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How To Get A Donkey In Minecraft

In A Nutshell: Locate A Donkey Near A Savannah Or Plains Right Click On The Donkey With Your Hand Keep Trying Until The Donkey Is Tamed

How To Get A Mule In Minecraft!

There are only two known biomes that donkeys will normally spawn in. The biomes are savannahs and plains. When you find a donkey taming it is a simple matter of making sure you are not holding anything before you mount it. This is a stubborn animal, so dont expect the experience to go smoothly.

There may be moments where you are bucked off, but dont be discouraged and instead work towards trying again when you can. Eventually, you can ground out their resistance and tame them, which will be signaled by the hearts that appear around them.

Mule Vs Donkey In Minecraft

Both the mule and the donkey in Minecraft are very helpful companions. They can be used to travel from one place to another in quicker times while also being an effective way to transport supplies. Many players tend to choose a donkey while others tend to choose a mule. Here is a comparison between both the animals in Minecraft so that you can choose between the two.


Both the donkey and the mule are good means of transportation in Minecraft. Both of the animals can make it easier for your character to travel here and there in faster times while also preventing hunger. However, when it comes down to it, a mule is better than a donkey in terms of mobility.

Mules are capable of jumping at higher lengths while also being considerably faster than donkeys in Minecraft. This makes a mule the better choice for you if you prefer speed above all else.


Mules are much rarer than donkeys in Minecraft. This is due to the fact that unlike donkeys, mules do not spawn automatically. Players will have to breed a horse with a mule in order to create a mule. On the other hand, donkeys can be found and tamed in many different places across the Minecraft world. This makes it much easier to get a donkey in Minecraft as compared to a mule.



How To Breed Donkeys In Minecraft

To breed a Donkey in Minecraft, you’ll first need to have it tamed. Once you’ve done that, make sure the donkeys are in an animal farm, so they can’t run away.

Once you have the donkeys in a safe location, make sure to feed the donkey a Golden Apple or Golden Carrots so the donkey can enter Love Mode.

Although apples are a little harder to come by and Golden Apples are even rarer, and better used before a big fight, golden carrots are the safest bet. Carrots can be commonly found in villages. To make a golden carrot, go to a crafting table, put the carrot in the middle and then surround it with gold nuggets.

Once you have the right food, feed it to both donkeys, and the donkeys will enter Love Mode. A baby will spawn within a few seconds.

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What Features Do They Have In Minecraft

Donkeys usually come in one color scheme i.e., gray. Perhaps, this is the only major difference between donkeys and horses in Minecraft. Minecraft donkeys are best suited for your journey. You will find them as the best-transporting animals that will carry not only chests but also extra resources and items.

All kinds of donkeys have the same speed. There are a few options that will help you to increase the speed of your Minecraft donkeys.

Jumping capacity: Donkeys can easily jump 1.9 blocks high structures or walls in Minecraft. That would be the maximum jump speed of Minecraft donkeys.

Health: Donkeys health usually ranges from 15 to 30 .

Working speed: Donkeys can cover 7.5 blocks per second.

How Do I Get A Donkey In Minecraft

How To Use Chest/Ride on a Donkey

In Update 1.6, donkeys can be spawned with a horse spawn egg, and they are tamable. In survival mode, they can be found naturally in the plains biomes, along with their horse counterparts. They are one of six different possible mounts in the game, the other five being horses, pigs, llamas, mules, and Striders.

Likewise How do you get a donkey?

Can you breed donkeys in Minecraft? To breed a Donkey in Minecraft, youll first need to have it tamed. Once youve done that, make sure the donkeys are in an animal farm, so they cant run away. Once you have the donkeys in a safe location, make sure to feed the donkey a Golden Apple or Golden Carrots so the donkey can enter Love Mode.

Also How do you get a donkey in a boat in Minecraft?

4 Answers

  • Push it into the boat.
  • Stuff it with apples to grow.
  • Tame it.
  • Put a chest and/or a saddle on it.
  • Enjoy your ride!
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    All Horses Are Different

    When choosing a steed, there are three things to keep in mind: Health, maximum speed, and jump height. Each animal has its own unique stats. Some horses have a maximum health of anywhere from 15 to 30 hearts . The jump strength of some horses ranges anywhere from 1.5 to 5.5 blocks. Generally, the jump height is found to be about 3.5 blocks high. The max speed of some horses is anywhere from 25% faster to 337.5% faster than the players walking speed.

    When riding a horse, you will find that your experience bar has been replaced by an empty bar. Holding the button you use to jump will allow you to charge your jump. The more you charge your jump and the better timing you have releasing the button towards the end of the bar, you are more likely to jump higher.

    A major downside of horses is when traversing through any water that is two blocks deep or more. Traversing through water that is too deep for horses will kick you off of the animal and make it a challenge getting the animal back onto land. When riding your horse, steer your steed away from water unless absolutely necessary!

