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Minecraft Mod Maker Easy

Minecraft Mod Making For The Smaller Screen

Minecraft How to Make a Minecraft Mod 1.14.4 Without Coding Easy Tutorial (Forge) 2020

Minecraft PEa version of Minecraft intended for devices like phones and tabletsdoes not accept mods that are designed for the regular version of the game, so Mod Maker for Minecraft PE allows you to create mods for this edition of the game without any coding knowledge or other expertise that would normally be necessary for creating mods.

Exporting Your Minecraft Mod

Once you have produced your mod, you need to export it ready for Minecraft to use.

From the bottom left of the Workspace toolbar, choose the Export workspace into mod file button. This will bundle your mod up into its own package, ready for Minecraft to import. If you modified more than one block, then all will show up in your mod.

Note: If you’d like to work on several mods at the same time, switch to a different workspace from the main menu.

The Mod details menu provides options for packaging your mod. You can enter a name, a version, description, and creator details. Upload an image if you want to. The most important of these options is the File extension. Leave this on the default option of .JAR.

When you’re ready, press Recompile and export. This will package up your mod, but it may take some time depending on your computer, and the number of things you have changed.

You will need to agree to the terms of use, but once compiled, finish up by choosing a location on your file system to store your completed mod.

Connect With Your Friends On Voice Chat

Voice chat is a great way to connect with friends and family while playing Minecraft. It totally transforms the experience of playing with a faraway friend and offers an opportunity to reconnect in a fun and cooperative environment.

There are lots of options for clients. We use Teamspeak because it offers lots of options for customization. Another popular client is Discord. Discord has a basic web-based voice chat that doesnt require any downloads. For more advanced features you will still need to download and install Discord. The most popular game clients, like Steam and Curse, also include more basic voice chat features.

    Team Survival Speedrun: Gather your best Minecraft friends together on a survival server and Teamspeak with one goalto get to the end and defeat the ender dragon. See how quickly you can work together to beat Minecraft.

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Set Up Your Text Editor

Before we begin Minecraft modding, well need to download some tools.

First, for this guide, we are going to download the Eclipse IDE, one of the most popular professional text editors for Java in the world.

To download the installer and look for the Get Eclipse IDE 2020-06 Download area that looks like this:

Find the executable file in your download file and open it to launch the Eclipse installer.

When the launcher opens, select the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

Then on the next window, keep the default install location and then click the INSTALL button.

The next window will appear and you need to accept the agreement for Eclipse.

Then the next window will prompt to make sure you accept the license Agreement.

Checkmark the Remember accepted licenses box and accept the Eclipse Foundation Software User Agreement.

Once this is accepted, you are almost done with the install.

Just accept the Eclipse Foundation certificate as shown in the image below.

Once this is done, Eclipse will be downloaded and ready for when we need to use it to write our code.

The next step is going to be installing the Java Developer Kit which will let our code work properly with Minecraft.

Start And Join Your Server

Kid Friendly Interactive

This will start one of LearnToMods servers, build a world, and then return the I.P. address of that server. It will take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. While this is loading open Minecraft – specifically the 1.9.2 Java version for PC or MacOS.

In Minecraft go to Multiplayer > Direct Connect, and enter the I.P. address in that text field. Then, click Join Server.

Once inside your server, pause your game and go code your mod!

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Should You Download It

If you need to create mods for Minecraft PE, this app is one of the better options available, and it is free. However, user interface problems can make it frustrating to use, and the PE version of Minecraft is no longer in development, having being replaced by the cross-platform Minecraft Bedrock Edition. There are similar games, however, like Roblox.


  • Requires no coding experience or similar expertise
  • Supports custom texture importing
  • Allows for a wide range of mod types


  • Maximum custom texture size of 128×128
  • Requires use of a third-party script to run
  • In-app advertisements can interfere with the user interface

All Credit For The Mods Goes To The Mod Makersi Did Not Make Any Part Of Any Of These Modsif I Spelled Your Name Wrong Contact Me And I Will Fix It

Mod Used: Waila Link: Used: Jabba Link:
Mod Used: Ars Magica 2Link:

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Start The Desktop Server

Run this to start a desktop server:

npm run start:bukkit
  • Pull the Bukkit server image from Docker Hub.
  • Start the Bukkit server with your plugin loaded.
  • Start the TypeScript transpiler to transpile your code to ES5.
  • You can now connect to the server with your desktop client. Click on Multiplayer then Direct Connect, then use the server address

    The Ultimate Guide To Minecraft Modding With Java

    Minecraft How to Make a Minecraft Mod 1.12.2 Without Coding Easy Tutorial (Forge)2018

    In this Minecraft Modding tutorial, we will be providing you with step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Minecraft modding while creating an awesome custom Sword that youll get to play in the game.

