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Minecraft Toys For Free

Lego Minecraft The Abandoned Mine

Giant Minecraft Creeper & Enderman Play Doh Surprise Eggs with Minecraft Toys

This LEGO set is what Minecraft is all about: Mining! Explore a cave and fight scary zombies and spiders while jumping over an underground river of lava in search for precious ores and diamonds. The set comes with some unique Minecraft LEGO figurines and has 248 pieces, so its challenging but not too difficult to put together for younger kids.

Best for ages: 7 and up

Lego Minecraft The Crafting Box

If you want a Minecraft toy that really pushes your kids creativity, The Crafting Box is an extensive, 564-piece LEGO set that is hands-down one of the best kits you can give little builders and tinkerers.

Unlike the other Minecraft toys for kids on this list, this playset wasnt designed with a specific build in mind. Your kid has the freedom to use the pieces available to create whatever set they want following any Minecraft build theyve seen. They can build a castle, a Creeper mine, a farm, a lighthouse whatever their heart desires.

The only limit here is their creativity.

The Crafting Boxs main recommended builds are a castle and a farm. But there are, apparently, three other alternative builds that your kids can unlock and at least a dozen other unique variations, according to the reviews.

This open-ended box set provides some directions for kids who might need some helpful assembly instructions. But for kids who like to build freely, this LEGO Minecraft set is perfect.

Lego Minecraft The Creeper Mine

Once Steve is done burying zombies in piles of rocks, hes ready to take on The Creeper Mine for some creative, explosive fun. This Minecraft playset comes with three exploding functions that allow players to blast through rubble and bedrock to reach the gold within the mine.

Once theyve got it, they can store it and send it down to the treasure chest via rail track and leverall while avoiding the Creeper and the Husk that lurk in the dark.

This 834-piece LEGO set is one of the more extensive Minecraft toys for kids that your kid will no doubt spend hours on. It comes with several mini-figures , a buildable rail track, a minecart, a shelter with a bed, an anvil, and a treasure chest.

The Creeper mine, when fully built, measures 22cm tall and 38cm wideplenty of space to go exploring! If your kid loves Minecraft and building, this Creeper is a keeper.

Youve definitely never seen a build like this!

How does your kid feel about living with Alex in a giant pig-shaped house with two pigs and plenty of carrots to keep them company? The concept may seem cutely ridiculous, but this is the sort of creative energy that Minecraft encourages. Put your childs building skills to the test as they create this eye-catching abode out of 490 LEGO pieces.

Once they create the house, remove the roof and plop Alex in. Keep her safe from the Creeper as she explores hidden rooms, cares for pigs, and keeps her carrot patch thriving.

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Our Picks For The Best Minecraft Toys

$39.99 Save 13%

Pros: When your child is all about Minecraft, they wont settle for a toy thats just a little similar to their favorite activity. Thankfully, this game was collaboratively designed with the creators of Minecraft to create an experience thats genuine. Even with all the components and possibilities, the board game is easy to understand, making it an enjoyable family game.

Cons: Scoring can be confusing at first.

Bottom Line: This game is a more complex game than some of the more traditional board games, but it perfectly embodies Minecraft since it was co-designed by the creators. Minecraft fans, as well as those who dont know the original online game, can enjoy this board game.


Pros: If your kiddo loves to get imaginative during playtime but needs a fun prop, this Minecraft sword is perfect. It can be an accessory for a costume, or it can just be played with on any afternoon. Its made out of sturdy plastic but is still lightweight, so your child can have a blast playing real-life Minecraft.

Cons: Rough play can cause the paint color to chip.

Bottom Line: While Minecraft is an engaging game for kids, its still nice to get them off the screen. Having an awesome Minecraft sword might encourage more imaginative and screen-free play. This sword can be an accessory for a costume or can just be enjoyed on any regular day.



What Is A Good Minecraft Gift

Toys &  Games JINX 6165 Minecraft Craftable Figure Figures

A good Minecraft gift is good at what Minecraft does best: building, designing, exploring, and making friends! Remember to watch out for cheap knock offs. The three companies making Minecraft toys, aside from the Minecraft companys official store, are Mattel, LEGO, and Jinx. Whether its a plush toy, a suit of armor, or a building toy, the key to a good toy is getting something that will encourage kids to play. Find something that suits the age and interests of your kid and it should be easy.

