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How To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft

How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft : Java Edition 113 And Later Complete Guide

How to Build a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft 1.16!
How to make a water elevator in Minecraft

The water mechanic that water elevators, or bubble elevator, work on was introduced in the Update Aquatic or the Minecraft Java Edition 1.13. This update was focused on improving the gameplay related to water in Minecraft and the ability to use water as quick and effective transport was a welcome addition.

As water elevators are highly effective in transporting player, entities or items, it is a useful thing to have in your survival world. Let us dive into how to make a water elevator in Minecraft.


  • 4 Conclusion
  • Fast Water Bubble Elevator And Drop

    A rapid elevator for any height with no drowning issues, with a fast drop shaft.


    • 1 block of Soul Sand
    • Bucket and water source


    Dig down a single-block column to the desired depth or height surrounded by the solid block of your choice. Dig a block out at the bottom of the column and place a soul sand block as the ‘floor’. To make an entrance, replace the bottom two blocks of two adjacent sides with fence or glass panes creating a diagonal walk-in entrance. Fill up as many buckets as you can with water, and starting with the bottom space above the soul sand, place a source water block at each level until your column is full to the top. Once completed, simply step in the diagonal entrance into the water column and you shoot to the top.

    Note: to complete purely in survival mode, don’t place the soul sand until after you’ve filled the column with water blocks since you can’t swim down through a bubble column. Be careful not to drown!

    Alternatively, pour a single bucket of water from the top and, starting from the block where soul sand goes, swim-up placing kelp on each block until the top of the elevator is reached the kelp converts falling water into water sources. Then swim down, remove the bottom kelp block and place the soul sand block in its place.


    Adding floors

    A common issue with bubble elevators is that a player may travel too fast for them to exit at the right floor. Solutions include:

    Send Baby Villagers Through Flowing Water Into Soul Sand Elevator

    So, I was working on an infinite villager farm , in which the baby villagers are tricked into going into a trench for jumping on beds. The trench has water which flows all the way into a mountain’s bottom where I need the baby villagers to be. Now I have to make a soul sand elevator to bring the babies to the top of the mountain where there is a comfortable prison for them, but I can’t think of the proper way to connect the stream of water to the soul sand elevator. The problem is that there is space for the source blocks in the soul sand elevator to flow out and oppose the stream of water in which the baby villagers come. This causes the baby villagers to not fully reach the elevator. The thing looks like this:

    Is there any tutorial on this present on the Internet? If not, do let me know the proper way if you know one.

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    The What And If Of Elevator


    Well before we answer that, understand that a soul sand elevator and bubble elevators are the ones and same things. So, if your bubble elevator is not working, there can be two problems:

  • Your game version is too new,
  • You forgot to use a kelp.
  • A simple fix to these problems is that you need to downgrade your game version and make sure you use kelp while constructing the elevator. Kelp is important because it makes the blocks in the shaft source blocks and water can only flow through source blocks.

    How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft

    How To Make a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

    Transportation is essential when it comes to Minecraft. There are two different types of transportation when you think about it. The first is horizontal with horses or minecart systems, but the second is vertical transportation with elevators. There are many different ways to make elevators out of Redstone, but there is only one true way to make it out of water. This tutorial is going to show you how to do it.

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    What Is Water Elevator In Minecraft

    You just have a flow of water coming down into a one-block hole or a center hole in the ground, only needs to be one deep just so it holds it in place. When you jump into the water and then you can just push upwards with your spacebar and you will reach the top level. And then you can also go straight back down again just holding the shift.

    There are a couple of disadvantages of a single-column elevator or normal elevator. The biggest disadvantage is that you cant breathe doing this up and down activity and also the other problem that the simple elevator with water is quite slow as a method gets up and down. Different Designs of Water Elevators in Minecraft There are various types of elevators and various ideas for elevators that you can use to create in Minecraft.

    How To Build An Elevator In Minecraft

    Building an elevator is quite simple, Here are the materials required to build an elevator

  • Water Buckets

  • > Soul sand and magma blocks can be found in the nether.

    > Magma blocks can be found nearby lava

    > Kelp and Magma blocks can be found in the ocean biomes. You can regrow kelp by placing it in water.