    Well be using Minecraft 1.12.2 as it is the version compatible with our current Minecraft courses. Newer versions may use different setup instructions.

    As a rule of thumb, Minecraft mod code is not compatible from version to version. For example, 1.12 mods will not work with 1.13 and above.

    Youll need a PC or Mac computer for this tutorial, as Chromebooks or mobile devices will not run the software properly.

    At CodaKid we have taught over 50,000 students Minecraft coding, and have won numerous industry awards for online courses including a Parents Choice Gold Award and CODiE Finalist for Best Coding and Computational Thinking Solution.

    While we teach coding for kids, this guide can be used by teachers, parents, or anyone with an interest in creating a custom Sword Mod for Minecraft Forge.

    We hope that you enjoy this free step by step guide to covering one of the first courses we teach in our Minecraft Modding series.

    Well cover the very basics of what youll need to start Minecraft modding, and you will learn how to use Java, one of the most popular programming languages in the world.

    Well also teach you how to download and use the Eclipse IDE, a text editor used by professional developers at companies such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

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    Make Minecraft Animations With Mine

    Mine-imator is a free and simple program that allows you to make animations using blocks and skins from Minecraft. Many of the basic tools found in professional animation software are included, but in a simplified and user-friendly format. Mine-imator is available for PC only. Read our full Mine-imator review here.

      Import your own Minecraft characters and skins: Did you know that you can import your Minecraft skin into Mine-imator. Its easy to do. You can load the skin from a file or Mine-imator can access your skin using your Minecraft username.

    Installed It Multiple Times Before And Refused To Keep It

    Well where do I start? I will put the reason why I hate this app but its long There are many others apps that let you make mods for free like the one I use though you have to watch ads like thats way better than paying and I am a ten year old So I have to ask my grandpa and he refused Nintendo online with is less money and what are the odds he would refuse that using a minute of your life to watch adds to install one mod is way better also you can also make mods in this one it might let you make more mods! But the other one is way simpler

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    Simple Minetest Mod Maker

    This tool allows non-programmers to make simple mods for Minetestusing an easygraphical interface.Modding in Minetest is quite easy. This editor cannot be used to create mobs, or to makethat mod in your dreams that fixes everything in Minetest. If you want to create anythingmore than a decorative block, you need tolearn how to mod Minetest properly, using Lua.

    What If I Want To Create My Own Minecraft Mods

    Teaching Kids to Code with Minecraft Mods made easy using MakeCode and ...

    With todays technology coding your own mods is pretty simple. One option is to use Java and Forge. Youll need to install several things. First youll need to install Java – to be able to run and test your code, Forge – to run the mods in Minecraft, a text editor – to create the code, and obviously Minecraft. For more information about that you can visit this Tutorials/Creating Forge mods Gamepedia page. The other option is to use a website that does most of the work. LearnToMod is a website that sends the mods directly to your own server without the need to install anything extra. These mods run in a multiplayer server that you can start from within the website. This is the website we use to run our Minecraft modding classes.

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    Code The Rest Of The Mod

    Well speed up a little bit and show you what the final code looks like. Dont worry, the blocks are color coded it should be very easy for you to find the menus where theyre located.

    The first line of blocks in the main function will simply send a message to the player. The second line will spawn a zombie in front of the player. And, the third line will give the player a diamond sword.

    Importing Minecraft Mods With Minecraft Forge

    Now that your mod is complete, all that’s left to do is import it into Minecraft.

    To install this mod, or any other mod, you need to install Minecraft Forge. Forge provides a simple and easy way to install custom mods into Minecraft itself.

    From the Forge home page, download an installer suitable for your operating system and Minecraft version. Run the installer, and when prompted, choose Install client.

    Once installed, launch or restart Minecraft. From the Minecraft Launcher, press the up arrow to the right of the play button at the bottom. Select Forge. This will load Minecraft with Forge, so you will need to do this everytime you want to use your mod.

    When in Minecraft, things will look different with Forge running. There’s some extra text at the bottom, along with a Mods button.

    Choose the Mods button, and you’ll see that your mod is not visible. You need to install your mod into Forge/Minecraft. Installation involves copying and pasting your mod into the mods folder of Minecraft.

