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Where To Find Diamonds – Minecraft

Finding Diamonds In Minecraft 119 Without Mining


If youre patient, theres a slim chance you can find diamonds when rummaging through a generated village treasure chest.

You may also be able to get diamonds from abandoned mineshafts and desert temples scattered across the procedurally-generated world as well.

Another fun way to get your hands on some diamonds is by using an Explorer Map, which can be bought from cartographer villagers or crafted.

The map can lead you to a couple of rare, generated structures. If you want to find diamonds, the Explorer Map can lead you to a place with buried treasure, which is one of the best places to find diamonds .

These maps may also lead you to abandoned shipwrecks which can be full of valuable loot.

How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 117 And Earlier

If you’re still playing on Minecraft 1.17 or earlier, then you can find Diamond Ore in every Overworld biome between Y-levels 1-15. They spawn most often at levels 5-12, so if you want to maximise your chances of finding Diamonds, stay between these two levels.

No matter what version of Minecraft you’re playing on, Diamonds will spawn in small veins of up to 9 blocks at a time, although very occasionally you’ll find larger veins that are made up of multiple veins touching each other. So even at the right levels, Diamonds are pretty rare.

Best Generated Structure To Find Diamonds In Bedrock Mode

For Bedrock players, the odds are slightly different. To get the highest chance of finding diamonds without going to the Y: -58 coordinate, try to find the generated structures below.

  • Buried Treasure
  • End City
  • Nether Fortress
  • Village
  • Shipwreck
  • Remember, the art of finding diamonds is all about being patient and persistent. The more ground you cover, the higher your chance is of finding the diamonds you desire.

    Good luck on your diamond-hunting expedition!

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    Preparing To Find Diamonds

    You will need the proper supplies before you go mining for diamonds in Minecraft:

    • An iron, diamond, or netherite pickaxe is required to mine diamonds. Iron is common in the game, so it is quite easy to make an iron pickaxe.
    • You will need torches to light up your tunnels and for exploring caves.
    • Food is important because mining will cause hunger over time.
    • You will encounter mobs, so armor and a weapon are useful.
    • A shovel is useful to clear dirt and gravel in your way.
    • Sticks are important to make more torches as you mine coal.
    • Optional: a water bucket is useful for turning lava into obsidian.
    • Optional: fortune-enchanted pickaxes will increase the amount of diamonds you mine.

    Minecraft Diamond Mining Tips And Tricks

    Fastest &  Easiest Way to Find Diamonds on Minecraft Bedrock Edition ...

    If you want to know the most efficient mining techniques to find Minecraft diamonds, then youve come to the right place:

    If you also want some advice on crafting your dream Minecraft home, we have a great lil Minecraft houses guide just for you!

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    Tips For Mining Diamonds In Minecraft 118

    As you’re going into the belly of the earth, there are a few things to look out for lava, mobs, and taking a fatal fall.

    Carrying a bucket of water should help deal with any pockets of lava you run into

    When digging, keep the area small, to around two blocks wide, so you’re not teetering precariously in a giant chasm of your own making.

    And to prevent mobs spawning, make sure your inventory is packed with torches so you can stick them on the walls and keep mobs at bay.

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    I Would Definitely Recommend This

    I would definitely recommend this sometimes they lie but that is so minuscule that youll love this app even when they lie sometimes its more than you except there to be for example I was on my world and they told me to go to X=465 Y=-4 and Z=-180 and they said there would be 2 but there was 4 but I would recommend some things change the 1st one would be having structures with the ores 2nd would be if you dont have pro have 2 instead of one at a time and 3rd have some tips on how to find those diamonds without breaking a lot of picks all and all this is really good totally recommend if youre lazy like me with finding ores!!!

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    Have Higher Tier Pickaxes

    To mine for diamonds, you will need to bring an iron pickaxe. This is the lowest tier of a pickaxe that can mine through diamonds. If you were to bring a stone or wood pickaxe, you wouldn’t be able to gather diamonds, and you definitely don’t want that to happen.

    If you are looking to mine fast, consider making yourself a Netherite pickaxe. Experiments by gamers have discovered that Netherite is almost twice as fast as iron when it comes to mining. Additionally, this fire-proof material lasts longer. Iron pickaxes have 250 uses, diamond has 1,563, and Netherite has 2,031 uses before breaking. More uses means more time mining and less time replacing tools.

    How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Using Clay

    The BEST Method to Find Diamonds In Minecraft – 350 Per Hour

    If you want to find diamonds in the Minecraft game using clay patches, you can do so by locating square-shaped clay patches.

    Below, lets see in detail how you can easily find the diamonds in the Minecraft game using clay:

    • First off, I should tell you that this particular method of finding diamonds is only tested on Minecraft 1.17 version.

