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How To Record Minecraft On Windows 10

Ios Screen Recording Record Minecraft Video On Ios 11 Directly

How to Record Minecraft with Windows 10 Screen Recorder (Outdated)

For iOS users, there is no need to install additional Minecraft recorder app. Because you can record game video with the built-in iOS screen recording feature directly. Just make sure you are running iOS 11 or higher versions.


  • Record Minecraft game on iPhone, iPad screen without third party application.
  • Take a screenshot during Minecraft screen recording on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.


  • There are not much editing tools.

Free Online Screen Recorder

Apeaksoft Free Online Screen Recorder is the best free screen recording software for Minecraft. With this free and easy-to-use screen recorder, you can record gameplays like Minecraft, Battlefield, Roblox or World of Warcraft to gain more likes on YouTube, Twitch and more.


  • It allows to capture gameplay, presentation and e-Learning courses.
  • You can record a picture-in-picture game recording while enabling webcam.
  • Users can select the recording area like a full screen or a fixed region.


  • Unlike Apeaksoft Screen Recorder, you cant edit with this online tool.

Launch Vsdc Screen Recorder On Your Pc

After youve installed VSDC on your PC, you can launch it through the shortcut on your desktop. Once opened, you will see this window:

The interface is pretty simple and user-friendly, so you should have no trouble navigating it, even if youre not tech-savvy. Before getting started, youll need to enable your recording devices. Lets see how you can do it.

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Download And Install The Software

To obtain Gecata, simply click the button provided on this page. Simply double-click the installation file, and then follow the instructions that appear on the screen. If required, make the necessary adjustments to the installation choices. When the procedure is finished, you can start up the software.

Simplest Screen Recorder For Minecraft Ever

Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Icon at Vectorified.com

Minecraft is a game of unlimited possibilities. But killing skellies and crafting bombs is even more fun when you can record yourself playing and share it with other gamers on YouTube. Gecata is a screen recorder for Minecraft that is powerful, simple, and free. Itll take no time to figure out how the software works and start recording your Minecraft gameplay with voice and webcam.

Capturing games on PC has never been easier. Launch the app, turn on Game Mode, tweak the settings, and dive in the world of the game!

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Does Minecraft Have A Recorder

Because Minecraft does not come with an in-game recorder, you will require an external recording programme in order to capture gameplay footage of the game. You can select Xbox game bar by pressing Windows Key + G on your Windows computer or QuickTime Player on your Mac by using that combination of keys.

Xbox Game Bar Lags Your Gameplay Fatal Problems

1. The identification problem

Xbox Game Bar can recognize Minecraft games, but not every time. According to the feedback from some users, they have recently faced the identification problem of some games, including Minecraft.

2. The sudden FPS drop

There is a massive FPS drop and evident temperature rise while recording Minecraft with the Xbox Game bar, which leads to lagging issues and poor video qualities.

3. The time limit

Regarding the background recording time, Xbox Game Bar has four values: 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 4 hours. In other words, you can record Minecraft games a maximum of up to four hours in length.

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Does Minecraft Have Copyright

The intellectual property rights of the content and materials found in Minecraft belong to their respective owners. You are required to provide us a licence to use any content that you publish on the Minecraft Wiki in accordance with our Terms of Service. Do not make available on the Minecraft Wiki any content for which you lack the appropriate rights to give this licence if you are the owner of the content.

Launch The Minecraft Screen Recorder And Choose Game Recorder Feature

How to record Minecraft on PC

After downloading the Minecraft screen recorder, enter into the main interface. To record Minecraft videos with sound or make a Minecraft tutorial with voice over, you need to choose “Game Recorder”.

If you just want to record Minecraft music disc to enjoy offline, you can use “Audio Recorder” and the article is here: Simple Way to Record Computer Audio.

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What Screen Recorder Do Youtubers Use

You may record videos to upload to YouTube and other websites using OBS, which is a programme that is both free and open source. Many users believe it to be among the greatest recording tools for YouTube, making it one of the top free video capture services available. It provides options for recording the screen that are both user-friendly and high-performing, in addition to capabilities for combining audio.

How To Record Minecraft Videos On Mac

If you want to find a lightweight but full-featured Minecraft recording software on Mac, EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is a great choice. Its flexible screen recording function gives you the ability to select the recording region freely. Whether you want to capture the whole screen or record part of the screen, it can perfectly satisfy your needs. Most importantly, there is no time limit for your recording, also no watermark on your recorded videos.

Sometimes, you may want to record the whole course of a game and export it as an MP4 file to upload to websites like YouTube. As this recorder supports more than 10 formats, you are capable of choosing the most appropriate target format based on your demands.

How to Record in Minecraft on Mac:

Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS RecExperts on your Mac. To capture the whole screen, click on the “Full Screen” button from the main interface. If you want to customize the recording area, choose the “Region” button.