    • On Windows, this is in AppData/.minecraft/
    • On Mac, this is in Library/Application Support/minecraft/

    You may need to restart Minecraft if you’ve pasted your mod while it is running. Enter the mods menu, and your mod will show up, complete with description, title, picture, and creator information. Well done!

    For this example, the “super_diamond” is now visible alongside all the other blocks.

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    Getting Started With Mcreator

    Advertised as “The Best Minecraft Mod Maker Ever,” MCreator is a free tool for making your own Minecraft mods. You don’t have to write any code—although you can if you’d prefer to.

    Get started by visiting the and downloading a version to match your current version of Minecraft.

    The download page details which version of MCreator you need, but if you’re running Minecraft version 1.12.2, then you’ll need MCreator version 1.7.9.

    Once you’ve chosen a version, go ahead and download MCreator for your operating system. The Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are all supported.

    If you’re running Windows, download and run the executable file . If you’re using Mac or Linux, the installation is a bit tougher, but the MCreator installation guide contains detailed install steps.

    Once up and running, MCreator will need a bit of time to get things in order. It needs to download the Minecraft Forge Development Kit, and download dependencies and compile. This may take some time depending on your computer and internet speed, but once it’s completed for the first time, it won’t need to do it again.

    Once configured, MCreator will ask if you’d like to sign in with your Pylo account. Go ahead and press Skip if you don’t have one.

    Everything is now ready to go. The screen you see is the main menu for MCreator. You can import or export current settings, install mods developed by other people, or start writing your own mods.

    Where Will Your Minecraft Mods Take You

    How To Create Your Own Minecraft ModPack Super Easy!!! 2020 Any Version / Any Mods!!

    Modding Minecraft is an excellent way to add some variety to the game, but it’s even better if you make the mod yourself. Once you have learned these basic building blocks, you can begin to make more complex mods.

    If you’d like to keep customizing, take a look at how to use command blocks in Minecraft. And if you enjoy custom game content like this, you might have a laugh at some of the best video game glitches.

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    Writing Your First Minecraft Mod

    For this example mod, we’re going to produce a super diamond ore, which will produce a vast quantity of diamonds when mined, instead of the usual one or two. You might also want to get inspired by some great existing Minecraft mods.

    To get started, you need a texture for your new block. This is an image which defines what your block looks like. This could be stone, wood, or any custom artwork. This example will use the diamond ore, but you can use any art you want.

    From the top of the main menu, select Tools. Choose Create item/block texture. This will open the Texture Maker, where you can create your own texture, based on existing Minecraft artwork.

    The texture maker contains contains four layer controls. These allow you to choose artwork and a color, which all get combined into your final texture.

    Except for Layer 1, the layer controls contain the same three settings. From left to right, these are:

  • Artwork selector: Use the drop down menu or popout interface to select a piece of artwork.
  • Color picker: Select the three dots to choose a color for this layer.
  • Lock saturation and brightness: These limit the layer color brightness. Play around to see what you like.
  • Once you’ve designed your artwork, select Use at the bottom, and then Block for the texture type. Choose Exit to go back to the Workspace page. The workspace page will now list your texture.

    From the left hand menu of the Workspace tab, select Mod Elements. This is where you will create your mod using your texture.

    Create Minecraft Mods With Code

    You can change the weather, set the time, and even teleport within your Minecraft world using Mod Creator. Build mini-games like Tetris and Alien Invaders, or generate cities, roller coasters, and complex ancient pyramids!

    Build an ancient pyramid out of any type of blocks! Mod Creator from the App Store.

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    Influence On Minecraft Itself

    Mods have influenced the main Minecraft game in three key ways. Mod developer Dr. Zhark added horses to the game through the Mo’ Creatures mod. Later on he helped Mojang adapt horses for use in standard issue Minecraft. Pistons were also originally a part of a mod made by Hippoplatimus too, but impressed Minecraft‘s creators so much that they added the feature to the main game.

    Mojang also admitted that they admired all of the work done on server side modding API Bukkit. In 2012, the Swedish company ended up hiring the lead developers of the project.

    In 2019, kingbdogz, a Minecraft mod developer who was known for creating The Aether mod stated on Twitter that he was hired by Mojang to work with them for Minecraft.

    How Do I Get Minecraft Mods

    Emerald Mod

    There are probably thousands of websites that host Minecraft mods. One of the most popular sites is It is important to note that the great majority of mods need forge. Forge is a program that allows users to install and run mods in Minecraft.

    As a side note, before you start downloading and installing things on your computer, make sure that you have an antivirus installed and that it is up to date. Also, when browsing for mods always choose the ones that have good reviews.

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    Best Makers Minecraft Mods

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