    Why Make A Mule

    Why should you go through the trouble of breeding a Horse with a Donkey, you may ask. Well, Ive already anticipated your question, young reader. Basically, Horses are much faster and can jump higher than Donkeys, but they cannot carry chests. Donkeys can.

    Mules are a breed between the two, and can carry chests while going at decent speeds. They may not reach Horse stats, but its much better than Donkeys. You may then proceed to annihilate the other mobs, if you so please.

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    Speed Health And Jumping

    These statistics are related to those of the parents in a complicated way: the new horse will be like the average of its parents, but with a small random element.

    The random element will usually, but not always, make the baby horse more Average.

    For example, if you breed two fast horses together, most of their babies will not quite fast, but not as fast as the parents. If you try often enough you might get one thats even faster, however.

    Two slow horses will mostly have babies that are a little faster than they are.

    Minecraft Animals Explained: Horses Donkeys And Mules

    What Does A Mule Do In Minecraft?
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    There are many mobs in Minecraft that are tame-able, like ocelots and wolves, for example. Today, we will be talking about horses, donkeys, and mules. The reasoning that we will be speaking about all of these different types of animals is because, in order to explain the breeding nature, we will need to bring all of these animals into the equation.

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    Donkeys In Minecraft: Everything Players Need To Know

    Donkeys are a useful mob in Minecraft. They allow players to move items over long distances due to their chest compatibility. Some players will even say that transporting items using Donkeys is more efficient than using Minecarts.

    Donkeys are usually overlooked by most players. However, they are great companions in the Minecraft world.

    Donkeys are quite a rare mob as they only spawn in select biomes.

    More specifically, one to three Donkeys will spawn in the Plains biome, and only one Donkey will spawn alone in the Savanna biome.

    In the Bedrock Edition, two to six Donkeys will spawn in the Plains biome.

    Fastest Minecraft Horses Ranked

    Here I will throw some light on the functions, purposes, speed, and services of all the horses mentioned above. You will also get the basic information of each of the mentioned Minecraft horses. You will also learn how to find, tame, and avail the services of these Minecraft horses.

    Lets sort them in their best ways.

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    How Do You Spawn A Rare Axolotl In Minecraft

    Allow cheats via the Open to LAN option in the pause menu. Click Start LAN World, then press the T key to open chat. Enter /summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ . Hit the Enter key to spawn a blue axolotl in Minecraft.

    How do u tame axolotls in Minecraft?

    To tame you simply need to catch them in a bucket! Then they will be happy to swim along with you next time you go into water. Axolotls will act a lot like aquatic dogs and attack hostile mobs on your behalf. Theyll fend off Drowned, Guardians, and even attack fish.

    How often do axolotls spawn in Minecraft? The probability of a blue axolotl spawning is 1 in 1200 because that is approximately the number of axolotls left in the wild in real life.

    How do I farm Don Key?

    How Do You Get A Mule In Minecraft



    Considering this, how long does it take for a mule to grow up in Minecraft?

    20 minutes

    Also, is a mule better than a donkey Minecraft? Both are very strong, but the mule has greater physical strength for its size, and more endurance. A mule gets its athletic ability from the horse and its intelligence from the donkey.

    Considering this, how do you ride a mule in Minecraft?

    First, select an empty slot in your hotbar . You will tame a mule by repeatedly trying to mount the mule and getting bucked off. The game control to tame the mule depends on the version of Minecraft: For Java Edition , right click on the mule.

    How do you get a donkey in Minecraft?

    In Minecraft when you find a donkey, you can tame it.

  • Donkeys are usually found in the Plains biome.
  • If you are having trouble finding a donkey, you can always summon a donkey using a cheat or you can use a spawn egg.
  • The donkey will buck you off.
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    Setup A Donkey In Minecraft

    A Donkey equipped with Saddle and Chest, and tied to a Fence.

    1. Taming a Donkey

    An angry Donkey.

    To tame a Donkey, you need to mount it. To mount a Donkey, do not hold any item in your hand, then right-click. If you play on mobile, go near the Donkey, your hand also must be empty. The Mount button will show up, then click it.

    Just like taming Horses, Donkeys also can buck you off several times before being tamed by you. If you are getting bucked off several times, keep doing it until the Donkey got tamed.

    There are two things to know whether a Donkey is already tamed or not:

    1. The Donkey will not buck you off out of his back anymore.

    2. You can open its equipment menu.

    2. Give a Saddle and Chest to Donkey

    Before you can use your tamed Donkey, you need to equip it with a Saddle to be able to control it. And also, use Chest to the Donkey to maximize its usage.

    Donkey Equipment Menu Java Bedrock.

    Press E to show up its equipment menu. Place the Saddle into the Saddle Slot to equip the Saddle. To equip Chest, Right-click while holding a Chest to the Donkey. If you play on mobile and want to equip the Chest, go near the tamed Donkey and click the Attach Chest button.

    3. Use Lead to The Donkey

    You can use Lead to a Donkey and tie it to a Fence so the Donkey wont wander away.

