhy we like it:

Featuring a mine with working rail track, minecart and 3 explosion functions, a shelter with a large Creeper statue, 2 Creeper banners, ladders and bed the Lego Minecraft The Creeper Mine Building Set is a complex build ideal for children to develop their fine motor and construction skills as well as following in-depth instructions.

The set has plenty of interactive, working features such as a treasure drop function, blasting bedrock out of the way of the track and a functional Creeper statue. The set includes 3 mini-figures: Steve, a new-for-August-2019 Minecraft Blacksmith and a Husk, plus Creeper, cow and bat figures.

  • Younger children may need help with instructions and construction

Ravensburger Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

View on WalmartWhy we like it:

A board game based on the Minecraft computer game is a great way to capture the interest of Minecraft fans and have them engage in a physical, real-world activity. Developed in collaboration with Minecrafts developers, Mojang, the Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game is designed to bring 2-4 players together for a 30-60 minute in-person experience.

The game comes with 64 wooden blocks, 64 building and monster cards, 35 weapon tokens, 4 player boards, 4 experience counters, 4 character skins, 4 game piece bases, 12 overview cards, a block base, a support structure and easy to understand instructions so you can get started right away! With a new adventure every time this game is both exciting and easy to learn.

  • Developed in collaboration with Minecraft developers
  • 30-60 minute game

Why we like it:

Lego is a fantastic toy for children of different ages, and with kits available to suit teens and even adults, there is a whole range of different options available. The Lego Minecraft The First Adventure Nether Playset is based on the popular Minecraft computer game but offers all the benefits of Lego. Children can develop their construction skills, fine motor skills and spatial awareness as well as the ability to follow instructions carefully, all whilst making a 3-level structure based on their favorite computer game.

  • Not suitable for younger children

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Minecraft Toys For Children Who Loves Square Pixels

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Posted on by Molly Barlett

Minecraft is described as a multiplatform sandbox adventure game, which simply means that in the game players explore the world and customize it to create nearly anything they can imagine. The game is relatively simple to pick up and play which explains why it has increased in popularity amongst younger children. However, the game can still be complicated when it comes to building more complex items and structures, and its open-ended nature has proven incredibly popular amongst older children and teens too.

Although Minecraft is a standalone game, its popularity has led to a variety of licensed toys, products and downloadable content, becoming available to cash in on the success of the original game. If youre looking to buy a gift for a child or teen whos really into Minecraft it can be difficult to understand all of the different options and whilst digital products and downloads are readily available sometimes its nicer to give a physical gift. With this in mind, weve put together this guide to some of the best physical Minecraft toys and presents, suitable for all different types of children and budgets.

Minecraft Backpack Set 4 Pieces

LEGO Minecraft The Mine Set 21118

Why we like it:

All too often children are drowning in toys which is why it can be a good idea to buy them a gift that has plenty of practical use too. The Minecraft Backpack Four Piece Set included a backpack, a lunch bag, a water bottle and a pencil case so its ideal for children who are at, or just about to start, school.

Made from 100% Polyester, the bag includes a zippered main compartment, front pocket, and an awesome all-over print of the Creeper character from the Minecraft game. These items are all officially licensed Minecraft merchandise, so quality is guaranteed.

  • Large backpack may be unsuitable for younger children

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Lego Minecraft The Mountain Cave Review

One new set that we havent talked about yet is the enormous #21137 LEGO Minecraft Mountain Cave. With 2,863 pieces, this is the largest LEGO Minecraft set released to date, and because the set is built of mostly standard LEGO bricks, it is also one of the largest sets as far as overall size. So lets talk about this beast!

And of course, for LEGO Minecraft fans The Mountain Cave is meant to be the crown jewel of their layout, and the ultimate set in their collection. Keep in mind that the set is huge, measuring over 12 high, 20 wide and 11 deep, so you will need a lot of space to display it. It practically needs its own table! Speaking of Minecraft fans who are always looking for more characters, the set includes Steve and Alex, plus a cave spider, wolf, baby wolf, slime, 2 small slimes, 2 bats, zombie, enderman, skeleton, sheep and a charged Creeper. The charged Creeper is definitely the best, but I also like the big slime with the small slimes inside lots of fun.

Just like all other LEGO Minecraft sets, the layout of the Mountain Cave is modular. This means that chunks of the set are built as a unit, and they can be swapped around to quickly and easily create a different layout without taking apart the whole model. The back of the instruction manual includes a couple of alternate layouts as inspiration, and of course, you can make your own as well.

