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What Is The Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

Minecraft What Heart Of The Sea Does

How To Use The Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft!

You might wonder what exactly the “Heart of the Sea” does in Minecraft and it’s rather simple. It is used to craft Conduits. These are blocks that when activated, give nearby players the Conduit Power status effect and it attacks hostile mobs. To activate this power a conduit needs to be in the center of a 3x3x3 area of water. The effective range of these conduits is sixteen blocks for every seven blocks in the frame. Going back to the Heart of the Sea, this special item is found as a singular entity. It is often located within buried treasure, being a rather rare item to come by. It is also rather neat, and one of wonder since you might not know exactly what to do with it in the game. It should also be noted that this description for it covers the Bedrock editions of Minecraft.Uses and Other Details: This special item is rare and used for conduits. To craft a conduit you’ll need to have one Heart of the Sea with eight Nautilus Shells surrounding it. These shells are a treasure item obtained through fishing or rarely be eliminating the Drowned enemies. Once you have both items, craft them to create the powerful conduit item. Hopefully you found this helpful, you can read about Pandas below or check out our hub for further coverage.

What Is Heart Of The Sea

Heart of the Sea is an item added in the aquatic update, it is extremely rare to find and it looks like a blue orb when held in hand. It has mysterious powers which grant players special abilities when in water.

It cant be placed and it only can be used in one crafting recipe that being the conduit. The conduit can be an important piece of item for those who want to build an underwater base. Underwater, bases became much easier to navigate with the conduit.

What To Do With The Heart

After existing for several months with no practical use, the Heart of the Sea was made part;of a crafting recipe in;the second part of the Update Aquatic. Using one of these rare treasures along with eight Nautilus Shells, players are able to craft a Conduit. This powerful item can then be used to provide constant underwater buffs to players, drastically increasing their ability to explore the games oceans.

Conduits act similarly to Minecrafts Beacon blocks, which provide buffs such as increased speed or melee damage to all nearby players. The Conduit Power effect grants;a number of buffs tailor-made;for exploring and mining underwater. These include granting;players unlimited breath so that they cant drown, underwater night vision and increased mining speed while underwater. The Conduit will also damage all nearby enemy mobs, which provides a true safe haven while underwater, and even emits a fair bit of light.

Gathering the eight Nautilus Shells needed to craft a Conduit isn’t too difficult. These shells are fairly common, able to be acquired as a treasure item while fishing or by killing a Drowned enemy who is carrying one. By placing eight Nautilus Shells around the perimeter of the menu in a Crafting Bench, and the Heart of the Sea in the middle, you’ll craft a Conduit.

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Top 3 Uses For The Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

The Heart of the Sea is one of the rarest treasure items in Minecraft. Heart of the sea was added to the game in the Aquatic update.

Before the 1.13 aquatic update, oceans and seas were not very exciting. In this update, Mojang added new oceanic biomes, mobs, and revamped the oceans in Minecraft. The Heart of the Sea is a non-craftable item and has to be found by players.

Players can find at least one heart of the sea in buried treasure chests. Maps of these treasures are found inside chests in shipwrecks and ocean ruins. Players must take the help of a dolphin to locate nearby shipwrecks.

After finding the map, players should go to the location marked with X and dig below the X area to find the buried treasure chest.

How To Find Heart Of The Sea

How To Get The Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

In Minecraft, you cannot craft theheart of the sea but rather you will need to find and collect it. In survival mode, you will need to find a shipwreck in the river, ocean and beach biomes.;

When you find a shipwreck, you are in luck since it can contain up to 3 chests. They are Treasure chest, Map Chest and Supply chest. In the shipwreck, focus on the Map chest since it is the one that contains the buried Treasure.

When you get the Map chest, Open it and get the Treasure Map to your inventory. Use the Buried Treasure Map to locate the Buried treasure.;

It will show you where you are facing in relation to location of the buried treasure. As you approach it, the map gets detailed.

When you arrive at the Buried Treasure Location, start digging until you locate it. Depending on your luck, it can take you a short or long time to locate it.;

After finding the Buried Chest, open it to retrieve the Heart of the Sea. Now you can move it to your inventory.

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Heart Of The Sea Minecraft

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Minecraft has come a long way in the past couple of years and is continuing to get updated every now and then to always keep players on the tip of their toes. The games land and oceans are filled with vital things to help make a players lifestyle in the game extravagant. One such item hidden away in the depth of Minecraft oceans is Minecraft Heart of the Sea. This rare item is bound to be of great use. But getting your hands on it is not an easy task and will require both time and effort.

