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How To Get Windows 10 Minecraft From Java

Minecraft Windows 10 Free If You Have Minecraft Java


I bought Minecraft Jaca a few years ago and now I want to play with Minecraft Windows 10, but I don’t want to buy it again. I read that you can get it for free, but all links are out of date and so I wanted to ask where you can still get it for free and if so how?

That was actually a promotion, but it was years ago and you have to buy the Bedrock Edition now.

At that time you could convert your Minecraft account into a Mojang account and secure a free code via a link. You can log into the Mojang account and see if you have a Win10 code there, but I think they didn’t just put it there. Back then you had to request the extra.

However, I recently had the phenomenon and bought a Minecraft Java code and had a Win10 code in the Mojang account to redeem.

The gift codes for Win10 editions are also available for less than 5 euro You can then redeem them in your MS account and activate MC-Win10 for little money.

That’s not possible anymore. It was possible for a long time if you bought Minecraft before October 2018. But even for old accounts this has not been possible for a few days. The offer was discontinued on April 20, 2020.

The 5 euro codes will also no longer be available soon. The free offer for old accounts was discontinued 5 days ago.

I can even see that the Win10 edition is sold out everywhere so to speak at a low price or is no longer available. ^^ RTX beta has probably contributed a lot ^^

its sucks that you have to buy it 2 times if you want to play MCw 10

Save The Converted World

Once the conversion finished successfully, the PC button will have a full green border.

  • Click the PC button to open the save window.
  • Enter a name for the converted world, then click the Save button.
  • Once the converted world has been saved, you can close the converter or reset it by clicking the Windows 10 button.
  • How To Get Minecraft On Windows 11

    • In order to install Minecraft Bedrock Edition, open Microsoft Store on Windows 11 PC.
    • Now search for Minecraft in the search bar. You will see multiple versions such as Minecraft for Windows 10, Minecraft for Windows 10 Starter Collection, and Minecraft for Windows 10 Master Collection. However, it should be noted that Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition offers a free trial.
    • Now click on the Minecraft for Windows 10 Edition and you will see the Bedrock editions pricing detail it costs $26.99
    • Now select a payment method, and buy the game
    • You can also try it for free by clicking the Free trial button
    • Now the downloading will start, and once completed you can click the Play option to start the game.

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    Minecraft Windows 11 Versions

    There are three popular versions of Minecraft for PC: Minecraft Java Edition, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition , and Minecraft: Dungeons. All provide the gameplay experience characteristic of the popular Mojang title, now owned by Microsoft, but with some differences. Below we have discussed the characteristics of each of them.

    Things To Know And Do Before Proceeding

    Minecraft Windows 10 Edition: What You Need to Know ...

    Backup your Minecraft world before converting it to Java.

    Ive only tried it on Windows 10 edition but the below procedure should also work with other bedrock editions too, as long as you can import them to your PC.

    Important note: The MCC Tool Chest is no longer being developed and the official website is down too. However, you still download it using the archive link or using this link. Do keep in mind that on newer versions of Minecraft, the MCC Tool Chest cannot read the chunk data and many not convert the world properly.

    As an alternative to the MCC Tool Chest application, try Universal Minecraft Converter

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    Download And Install Minecraft Game Using An Installer

    You may also install the free trial version of the Minecraft game using an installer. To download its executable file, use these steps

    • Open your web browser, and copy/paste the below URL on the address bar
    • Press Enter so that webpage loads completely. When it does, click .
    • Doing so will prompt you to download the installer, go ahead and save the setup file.
    • After the installer gets downloaded, double-click over it to begin its installation.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions one by one and thats how you get the Minecraft game.

    Thats it, I hope you enjoy Minecrafts free trial version and upgrade it soon to enjoy its premium features.

    How To Claim You Free Version

    To get your free code, sign in to your Mojang account at Once there, you should see a button under Minecraft for Windows 10 that says: Claim your free copy. Click the button and you should be issued a code for the Windows 10 Edition.

    Last week some who tried to claim the code were given an error message and were told that Microsoft had temporarily run out of gift codes for Minecraft for Windows 10 and to check back later. By Friday night codes were again being given away and Microsoft officials told PCWorld that it had been creating and distributing new codes.

    Microsoft and Minecraft officials announced the deadline in late January in a blog post by Tom Stone. Even if you miss it because youre on a road trip to White Castle with Harold and Kumar, its still worth ponying up another $27 for the Windows 10 version of Minecraft if youre interested in cross-platform play and getting access to new features like ray tracing first. Its a solid investment for a game that literally yields years of fun.

    Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read ouraffiliate link policyfor more details.

