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How To Get Command Blocks In Minecraft Xbox One

How To Use Console Commands In Minecraft

How to get a Command Block on the Xbox One Minecraft

First, when creating your world, make sure to check the Allow/Activate Cheats option. The button to press now depends on the platform you are playing the game on. Here’s a list of what you’ll need to press to access the console command menu:

  • Xbox: Press right on the D-Pad.
  • Nintendo Switch: Press the right direction button on your Joy-Con, or right on the D-Pad of your Pro Controller.
  • PC/Mac : You can press T or you can press the forward slash key.

If you’re on a PS4, you can’t enter commands. You can only change a few options, and you must have host privileges.

How To Place And Use Command Block In Minecraft

Due to its powerful impacts, players cant use command blocks in survival mode. So, we first need to make sure our world is in the creative game mode. Though, on multiplayer servers, you also need OP permissions to use command blocks.

With that said, you need to run the following command to change your game mode to creative:

/gamemode creative

Then, you can just look at another block and place the command block by right-clicking or using the secondary action key. Now that you know how to get a command block in Minecraft, lets go over its UI to understand how to use it on Java and Bedrock editions.

Command Block UI on Minecraft Java and Bedrock

The command block offers the same options in both Java and Bedrock editions. However, its UI varies slightly across the two editions. So, lets briefly go over the options you get access to:

  • Command Input: Here, you can enter the various in-game commands that Minecraft supports.
  • Block Type: This option allows you to set and change the command blocks type from the default impulse to repeat or chain.
  • Condition: If a command block is conditional, it only runs a command if the previous command is successfully executed.
  • Redstone: If you want to use the command block in a Redstone machine, you can use this option to make it run only with Redstone power.

Exclusive Options

The command block on the Bedrock edition has some additional options beyond the regular ones. Heres what each of them means:

How To Access Command Blocks

Due to the power of the command blocks, there are a few conditions that need to be met in order to use them in your server. First, you will need to enable command blocks directly in the server settings. Secondly, you will need to be OP on the server and in creative mode to be able to place the block.

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Can You Get Command Blocks On Mc Xbox 360 Edition


Can you get command blocks on mc xbox 360 edition???

I d really lov to have commands, unless you use the xbox chat pad and type in: /give command_block , I think

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So far, I don not think that there are any command blocks, and I dont think any will come soon, as it would take a lot of work


I think a command block is only available at gadgets with keyboards, or maybe you need to update the latest version of minecraft I think.


There in Xbox theres just not a way to get them


Some day you will be able to get command blocks in Minecraft on The Xbox 360 Someday.


What Are Command Blocks

How To Get A Command Block In Minecraft Xbox One No Mods

As the name suggests, command blocks are for executing commands. It is a useful element of the Minecraft game, which cant be made with a crafting table or furnace. It can be activated by powering it with a Redstone power source. Moreover, this feature is specially designed for creative and adventure mode. It can completely modify the game world. Players cant use it in the survival mode. However, even in creative mode, it doesnt show in the block menu.

The best thing about it is that the players can program their command blocks and do some creative things in the game. To add a command block in the inventory, one has to use a game command. The platforms that support this feature include Java edition, Pocket Edition, Xbox One, Nintendo switch, windows 10 edition, education edition. Unfortunately, it is not supported on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, and Wii U.

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Setting Up The Reward Command Block

Letââ¬â¢s add a third block to set a command to reward the player for placing a block in the right spot.

  • Place another command block next to the existing block. Make sure that the new block is placed in front of the direction that the arrow is pointing.
  • Open the command block interface.
  • Set the Block Type to Chain.
  • Set the Condition to Conditional.
  • Set the Redstone to Always Active.
  • Set the Command Input to /give @p emerald.
  • Once again, this command will only activate if the previous command succeeded, meaning both the diamond block was present and the player hasn’t received the reward yet.

    How To Get Command Blocks In Minecraft

    This article was written by Jack Lloyd and by wikiHow staff writer, Travis Boylls. Jack Lloyd is a Technology Writer and Editor for wikiHow. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an English teacher.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 283,234 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to create command blocks, which are blocks that perform specific commands, in Minecraft, both for computers and in Pocket Edition. In order to create a usable command block, you must be in a creative world, and you must have cheats enabled. You cannot create command blocks on the console edition of Minecraft.