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Thinkgeek Minecraft Foam Diamond Sword Ender Pearl Adventure Kit

Made of high-quality EVA foam, this version of the Minecraft Diamond Sword is hardy, sturdy, and can probably still carry your child through countless Mob battles. And unlike the toy sword from the previous item, it wont hurt as much when you or someone else get hit.

The colors and design are very true to the source material a beautiful mix of teal and green, and a faux-pixelated look that, any Minecraft player will tell you, is spot-on. Its worth noting that its a fairly sizeable toy as well.

Its roughly 21 inches long and the hilt is maybe 9 or 10 inches wide. Not too unwieldy as some other toy weapons, but the manufacturer recommends it for kids aged 6 and up, just to be safe.

Minecraft Comic Maker Alex With Elytra Action Figure

This action figure of the character Alex is a great Minecraft toy for girls, and it has more to it than meets the eye. By collecting action figures from this line of toys, all kids can pair them with an app in which they can write their own Minecraft comics. Each figure comes with a single character, exchangeable heads for different expressions, as well as accessories such as Alex’s Elytra, a rare set of wings found in the Minecraft universe that allow the player to fly. Each figure also comes with a resource block on which they can stand and which grants unique features in the app. Its perfect for a kid who loves action figures, storytelling, and digital art.

Best for ages: 3 and up

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Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack

Everyone remembers what it was like starting out, right? Zero equipment, zero instructions, and nothing but your fists to break down trees. As you level up and craft more tools, you can start to build basic items to help you survive.

This is what the Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack from Jazwares LLC is about: recreating almost every players initial experience with Minecraft Survival Mode in the form of a scaled figure and accessories. You get one 3-inch Steve, a Workbench, a Wooden Pickaxe, a Wooden Sword, a Bed, and a Chestliterally everything a player needs to survive the first few days of Minecraft. The Steve action figure is also well-designed and fully articulated, so your kid can pose him whichever way they want.

Overall, great visual value and emotional impact! for a seemingly simple pack of toys.

And now that Steve has everything he needs to survive

here come the Mobs.

The Animal Mobs, to be exact. This Minecraft toy pack contains six 3-inch, fully-articulated figures of the core animal mobs in the game: a Pig, a Chicken, a Sheep, a Tamed Wolf, a Cow, and an Ocelot.

Whether your kid wants to give Steve a loyal animal companion or they just want to liven up their Minecraft mini-figure collection, these cute, collectible toys will make a great addition to their toy chest.

Whats more, each Animal toy is a perfect replica of the Minecraft mob its based ondown to the iconic pixelated design and texture.

Best Free Minecraft Mods

Minecraft Toys from Paper – Origami Papercraft Free Templates
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Minecraft Mods Maps & More

The world of Minecraft! A simple but entertaining game you can spend hours on. Chasing sheep, chopping wood, building houses, fighting off monsters, and of course, mining for precious diamonds-hey, its called Minecraft for a reason! The pixelated game offers a unique time, But, have you ever wanted to play it with a spin? has downloadable content to add some spice to the beloved game. We know its fun, but sometimes a different skin or Minecraft mods can enhance the playing experience! A little Variety cant hurt to try. Browse through and pick and choose what you want your Minecraft to be.

Its exciting to do something different but still enjoy the original version of something you love Download new and different additions to the game based on whatever seems like it could be interesting for you!

Lego The Abandoned Mine

The first toy on our list is aLEGOset which feels like an extension of the Minecraft world. With flowing lava and water blocks, you can recreate the genuine mining experience of the game. The set is in a multi-floor arrangement just like the caves from the 1.18 update. Players also get a zombie, a spider, a living slime, and Steve in this collection.

In terms of tools, we get torches, a pickaxe, a shovel, and a crafting table from Minecraft. Not to forget, as is the case with all LEGO collections, the scenic setup of blocks is a mere suggestion. You can feel free to experiment, combine and reimagine the arrangement. There are a total of 248 Pieces in the box making it engagingly one of the best Minecraft toys.