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    What Are Minecrafts System Requirements

    Before you get any game, its worth checking the system requirements beforehand. Minecraft is not a system-resource intensive game, but the Java version does have higher system requirements. The screenshot below shows the minimum system requirements for Minecraft Java:

    If your PC meets the system requirements for Minecraft: Java, it can run the Bedrock version for sure. To play Minecraft with ray-tracing graphics, however, youll need a great PC with an NVIDIA or AMD GPU, such as those of the GeForce RTX 20 and Radeon RX 6000 series.

    Get Minecraft Java Edition

    How To Get Minecraft Windows 10 Java Edition for FREE!(WORKING 2020) |Tlauncher

  • Click Games at the top of the Minecraft website.
  • Then select the Minecraft package.
  • Click the Try it free link.
  • Scroll down to and press the button for the Windows platform on the Minecraft free trial page.
  • Select a folder to save Minecraft Javas installer in.
  • Click the Save button to download.
  • Install Minecraft: Java

  • To install Minecraft: Java, click Windows 11s File Explorer taskbar button.
  • Open the folder you downloaded Minecrafts installer to.
  • Double-click the MinecraftInstaller.msi file to open the setup wizard.
  • Click the Next button on the setup window.
  • Press the Change button to select a folder to install Minecraft: Java in. Alternatively, you can just stick with the default directory specified in the path box.
  • Select the Create a shortcut on the desktop checkbox.
  • Select Next to continue.
  • Finally, click the Install button to confirm.
  • Select Yes on UAC confirmation prompts that might pop up.
  • When Minecraft is installed, press the Finish button.
  • Open the Minecraft Launcher window by clicking its desktop shortcut.
  • If you dont have a Microsoft account, set one up by clicking the Create a new Microsoft account link on that window.
  • Then click the Microsoft Login button.
  • To start the game, press the Play Demo button. Now you can have some fun!
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    Get Minecraft On Windows 11/10 Free Or Paid

    Before you can play Minecraft games on your PC, you have to first decide which editions you really want to go for. There are basically two editions that you can choose from. The two commonly played editions of Minecraft are as follows

    • Java Edition
    • Bedrock edition

    If you have heard them for the first time, heres a detailed description of each one of them

    Minecraft Java Edition

    Java edition is the oldest of all game types that ever come on Minecraft and is still available for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Installing this edition, you will get better graphics, more servers, and unlimited modding capabilities. The only con of this version is that you cant play this game on mobile devices, consoles, or other similar devices. However, you may cross-play with computers i.e. all other online players across Windows, Linux, or macOS.

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    Bedrock Edition is more of an advanced version and is commonly known as Minecraft for Windows 10. Users prefer this edition because of its ability to play across multiple operating systems i.e. Windows, Xbox, Android, iOS, etc. When it comes to performance or load time, it beats the Java edition as well. But thats because it doesnt have any hardcore or spectator mode. Also, if you want to create custom mods, that option is available only on the Java edition.

    Is There A Freemium Minecraft Edition

    Theres isnt any freemium Minecraft game version you can download and install on Windows 11. However, you can play the original Minecraft 2009 game in your browser. Mojang released that browser version of the game to commemorate its 10th anniversary.

    Minecraft Classic is the game in its earliest form. It includes only 32 blocks to build worlds with. You can play that Minecraft game as much you like with no time restriction.

    Even more, keep in mind that playing Minecraft on a web browser is easy but you will need one that can consume fewer resources. Take a look at the best browsers to play Minecraft and make a choice.

    There can be little doubt that Minecraft is something of a phenomenon. Millions of players across the globe love the games open-ended gameplay, memorable blocky graphics, and detailed crafting system.

    Dont hesitate to check out this guide if Minecraft failed to authenticate your connection. Even more, learn how to fix common Minecraft errors in Windows 10. Although the guide is for Windows 10, it would assist you when facing such problems in Windows 11 as well.

    If you havent played Minecraft yet, what are you waiting for? You can enjoy the game on Windows 11 much the same as other PC platforms. At the very least, download and install Minecraft to play the free trial.

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    How To Get Minecraft: Bedrock Edition For Windows 10 For Free

  • Launch your favorite web browser from the Start menu or taskbar.
  • Click the Account button in the top right corner.
  • Click the Email field.

  • Type the email address associated with your Mojang account.
  • Click the password field.

  • Click the Log in button.

  • Click the Redeem button beneath Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10. You will be taken to the Microsoft Store.
  • Click the Redeem button.

  • Click Go to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10.
  • Click the Open button to launch Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10.

  • That’s it! You can now enjoy the newest version of Minecraft. If you can’t take advantage of this offer, you can still buy the Bedrock Edition directly from Microsoft.

    Connecting To Your Minecraft Server

    Minecraft How To Convert Windows 10 Worlds To Java (Win10 ...

    Now that your server is installed, you can connect to it from Minecraft. Launch Minecraft and select Multiplayer.