    To use Lead, right-click the tamed Donkey. If you play on mobile, go near the Donkey, wait until the Leash button shows up, then click it.

    Are Axolotls In Minecraft

    Minecraft axolotls: where they spawn

    They can only spawn in water and below Y-level 63. They can only spawn in perfect darkness . Their spawn location must be within five blocks of a stone-type block, and there must be a solid block above their spawn location.

    How do you get donkey Crypto? How to buy Donkey

  • Choose a Coinbase Wallet username.
  • Securely store your recovery phrase.
  • Understand and plan for Ethereum network fees.
  • Buy and transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet.
  • Use your ETH to buy Donkey in the trade tab.
  • Can you own a donkey? If you live on at least one to two acres of grass and want a unique pet, a miniature pet donkey may be for you. However, like any pet, miniature donkeys need training, food, shelter, and veterinary care, which means you must be fully committed before getting one.

    Why wont my horse and donkey breed in Minecraft? To breed horses in Minecraft, you need to feed two nearby tamed horses either a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot each. Forcing a horse to breed with a donkey will result in a baby mule. Mules are sterile and cannot breed.

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    Donkey Saddle In Minecraft

    To set a saddle on a donkey, choose the saddle from your Hotbar. The game controller to put the saddle on the donkey Is Dependent upon the variant of Minecraft:

    Once mounted, tap the button with three dots to start your inventory and then tap the button with a saddle image.

    To PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button to the PS control to mount the donkey, press the p3 button Triangle button to start your stock.

    For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad to mount the donkey, press the X button to start your stock.

    To Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the control to mount the donkey, press the X button to start your stock.

    To Education Edition, right-click the donkey to mount it and then press for stock.

    The way to mount a donkey

    How to Mount/ ride the Donkey in Minecraft

    Now you have tamed and put a saddle on a donkey. It is possible to ride it and control its motions. The game controller to mount the donkey Depends upon the variant of Minecraft:

    To Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.

    For Nintendo Switch, then press the ZL button on the control.

    To get Windows 10 Edition, right-click the donkey.

    For Education Edition, right-click the donkey.

    How to Dismount the Donkey in Minecraft

    The game controller to dismount the donkey Depends upon the variant of Minecraft:

    How To Utilize A Lead On A Donkey At Minecraft

    Minecraft how to put a chest on a donkey

    A lead is a vital thing to have in Minecraft if youve got donkeys, and it appears like a lasso. A lead could be tied into a donkey and utilized as a leash to direct your donkey around. Or you may use a guide to secure a donkey into a fence pole so it doesnt runoff. Let us explore how to use a guide with a donkey at Minecraft.

    Required Materials

    In Minecraft, these are the substances you can use to put a lead/leash onto a donkey:

    1 Lead


    Locate a Donkey

    When youve got a lead, youll have to discover a donkey from the sport.

    You will get Minecraft donkeys at the Plains biome.

    If youre having trouble locating a donkey, you can summon a donkey working with a cheat, or you may use a spoonful egg.

  • Leash the Donkey
  • Now let us begin by leashing that the donkey. First, choose the lead.

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    How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

    To breed two horses in Minecraft, you first need to tame them both. To tame a horse, you need to mount them by right-clicking on them with a free hand. It will likely buck you off at first, but just keep mounting them. Each time you mount them, you’re increasing the horse’s “temper” by 5 points, and once it gets beyond the horse’s temper threshold then the horse will be tamed.

    This means you may need to mount a particularly stubborn horse up to 20 times in a row before it is tamed. You can speed up the process by feeding the horse either sugar, wheat, or apples, to increase the horse’s temper by 3 with each feeding.

    To breed horses in Minecraft, you need to feed two nearby tamed horses either a Golden Apple or Golden Carrot each. This will activate “love mode” in both horses, much like the process for breeding other Minecraft mobs such as foxes, goats, bees, and axolotls. Shortly after entering “love mode” the horses will mate, producing a foal. This same process works for donkeys as well as horses.

    • Forcing two horses to breed will result in a baby horse.
    • Forcing two donkeys to breed will result in a baby donkey.
    • Forcing a horse to breed with a donkey will result in a baby mule.
    • Mules are sterile and cannot breed.

    Places To Find Donkeys Naturally In Minecraft

    Donkeys have slightly different spawning mechanics depending on which version of Minecraft is being played.

    In Java Edition, one to three donkeys spawn per group in the standard plains biome. However, they will only spawn one at a time in savanna biomes. Additionally, not all donkeys will spawn fully-grown, as one in five will spawn as foals.

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    In Bedrock Edition, donkeys require a light level of seven in plains biomes in order to spawn. This slightly complicates things for players on Bedrock Edition. To accommodate this shortcoming, donkeys spawn in larger groups of two to six.

    Since donkeys appear in plains and savanna biomes, using elevation to scope out areas can be helpful in spotting these particular mobs. Players with extra resources can use the following foods to attract donkeys from a distance:

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    • Golden apples
    • Golden carrots

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