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How To Get Custom Capes In Minecraft Bedrock

Download A Skin With Minecraft Capes

How To Get 50 CUSTOM Capes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition PE! (DOWNLOAD)

Buying a skin to get your Minecraft cape is another important tool you can use for your Minecraft cape. This method will serve you well in Minecraft Bedrock Edition and Minecraft Windows10. This method requires you to do the following things to get your Minecraft cape.

  • First, you need to visit Minecraft Marketplace.
  • You can also use any other site for Minecraft skins.
  • Once you have selected the site, download that to your Minecraft device.
  • Login to the Minecraft site and find the option Preferences there.
  • Now, you will click on Choose File and select your Minecraft skin.
  • Upload it on your gameplay.
  • Your character will appear with the cape once you launch your game.
  • Buy Minecraft Skins To Get A Cape

    The account migration requirement only relates to Minecraft Java Edition. Thus, you cant obtain a free cape if you play Minecraft Bedrock Edition. However, you can purchase or download a free skin with a cape. Follow the steps below to do this:

  • Visit Minecraft Marketplace or any other site you prefer and browse for the skin you like. Download it to your device.
  • Log in to and click Preferences, located in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • You should now see your current Minecraft skin. Click Choose File, located to the right from it.
  • Select your .png skin file and then click the Upload button.
  • The website will refresh, and your character will appear dressed in the new skin. When you launch the game, the character will wear a cape
  • Java Vs Bedrock Editions

    Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions differ significantly. When it comes to capes, each one has its pros and cons. While more caped skins are available online for the Bedrock Edition, Java allows more cape customization options. More mods are available for Java, and they are generally easier to install. Plus, as mentioned in previous sections, Java Edition players can now receive a free cape for migrating their Mojang account to Microsoft account. The physics are different, too. Surprisingly, an older Java Edition released in 2011 offers more realistic cape physics. The cape can move freely in all directions, while in Bedrock, it can only move up and down. In other words, if a cape is truly important for you, Minecraft Java Edition is a better option.

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    Getting Capes For Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    In many instances, players can purchase skin packs from the Minecraft store, which often contain capes as a cosmetic item. They can be equipped for a particular skin through the Character Creator.

    Additionally, those who attended specific Minecraft events or completed certain tasks can avail of cape-related rewards. With that being said, MINECON events were held in-person prior to 2017.

    They gave an exclusive cape to all attendants, so purchasing a ticket or attending the event was the only way to get a particular one.

    nearly 11 years after capes were added to #minecraft, i finally have one.

    From 2011-2016, attending that MINECON event would earn players a special cape. Mojang decided to bring these back for the virtual MINECON 2019, but only for Bedrock Edition players.

    Additionally, those who migrated their account from Mojang to Microsoft could also get a special cape. Here’s how that was able to occur:

  • Log into your Minecraft account.
  • Locate the “It’s Your Turn To Move” prompt.
  • Verify your account with pertinent code sent to the correct email.
  • Input the code and click “Submit and Start Migration”.
  • Players will need a new email and password.
  • Confirm date of birth and country.
  • Create a gamertag.
  • Complete migration and unlock special cape.
  • Despite listing these methods, it is tough to satisfy players’ curiosity and intrigue with the item. Therefore, purchasing remains the best way to acquire capes.

    How Do Capes Work

    How To Get CUSTOM CAPES In Minecraft Bedrock Edition (1.16.X

    Minecraft capes are one of the valuable additions to the Minecraft world. Minecraft capes work in different ways, such as:

    • You can use these capes for your protection.
    • You can make your survival rate even better with Minecraft capes.
    • You can wear Minecraft capes to change the appearance of your character.
    • Minecraft capes are the skin protection coverings for you.
    • You will wear them as additional skin in your gameplay.
    • You can use these capes along with the skin packs in Minecraft.
    • Capes usually work as a bragging right for you.
    • Minecraft capes are the symbol of style and royalty.

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    Can I Craft A Cape In Minecraft

    Yes. Numerous sites online allow players to create a custom cape and download it for free. One of these sites is With the cape editor tool, you can make a cape with any design in a couple of minutes. Follow the instruction below:

    1. Click the large red rectangle to choose a color.

    2. Left-click anywhere on the cape template to color that area. You can also hold the left click while moving your mouse to color the required area quicker.

    3. Right-click to erase the required area.

    4. Mix colors and draw patterns as you wish. Once done, click .

    5. Upload your custom cape to to apply the skin.

    Some mods, such as Optifine for Minecraft Java Edition, also have a cape editor.

    How To Get Capes In Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    Having your pixelated character style a cute little cape of their own is something that a lot of players desire in Minecraft Bedrock edition. This is more often than not accomplished through custom skins.