    Click Add Server

    Enter server details and click Done. You can obtain the Minecraft server IP address by going to Google and searching “what’s my IP”. You may need to open up access to port 25565 on your router if your friends are unable to connect. Keep in mind that your home IP address may change frequently, so you will need to provide them with the updated connections details when this happens. One of the main advantages of using a cloud server is you always keep the same IP.

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    How To Get Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition For Free If You Own The Pc Version

    A new GamesBeat event is around the corner! Learn more about what comes next.

    Microsoft isnt just releasing Windows 10 tomorrow , its also preparing to roll out a new version of one of its most popular games.

    Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition is real, and it is completely free if you already own the game on PC. You just need to go through a few steps.

    Heres how to do it:

    • Sign into your Mojang account.
    • You should see your Mincecraft purchase at the top of the page.
    • Scroll down and you should see Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta.
    • After that, simply click the button Claim your free copy.
    • This will take you to a Microsoft page where you can redeem your code for the game.
    • You may need to sign into your Microsoft account.
    • The code field should auto-populate.
    • Hit Redeem.

    Now, once you have Windows 10 installed, you should find the game in your apps.

    Minecraft Windows 1: Everything You Need To Know

    September 24, 2021 by Peter

    Minecraft Windows 11 is a popular sandbox-type video game that offers users the ability to build buildings and tools of any kind. There is no shortage of adventure components, with monsters that attack the player when night falls and an important multiplayer component that makes the game almost endless. Here we will explain to you, in detail, everything that needs to be done to be able to download Minecraft for Windows 11 PC/Laptop. You just have to take five minutes of free time and put into practice the instructions we are about to give you.

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    Can You Use Controller On Minecraft Java

    The Minecraft Java version does not support controllers, while the UWP version has support out of the box with options to customize the controls. Minecraft, when played on a PC, may work best if you play it with a keyboard and mouse, but everyone has their own preference when it comes to controlling a game.

    What Are The Different Minecraft Versions

    How To Get Minecraft Windows 10 Edition When You Own The Java Version! (2019)

    There are two primary Minecraft versions you can play on Windows. Minecraft Java is one version of the game you can download from the games website. As its title implies, that version of the game runs on Java, which comes installed with it.

    One advantage of Minecraft Java is that its more customizable than its alternative version. Players can modify the game with downloadable mods. Furthermore, players can make their skins instead of purchasing them from Minecrafts marketplace.

    Minecraft Bedrock is the alternative version of the game you can get from the MS Store. Thats a non-Java edition for Windows and consoles. Bedrock is the multi-platform version of the game.

    The good thing about it is that it enables cross-play multiplayer. That means you can play Minecraft Bedrock multiplayer on Windows with console players. Minecraft Java doesnt support cross-play multiplayer.

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    How Do I Setup Port Forwarding

    When you completing the install of a Minecraft multiplayer server on your local PC instead of hosting it wth a cloud server provider, you need to open up access to your local PC to the internet through port forwarding. If you don’t setup port forwarding, your friends won’t be able to connect.

    The instructions for setting up Minecraft Server port forwarding will vary based on the type of router you use. So we’d recommend performing a google search on how to setup port forwarding based on the internet router or ISP you are using. This will complete your server install process.

    Minecraft Guide: How To Redeem Your Free Copy Of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition On Windows 10

    Long-time players of Minecraft on PC have likely enjoyed their Minecraft adventures while playing the Java Edition. If you’re one of the millions of people that bought the Java Edition of Minecraft before October 19, 2018 you can claim a free copy of the modern Bedrock Edition of Minecraft on Windows 10. Take advantage of this offer while it’s still available.

    This offer expires on April 21, 2020.

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    Why Do You Need To Update Minecraft Windows 10

    As you know, Minecraft is a famous and popular game. And the game developers also release new editions to give better game experience to users. To fulfill the demand of multiple game players, Minecraft creates many editions.

    Given to that fact, many users are confused about which edition should they choose. One of most heatedly discussed issues is Minecraft Windows vs Java. If you have the same doubt, you can refer to this guide and them make a decision: Minecraft Windows 10 VS Java Version: Which One Should You Buy?

    Minecraft: Windows 10 edition is a special version of Minecraft, which is highly optimized to run on Windows 10 computer. Minecraft latest update will be available for every few months and many people would like to obtain the update.

    What benefits can these updates bring you? As you know, each version has some bugs or in-perfect places. Hence, you can update Minecraft Windows 10 to the latest version to obtain higher stability and more game contents.

    Though the Minecraft Windows 10 can update itself in most time, here are chances that it wont update by itself. In this case, you are required to update Minecraft Windows 10 by yourself. Here comes the question – how to update Windows 10 Minecraft.

    Is Minecraft 116 Out


    Get ready to fall into lava. Lots of lava! The Nether Update, Minecrafts next big adventure, is launching June 23 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Windows 10, and more. The update will also be available on the Java version, and will roll out on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux during the same day.

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