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Where To Find A Saddle In Minecraft

How Do You Get A Saddle In Minecraft

How to make a saddle in Minecraft | how to find saddle in minecraft in English

So there is no saddle recipe, but there are four main ways to obtain a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Treasure Chests
  • Read below to find out the details of the saddle recipe in Minecraft.

    1. Chests:

    One of the most common way to find a saddle is by searching each chest that you come across in the game. Chests are wooden boxes that are found in various biomes and structures in Minecraft. When you find a chest, you need to open it and see whats inside.

    Chests in a Fortress

    You can also learn how to find a treasure chest here.

    There can various valuable items in a chest that you can loot and add to your inventory. If you are lucky, you will find what you are looking for, i.e. a Minecraft saddle.

    Chests found in a nether fortress have a 35.3% chance to have a saddle, which is the highest possibility amongst all the options.

    Not sure what is a nether fortress? Read on for how to find the nether fort in Minecraft.

    Watch this video to learn how to find a saddle in a nether fortress:

    Secondly, you have a high chance of finding saddles in dungeon chests, which is almost 28.3%. A desert temple has a 23.5% chance of having a saddle in their chests. Conversely, jungle temple chests have a comparatively low chance of having a Minecraft saddle.

    While traversing a village, you can try your luck of finding a saddle by searching the Weaponsmiths chest, Savanna house chest, or Tanners chest which have 16.2%, 11.3%, and 17.3% chance respectively.

    2. Fishing:

    Fishing in Minecraft

    3. Trading:


    About The Minecraft Saddle

    The saddle is a non-craftable item in Minecraft that allows players to ride several mobs in the game. Being a non-craftable item, the saddle can not be acquired from the crafting table or furnace, in the un-modded game session. It’s one of the few items in Minecraft that you actually have to find and collect on the map.

    Regarding its usage, the saddle really has just one single purpose: to help players ride mobs. It grants the ability to mount some types of mobs in the game. The most common mobs to ride are horses or pigs. You can keep them as pets on your ranch or use them as means of transportation.

    Put A Saddle On Your Minecraft Horse

    You can put a saddle on a horse by these simple steps in your Minecraft gameplay.

    • Once you have found a saddle in Minecraft, you can put it on your horse without any hurdles.
    • You will need to use your hand to tame a horse in Minecraft.
    • You will see that your horse will buck you off. Every time you mount the horse, you will get the same results.
    • Make sure that your horse has stopped kicking you off. Only then will you be able to put a saddle on your horse.
    • You are now all set to put a saddle on your horse.
    • Now hold a Minecraft saddle in your hand.
    • Right-click on your horse from the games inventory.
    • It will automatically put your saddle on your Minecraft horse.
    • Make sure that you have put the saddle correctly on your horse. Or else the safety and comfort of your horse would be at risk.
    • Now, you can move forward to get the services of your saddled horse in your Minecraft gameplay.

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    How To Make Saddle In Minecraft

    As we have said over and over again in this article, the saddle is a non-craftable item. It means that you can not craft it with the crafting table or smelt it in the furnace. If you’re playing in an original, unmodded version of Minecraft, then the only way to obtain a saddle is from looting.

    Of course, there are mods out there that allow you to craft a saddle from available materials. However, for the sake of this article, we will not include them. We don’t find it’s necessary for players to install mods just to craft a saddle.

    Why? Because the saddle is not a rare item to find in Minecraft. A lot of locations in the game do contain this item as a loot. Hence, we cannot give you an answer on in Minecraft how to make a saddle, but we can surely show you where to get one!

    How To Make Or Craft A Saddle In Minecraft

    How To Make Saddle In Minecraft Complete Guide

    A saddle is one of the most important items in Minecraft. It is used to ride animals like donkeys, horses, pigs, and other animals. In Minecraft, a player can gather different resources and can add it to a crafting table or furnace get the final results . Unfortunately, Saddle cant be created in the furnace or a crafting table, as it does not have anything to mix up with.

    However, you need to find a saddle in multiple locations while playing the game. So, with that, let us check out, how to find Saddle in the Minecraft game. Did you know? You can now easily make a perfect circle using Minecraft Pixel Circle Generator!

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    Where To Find A Saddle In Minecraft

    In Creative Mode:

    Java Edition: Look for the Saddle in the Creative Inventory Menu under Transportation.

    Pocket Edition: Under Tools/Equipment

    Xbox One/PS4/Win10/Nintendo/Edu: Equipment

    In Survival Mode

    There are multiple locations at which you can find a Saddle in Minecraft while playing in Survival Modes.

    1) Find a Chest in the Dungeon

    Players can often find and add a Saddle to their Inventory by looking in a chest while exploring a dungeon. Underground dungeons are usually the ones with Chests that contain Saddles. Dungeons appear as a small room with a monster spawn point in the centre and maybe a couple of chests.