Step 2. To record the screen with audio, hit the Sound icon from the bottom left side of the toolbar. The audio resources can be your external sound or system audio. Based on your needs, enable the target option.

Step 3. Before capturing, you can change the output format of the recorded video by clicking “Settings” from the main interface. Then, scroll down the menu of Output format for Video. Choose the output type as you like.

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Record Minecraft Gameplay On Mac

Mac also comes with a very easy to use screen recording program built in. It’s called QuickTime Player. QuickTime is an extensible multimedia framework, capable of handling various formats of digital video, picture, sound and interactivity. For Mac users, it would the best free way to record Minecraft game.

Step 1 : Launch Minecraft on your Mac. Find and open QuickTime Player X in your Applications folder. Click File and choose New Screen Recording.

Step 2 : Click on the creat next to the red button to select your video options. If you want to add narrative, select your Microphone. If you aren’t using an external mic, choose Internal Microphone.

Step 3 : Adjust the recording area. If it is OK, click on the red record button to begin recording the game.

Step 4 : Click the Stop button in the Menu bar on the left side of your screen when you want to stop recording.

How To Record Your Screen In Windows 10 Or Windows 11

Microsoft announces Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition Beta

You can record your screen in a Windows computer with XBox Game Bar. Here’s how:

  • To launch the Game Bar, press the Windows key + G together.
  • Press Windows key + Alt + G to enable game recording feature.
  • Now record your screen by either pressing Windows key + Alt + G or Windows key + Alt + R shortcut.
  • Recording your screen in Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • If youre looking to record your screen in Windows 10 or Windows 11 computers, then your search ends here. In what follows, well dive into the best methods to screen record your Windows computer. So lets jump right in.

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    Screen Recorder Video Recorder

    If youre an Android user and has installed Minecraft on your phone, you can rely on a third-party to capture the highlights during the game. Screen Recorder Video Recorder is an all-in-one game recorder for Android phone. It guarantees fluency and high quality of the recorded video. Moreover, it also allows you edit the recording before exporting the video. For example, you can add filters, effects, and even music to the video. The output video is also with high quality. Its one of the best Android screen recorders you can find.

    What Can You Use To Record Minecraft

    Before we talk about how to record Minecraft, lets answer the commonly asked question of what you can use to record Minecraft with ease. If you want to ensure the best possible results while recording Minecraft gameplays, you must use good screen recording software for this purpose. Not all screen recorders that you might encounter online are capable of recording good gameplays however, the tools that will be discussed further in this article are arguably the best and most effective for the purpose of recording gameplays.

    Here are the two screen recording software that can make the process of recording Minecraft gameplays much simpler and interesting for you.

  • PassFab Screen Recorder
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    How To Record Minecraft Java Edition In Other Platforms

    In addition to recording Minecraft on PC, you can actually capture the gameplay from PlayStation 4 or 5, Xbox, and also Nintendo Switch. Recording the screen on PS4 or PS5 is quite easy to do. You can either do it directly from the console or use a capture card. You wont need a capture card if the game lets you use the built-in share features on the console.

    Apart from that, Xbox also allows you to record the gameplay from the Xbox console. Its unlike PlayStation which actually needs to use a capture card in a certain condition, you dont need additional hardware or software to capture using Xbox. You can just directly do it from the joystick. So does Nintendo Switch.

    As long as you have connected your game console to your PC, you can record or capture any of your gaming screens. Recording gameplay with Switch is quite less complicated. If you want to know how to record a screen using these three game consoles, visit our blog for the specific article. Just go here and find what you need!

    Best Minecraft Screen Recorder To Capture Minecraft Game Video With High Quality

    Minecraft Windows 10: How to Record Keystrokes

    Summary: Want to be the next Stampy or Diamond Minecart? Want to share the interesting Minecart game moments with others? This post will introduce you with the best Minecraft screen recorder to capture anything happened in your Minecraft game.

    “I want to record myself playing in Minecraft, but I don’t know which screen recorder I should use. I tries several screen recorder for Minecraft, but all of them lag my game too much, and outputted low quality videos. I can’t get fluent game experience and nice captured files. I am using a windows 7 Dell laptop. Is there any good Minecraft screen recorder?”

    “Anyone help me find a free screen recorder for Minecraft? Is there an in-game screen recorder mod or something to capture a game video? I don’t care if there is a 30 or 60 day trial. I used some online screen recorder, but only got bad experience. I prefer a free screen recorder with no computer administrator permission. Surely I don’t want it bother my game playing.”

    As one of most popular sandbox games, Minecraft gaming platform attracts millions of players all around the world. While playing, there are always many moments you want to share with friends or other players. For that reason, you may start to think about recording the Minecraft game playing process.

    However, you have to admit that, many Minecraft screen recorders, including most online free screen recorder tools for Minecraft, they can’t offer you a smooth game recording.

