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How To Minecraft Vr

Play Java Or Bedrock Minecraft On The Oculus Quest

How to install Vivecraft (Minecraft VR) 2022 – Oculus Quest 2, Valve Index, Vive, Rift

If you are looking to play Minecraft in VR but you only have the wireless Oculus Quest 1 or 2, you would think that you are out of luck considering that the game is not technically available for either system. However, in this article, we will show you how to play Minecraft in VR for the Oculus Quest.

How Do You Enable Vr In Minecraft

To enable VR in Minecraft, you will first need to have Minecraft VR downloaded onto your chosen device and have a compatible VR headset. As we touched on in the above article, there are plenty of choices for VR headsets.

Ensure that the headset is turned on and load Minecraft VR on your device. For example, if you play Minecraft on your PS4, you will need to place your headset on and locate the main menu.

Then press the triangle button to enter VR mode, this will turn VR mode on, and you will have two choices: immersive mode and living room mode. Use your D-pad toggles to choose between the two. For a truly immersive experience, select the immersive mode.

For those using computers, phones, or other devices, you will need to turn your VR headset on, enabling VR mode on the game. You will need to purchase an Oculus Link cable to connect to your PC for those using an Oculus Quest. This does tether you to the PC but will allow you to enjoy the immersive game.

If you run into any issues, be sure to consult your VR headset settings and your device to ensure theyâre on and ready for VR mode.

Can You Play Minecraft On Oculus Quest 2

Sadly, a search for Minecraft on the Quest 2 games and apps page draws a blank, suggesting that the game has not yet made the transition to this VR headset.

But that isn’t the whole story.

Minecraft has, in fact, been made compatible with the Quest 2, even if it isn’t currently showing on the Oculus 2 games page. It is the Java Edition as opposed to the Bedrock Edition, which may be worth bearing in mind.

So if you want to experience the game in its full virtual reality glory, it is possible. But it will take a bit of time and effort, before reaching the sunlit uplands of your beautiful world. Let’s take a look at what you need to do.

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Can I Play Minecraft Vr With The Oculus Quest 1/2

Before we proceed with the guide, it’s important to clarify that Minecraft does not have a native Quest app. This means that you cannot run Minecraft on a Quest without first plugging it into a sufficiently powerful PC.

If you’re uncertain, read more into the Wireless Air Link feature here.

The rest of this guide will assume you’re running Minecraft on a sufficiently powerful PC.

Reinstall Minecraft & Vivecraft

VR Roller Coaster

Sometimes after a cascade of changes, updates and various things you have might tried, it would simply be the best idea to start from a blank sheet.

You can remove Minecraft by using the Windows Add or remove programs utility. After that you can reinstall Minecraft and Vivecraftusing my tutorial or any other one you can find.

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How To Play Minecraft Vr In 2022 On The Oculus Quest + Pc Vr

In This Guide, We Will Show You How To Install, Configure And Play Minecraft VR On All VR Headsets Be It Oculus Quest Or PCVR, Weve Got You Covered

More precisely, Were gonna talk about:

  • We will look at the differences or similarities between Minecraft VR and Vivecraft.
  • We show you, step by step, how to install Minecraft VR on each virtual reality headset.
  • Well show you some general Minecraft tips for VR.
  • NEW: Discovery is a new Minecraft clone for the Oculus Quest 2 or 1 that we highly recommend. We have instructions for installing it below.
  • If we forgot something, feel free to comment at the bottom of this guide. And you can browse through this Ultimate Minecraft VR guide using the Table Of Contents below:

    Minecraft For Playstation Vr

    Minecraft now supports PlayStation VR headsets, as well. After the latest update, you can enjoy Minecraft in PlayStation VR. For this, you will need a PlayStation VR headset and PS4 controllers.

    To begin playing, update Minecraft on your PlayStation 4 gaming device and prepare yourself to appear directly inside of Minecraft. After updating the game, two distinct modes will appear:

    • Living Room Mode

    Living Room Mode, as its name suggests, allows you to experience the VR version of the game by sitting in a lounge. Meanwhile, Immersive Mode allows you to move freely inside the game, as you would in reality. You can play this game in virtual reality as you would play normally. All the features are almost the same in VR, but the 3D effects will immerse you in the world of Minecraft like never before.

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    Minecraft In Virtual Reality: A Complete Guide

    One of the ways crafters can access VR is through QuestCraft. This requires a Quest 2 device and Java Edition .

    QuestCraft unofficially brings Minecraft to Quest, but not without some big

    Players can check out the official QuestCraft site for help, and they will also find the official QuestCraft files they need to download there. Here are the steps to begin playing Minecraft in VR:

  • Sideload the APK from Sidequest on the VR device.
  • Move the downloaded zip file somewhere that will be easily accessible.
  • Place the Android folder on the quest device.
  • Do the same with the Alarms folder.
  • Open the PojavLauncher.
  • Go to Settings and find the Video and Renderers sections.
  • Select the third option available here.
  • Select the correct profile.
  • Enjoy crafting in VR.
  • This version of VR Minecraft is usually updated often, so there should be no major issues, and players should have a relatively hassle-free experience.