    2) Find a Chest in the Nether Fortress

    How To Make Saddle In Minecraft Complete Guide

    The sandbox world of Minecraft is a wonderful place to display your creativity by building everything you imagine from the ground up. Almost all of the items in the game are either collectible or craftable, which opens up endless possibilities. However, some are still off-limit, like the saddle. We can not tell you how to make saddle in Minecraft, but we can surely show you where to find them in the game!

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    What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Saddle In Minecraft

    The easiest way to get a saddle is by searching it around the Minecraft world. There are different locations from where you can obtain a Minecraft saddle. All kinds of chests have Minecraft saddles in them.

    Once you have found a Minecraft saddle, what you will do is:

    • Hold your Minecraft saddle in your hand.
    • Then place it on the back of your Minecraft animal that will help you deport your valuable items.
    • Now, you will need to tame that animal.
    • After that, you will be able to deport your materials to any place you want.

    Chest In The Nether Fortress

    Minecraft – How To: Find A Saddle (Easy)

    Nether Fortress is a location that is looks like a castle. You can come inside and start to find a chest since the locations can be found in the Nether Biome.

    You need to build a nether portal to make sure if you can enter the place. The portal will transport you to the place between Overworld and the Nether as your point.

    You can start to find a chest inside and try to open to check if there is a saddle inside of the chest.

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    How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft: A New Best Trick

    From riding horses to getting transportation on tamed donkeys, saddles are a surprisingly valuable resource in Minecraft and knowing how to make a saddle may just help you survive and defeat nefarious mobs.

    Riding with a saddle, and knowing how to make one, comes at a time where Minecraft players really could use some virtual world exploration I know I could. Following a year of social distancing, many players were disappointed with the announced shutdown of Minecraft Earth for June 2021.

    Minecraft Earth was conceptualized as a Pokemon-Go like experience, but by the start of the new year, all microtransactions have been terminated. While there may have been great anticipation for the new program when it was announced in 2019, real-world exploration just hasnt been a reality.

    But if nothing, its shown Minecraft players are expansive and helpful. It can be to have a virtual world to explore, one where you can even ride pigs. And knowing how to make a saddle greatly expands that freedom.

    Consider this your guide on how to make and use a saddle in Minecraft.

    Increase Your Chances Of Getting A Saddle

    So how do you up your chances of getting a saddle fishing in Minecraft? There are lots of various enchantments that can be used to improve the chance of getting certain items. One such enchantment can double the chance of hooking the saddle while fishing — the Luck of the Sea enchantment.

    Ironically, getting this exact enchantment also requires some luck. You can find it either in the treasure chests inside desert and jungle temples, or you can trade with a village librarian for one.

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    Get Saddles From Chests

    If you dont want to level up a Leatherworker, your next best bet is to head out and find a saddle packed into a chest. Luckily for you, there are plenty of places to look. Unfortunately, youre not guaranteed a saddle each time you crack open a chest. Below we provide the locations, how to find these locations, and your chances of finding a saddle in percentages.

    Abandoned mineshafts

    You can find mineshafts underground covered in cobwebs . Youll also find them on the surface in Badlands biomes. Theyre typically inhabited by giant spiders, skeletons, and other baddies.

    Desert temples

    Here we discovered a hole in the center of this temples floor leading to a chamber below. There we found four chests containing rotten flesh, horse armor, string, and more.


    You can find dungeons in caves. Theyre based on mossy stone bricks and cobblestone. In the center youll typically see a fire pit that spawns monsters, which in turn are guarding the chest.

    End City

    To get to the End City, youll need to travel to the End and defeat the Ender Dragon. Once its defeated, you must use an Ender Pearl to pass through a small portal and reach the End City. For this guide, End City also included a searchable End Ship, which produced a saddle along with other goodies.

    Nether Fortress



    • Blacksmith chests 16.2%
    • Tanner chests 17.3%

    How To Use A Saddle

    How to Make a Saddle in Minecraft? Howwikis Team

    When you have your Saddle, all you have to do is right-click on the Horse with the Saddle in your hand and then apply it on the Horse. You should also Tame the Horse by climbing it and getting bucked off over and over again. Once its Tamed Hearts will surround the Horse meaning it has been Tamed.

    Horses can be found roaming around in the Forests in groups or alone so you should not have any trouble locating them at any point.