    > Grab any block that gives a sleek finish for an elevator

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    How To Fix Minecraft Soul Sand Elevator Not Working

    Soul Sand elevator is another popular elevator in Minecraft made out of soul sand that is found in the Nether. Unfortunately, most players cant seem to understand how they can properly build one for themselves. We have also seen a few cases where a perfectly made soul sand elevator just doesnt work as it should. As a result, most of them complain that their soul elevator is not working at all in Minecraft.

    This is why today we will be taking a look at ways what you could be doing wrong while building a soul sand elevator. We will be explaining how you can easily build one for yourself. So, lets get into it!

    1. Move to An Older Realm Version

    As you may already know, soul sand elevators work on the principle of bubble columns. The problem is that plenty of users have stated that the bubble columns dont properly work on the newer versions.

    If this is the case for you, then the first thing you need to do is to move on to an older version of your realm. This should restore the game back to its previous working state, where the soul sand elevator shouldnt have any issues.

    2. Make Sure Every Block Is Source Block

    If you notice your soul sand elevator not working as it should, it could probably because you are not building it correctly. One big aspect of the soul sand elevator is that you need to make every single block of yours a source block.

    The Bottom Line

    How To Make A Bubble Elevator In Minecraft

    Easy Bubble Column Water Elevator – Minecraft Tips& Tricks #6

    Begin making your Bubble elevator by getting the essential objects: two Soul Sand, two Magma Blocks, and at least two Water Buckets. The Soul Sand creates bubbles in your water elevator that make you move up, and the Magma Block creates bubbles in your water elevator that make you go down.

    In the guide below, we used glass to create the sides of our elevator, but you can use whatever building tools you’d like. The Soul Sand is necessary to make the up current for the elevator, and the Magma Blocks are necessary to make the down current. Having two Water Buckets isn’t required, but eliminates the need to make multiple trips. Follow the steps below to complete the elevator.

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    Required Items For A Water Elevator In Minecraft

    It’s very cheap to make a water elevator, and all of the items required can be acquired after you have accessed the Nether for the very first time. This is because Soul Sand is an essential part of the water elevator. You’ll need:

    • 1 block of Soul Sand
    • 2 signs of any type
    • Building blocks of your choice

    Ways To Make Water Source Blocks

    There are many ways to craft water source blocks. One of the most tried and tested ways is to place water source using infinite water source and buckets. This is the traditional way and also one of the oldest ways of doing so.

    Creating Infinite Water Source:

  • Dig a 1 block deep and 2 by 2 wide pit and place water source diagonally.
  • As you place those water sources diagonally the water will stop flowing and you will have an infinite water source you can get as much water as needed by using buckets.
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    Single Water Block Elevator

    The Single Water Block Elevator is a single block of water-safe elevators in Minecraft. You can just put a single water block directly above the level of the pool and it just gives you a little bit of slowdown just before you hit the pool at the bottom side. And you can access basically like a fail-safe in those circumstances.

    How To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft Kelp Soul Sand Magma

    Minecraft 1.13 Bubble Elevators

    If you find yourself creating a building of some sort in Minecraft, you might get tired of going up and down trying to reach the top or bottom of your structure. Well, you can create yourself an elevator that uses water to propel you upwards or downwards that will save you a lot of time and headache! Depending on the size of your structure, you can do this pretty quickly, and it can even make for a pretty nice feature of that building you are making.

    This method of creating a Water Elevator should work in just about every version of Minecraft, including: 1.16, 1.17, Bedrock, Xbox One, PE, Java, and PS4.

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    How To Make Water Elevator In Minecraft

    Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. You can build this deceptive yet simple Water Elevator.

    Materials Required

  • Building blocks to fill the water

  • Magma blocks

    • One can use Minecraft table to build the structure of the water elevator

    • Start with three 1X1 bricks, leave the centre empty.

    • The tower should be as tall as the floor

    • Attach the door at the bottom of the tower and close it.

    • Add the fourth side to the tower above the door.

    • You might need iron ingots to make a bucket to collect water.

    • Water will be used to fill the empty space

    • The elevator can be used once the space gets filled with water.

    • Filling water once is enough, Water will not drain even if the door gets open

    • Fill the bottom of the tower with Magma blocks and soul sands

    S To Make A Water Elevator In Minecraft

    Depending upon the base block used, Water Elevators can be used in making the move up or move down. If you are looking for an elevator that should go up then the soul sand block must be placed at the bottom. But if you are looking for an elevator to go down then you can use some magma block in making the base.