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  • Final Verdict-
  • How Does The Crafting Of A Conduit Take Place In Minecraft

    Conduit is a beacon-like block that is useful and will keep player safety ensured from mobs that are underwater and have a powerful status effect. The powerful effect of the conduit will be granted to the players that are in contact with the rain or water and are located in the range of the conduit. The effect also has a positive effect on mining speed underwater, oxygen restoration, night vision underwater to players. For crafting this conduit, the player needs a combination of a Heart of the Sea and eight nautilus shells at the table. The shells, on the other hand, can be attained from fishing a treasured item. The shells can also be purchased from trade wandering worth five emeralds per shell.


    For activation of this conduit, its placement should be done at the center of a 3x3x3 radius of water and it should also be properly framed. The source blocks can be water, flowing, or waterlogged. For farming only dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, prismarine, and sea lantern blocks can be only used for activation. Almost 16 blocks are at least needed for the production of conduit power effect for the minimum projection range, which is almost 32 blocks. For additional seven blocks that are added to the frame the radius of the conduit is extended to almost 16 blocks. 96 blocks are the max range of a conduit and will be a 42 block frame.

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    Building The Conduit Frame

    Once all the items are gathered, the player should combine the Heart of the Sea with the eight nautilus shells to make a Conduit. Then, they should build a frame underwater out of Prismarine. A complete frame will require 42 Prismarine blocks to reach full power.

    When fully powered, the Conduit will grant the Conduit Power status to anyone within 96 blocks when in contact with water, as well as attack mobs in its vicinity.

    What To Do With The Heart Of The Sea

    How to use the heart of the sea in minecraft (amazing)

    Now that you have the main item which you were looking for and were curious about, you might think, what in the world are its uses?

    Actually, the uses are pretty powerful. As mentioned earlier, the heart of the sea is only used in one crafting recipe and that is the conduit. To put things as simply as possible, the conduit is an underwater version of the beacon. The conduit will give you conduit power when youre in its range.

    The Conduit gives a variety of buffs, including underwater breathing, if youre in the range of the conduit you wont use air bubbles, instead, youll be able to breathe underwater and stay there.

    Another useful effect is the night vision that the conduit provides, in the ocean things get real dark, so a base is out of the question, but a conduit providing night vision is enough to make that place liveable.

    The conduit also grants the user increased mining efficiency, so that the player can mine faster underwater. The conduit will also damage any hostile mob that dares to go near it.

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    How To Make A Conduit In Minecraft

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a conduit with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

    In Minecraft, the conduit is another important item in your inventory. A conduit is an item that is used to create a structure that can give the to nearby players.

    Let’s explore how to make a conduit.

    How To Craft A Conduit

    A conduit is a useful beacon-like block that will protect players from hostile mobs underwater and offer a powerful status effect. The conduit power effect will be granted to all players in contact with rain or water, who are within spherical range of the conduit. The effect increases underwater mining speed, restores oxygen, and grants underwater night vision to Minecraft players.

    In order to craft a conduit, players need to combine a Heart of the Sea with eight nautilus shells at a crafting table. These shells can be found be acquired from fishing as a treasure item, have a low chance to drop from drowned, and have the opportunity to be purchasable from a wandering trade for five emeralds per shell.

    In order to activate a conduit, it must be placed a center of a 3x3x3 radius of water and surrounded by a proper frame. The water can be source blocks, flowing water, or waterlogged blocks.

    In terms of the frame, only prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks, and sea lantern blocks can be used to successfully activate the conduit. For a visual aide, a YouTube video has been included in this article that showcases the various ways activation frames can be crafted.

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    The Heart Of The Sea In Minecraft

    The Heart of the Sea can be used to craft conduits, which provide the player with buffs while in rain or underwater.

    Conduits provide players with a maximum range of 96 blocks with the following buffs:

    • Restores Oxygen
    • Provides underwater Night Vision
    • Increases mining speed by 16.7%

    In addition to these buffs, conduits will also attack any Guardians or Drowned within an eight-block radius of the conduit.

    The picture above shows the max range of a conduit, which is more than enough to provide buffs for any player within a large base. Additional conduits can also be created if the range is not big enough to supply the player’s whole base.

    Conduits emit a light level of 15, which is the brightest in Minecraft.

    Besides being used to craft a conduit, the Heart of the Sea has no other current functions in Minecraft.

    Minecraft: Heart Of The Sea


    The Aquatic update changed Minecraft oceans forever, no longer we have large, barren oceans with almost no life. Instead, we have a beautiful and thriving world inside the oceans, there is variety in the fish that spawn, there is much more fauna and most importantly there are coral reefs, which just look amazing, to say the least.

