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How To Feed Fish In Minecraft

About Axolotls In Minecraft

WORKING Aquariums! (Feed Fish) Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot

The Axolotl is an actual real-life amphibian that lives in caves. They are incredibly rare and are actually critically endangered. The whole species are native to the Valley of Mexico. This fact makes axolotls one of the hot-hunted animals in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, Axolotls come in 5 different colors, with the baby axolotl inheriting the color from one of its two parents, at random. Unlike sheep, its color cannot be mixed. There is a 1/1200 chance that a blue baby axolotl will spawn, regardless of its parents’ coloring.

The unique mechanic that Axolotls have in Minecraft is “playing dead”. Upon taking damage, there is a chance that the creature would fake being dead so that other hostile mobs in the vicinity would stop attacking. If you kill the enemy that put the Axolotls into its “playing dead” mode, a brief regenerative effect is granted.

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Everything There Is To Know About Axolotls In Minecraft

Axolotls are mysterious creatures, but skilled Minecraft players can turn them into adorable pets.

Axolotls are a neutral Minecraft mob that can be tamed into a pet. They can attack other mobs, but deal very little damage and pose no threat to the player. Their cute appearance makes axolotls a sought-after pet in Minecraft. Knowledge of what to feed axolotls, how to breed them, and how to name them will get your new aquarium off to a great start.

Axolotls make a great pet in Minecraft, but they arent mobile like a dog or a horse. Dont expect to take them on any adventures. They can die if they are left out of water for more than a couple of minutes. Youll need to build an aquarium to keep them in your home. Axolotls come in a variety of colors including a super-rare blue variant.

What Is The Best Place To Catch Codfish

Cod is a common aquatic fish found in oceans. In normal, cold, and lukewarm oceans, they spawn in different groups. They require two water blocks to spawn.

Fish spawn underwater 12 to 32 blocks away from the player in normal, cold, frozen, and lukewarm oceans, and in their deep variants, in groups of 4 to 7. Cod spawn only on the surface, which means there cannot be a spawn-able block above the spawn location with a non-solid block on top.

Cod cannot survive outside of the water. Outside water they try to get back into the water for a while by flipping around on their sides. After 10 seconds, they begin to take suffocation damage and eventually die like squids. In Bedrock Edition, they rotate when they flip out of water. Cauldron water is too hot for them to swim or breathe. Although they can swim in waterlogged blocks, most noticeably slabs and steps, they cannot survive in waterlogged blocks.

As with other fish and water/ocean mobs, except drowned, cod in Java Edition is vulnerable to weapons with the Impaling enchantment.

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Minecraft Axolotl Pet Guide

Finding Axolotls

  • Players cannot breed axolotls if they dont have any! To find them, head to a cave below sea level and look for any underground ponds. Specifically, theyll spawn underneath the coordinate y63 in areas not lit up by light. Given the treacherous nature of the caves they dwell in, players will want to equip themselves properly with enough weapons and resources before spelunking below the ground.

Carrying Axolotls

  • While they can be bred in any body of water under the right conditions, its much safer for players to do so while on the surface or in their own home base. Players can carry many axolotls at once provided they have the means to do so: a bucket filled with water, with one axolotl per bucket. These amphibious creatures cant last long without water, so prepare several buckets before searching for them. After right-clicking an axolotl with a water bucket, theyll automatically be added to the players inventory. Additionally, scooping an axolotl up with a bucket will prevent them from despawning, or disappearing when out of the player’s range, so players can name them with a name tag item and keep them as pets permanently!

Breeding Axolotls

Minecraft is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and PC.

Feed The Fish To The Cat

WORKING Aquariums! (Feed Fish) Minecraft 1.13 Snapshot ...

Place some raw salmon or cod on the floor, and the cat should go and eat it. However, cats are notoriously hard to please, so you’ll have to place multiple offerings to tame the feline.

You’ll know when it is being tamed when red hearts start appearing around the cat.

Once they disappear, you have successfully tamed the cat, and it will now act as a pet!

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How To Get Raw Salmon

Raw salmon can only be obtained by fishing. The Lure enchantment decreases the wait time before one can be caught, while the Luck of the Sea enchantment decreases the chance of one being caught slightly.

There are 6 experience points awarded for salmon fishing. Raw Salmon can also be obtained as a dropped item from killing Guardians, Polar Bears, and Salmon.

Can You Feed Polar Bears In Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can feed the polar bears. Polar Bears find Raw salmon and codfish delicious and it is their favorite meal. However, theyll gobble up any type of fish happily but Salmon and codfish are best to serve. To feed them raw fish, click the right button of your mouse and release.