    There is also a second way to play the game in VR. Both Java and Bedrock Editions are available on an Oculus Quest 2. It will simply be played on the computer where the game is housed and streamed to the device for the VR experience.

    Players will first need to set up the Oculus Link on the device and whichever version of the game is installed. Here’s how to do so for Windows 10 Edition:

  • Open the Oculus app on the computer with Minecraft on it.
  • Find and click the ‘Settings’ link.
  • Navigate to ‘General.’
  • Minecraft Vr Gameplay Videos

    How To Play Minecraft in VR | Java & Bedrock Edition Tutorial

    Not sure what to expect out of this game in virtual reality? Check out these gameplay videos below for VR content.

    Minecraft VR is now one of the best games you can play in virtual reality. It is currently available as a free update on the Oculus store if you already have bought the Windows 10 Edition.

    You should definitely try it if you have an Oculus Rift S.

    What is your favorite game to play on Minecraft? Comment below and help other players out!

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    How To Play Minecraft Pc Vr On Quest Via Oculus Link Or Virtual Desktop

    To play PC VR Minecraft on Quest, youll need to follow the usual steps for playing PC VR content on Quest, using either a wired Oculus Link, wireless Air Link or wireless Virtual Desktop connection. If youre not sure how to do this, you can read more about it in our guide.

    This version of Minecraft should run stable and is a full version of the game, with support for all the modern updates, features and multiplayer . The only downside is that you need to have a VR-ready PC to play it on Quest its not a standalone native version that you can play on your Quest wherever you are, without a PC.

    Try Other Pc Vr Methods

    I have learned from my personal experience and the comments/questions voiced by other VR users that if you are having trouble with one PC VR method, it is almost always a good idea to try another one.

    If Minecraft Java edition does not work for you with Air Link, try Virtual Desktop or wired Link connection. When Minecraft Bedrock Edition does not work with your preferred Link connection, try the other one.

    There are two potential outcomes here. You either get the game working by trying an alternative method or you get additional information you can use for further troubleshooting.

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    Establish Pc Vr Connection Before Running Minecraft

    Since your PC will be doing all the hard work of running the game, then before running Minecraft you are going to have to establish a PCVR connection between your headset and PC.

    For the Quest 2, this means that you establish a regular wired Link or Air Link connection and then launch either Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock edition. For the Minecraft Java Edition, Virtual Desktop will work as well.

    If you launch Minecraft before connecting your headset and PC, the game will understandably only start on your PC

    Windows Vs Java Editions

    Minecraft for the Gear VR is going to drain your battery

    Originally, Java was the original desktop version of Minecraft and the Windows edition was a port of the pocket edition. Over time, these two versions will merge together into a single copy. Until there, there are a few big diferences.

    For starters, the Java edition allows you to play Minecraft multiplayer with people around the world. There are plenty of VR servers to join and play with other players. The Windows edition supports playing in a single room with up to 10 people at a time only.

    If you want to play with Minecraft VR mods and enhancements then the Java edition is going to be your pick. The Windows edition does not currently support third party mods outside of a few texture enhancements.

    The Windows Edition of Minecraft supports Xbox and other Bluetooth controllers better. You can configure your controller to work best for you and optimize to your liking. This might not be a big factor for virtual reality players, since VR mode activates VR controller support at the same time.

    Lastly, the cost of the Java edition is higher at $28 vs $10. When you buy the Java edition then you also get a code to redeem and play the Windows edition too.

    Both editions of Minecraft have free VR support included. However, there is also a third party VR mod for Minecraft called Vivecraft.

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    Run The Game In Regular Mode

    Most of you have probably done this already, but before trying to launch Minecraft in VR, make a test run of the game in regular flat screen mode. Especially if you just installed the game.

    By running the game, it will automatically create all the necessary configuration files and folders.

    Secondly, you can verify that the game does indeed work in regular flat screen mode. If it doesnt, there is no point in trying it in VR, is it?

    Configure Vivecraft To Use Dedicated Gpu

    This section is for people using a PC with dual graphics cards. For example, gaming laptops often have an integrated GPU as well as the more powerful dedicated GPU that is meant for gaming.

    If you have a computer with dual GPUs and Minecraft Java Edition only loads up on the desktop but not in the headset, the problem might be that Minecraft is using the integrated GPU which is not suitable for VR gaming.