    This overhaul to the game also added a ton of new items, including the heart of the sea. The heart of the sea seemed a rather mysterious item to many Minecraft players, they manage to find it and dont know what it does, so they just leave it in their storage. While some spend hours trying to find it and have no luck.

    In this detailed guide, we will cover almost everything there is to know about the Heart Of The Sea, from how to get your hands on it, what is it used for and many more tips and tricks which will be useful.

    In This Article

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    Add Items To Make A Conduit

    In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a conduit, place and in the 3×3 crafting grid.

    When making a conduit, it is important that the heart of the sea and nautilus shells are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. In the first row, there should be 3 nautilus shells. In the second row, there should be 1 nautilus shell in the first box, 1 heart of the sea in the second box, and 1 nautilus shell in the third box. In the third row, there should be 3 nautilus shells. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for a conduit.

    Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the conduit will appear in the box to the right.

    What Is The Heart Of The Sea Used For

    There is only one, but important item, in the game that requires the Heart of the Sea to make. This is the Conduit in Minecraft and it allows the players to breath underwater indefinitely within range.

    The players need Nautilus Shells and the Heart of the Sea to make a Conduit.

    Nautilus Shells can be found while fishing, Drowned mobs or Wandering Traders.

    The two items are to be combined in the manner shown in the picture above to make a Conduit.

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    Where To Find The Minecraft Heart Of The Sea Item


    Shipwrecks can be hard to find and might take a little bit of persistence, however, if you look enough, youll find one. They are usually found underwater, but occasionally they can be found on land at a beach biome. If youre having trouble, you can try feeding a dolphin. If youre lucky, the dolphin will lead you to a shipwreck as a thank you for the tasty treats.

    Once youve found a shipwreck, youll want to look for a Map Chest. Each shipwreck can have up to three different kinds of chests, so make sure youre locating the Map Chest before you leave. However, youll want to look for the Treasure and Supply Chests while youre there to get some extra goodies.

    Inside the map chests should be some Buried Treasure Maps, which look like pieces of paper. Once you have these in your possession, you can use them to locate various hidden treasures, which hopefully will contain a;Minecraft;Heart of the Sea item.

    How To Find Buried Treasure

    How to Use HEART of the SEA in Minecraft! 1.16.4

    Buried Treasure is a great way to find the Heart of the Sea item. Otherwise, youll have to trade it with the villagers and lose some of your important items to obtain it. Moreover, Heart of the Sea helps you to build Conduits, which can be an extremely helpful resource inside the water.

    1. Go to Shipwreck

    Firstly, Shipwreck is a wooden structure found in Ocean, Rivers, Beach biomes. Also, Shipwrecks have small rooms that contain chests. Small shipwrecks have one chest whereas large shipwrecks can have up to three chests.

    2. Discover Map Chest

    Each ship wrecks have up to 3 chests depending on the size of shipwrecks. You need to find Map Chest in order to find treasure maps.

    Next, drag the Buried Treasure Map to your Inventory.

    3. Use the Buried Treasure Map

    Now, use the map to locate the buried treasure and navigate to it. The X mark shows the location of Buried Treasure Chest.

    Go to the marked location.

    4. Start digging until you find the chest

    Start digging around 10 blocks the marker because these chests are within 10 blocks around the map marker.

    If you get this chest, Congrats! Your almost there to get Heart of the Sea.

    5. Open treasure chest

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    Finding Treasure With Chunk Borders

    Buried treasure will always generate near the center of the chunk. The world is broken into sections called chucks that aren’t visible when playing. Fortunately, you can easily turn on chunk borders by pressing F3 + G. Doing so will display all chunks.

    When you get near the X on the map, turn on chunk borders and find the center blocks of the chunk. Dig down until you reach the treasure chest, and gather your rewards!

    What Is The Sea Minecraft Based On

    The Sea Minecraft used in this video is based on the Minecraft I made earlier in the year.

    I also included some video images that show how to build the basic components of the Minecraft.

    The new Sea Minecraft has a very nice interior design, and detailed design of the interior and exterior of the Minecraft.

    I know many people who have made Minecraft and have never seen a Minecraft with such detailed and detailed interior and exterior design.

    I think it looks really cool, and I think it also looks like a lot of fun.

    The interior of the sea Minecraft is a lot of fun.

    I dont think that the interior design of the Minecraft is too much of a problem, but it is an issue for me.

    It is something that I have to think about as I design the interior of my Minecraft.

    Which is something I cant do very often, especially when Im working on a new Minecraft.

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