    Therefore, we cannot say for sure that you will be able to find diamonds using this method in other versions as well. However, it doesnt hurt to try, right?

    • Now, in Minecraft 1.17, you have to locate a square-shaped clay patch.
    • After that, you will have to find the center of the clay patch. There, you will have to make a hole leading deep into the ground.
    • Next, you should hop into the hole that you just made and move 3 blocks in the positive Z direction.
    • At this point, if you look around and explore, youll find diamonds embedded in the ground.

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    What Coordinates Are Diamonds In Minecraft 119

    The best Y-coordinate for diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 is between Y: -58 and Y: -59. This is the equivalent of mining at Y: -58 while standing up as youll need to mine both the bottom and top block to move in a horizontal line.

    Essentially, mining both blocks give you an equally good chance of finding diamonds while making it more efficient. You can still find diamond ores in other coordinates, but the concentration is much higher in the aforementioned coordinates.

    But, unlike in previous patches, the Wilds Update has brought a brand-new biome that can spawn at the exact same coordinates called the Deep Dark biome. In this biome, you may come across a hostile creature known as the Warden. The Warden is a hostile mob thats capable of killing your character in just a few swings.

    If your sword, armor, and potion arent at least diamond level, its best you avoid confronting the Warden as it can be very dangerous to approach. If you dont want to risk losing your progress at all, you can try to avoid the Minecraft 1.19 diamond level entirely and just consider alternative ways to find diamonds.

    What Is The Best Level/height To Find Diamond

    Diamond used to appear between Y=0 and Y=15 with most generated between levels one and five. While the ore still starts generating at 15, it now becomes more and more common as you dig deeper into the earth. Diamond has the highest odds of spawning at Y=-64. You dont want to go all the way to the bottom, however, because youll constantly be interrupted by bedrock. We recommend digging one level above the lowest bedrock. After all, even if the bedrock is part of your floor, thats one less block that could have been useful. If you want the smoothest and fastest mine possible, you should be digging at Y=-57. Since -59 to -64 have a lot of bedrock, this way you can avoid those layers completely and still get info on -58 below you.

    If you dont know what level youre at, hit F3 to display your current information and look for the XYZ values.

    An important change, however, is the added effect of reduced air exposure. From a technical standpoint, this means when the world is being generated and a diamond ore block is about to be placed in a location where it would be exposed to open air , theres a chance that the ore will be skipped instead. In short, this means there is a higher chance of finding diamond ore if youre mining. If youre the type of player who prefers to delve in caves and only mine the diamonds you visually come across, youre going to get fewer diamonds.

    Want to see the changes for yourself? Heres the official ore distribution map from Mojang.

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    Way To Find Out The Diamonds On Earth In Minecraft Ps4

    Precious stones usually generate beneath level 16 on the Y-hub. Notwithstanding, you can likewise discover them over the ground in different areas.

    Towns can contain jewels. Search for Toolsmith and Weaponsmith chests to get a 1/10 or 1/6 shot at tracking down this valuable asset.

    Wilderness sanctuary strikes can assist you with growing your jewel supply without doing a lot of burrowing. You can likewise discover precious stones in covered money boxes in both Java and Bedrock Minecraft releases. In contrast to other over-the-ground sources, covered money boxes have a 50/50 opportunity to bring forth Diamonds.

    In the game now, the Diamond gear is not that much powerful. But still, you need it if you want to reach up to the end game. The other advice for multiplayer servers is tradable material so that you can find the Diamonds in Minecraft as much as you try.

    We hope we are successful in making you know how to find Diamonds in Minecraft or Minecraft PS4.

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    Minecraft Diamonds: How To Find And Mine Them

    Minecraft diamond: level and where to find Minecraft diamonds

    Diamond is one of the rare minerals in the game which can be obtained by either mining or from loot chests. But since loot chests are not available consistently, it is a good idea to mine them to get stronger weapons and armor. Minecraft diamonds can also be used to craft enchanting tables and jukebox making it even more important in your journey through the game.

    Minecraft diamonds can be found underground, and usually near the lava. So you can look for any mountainside tunnel or a general underground tunnel to dig in and search for diamonds. But before that, you need to prepare yourself. There are certain items you would need in order to mine diamonds. First, you would need an iron pickaxe as anything less stronger will not drop diamonds. Next, you require a bucket of water to pour on lava if it comes your way. Otherwise, the lava can kill you. You will also need a sword to fend off against creepers and mobs. In case you do take damage, also carry some food with you to regain health. Finally, make sure to keep torches with you to light up the mine and keep the mobs away.

