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How To Turn On Tooltips Minecraft

How Do You Turn On Tooltips

how to enable advanced tooltip || how to see durability of tools (minecraft)

If you are running Windows 8 or newer, select File > Change Folder and Search Options. Switch to the View tab in the Folder Options window. Scroll down until you find Show pop-up description for folder and desktop items and uncheck it. Click ok and the tooltips are gone in Windows / File Explorer.

What Are Advanced Tooltips In Minecraft

Advanced tooltips is an often ignored feature in Minecraft that lets you see additional information about the items you possess and the world around you. You can see hitboxes, line of sight of different creatures around you, and remaining tool, armour, and weapon durability.

You can toggle advanced tooltips using the F3+H keyboard shortcut.

Do keep in mind that at the moment Advanced Tooltips are only available on Minecrafts Java Edition. If you want to see additional functionality on the Microsoft Store edition, youre going to have to use mods.

Wheat Carrots Potatoes Beets

Most players will start a wheat farm first, because wheat seeds are one of the first items you can find . Note that all methods for wheat will work identically for the other crops, except that carrots and potatoes don’t have separate seeds — you just re-plant the the vegetables .

Besides seeds, players will need dirt/grass, a hoe, light, and water. One source block of water will hydrate farmland four blocks in every direction, including diagonally. Therefore, the most effective wheat farm is 9Ã9 with a source block in the middle. You’ll want fences around it to keep out wandering mobs, that will make it 11×11. Again, that one source block extends to all tilled soil in the 9Ã9 areas. That area yields 80 wheat after fully grown. This not only saves water sources but also gives more room to grow crops for less water. Putting a slab in the water block will let you walk over it without risk of trampling the crop.

When starting out, you can speed up wheat or other crop growth by planting in alternate rows, with empty farmland or a different crop between. However, once you’ve gotten to the point where you can plant a whole field in one crop, the speed isn’t really worth the trouble of mixed crop, as it’s easier to use a water bucket to harvest the whole field at once, and it’s quickest to replant the field in a single crop.

Villagers can be used to automate breaking and replacing of the crops — see the tutorial linked above for more details.

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How To Turn Off Tips In Minecraft

The virtual world of Minecraft allows users to dig and mine for materials while also constructing and enchanting items.

As a sandbox game, the game enables players to build their own worlds and experiences, with almost unlimited possibilities.

Users could also operate as admins and develop their own coding/modding directly in the game, which makes this different from other video games.

The fast rise of Minecraft is often attributed to the games first release in 2011 and the subsequent sale of over 150 million copies by the developer Mojang.

Because of the constant stream of new features, Minecraft will continue to be popular for some time to come.

The present edition of Minecraft is what the games creators had in mind when they created the first game. New content is still expected even if no new capabilities exist.

It is possible for you and your pals to have fun together while playing this online game. To play with others on a server, youll need a Microsoft Account.

Unfortunately, this means that the Minecraft login server and the Minecraft store are no longer available to you. Minecraft does not have any restrictions thus players are free to do anything they want.

The game begins when the participants are all seated in the blocky gameplay area. As long as they dont do damage to anybody or anything, players are free to do anything they like in this game.

Article Contents

Alt+f3 Displays Frame Time Graph

Mod Name Tooltip Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2

No one would define Minecraft as a resource intensive game, but specific mods can definitely impact performance. If youre concerned about your in-game framerate and you want to monitor it while you perform specific activities, press Alt+F3. This opens the debug menu, with the added frame time graph at the bottom.

You can play the game while this menu is on screen and monitor how your frame rate behaves during play. This is a good way to measure exactly what activities might be impacting your performance.

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F3+t Reloads Resource Packs

Minecraft is an old game with a lot of modifications over the years. Though it typically works without a hitch, there are times when the resource packs can fail. You might encounter graphical glitches or weird bugs that interfere with gameplay.

When this happens, press F3+T to reload the texture packs. This is particularly useful if you are playing a modded version of Minecraft or youve downloaded additional texture packs to improve the games appearance.

The game will pause and a load screen will appear. After the bar fills complete, the screen will flash and the game will resume with all of the textures reloaded.

Tooltips Show Remaining Armor Durability

Just as Advanced Tooltips in Minecraft demonstrate remaining weapon and tool durability, it can also show you how much more abuse your armor can take. Different enemies and types of damage cause your armor to decrease at certain rates. The above damage was caused after a Creeper explosion at point-blank range.

For example, a fall might damage a set of boots, but it isnt likely going to damage your chest plate. Burning will damage all of your armor. Armor worn by enemies wont take damage except when worn by undead creatures, and their helmets will take damage when they begin to burn in sunlight.

Tooltips can also be used to designate additional information about items, such as whether a beehive contains bees or not. Beyond that, tooltips offer no additional informationbut there are other ways you can put the debug menu to use.

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Advanced Tooltips In Minecraft To Up Your Game

Minecraft Modding Tutorial 1.15 – Item Tooltips

Gives you the edge in hardcore mode

When youre new to Minecraft, youre more concerned with surviving the first day and getting a shelter built. Higher-level players rely on different tricks and advanced tool tips to give them an edge, especially when playing on Hardcore Mode.

Minecraft has an oft-ignored tooltip feature that displays additional information about items within the game. The tooltips show specific IDs for each item, but they also show more critical details: remaining tool, weapon, and armor durability, as well as other important details.

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How To Turn On Advanced Tooltips

The easiest way to turn on Advanced Tooltips in Minecraft is to press F3+H at the same time. A message will appear on screen that reads:

When you see this, youll know the command succeeded. Some users report problems turning on tooltips this way due to hardcoded commands within their keyboard that set F3 + H to another shortcut. If your keyboard wont allow you to remap the shortcut, youll have to find another way to turn on Advanced Tooltips.