    In order to force Minecraft to use the more powerful dedicated GPU, follow these steps:

  • Launch Vivecraft from Minecraft Launcher
  • Open Task Manager and navigate to Details tab
  • Press j on your keyboard and locate javaw.exe process
  • Right-click on the process and select Open file location
  • Copy the folder location
  • Right-click on Desktop and select Display settings
  • Scroll down and select Graphics settings
  • Click on Browse
  • Paste the location you copied earlier and select the javaw.exe executable
  • Select High performance and save.
  • If anything was left unclear, go ahead and watch my step-by-step Youtube video about this below:

    Note! Different Vivecraft versions might use different javaw executables. So if you have several versions of Vivecraft installed and/or are installing a new version, you will have to repeat this process.

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    How To Enable Unknown Sources On Oculus Link

    While Minecraft Bedrock has official VR support, we will be going through this extra step to ensure that the game launches without problems. However, dont worry since this does not put your Quest 2 at any risk. Assuming youve already set Oculus Link up, follow the steps below to allow Minecraft to pass through.

    1. Open the Oculus Link app on your PC.

    2. From the left sidebar, find and click on the Settings button.

    3. Click on the General tab to open up its settings.

    4. Toggle on the Unknown Sources button and youre done.

    And thats it! As mentioned above, dont worry about viruses or any other problems since Minecraft VR is perfectly safe to use on your Oculus Quest 2.

    Things You Will Need To Play Minecraft Bedrock On Quest 2

    How To Play Minecraft In VR On The Quest 2

    1. Oculus Link Set Up and Paired

    If youve followed our earlier guide on how to play Steam games on the Quest 2, you already know about Oculus Link. Metas official software for playing PC games on the Quest 2, Link is very handy. We will be using Oculus Link for essentially streaming Minecraft onto our PC. Therefore before you proceed, make sure to follow the above guide and pair your Quest 2 with it.

    2. Installed Copy of Minecraft Bedrock

    Now it is natural that you will require the actual game installed on your computer before beginning. Therefore go ahead and install Minecraft Bedrock/Minecraft for Windows on your PC and run it normally at least once. You can search for Minecraft for Windows either on the Microsoft Store or your Xbox Game Pass library.

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    Dont Use Virtual Desktop

    Minecraft Bedrock Edition does not work properly with Virtual Desktop. I tried and it opens in flat screen mode with the control mapping messed up. For this reason, use either wired Oculus Link or Air Link.

    Some people have actually claimed that they were able to get Bedrock running with Virtual Desktop by adjusting the installation process and modifying different settings. However, I havent found a manual for that nor had the time to dive deeper into this myself.

    So currently since you are having problems, its probably best to stick with whats known to work.

    How To Configure Oculus Quest 2 To Work In Wired Mode

    If you dont want to use QuestCraft, youll need to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your PC via either wired or wireless connection. This is true whether you want to use Vivecraft or Minecraft for Oculus. As you might guess, wired offers much better performance, with the obvious trade-off that you must be near your computer.

    It almost goes without saying that your PC has to meet the very modest system requirements for Oculus Link in order to run in wired or wireless mode. These include having a 4th Gen Core i5 or first-gen Ryzen 5 or higher CPU, Windows 10 or 11, 8GB of RAM and some kind of discrete graphics. Minecrafts system requirements are even lower than these, but if you want to use ray-tracing, you need an Nvidia RTX or Radeon RX 6000 series graphics card.

    1. Install the Oculus desktop app on your PC if you dont have it already.

    2. Launch the Oculus app.

    3. Navigate to Devices.

    5. Select Quest 2 and .

    6. Select Link for wired connections. If you wish to use a wireless connection, skip to the section below on using Air Link for wireless connections.

    7. Connect the Oculus Quest 2 to a USB 3 or faster port on your PC and click Continue.

    8. Navigate to Quick Settings on the headset and select Oculus Link. As long as your controllers are paired with the headset, they will automatically connect to your PC.

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    Default Controls For Playstation

    When it comes to the default controls for PlayStation, the basics include X to jump, double-tap X to fly, circle to drop the item in your hand, square to bring up the crafting menu, and triangle to bring up your inventory.

    To hit or mine an object, simply press or hold R2 respectively. To place an object, or to open an appliance like a crafting table or a chest, use the L2 button. The R1 and L1 buttons are used to scroll right and left through your inventory hotbar, respectively.

    To run, double-tap the left stick, or L3, forwards. To crouch, push down on R3, also known as the right analog stick.

    When it comes to using a sword, R2 is used to swipe and attack, with L2 used to block enemy attacks, unless holding a shield.

    How To Install Discovery On The Oculus Quest

    Minecraft Gear VR Edition is now available for Samsung Gear VR headset ...

    Discovery is a sandbox building game that looks and feels exactly like Minecraft. It has been out since the start of 2021 and has received regular updates.

    To install and play Discover on the Oculus Quest, first follow our guide to install and setup SideQuest VR for the Quest.

    When you are ready to go, . With your Quest headset connected to your computer, click on Install to Headset to install the app. Discovery has been submitted to the Oculus App Lab and will be available to download and install from there soon.

    Also, a group is currently working to port Vivecraft to the Quest platform. We will have more details when that becomes available.

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