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Legos Minecraft 27.12.2014 13:12, Legos 15 19 , 20.8.2022 04:33, .

< LEGOMinecraft. Skip to products. LEGOMinecraft Clear Apply Brand Minecraft Refine by Brand: Minecraft Category Building Sets & Blocks Refine by Category: Building Sets & Blocks Age 5-7 Years Refine by Age: 5-7 Years 8-11 Years Refine by Age: 8-11 Years Price under $10 .

LEGO®Minecraft Filtrovat hraky Seadit Doporuujeme Od nejlevnjího Od nejdraího Dle názvu. 1 2 3 2 x LEGO®Minecraft® 21185 Podzemní hrad Skladem Ihned: 19 poboek. 899 K.. LEGO Minecraft The Training Ground Ninja Toy & Figures 21183. Rating 4.900025 out of 5 £55.00. Add to trolley. Add to wishlist. Add to wishlist. LEGO Minecraft The Crafting Box 3.0.

Lego and Minecraft go together like spaghetti and meatballs, and this Steve BigFig is one of the best sets you can buy. It’s also an easy build with only 159 pieces.

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Lego Lego is a line of plastic construction toys that are manufactured by The Lego Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. As of 2021, Lego was the largest toy company in the world. .

Minecraft horse stable lego. Universal Minecraft Editor is a free tool that allows you to create and edit worlds in Minecraft. You can load or save worlds directly from your USB drive or Android device, edit all the data stored in your world quickly and easily, work on multiple worlds at the same time – even across platforms, speed up modding.

This is a review of LEGO Minecraft set 21171 The Horse Stable! This is an all-new set releasing in Summer 2021, and is one of the best LEGO Minecraft sets ev. LEGO Minecraft is a licensed.

This Ruined Portal Minecraft LEGO set contains 316 pieces Measures over 13 cm H, 21 cm W and 15 cm deep Minecraft LEGO sets make a mind-blowing gifts for kids Product Description LEGO Minecraft The Ruined Portal building toy set features a portal with hand controls to activate and deactivate the perilous, interdimensional gateway.

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Bring Minecraft, the hugely popular online kids game, to life in the real world with hands-on LEGO Minecraft The Coral Reef . With endlessly reconfigurable LEGO bricks, the creative-building fun never stops.Authentic Minecraft action in an underwater adventureKids join Minecrafts popular daredevil, Alex, as she dives beneath the Minecraft ocean to search for.

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LEGO Minecraft: The Mine reviewed! set 21118

homebridge on wsl

View, comment, download and edit Lego Ninjago Minecraft skins.

A big Minecraft fan has created a LEGO -inspired texture pack for the game. This isn’t the first time the popular sandbox game has seen a crossover with LEGO , with the toy company releasing more than a few Minecraft sets in the past, including the humongous LEGOMinecraft Mountain Cave set with almost 3,000 pieces.

Mojang ©2009-2022. “Minecraft” is a trademark of Mojang Synergies AB. View Mojang Terms and Conditions View Mojang Brand and Assets Guidelines Manage Consent.

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History Of Lego Minecraft

Before getting into Lego Minecraft sets and what theyre all about, lets have a look into the backstory of how Lego and Minecraft got hitched.

In December 2011, Swedish game developer studio Mojang submitted an idea for potential collaboration with Lego through the companys then-called Lego Cuusoo program .

The program was set up to invite users to pitch and vote for business ideas they considered promising, which in this case required at least 10,000 signatures for project approval.

Within two days, Minecrafts passionate community met the mark with an overflow of signatures, and in 2012, Lego Minecraft released its very first Micro World set.

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In 2013, Lego announced the release of two more Micro World sets, the Nether and Village themes at Comicon, and months later, the final and fourth set of the series, The End.

That same year, Minecraft used their video game convention MineCon to announce that the Lego Group would be developing a complete series of Minifigures based on the video games characters as a result of a Co-Build Project.

The projects aim was to create Lego sets in a Minifigure scale with the input and feedback of Minecraft and Legos fanbase and community, eventually leading to the creation of classics such as the Creeper, sheep, and mine carts.

In 2014, the first set of six Minifigure-scale sets was released, and four more were unveiled and released a year later.

Minecraft Dungeons 20 Die

View on WalmartWhy we like it:

Minecraft fans will love these die-cast metal figures. Each figure is just under 2 inches tall and is based on characters from the world of Minecraft in an all-new dungeons theme. There are 100s of these figures to collect and this pack of 20 is the ideal way to get started.