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    Minecraft Xbox 360/xbox One/ps3/ps4/wiiu

    Is Herobrine still in Minecraft 2021?

    Theres no definitive answer, but its likely that Herobrine is no longer in the game. There have been no sightings of him in recent years, and he doesnt seem to be mentioned in any official updates or patches. Its possible that he was removed from the game at some point, or that he simply isnt active anymore.

    What is the Herobrine seed?

    The Herobrine seed is a Minecraft seed that is rumored to spawn a character called Herobrine. There is no evidence that the seed actually exists, and it is likely just a hoax.

    How do you summon herobrine?

    There is no one definitive way to summon Herobrine. Some methods include using specific seeds in a Minecraft world, playing on a world with specific lighting conditions, or using specific commands.

    How do you spawn a mansion in Minecraft without mods?

    There are a few ways to spawn a mansion in Minecraft without mods. One way is to find a stronghold and activate the portal. Once youre in the stronghold, find the library and look for a secret room with a chest. The chest will have a book called The Beginners Guide to Making Mansions. The book will give you instructions on how to build a mansion.

    How do you get a command block in Minecraft without mods?

    There are a few ways to get a command block in Minecraft without mods. One way is to find one in a creative world. Another way is to use the /give command to give yourself a command block.

    How do you summon a wither storm?

    Get And Use Command Blocks In Minecraft

    Minecraft Xbox One – All 3 Command Block TUTORIAL

    With that, you can now easily get command blocks in Minecraft Java and Bedrock edition. With them, you can upgrade custom maps, make a private Minecraft server, and make your world better overall. One of the most fun ways to use command blocks is to make a perfect circle in Minecraft. But even with such power, there is no way to use them without learning Minecraft commands. Fortunately, theres an easier alternative in the form of the best Minecraft mods. You just have to install Forge in Minecraft to run the mods and enjoy even more power than the command block. Having said that, how do you plan on using a command block in your world? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Activate The Command Block

    Now that you have programmed the command block, you can activate it whenever you want and as often as you like. To activate the command block, just activate the redstone device that is attached to the command block.

    In this example, the redstone device is a lever. So you would activate the command block by toggling the lever.

    To activate the command block:

    • If the redstone device is a lever, you need to toggle the lever.
    • If the redstone device is a button, you need to push the button.
    • If the redstone device is a pressure plate, you need to stand on the pressure plate.

    To toggle the lever, position your pointer on the lever and right click the mouse button.

    You will see the lever move and a message will appear in the lower left corner of the game window displaying the command that was run by the command block. Because you used a lever in this example, you will need to toggle the lever back before you can activate the command block again.

    Congratulations, you just learned how to use a command block in Minecraft. Its just that easy!

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    How Do I Open Commands In Minecraft

    In order to use commands in Minecraft, you first need to open the commands menu. To do this, press the E button on your controller and select Tools > Options > Gameplay > Commands. Then, select the Open Commands option and enter the text /help into the text box.

    Once you have opened the command prompt, you can start using commands by typing them into the text box and pressing the Enter key. For example, to see a list of all the available commands, you could type /help into the command prompt and press Enter. You can also use various filters to find specific commands. For example, you could type /help .

    Safe Haven/arena Fight Zone

    Minecraft Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS3/PS4/WiiU

    Using pressure plates or tripwire, make areas a different difficulty . the doors could have tripwire hook to a command block that changes ones difficulty to peaceful, creating a sort of “Safe Haven”. one could also do it the other way around, creating a more dangerous zone, such as arenas having the difficulty of hard, rather than normal or easy. Note that in multiplayer this will change the difficulty everywhere in the world, and thus may not be desirable.