When you kill a polar bear, it will drop raw Codfish or Salmon. Although, only adults bear drops fishes in the game. There are no items dropped by a baby bear. Cubs are also more hostile than adults. Adults only attack the player if baby bears are around otherwise, they remain calm like any other animals. Running away from them in water is also a difficult task, as they are fast swimmers, swimming at a similar speed to a player, making it hard to get away.

In Minecraft, only mobs are actively hostile towards a player. Rest none of the entities gets directly involves in a fight.

Feeding a Polar bear is done when you want to tame them or breed them. Once youve fed enough fish, a red heart appears on top of them meaning you have fed enough food to take them home as your domestic animal.

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How To Feed Axolotls Bucket Of Tropical Fish

To feed Axolotls a bucket of tropical fish, keep the item in your hotbar. When you are near an Axolotl, equip it in hand and left click on the Axolotl. For Minecraft PE edition, you can tap on Axolotl while equipping the bucket of tropical fish to feed them.

Thats all for now, while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to create a big map in Minecraft.

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How To Eat In Minecraft

How To Breed Fish in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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In the earlier days on Minecraft, the hunger mechanic was not implemented. However, developers began to think of adding a challenge to the Survival Mode, and thus, they added the hunger mechanic. In short, a player in Survival Mode or Hardcore Mode must eat food to restore their hunger bars. If the amount of hunger bars is too low, the player cannot sprint, and if the hunger bars are completely depleted, the player will begin losing health. No food means death, so you must learn how to eat in Minecraft.

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How To Tame A Cat In Minecraft

Collect at least 10 fish. It should either be raw cod or raw salmon, both are common. Locate a village and approach a cat. You must keep some distance or it will run off. Make sure youre holding fish because the cats in Minecraft are all food motivated. Once you have a cats attention, right-click/place action on it to feed it the fish.

Repeat until you see hearts coming from the cat. The cat will get a red collar. It is now tamed and will follow you around. Make sure to keep it fed.

How To Get Raw Codfish

Fishing is the most common way to obtain raw Codfish, just like Salmon. To reduce the wait time, use the Lure enchantment similar to in the case of Salmon and the chance of being caught can be slightly reduced with the Luck of the Sea enchantment . Cod catches award 1-6 experience points.

In addition, they can be obtained by trading with villagers or killing polar bears, cod mobs, or dolphins.

The cod tends to swim in schools . Using a water bucket on a cod will yield a bucket of fish for the player. A bucket of fish does not despawn naturally. That fish bucket is used on a block to allow water to be poured into it, where cod are swimming. You can also use an empty bucket. When a cod is killed while on fire, it drops its cooked version.

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Tame A Cat With Some Fish

Cats enjoying fish is almost a universal truth, and that stretches into the Minecraft universe as well.

You’ll need to catch some salmon and cod, so head to a river to find both fish.

Of course, make sure you have a fishing rod first – no need to go all Cast Away here.

WHAT A CATCH: Cod or Salmon are perfect choices for cat taming!

Axolotls Is One Of The New Mobs Added In Minecraft Caves And Cliffs However What Do Axolotls Eat In Minecraft Is A Very Popular Question Among Players

Minecraft Challenge: Build a house while I have NAUSEA ...


Earlier this year, Minecraft announced that the Caves and Cliffs update would be launched in two separate parts. Fast forward to June 8, 2021, the first part of the Caves and Cliffs update was launched. The second part would be launched later this year, as the development team is working remotely and it would buy them some more time. In the first part of their update, Minecraft has released “some cute and fun mobs, cool items, and new blocks” and one of them is Axolotls. Keep reading this article to know more about Axolotls and what do Axolotls eat in Minecraft.

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Minecraft: Where To Find Tropical Fish For Axolotls

Fortunately for Minecraft players, Tropical Fish aren’t too difficult to find. With over 2,700 naturally-occurring variants, players are likely to find a few within the ocean at some point.

According to game data, Tropical Fish spawn in groups of eight at 24 to 64 blocks away from the player. As long as the ocean is warm or lukewarm, Tropical Fish are likely to spawn there, as they don’t naturally spawn in frozen bodies of water.

Tropical Fish travel in schools much like real life, and players seeking to capture them will first need to craft a bucket with iron ore and fill the buckets with water. Once they’ve got their buckets filled with water, it’s time to set out and find a school.

Upon finding a school, all Minecraft players need to do is use the water bucket on the school of Tropical Fish. The fish will be captured in the bucket, and players can head back to their Axolotl and surprise them with a treat. Once again all players need to do to feed the Axolotl is to use the Tropical Fish bucket on them.