As well as being ideal for collecting, these figures also make brilliant room décor and can be used for imaginative role-play. Playing imaginatively with small figures has plenty of developmental benefits well into the teen years, as it allows children to safely experiment with and act out a range of different social situations and explore the potential emotions and consequences involved, building social skills and emotional intelligence.

  • Small figures may be a choking hazard to younger siblings

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What Are Lego Minecraft Sets

Essentially, Lego Minecraft is the collaboration between Lego and the uber-popular videogame Minecraft.

Together, they have developed a unique experience for both Lego and Minecraft fans passionate about recreating the video games iconic scenes and narratives, brick by brick.

Currently, the online Lego Store features 28 available sets, with 48 of its products being retired .

Get inspired:LEGO artist Jeff Sanders bends bricks into mind-blowing geometric shapes

So who are Lego Minecraft sets for?

While primarily targeted at young children, the truth is that Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon that appeals to just about any generation thus, its evergrowing success. Yes, much like Lego.

Here are a few aspects that describe these sets and what to expect:

  • Everything from compact sets of ~70 pieces to more elaborate brick-building projects comprising roughly 1000 pieces
  • Targeted for children as young as 7-9 years old and up
  • Sets are inspired by original Minecraft scenes, settings, narratives, and characters
  • Sets can be built individually or added and connected to others
  • Each set inspires rebuilding scenes or replaying battles from the popular video game
  • Lots of dynamic features like explosions or collapsing buildings
  • Reconfiguration of sets, playing with versatility, and creativity is at the forefront of this experience an excellent educational and skill-building activity for children.

Customer Questions & Answers

LEGO Minecraft The Abandoned Mine 21166 Zombie Cave Playset with Action ...

4.4 out of 5 stars

Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we donât use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness.

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Minecraft Grass Block Storage Tote Storage Cube

View on WalmartWhy we like it:

Along with a whole bunch of Minecraft toys comes the need for a whole bunch of storage, thats where the Minecraft Grass Block Storage Tote Storage Cube comes in! Based on a grass block from the popular computer game its ideal for any Minecraft fans bedroom, playroom or gaming setup.

Perfect for fans of all ages, this 15-inch cube looks great on display and adds to the overall décor of a space as well as holding a surprising amount of Stuff. With handles that make it easy to carry and relocate, its easy to move this storage tote from one area to another making it a great catch-all too. Conveniently, this bin also stores flat when not in use.

Why we like it:

This officially licensed Minecraft product makes an ideal practical gift and addition to any Minecraft fans collection. Based on the famous Minecraft Pig character this fun collectible piggy bank is a safe place for kids to store their cash.

As well as being a great practical item, the Minecraft Pig is iconic and this piggy bank will look great on display and its eco-friendly too! This item is made with BDP, an organic additive that makes it home compostable, naturally decomposable in landfills, and recyclable, so its good for the environment as well as your home décor!

Why we like it:Why we like it:

  • Other figures only sold separately

Best Lego Minecraft Sets

Release date: 2022Age: 8+

Appropriate for ages 8 years and up, this super popular 499-piece Ice Castle playset contains enough items to reenact a thrilling attack around and within a castle, with the help of a Royal Warrior, yeti, and four hostile mob members: two skeletons and two zombies.

This set also features a world of perfectly designed accessories that make it extra special a diamond sword and banner shield, a crossbow, an ax, crafting table, stonecutter, anvil, cauldron, and more!

This versatile playset can be rearranged and reconfigured in different ways and measures over 6 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep, once completed.

Age: 8+

The Skeleton Dungeon Lego Minecraft edition is a highly detailed set filled with creative potential.

Despite containing under 400 pieces, this pack offers an exciting range of building possibilities. Besides a cave explorer and three skeletons, youll have enough parts to create three distinct biomes: a cave with a rock-fall function, another surrounded by vegetation, and a spooky dungeon!

This makes an excellent gift for any Minecraft lover who enjoys using imagination to reconfigure different Lego set-ups. The final product will measure over 5.5 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep.

Release date: 2021Age: 8+

The Warped Forest Lego set invites players 8 years and older to enjoy realistic Minecraft landscapes and lots of action.

Release date: 2021Age: 7+

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Minecraft Toys And Gifts

  • Piece Count: High to Low New
  • Average rating4out of 5 starsPrice$44.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.6out of 5 starsPrice$129.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$119.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$99.99
  • Average rating3.6out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$79.99
  • Average rating4.1out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating4.7out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$39.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$24.99


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