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    Minecraft World And Environment Cheats And Commands

    • Produces a seed code so you can recreate your world later
  • /setworldspawn
  • Set the world spawn location to the player’s current position, or optional specified coordinates if entered
  • /gamemode < type>
  • Sets the game mode type for yourself or an optional player
  • /gamerule < rule>
  • Queries the value of a game rule, or amends it if an optional value is entered. A list of rule codes is here
  • /difficulty < level>
  • Sets the difficulty level
  • /time set < value>
  • Sets the world game time, use 0 , 1000 , 6000 , 12000 , or 18000 as the value
  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  • Turn off the day/night cycle, replace false with true to reactivate
  • /weather < type>
  • Sets the weather type for an optional duration in seconds
  • /gamerule doWeatherCycle false
  • Turn off weather changes, replace false with true to reactivate
  • /clone < x1 y1 z1> < x2 y2 z2> < x y z>
  • Clones the blocks in the region between coordinates < x1 y1 z1> and < x2 y2 z2> , then places them with coordinates < x y z> in the lower northwest corner
  • Flying Command In Minecraft

    There is no direct command in Minecraft that will make you fly. You can change the mode of the game using the /gamemode creative command, and this will allow you to press jump twice and will get you up in the air! If you want to fly even faster , you can go into Spectator mode. This requires you to press F3 + N at once, and gives you the ability to fly around freely and go through walls. You can scroll your mouse-wheel up or down to increase or decrease the speed. This is the fastest way to get around other than using the teleport command!

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    S To Get A Command Block In Minecraft Pocket Edition

    There is not much difficulty in getting and setting up a command block in pocket edition. It can be done effortlessly with the help of following steps.

  • Open the app and start the game by tapping on the play.
  • Next, tap on create new .
  • Tap on Generate Random and which is located at the top of the screen.
  • Type a name for your world in the given world name field.
  • Change the game mode from survival to creative.
  • Tap on Continue when it will be asked to enable creative mode and cheat together.
  • Again tap on the play to create the game.
  • Tap on the chat icon represented as a bubble on the screen. It is located to the left of the pause icon.
  • Type the /give player command_block.
  • Tap the arrow, which is facing the right side to run the command. It will add a command block in the inventory.
  • The next step is to tap on the , then on the create tab and at last on the command block icon.
  • Keep the command block on the ground by tapping on it.
  • Now open the command block by tapping.
  • Choose the command block that you wish from the options including impulse, conditional and Redstone.
  • Tap + then on the command and at last on
  • After doing all these, exit the page of the command block.
  • All The Minecraft Cheats And Commands You’ll Ever Need

    How to get a command block in Minecraft Xbox One Edition

    ByIain WilsonContributions fromJoel Franeypublished 27 June 22

    Minecraft cheats, console commands and more to make your mark

    Minecraft cheats are used via commands, special code inputs that go into the console and allow you to tweak features and elements of your game, including teleporting, creating items and more. Unfortunately you can only do this if you’re playing the PC version of the game, where Minecraft cheats are implemented properly. People in PlayStation, Xbox, Switch or Mobile versions of Minecraft won’t be able to cheat sadly, but for those who are PC users, we can show you how to take almost total control and use Minecraft cheats and commands to your heart’s content, as well as a full command list to work from.

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    Give Command In Minecraft Ps4 Edition

    In Minecraft PS4 Edition, the syntax to give a player a command block using the is:

    /give < player>  command_block 


    • player is the name of the player that you wish to give the command block to.
    • amount is the number of command blocks that you want to give. If you don’t specify an amount, the player will be given 1 command block.

    Detecting Players Who Switched To Peaceful

    Note: The difficulty for a specific world can be locked as of Java Edition 1.8.

    Create a hostile mob that never despawns if the player is far away. To do so, use a name tag on the mob and place it on a pressure plate. Make sure it will keep it pressed infinitely, so make sure surround it with 2 high blocks or fences, so that it can’t jump or walk away. Make a redstone circuit that causes a command block to activate when input from pressure plate ceases to exist. Place a message inside the block that informs the player on chat that the map has been broken and must be redownloaded. This way, switching to Peaceful will cause the mob to vanish and activate the message. You can even make a teleportation command block so that a cheater is banished from the map to a small room without a way out as soon as they switch to Peaceful.

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