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    Way 2 Record Minecraft With Obs

    Minecraft is still extremely well known today as we can see the Minecraft recordings and content still profoundly apparent on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and other game networks. OBS Studio is an open-source screen recorder that everybody can use free of charge. It is a confided in name due to its consistent recording abilities. It has many screen channels that can be utilized to add impacts to the video you are recording. Also, you can utilize the “Studio Mode” of the apparatus to communicate your Minecraft game on the web. The sound blender of the apparatus is additionally something that individuals love about OBS Studio.

    Step 1. Launch OBS Studio

    Get the OBS screen recorder apparatus introduced on your framework and afterwards dispatch it. Characterize hotkeys for a simple beginning and stop usefulness.

    Step 2. Create Scenes for Gameplay

    To add text and pictures to your accounts, right-click on the source region and select the game catch choice. Presently open Minecraft and afterwards pick it from the application list. Begin playing in full-screen mode.

    Step 3. Start/Stop Recording

    How To Record Minecraft With Recmaster Gaming Recorder

    RecMaster is one of the best game recorders for PC and Mac. With multiple recording modes including Game Mode, Full Screen, and Custom Area, it can help you grab Minecraft sessions perfectly at will. Below are the detailed steps. Before walking them through, you are suggested to free download RecMaster and set it up by following the prompt.

    Step 1. Launch and choose the right mode

    Open RecMaster on desktop and depending on you system, you will see five or four recording modes. Since more users proceed their PC games on Windows machine, only Windows version of RecMaster has Game Mode specifically.

    Full Screen, Custom Area or Game Mode, you can choose either video capture mode to continue the recording. The difference is Full Screen films the whole display from very start while Custom Area needs you to select the region to capture manually. Game Mode for Windows is designed with better game recording performance with no or less lag. But unluckily, its better at recording LOL, Fortnite and alike DirectX games to date and as to Minecraft or other non-Directx games, you need to test before the real capture.

    Step 2. Specify for the recordingAll video recording modes share the same setting options, so lets simply take a look at Full Screen settings.

  • Monitor pickWhen you have multiple monitors connected for work or entertainment, choose the one that runs Minecraft. To record dual or more displays at the same time, check this guide.
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    How Do I Record My Minecraft Gameplay

    To capture your gameplay with Gecata by Movavi, do as follows:

  • Install and launch the program.
  • Adjust the microphone and webcam settings to grab both audio and video.
  • Click Start Recording and Stop to begin and end the recording respectively.
  • Or read a more in-depth guide about how to record Minecraft on PC.

    How To Screen Record Minecraft With No Lag Using Videosolo

    How to Install Minecraft PE Maps for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition ...

    Now that you have grasp an overall picture about VideoSolo Screen Recorder. VideoSolo works perfectly both in Windows and Mac, click here to see how to record Minecraft with this capture tool in the video tutorail, or you can head to the following part for a more detailed instruction. This part is a step-by-step tutorial on how to record Minecraft gameplay with VideoSolo Screen Recorder.

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    Record Minecraft Gameplay On Windows Computer

    Do you know Windows 10 has a screen recording utility called the Xbox Game Bar? With it, you can record a video of your actions on your PC, whether you want to capture gameplay or create a video. For Windows users, if you do not want any third-party software, it would be easier and convenient. Lets how it works.

    Step 1 : Find the Settings on your computer. You can find it by clicking Gear icon in Windows menu. Then you need find Gaming in settings.

    Step 2 : After that, you need to turn on Record game clips, screenshots and broadcast using Game bar. Then you can to record your game and set the keyboard shortcuts as you like.

    Step 3 : After finishing the preparation work, you can launch the game and press Win and G keys at the same time. Check the box next to Yes, this is a game. Finally, press Win + Alt + R to begin the recording.

    Step 4 : if you want to stop recording, you can click the blue square. Then it will stop recording and show you the recorded video in a folder.

    Screen Record Minecraft Using Icecream Screen Recorder

    Since game recording is a complicated technological process that is quite resource-intensive, you need a trustworthy game recorder to help. Icecream Screen Recorder has a standalone Game Capture mode to record PC gameplay, and using this program as a game recording software is extremely easy. Follow the steps of recording Minecraft with Icecream Screen Recorder.

    How to Record in Minecraft with Icecream Screen Recorder:

    Step 1. Download Icecream Screen Recorder from the official website. Launch it as soon as it is installed.

    Step 2. Go to the “Audio” tab in the “Settings” panel of the game recorder and check the “Record audio” option. You can also enable the “Record microphone” option so that it will record your voice too.

    Step 3. Launch the game you want to record in full screen on your PC and press the “F6” hotkey button to start the recording session. As soon as you are done with the recording, click the “F6” button again to stop the game capture.

    Step 4. Click the “Save” button to save the recorded videos on your computer. After that, you may share the video with YouTube or other social media platforms.

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