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    Cheating To Get A Saddle

  • 1Enable cheats. In order to access these options, you’ll need to have cheats enabled for your world. There are two ways you can enable cheats, depending on if you’ve created your world yet or not:XResearch source
  • When creating a new world, you can enable cheats from the Create World menu.
  • If you’ve already created your world, open the Pause menu and select “Open to LAN.” Toggle “Allow Cheats” ON.
  • 2Switch your game mode to Creative for easy access to a saddle. The easiest way to cheat and obtain a saddle is to simply open your world in Creative mode and place a saddle next to your player.
  • To switch, open your chat window and type /gamemode c. You can then select the saddle from the list of available items and place it in the world. When you switch back to survival , you can pick up the saddle and use it.
  • 3Give yourself a saddle with commands. You can use console commands to spawn a saddle in your inventory. Open the chat window by pressing T
  • How To Fish For Saddles In Minecraft

    Fishing for saddles is probably the easiest way to obtain one in Minecraft, as all you have to do is make a fishing pole, park yourself next to some water, and fish until you get lucky. It’s also time-consuming, though, as the chance to catch a saddle is very low. If you enchant your fishing rod, you can increase your chances.

    Heres how to catch a saddle in Minecraft:

  • Make a fishing pole.

    Enchant your fishing pole to increase your chances of reeling in treasure.

  • Go fishing.

  • Continue fishing until you get lucky.

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    How To Craft A Saddle In Minecraft

    Can you craft a saddle?

    Sadly, Saddles can not be crafted in the crafting table like other items in Minecraft. Saddles can be found in several places where you visit quite often.

    There arent any secret saddle recipe in Minecraft and the only way to get this item is by searching for it.

    You can either use command blocks , or you can search treasure chests, and trade emeralds for a saddle.

    Check out our separate post on how to make rails in Minecraft for a faster transport.

    Where To Find A Saddle In Creative Mode

    Fast and Easy Way To Find Saddles in Minecraft [1.14.3 OLD]
    • Java

    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:


    Here is where you can find a saddle in the Creative Inventory menu:



    • Platform is the platform that applies.
    • Version is the Minecraft version numbers where the item can be found in the menu location listed .
    • Creative Menu Location is the location of the item in the Creative menu.

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    Using Your Saddle To Ride A Strider

    Striders are a newer mob in “Minecraft,” and can be found roaming all across the lava oceans in the Nether. Riding a Strider lets you cross the lava without any danger.

    Similar to the pig, first you can get the Strider’s attention with a coveted cuisine: warped fungus.

    When the Strider is close enough, equip the saddle in your hot bar and use it on the Strider to equip it. Then approach the Strider with your “use” action to mount.

    Make sure you have a fishing rod on hand so you can create a warped fungus on a stick, which you’ll need to lead the Strider around.

    Just don’t get too attached to your pig or Strider once you’ve given them a saddle, the only way to get it back is to kill them.

    Kill Mobs That Equipped With Saddle

    Strider | Ravager

    Some mobs might spawn with Saddle equipped. If you kill them, they will drop the Saddle. The mobs are:

    1. Ravager. To meet Ravager you need to start a Raid. But before you start the Raid, make sure you are strong enough since you are not only fighting Ravager, you will also fight Pillagers, Evokers, Witches, and Vindicators. So think twice!

    2. Strider. Some Strider may be spawned ridden by Zombified Piglin. If you kill it, it might drop a Saddle.

    I guess that all the tutorials on how to get Saddle in Minecraft. For more guides like this, see Tutorials and Guides. Thank you for reading the article.

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    How To Make A Saddle In Minecraft 2021

    Well, If you want to ride one of the many beasts in the world of Minecraft, youll need a saddle. And if youve been scouring the internet for a crafting recipe to make a saddle, you might be in for a rude awakening.

    The truth is that you can no longer make a saddle in Minecraft. This may find as a surprise to veteran players, but Mojang has decided to remove this feature.

    Saddles, on the other hand, can be found in a variety of locations throughout the Minecraft world. Continue reading to find more about how to find a saddle and the best places to look.

    Search Boxes In A Castle Of Votes

    How to make a saddle in minecraft

    Similar to the Dungeon method, any Nether Fortes fortress has a chance to contain a saddle. You need to log in through the Nether Portal, create one if you dont, and search for a castle.

    These structures are difficult to miss because they stand out like a painful thumb on the underside. It must look like a giant castle in the Netherlands. When you find one, go inside and start looking for boxes. If luck is on your side, a chair waits inside a box.

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    What Is A Minecraft Saddle

    A saddle is an item that is used to ride mobs like horses, mules, donkeys, and pigs for faster transportation in Minecraft. It is impossible to craft a saddle because there arent any Minecraft saddle recipe.

    You can locate saddles in different locations for different modes. In Minecraft Creative Mode for Java Edition, the best place to locate a saddle is Transportation.

    What if I tell you that some animals hold saddles as their item. You can ride them without adding a new one. If you kill the mob then you may lose the Saddle in some cases.

    So, keep reading to know more about the Minecraft saddle recipe for JAVA edition.

    Also, visit rare Minecraft biomes to gather around items from the buried treasures. Use the Biome Finder app to easily mark down the sweet loot spots of your Minecraft server.


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