There are mods that allow you to enable the feature and access other debug commands through the options menu.

Turn Off Tooltips In Minecraft Overview

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Open The World To Lan

If you have a lot of valuable items like diamond armor, a diamond sword, diamonds, gold, and iron, then you will be more afraid to have all your hard work come to nothing. Unfortunately, this means that if you dug a hole into lava, all of the items that you were carrying will be lost forever. Many players delete the world when this happens however, never delete any world. Just think about the effort of building the base. It took more time to build it than to find the resources you needed. If it is deleted, then that world is gone forever. There is an alternate way to get the items back. There is an “Open to LAN” option, which allows you to enable cheats. When cheats are enabled, you can go into creative mode and replace lost items, as well as set /gamerule keepInventory to true. However, note that many players consider this as cheating. Many players believe that it’s better to think about their mistakes and start over.

Be careful if you open the world to LAN because if you click “esc”, mobs, blocks, and other in-game things can still move, even when you’re paused. That means if you’re chasing a cow while in LAN and clicked “esc” to pause, the cow can still run or move.

However, if you are playing multiplayer and you are not the server owner, you cannot just enable cheats. In that case, you could ask the one that hosts the Multiplayer game to replace the items or create a new world in singleplayer.

Getting Rid Of Extra Food


Even basic farms will rapidly produce a lot of food, to the point of oversupply. Once you’ve got a chestful of cooked meat, you’re pretty much set — only a few exotic foods can even compete. In general, it’s worth saving some extra oversupply — remember, chests are cheap. However, at some point it will be time to just stop slaughtering animals or harvesting crops at a given farm until you actually need more to cut off the oversupply. Automatic farms can be turned off, or excess crops routed to an auto-composter to make bone meal. In multiplayer, one player with a farm can support others if he/she has enough food. Crops can often be fed to animals, and crops and meat can both be sold to villagers to get emeralds. Note that food is generally sold to villagers uncooked, so don’t cook everything up front unless you will eat it in the future.

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How To Finish Tutorial In Minecraft

To finish the Tutorial in Minecraft you will have to follow Everything that the game advises.

On beginning the game you will notice a conversation box at the corner of your screen which will tell you what to do, keep doing everything the Dialogue Box says and you will finish your Tutorial in no time.

The Minecraft tutorial starts with the game giving you the fundamental controls for every action.

After you get the hang of the controls the game will instruct you to cut down four to five blocks of wood from a tree.

Next, the game will show you how to utilize your inventory. After the fundamental controls and inventory are done the game will teach you how to craft.

The first thing that you will craft will be the Crafting Table. Next, you will then learn how to build a shelter.

You may build the walls of the shelter with whatever and you will need to create an entrance as well.

Keep following the instructions that the game gives you may you will finish the Minecraft Tutorial in no time.

Minecraft Tutorials are extremely essential for new players as it makes it simpler for them to learn about the game fast.

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World Item Toolips Turned Off

Minecraft Basics: How to activate Advanced Tooltips

I’m playing Sky Factory and when I started playing it, I had a tooltip appear at the top of the screen showing the % of blocks , but I think I’ve hit a key that’s turned it off since it’s disappeared.

I’ve no idea what the mod is and tried randomly hitting all keys. Anyone know what it is and how to get it back?


The mod you are looking for is likely just WAILA but I am unaware of a single key to turn it off or on. You generally have to have Numlock on and then hit Numpad 0 and go through the options there to turn it off and/or on.

Assuming that is the right mod, that is where you can go to turn it on again. But the randomly turning it off thing is new to me.

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F3+g Shows Chunk Borders

The Minecraft world is divided into different sections called chunks, each of which is a 256-block high, 16×16 area. They are important for a variety of reasons, but the main one is this: Chunks that remain loaded at all times affect the gameplay of the entire world.

For example, your spawn chunk is always loaded. If you have a lot of redstone clocks set up that are causing lag in that chunk, then every chunk in the game will also experience lag.

Most chunks are not loaded, however. If you want to make sure youre building things in different chunks to avoid overlap and potential errors, its important to be able to see chunk borders. Press F3+G to show these on-screen.

Once you know where the chunk borders lie, you can better plan redstone machines, mods, and much more.

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Enabling Advanced Tooltips In Minecraft

To activate advanced tooltips in Minecraft: Java Edition, players can use the simple shortcut of F3 + H at the same time. The game’s debug menu should place a message in the chatbox stating that advanced tooltips are active if used correctly.

Some users have discussed their inability to use this shortcut due to pre-determined functions on their keyboards. Nonetheless, multiple mods allow players to enable and disable the tooltips manually. CurseForge is one such platform.

In addition to activating advanced tooltips, Minecraft players can use the following shortcuts to enable some other helpful debugging tools:

F3 + B

  • This shortcut will create visible hitboxes and lines of sight for players looking for a little extra info about mobs in their game world. This can help determine just how close players need to get to a mob to strike it or determine where it’s looking to avoid it.

F3 + T

  • Minecraft has numerous modifications and resource packs out there, and they don’t always work together cleanly. This can result in missing textures or unusual mechanics that end up with undesired results. Fortunately, this shortcut can reload a resource pack’s files, which may alleviate some problems. This isn’t guaranteed, but it can be worth a shot.

Alt + F3

  • If Minecraft might be siphoning off processing or graphics power, this shortcut can bring up a monitoring chart that allows players to visualize any fluctuations in framerate past a simple FPS counter.

F3 + G


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