    Now that we have done our prep work, it’s time to mine diamonds. Earlier, diamonds were equally distributed in different levels which would make it easy to find diamonds even at a shallow level. But after the Minecraft 1.18 update, you will need to dig deeper to find more diamonds. The best level to find Minecraft diamonds is between -58 to -64.

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    How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft Ipad

    In order to play Minecraft on an iPad and find diamonds, youll have to download the Minecraft game from the Apple app store. Now, you may choose to play on either Bedrock, Pocket Edition, or the Java version server.

    Then, you will be able to find diamonds if you look below level 15 in the Y coordinate. To be more specific, since Minecraft 1.18 release, diamonds can be frequently found between 15 to -60 Y-axis levels. So, go ahead and look for diamonds in these coordinates.

    How To Make A Minecraft Diamond Pickaxe

    Heres how to construct a Minecraft diamond pickaxe in steps:

    • Gather wood from trees by either punching it or using a tool like an axe
    • Once you have at least several wood blocks, open up your inventory
    • Place the Wood Blocks into the crafting area above your inventory to turn them into wood planks
    • Place one wooden plank into each empty slot in the crafting area to make a crafting table
    • Drag the crafting table out of the crafting area and place it into your Inventory
    • Place the crafting table and click on it
    • Here you will need to turn your wood planks into sticks by placing them in the crafting area
    • Remove your sticks and wooden planks from the crafting area
    • Place two sticks in the crafting area, one in the middle, and one directly below it
    • Then place one diamond in each empty slot in the top row of the crafting area
    • Remove your diamond pickaxe and go mining for ore!

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    How To Get Diamonds In Minecraft And Which Levels Are Best

    The primary way to get diamonds in Minecraft isnt that different from the natural way that diamonds are extracted: They need to be mined. To mine diamonds in Minecraft, you need to start with the right toolsspecifically an iron or diamond pickaxe. Even a gold pickaxe wont do the trick since diamonds are just too hard. Its a fun nod to the real-life characteristics of diamonds, however you would need to have a pretty deep wallet if you want to purchase a real diamond pickaxe. According to Game Rants Jeremy Frutkin, a real pickaxe made of diamonds would set you back about $6.7 billion .

    With your diamond pickaxe and torch in hand, the next step is to find veins of diamond ore one way to do this is via cave exploration just watch out for lava! As in real life, diamonds in Minecraft occur in more abundance at specific depths layer 12 is where a player should start if they are looking to increase the probability of finding diamonds.In the Minecraft 1.18 update, the developers changed the distribution of diamond ore. They are now more common as players get closer to bedrock, AKA level -59. Mining at a 45-degree angle in a staircase pattern makes it easiest to dig while giving you the ability to jump back out. Branch mining and strip mining are other methods worth considering to find diamonds.

    Finally, diamonds can also be found in chests so rare, so they shouldnt be relied on. If youre exceptionally lucky, you might come across one in an abandoned mine shaft or village.

    Best Generated Structure To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 119 Java Mode

    How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.18/1.19 Newest Update

    Generated structures are procedurally-generated, man-made, or natural structures that are present in many biomes and alternate dimensions in Minecraft. They often carry very valuable loot, making them a great place to scout for resources.

    If youre playing Java mode, these are the five best generated structures to find diamonds in Minecraft:

  • Buried Treasure
  • End City
  • Nether Fortress
  • Village
  • Bastion Remnant
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    How To Find Diamonds In The 118 Update

    The 1.18 Caves and Cliffs update added more underground layers in the Overworld. Now players can dig even further underground without hitting bedrock. Usually, Diamond is found under layer 12, but now if you get to these -Y levels, the odds of finding diamond significantly increase: -50, -64, -59, and -58.

    It’s important to mention that bedrock now appears at Y level -60.

    How To Find Diamonds In Minecraft 119

    IGN’s Minecraft Wiki guide will walk you through the process of finding and mining Diamond Ore successfully. While also detailing several helpful tips and tricks that will make the progress of finding these shiny blue gems just that much easier!

    Diamonds are the most sought-after commodity in Minecraft because they are incredibly rare and have many practical uses. One of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in Minecraft is the search for these shiny blue gems.

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    How To Find Diamonds On Minecraft Bedrock : Minecraft Diamond Level

    Diamonds are the most iconic item in Minecraft. Even beginners are also well aware of diamonds value and various uses like crafting diamond gears, enchanting tables, jukeboxes, and more.

    Mining is the best way to get diamonds in Minecraft. The recently released Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part II update changed the ore distribution in the Overworld. Because of this, height level 11 is no longer the best height for finding diamonds.

    If you have trouble finding diamonds in the latest update, you are probably looking at the wrong place. This article informs you of some helpful mining tips and the best Y level for finding diamond ores in Minecraft Bedrock.

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