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    How To Make Water Elevator Using Soul Sand In Minecraft

    To make a Water Elevator using Soul Sand in Minecraft, you will require a few items which are:

    • Iron bucket: You can craft an iron bucket with three iron bars. It is needed to fill the water required to build the Water Elevator.
    • Blocks: Required to build the sidewalls of the elevator so that you dont fall off. You can choose any blocks.
    • Soul Sand block: Found in the Nether region, it is required to help you move upwards in the elevator.
    • Magma block: Found in the Nether region, it is required to help you move downwards in the elevator.
    • Two signs: Required to put on the sides of the Soul and Magma blocks so that the water does not flow outside the elevator track.

    Once you have all the required ingredients, follow the below step-by-step guide to building a Water Elevator using Soul Sand block in Minecraft.

  • Use your building blocks to create a column.
  • Dig the center of your column up to one block down and place the Soul Sand block within.Create a walkway on the Soul Sand and place the two signs.
  • Stand on top of the elevator and place the water on the soul sand.If the water starts moving upwards along with bubbles, you have created the Water Elevator successfully.
  • Step inside the stream and it will take you to the top of the building, until where you have created the elevator.
  • Second Step: Make The Base

    Easy AUTOMATIC & NORMAL Bubble Elevator For Minecraft Bedrock Edition *tutorial*

    There are two parts to this step. First, you need to create an arch on one side of the elevator that is two blocks high by two blocks wide.

    Once youve done that, place panels on the outside of the arch as shown in the image above. These panels are used to hold back the water that you will place in the third step. You will need four signs in total.

    The other part of this step requires you to place the Magma Blocks and Soul Sand. Continue to use the image above to learn how to do this. At the very bottom of the water elevator, place two Soul Sand blocks on one side and two Magma blocks on the other.

    This will allow a seamless transfer between going up or down the elevator. However, you can separate these two sections if you want to make your elevator a bit cleaner.

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    What Do Bubbles In The Water Mean In Animal Crossing

    As youre swimming, youll be able to spot bubbles appearing at the surface of the water. When you see these, that means theres a sea creature nearby for you to collect! To collect a sea creature, swim near the bubbles and press Y on your controller to dive underwater. Youll see a shadow of the sea creature.

    Soul Sand Block Elevator

    Soul Sand elevator is also an efficient method to create an elevator in Minecraft or you can say it is a late-game method. Since the aquatic update, you can also have a block of soul sand is available. Soul Sand when placed below a load of loads of source block of water will create the stream of bubbles going upwards direction. Its the one that everyone is all taken to them fallen in love with it.

    If you can jump into this water stream ride with bubbles then you can get shocked and felt like wow!. When you jump into it then you reach the top level in a half-second. It pushes you up incredibly fast speed. And the other great things that these bubbles help you to breathe as well the entire time when you are in the stream. But the big limitation is you can get up through this but you cannot get back with this elevator.

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    Creating Infinite Water Source

  • Dig a 1 block deep and 2 x 2 wide hole and place water source diagonally, as shown in the image below.Note: The wooden planks are placed to better illustrate the placement of the water blocks. Player DO NOT need to place the planks while making the infinite water source in their minecraft world.
  • As you place those two water sources diagonally, the water will stop flowing and you will have an infinite water source. Take as much water as you want using buckets!
  • Alternate Java Water Elevator

    Chosen Plays Minecraft 1.13 Ep. 11 Water Bubble Elevator ...

    A water-sign elevator can also be made in a one-block shaft, which is cheaper if making it as a freestanding column. The construction notes are written for survival mode.


    • Infinite water source
    • construction block of your choice

    Enclose a 1Ã1 vertical shaft with your construction blocks on all four sides, corners are not needed.

    Top-down construction

    This method is more useful when building a freestanding elevator up from a floor. One can tower up from the floor, placing blocks on all four sides at each jump on the way up. Then start placing signs and water back down.

    Start by placing your safety net on the ground – make a one-block hole and fill it with a water source. When you fall from high up in the shaft, a single block of water is enough to break your fall so you take no damage.

    Once you are at the intended top of your elevator place signs two and four blocks below your feet. You cannot reach down 6 blocks so now you can start with the water sources. Put one on top of each sign, then ready your signs, more full buckets, and jump in. Use the swimming action to stay in the bottom-most water block and place signs further down the shaft, then place another water bucket above this last sign .

    Bottom-up construction

    If you need to have an opening taller than 2 blocks place ladders up the back wall of the shaft to the highest block of the opening. The bottom-most water block then sits on top of the ladder.

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