    The unfortunate part, however, is that the Elytra is the only cape that you can get in-game. However, there are ways for players to have capes added to their skins.

    If you want to learn the various ways on how to get capes in Minecraft Bedrock edition, then youre in the right place just read on below!

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    Migrate Your Account To Get A Cape

    Recently, Minecraft developers issued a notice for Java Edition players. All Mojang accounts have to be migrated to Microsoft accounts. This requirement is related to safety reasons and is mandatory, though the exact date of the migration period end is yet unknown. If a player fails to move the account, they wont be able to play the Java Edition anymore.

    Thankfully, this process doesnt change anything about the game. Furthermore, every player gets a free cape for their efforts. Heres how to move your Mojang account to Microsoft:

  • Run Minecraft Launcher or log in to with your Mojang account.
  • You should see an invitation to migrate, click on it.
  • Create a new Microsoft account or sign in with an existing one.
  • Create an account. Theres no need to own an Xbox to do this.
  • Confirm the migration of your Mojang account.
  • When you relaunch the game, a new cape should appear in your inventory.
  • How To Get A Cape Officially

    How To Get CUSTOM CAPES In Minecraft Bedrock Edition (1.17 & 1.18)

    Getting a cape officially in Minecraft can be a bit hard to do. Because it requires you to either contribute to the Minecraft community by being a Minecraft Mapmaker and saving up points, wait until Mojang gives them out, or attend an official Minecraft event.

    For Java players, you can get the Migrator cape by converting your Mojang account to a Microsoft account if you bought Minecraft before December 2020.

    If youre on Bedrock, you can get the Pan Cape by signing up for the Beta Bedrock version.

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    Can You Use Optifine Capes In Minecraft Bedrock

    Unfortunately, Optifine is unavailable for the Bedrock Edition due to how the two-game versions work. Optifine is coded to work in Java, and most of its optimization is catered toward Java players. Bedrock Edition has most of the standard optimizations built into the game. Mojangs RTX mode boosts the graphics quality to above what Optifine can achieve for Java Edition.

    Optifine-analogs for Bedrock advertised online typically do not work or provide a limited range of options. They also do not come with the cape you receive for getting the original Optifine mod since their separate products.

    How To Get A Cape In Minecraft Java Edition

    Currently in Minecraft Java edition, there is no way of obtaining a cape on ones own. However, there are many mods that allow Minecraft players to obtain at least a cape. It is always only visible to that one player or in some rare cases other players. Meanwhile, in some edition like Bedrock edition, there are amazing skins including capes. So, if you legitimately own a cape in java edition, you can put it on by accessing it from your own Minecraft profile. Players of Minecraft pocket edition can equip capes for their skins through character editor.

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    Getting Capes In Minecraft

    If you are wanting to get capes in Minecraft without mods then at the moment there are two methods you can use. Firstly, you can wait until there is a Mojang event you can partake in which offers them. You will be able to get a cape through this process and there was even one time that Mojang offered you a cape for converting a Mojang/legacy account into a Microsoft account for the game.

    If you dont like the idea of waiting around until you can show off your cape on the many islands that Minecraft has then there is indeed another way you can get some capes. There are capes offered for certain packs in the Bedrock version such as the Adventure Time Mash-Up pack. If you purchase this you will get access to some capes.

    Further, if you want to use mods to get capes then the Optifine mod is highly recommended. You will be able to design and actually create custom capes. However, you have to donate some money to the Optifine team first and the amount required is $10. Afterward, you can enjoy creating capes of any design!

    Minecraft is available now for the platforms of PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, mobile devices, and many other platforms.

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    How To Get A Custom Cape In Minecraft

    How To Get CUSTOM CAPES On Minecraft Bedrock Edition! (Windows 10 ...

    Minecraft customs capes are very useful as they allow you for further customization of your Minecraft gameplay. What would you do to get a custom cape in Minecraft? Lets get to know about it.

  • You can get a custom cape from the game settings.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed Minecraft mods for capes, you will be able to get a custom cape too.
  • You will need to click on the Cape Editor Button to get your custom cape.
  • This button will offer you an option for a custom cape.
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    Using Custom Capes In Minecraft Bedrock

    Apart from buying skins in the official store, you can also use custom skins. Mskins works well for this. Minecraft Bedrock makes it a bit more difficult to get custom skins into the game, but it is possible nevertheless:

  • Go to your favorite custom skins website.
  • Select a skin you would like to download.
  • Launch Minecraft.
  • In the Character Customization menu, select Choose New Skin.
  • Select the image file you downloaded.
  • Choose the appropriate model size. An incorrect model will have grey parts.
  • Since not all skins have attached capes, finding some that are worth the effort might take a while.