Players may also use Tropical Fish buckets to lead Axolotls around, as they will follow the player as long as it is held, similar to cows and sheep following players that carry wheat in their hands.

The Basics Of Breeding Animals

In order to breed animals in Minecraft, you’ll need to feed each animal a certain type of food. Once fed, hearts will appear, indicating the animal is ready to breed. If another animal of the same kind is also fed and the two are within eight blocks of each other, they will breed and create a baby animal.

These two bred animals cannot breed again for five minutes and the baby animal will take twenty minutes to mature into an adult in most cases. Breeding animals generates a small amount of XP.

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Where To Get Raw Fish

Water bodies all over the Minecraft world contain raw fish. For fishing, a player can use a fishing rod. If you use an enchanted fishing rod then it will help you to fish faster. Fishing takes time and you may get bored or frustrated sometimes because Polar bears feed them too many.

To get Raw fish, follow these steps:

· Hold the fishing rod in a large water body.

· Cast the fishing line into the water.

· Wait for fish to stuck in the rod. Let the bobber get pulled by the fish.

· Reel in the fishing line quickly. As soon as the fish bites the line reel it in hastily.

· Once the bobber goes under start reeling back the fishing line without delay.

If you do not have a fishing rod already, then this is the way you can obtain it.

How To Breed Axolotls In Minecraft

How to Breed Fish and Dolphins in Minecraft Bedrock? (Addon)

If you already have a couple of axolotls, you can turn them into a whole bunch more. Axolotl breeding requires at least two adult specimens and some buckets of tropical fish. Feed both axolotls until you see red hearts above their heads. Soon, a new member of the family should appear. Baby axolotls will mature naturally over 20 minutes or accelerated by feeding the infant buckets of tropical fish.

The axolotl might easily be one of the cutest mobs we’ve ever added to Minecraft don’t even start us gushing about how adorable they look in a bucket!But looks can be deceiving, and this cutey is also a tough little predator

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How To Tame A Polar Bear In Minecraft

To tame a polar bear, you need to create a place similar to their cold biome. Changing the habitat drastically may result in the death of bears. Once the cold place for them is created, go find a polar bear in the cold region alone. If you see a polar bear with a cub then its better to stay away because that may cause them to react dangerously.

After feeding them few Salmon fish, you can easily tame them and bring them to the place that you build for them. Make sure to lock them up because they tend to run away if left free.

How To Make A Cat Bed

The cat bed is created by six planks, wool, and an iron ingot which goes to make the pet food bowl. If you use colored wool, you’ll get a colored cat bed, which is nice.

Now that you have your pet food and your cat bed, you can right-click on the cat bed with some cat food and you’ll hear the food tinkling into the bowl.

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Use The Bucket Of Tropical Fish

Next, with the selected in your hot bar, you will need to feed the bucket of tropical fish to each of the axolotls, one at a time.

The to use/feed the buckets of tropical fish to the axolotls depends on the version of Minecraft:

  • For Java Edition , right click on the axolotls one at a time.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the axolotls one at a time.
  • For Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right click on the axolotls one at a time.

As you feed the buckets of tropical fish to the axolotls, you will see red hearts appear over their heads. Each of these axolotls is entering love mode. As well, the bucket of tropical fish will empty and become a regular water bucket.

Once you have fed both axolotls, they will turn to each other and red hearts will continue to appear over their heads.

After a moment, the red hearts will disappear and a cute baby axolotl will be swimming in the water.

Now you will have two adult axolotls and one baby axolotl.


Congratulations, you just learned how to breed axolotls in Minecraft!

Top 5 Uses Of Pufferfish In Minecraft


Pufferfish are one of the funniest-looking mobs in Minecraft. They dont have many uses. But they can come in handy at certain stages of the game.

Minecraft players who catch Pufferfish are usually unsure about what to do with them. Players generally store them in their chests for eternity. But one would be shocked to find out how many uses Pufferfish have.

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How To Feed Axolotls In Minecraft 117

Axolotls are Minecraft’snewest mob addition, having come in with the game’s Caves & Cliffs update, and they can be beneficial in combat for regeneration purposes, in addition to their cute appearance.

Feeding them can be a little tricky though, as they will only take buckets of Tropical Fish. If Minecraft players attempt to give them standard Tropical Fish, Axolotls won’t take them.

This is as per a dev diary where Mojang explained that this was intentional, due to Axolotls enjoying live fish in real life and not eating dead ones. So in order for players to feed their Axolotl, they’ll need to craft some buckets with iron and set out to capture some Tropical Fish.


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