    What Are Capes And What Is Their Use In Minecraft

    Capes in Minecraft are a free-flowing clothing item attached to a players shoulders. They are worn additional to the players skin. So, you can even combine different styles of capes with your cool Minecraft skins. But the capes are not related to or affected by skins in any form.

    Capes function similarly in all Minecraft versions that support them. But dont confuse them with the in-game item Elytra, which helps you fly. Unlike Elytra, capes dont get split in half while you are using them. Not to forget, Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft are drastically different when it comes to capes. So, lets cover each of them one by one.

    Capes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    Capes in the Bedrock edition are common and easy for players to come across. All capes are public in the game and can be seen by all other players. You can equip and unequip capes easily, just like skins from the in-game Character Creator tool. Officially, the Bedrock edition keeps getting exclusive capes every few months as event-based items.

    Additionally, on some occasions, Mojang has gifted players capes for their contributions to the game . Still, most of the gifted capes have also been exclusive to the Bedrock edition. Though, getting a cape from Mojang is a rare scenario for most players. But we still have other simple methods that might work for you, so keep on reading.

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    Other Methods To Get Capes In Minecraft

    If the Migrator cape isnt enough for you, dont lose hope yet. There are a few more ways to get a variety of capes in Minecraft Java Edition.

    Attend Official Events

    Even though the frequency of cape offered in events is higher for the Bedrock edition, Minecraft Java players have some hope. If you have attended a Minecon in the past or if you attend one in 2022, Minecraft is sure to give you a special cape. But keep in mind that if an event is giving out capes, its usually a ticketed event.

    That means you have to pay some amount of money to attend the event, and in a way, get your in-game cape. The capes from such events, just like the Migrators cape, are official. Thus, these capes will be visible to all other Minecraft players.

    Use Popular Cape Mods

    Finally, the most popular option to get capes is using some of the best mods in Minecraft. You could install Forge to use mods in Minecraft. Several free and paid mods can provide capes to players. Using mods gives you the advantage of getting the capes in any texture, size, and shape.

    Advanced Capes Mod is one of the most reliable free cape mods you can try in Minecraft. But the mod-based capes also have a disadvantage. Irrespective of how cool your cape looks, its only you who will be able to see it. However, there is a workaround to this issue in the form of paid capes.

    How To Get 50+ Custom Capes In Minecraft Bedrock Edition Pe

    How To Get CUSTOM Animated Capes in Minecraft Bedrock Edition PE (DOWNLOAD)

    August 15, 2022, 6:14 pm1.3k Views55 Votes

    50+ Custom Capes for Minecraft PE/Bedrock Edition


    Follow me on Twitter: Snapchat: eckoxsoldier


    Hello and welcome to one of the coolest Minecraft Bedrock cape packs in the community, today I bring you 50+ custom capes for Minecraft P/ Bedrock Edition. You can check out the creator and the download above so remember to support them, leave a LIKE and SHARE the video if you want more showcases like this.



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    Getting Capes In Minecraft Bedrock

    Unfortunately, Minecraft Bedrock does not get the same customization and modding options prevalent in the Java Edition. Sadly, the only reliable way to change your characters appearance in the Bedrock Edition is to pay for it. The same principle applies to capes.

    You get a few decent cape options for Minecraft Bedrock, but all of them are locked behind a paywall in the character customization shop menu. If you want to spend some money to get a cape, here is what you need to do:

  • Open Minecraft.
  • Go to the Store.
  • Preview the skins in the store. Not all have a cape attached, but those that do will have the Cape ON/OFF option.
  • Purchase the skin you want.
  • Press the Skins tab on the bottom left .
  • Change your default skin to the one with a cape and enable the cape.
  • Unfortunately, as a part of the Bedrock Editions improvements in functionality and performance, capes have very limited physics enabled in the game. Unlike in Java Edition, where they can flutter around as you move, Bedrock capes are limited to shifting up and down.

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    How To Get A Cape In Minecraft For Free

    Here you have a chance of getting a cape with the latest update for Minecraft launcher. You may find out there is a cape but reading the instruction on how to unluck the cape you may end up being even more confused. Usually, it says campaigns and other happy happenings. You know that there is no campaign for Minecraft but expect Minecraft story mode which means that you have to play the game. You may end up not getting a cape in Xbox 360 but rather end up other other happy happenings. If you need to get a Minecraft cape, then you need to kill the wither and the ender dragon to earn the cape. But since the display message says other happenings that would mean more than just one. Meanwhile, this is a rare assumption by experts so it may not be necessarily right. Just give it a try though.

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    How To Get A Cape

    Capes in Minecraft are extremely rare to get and can be changed at any time in the Dressing Room. There are only a few ways to get them in-game. You can get a cape officially in Minecraft or by modding the game. So if youre looking to find out how to get a cape in Minecraft, we have you covered in our Cape guide below.

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