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Get These Best Minecraft Toys Today

From decoration to playing, these best Minecraft toys serve plenty of functions to the fandom. And if you have wanted to express your love for the game, now you have the best way to do so. But thats not the only way. You can even contribute to the community by creating your own Minecraft skins. Skins are a celebrated part of the community and one of the easiest ways to give back to the Minecraft players. As for the inspirations, we have already collected some of the best Minecraft skins.

Though, you dont have to stop here. You can also create custom Minecraft maps to share your world with the rest of the players. Just make sure they are at the same level as some of the coolest Minecraft adventure maps that are taking the world by storm. With that said, I am still not over the cuteness of the Minecraft Bee lamp. But which of these toys are you getting as a gift of self-love? Tell us in the comments!

Ravensburger Minecraft: Builders And Biome Board Game

Minecraft Dungeons Redstone Monstrosity Figure

In this awesome table-top board game, gamers can mine resources, fight dangerous mobs, and explore the Overworld using cards and a simple game board. Each turn, players choose 1 of 5 possible actions, such as Mine and Explore. The game board and pieces are made of sturdy cardboard and feature detailed drawings of all the iconic Minecraft characters. Its fun for the whole family and a good gift for teenagers and adults who love Minecraft.

Best for ages: 10 and up

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What Minecraft Toys Are Most Popular

The most popular Minecraft toys are not surprising. Two of them are LEGO sets that are easy to build, but a great addition to any LEGO collection. LEGO Minecraft The End Battle is a set featuring the two biggest enemies of the game, the Enderman and the Ender Dragon. For players who beat Minecraft this is the final challenge. The next most popular Minecraft toy is another LEGO set, this one is the Zombie Cave set, which comes with an armored Steve figurine, an adult zombie, and a baby zombie that is super cute. Both of these sets will be a great gift for fans of LEGO and Minecraft, and both ring up for less than $50. Finally, the most popular Minecraft toy is one of the best-selling games of all time, UNO! In this version, the rules are the same, except that there is a special Zombie card, which if played forces all the other players to draw 3 cards. Its a simple game to learn but promises hour of great play time, especially if you love Minecraft.

Lifesize Pickaxe Best Minecraft Toys

If you are cosplaying Minecraft protagonists, your costume cant be complete with a Pickaxe. And this particular pickaxe toy is made to go with any game-based costume. The toy pickaxe is 16 inches long making it life-size by Minecraft standards. It offers game-accurate colors and pixelated design of a Diamond Pickaxe. Even though it is larger than usual Minecraft toys, it is still safe for kids above the age of 4 as it has no sharp edges.

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Zombie Plush Stuffed Toy

Much like Creepers, even Minecraft zombies arent exactly the most desired mobs in the game. Players are habitual to attack or run away from them. However, this toy presents the same zombie in a very unique form. As a plush toy, you will not only be less scared of zombies but will also want to hug them.

Made out of extra soft and reliable material, this stuffed toy reimagines the zombie as a friendly mob. Available in the sitting position, the toy is 4.5 inches tall and safe for even younger kids to play with. If such a cute zombie was in the game, we wouldnt ever have to convert any zombie into villagers in Minecraft.

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Buying Guide For Minecraft Toys

Minecraft Survival Mode Playset from Mattel Toys Huge!

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When you need to buy a gift for a kid who cant get enough of Minecraft, finding something special can be hard. Theres no shortage of Minecraft items, but you want to get something that stands out and something that they will love.

What should you consider when shopping for a Minecraft toy?

  • Age: Obviously, the age of the recipient matters, especially for Minecraft fans. Some toys are more complex and better suited for older kids with more developed skills. Other toys on the list are perfect to be played with by kids of any age. Consider the age and skill level of the person youre shopping for when browsing this list for Minecraft toys.
  • Characters and Interest: Since Minecraft is a game that has tons of different characters and plots, look for your childs favorite characters. On the other hand, while some gifts are based on characters, others are more about the strategy of the game itself.

What age range is Minecraft geared towards?


The general consensus is that Minecraft is appropriate for kids aged 8 years and older. Its often the first online game experience for a kid because there is not a lot of violence, and its not overly complicated. However, like any video game, especially one that involves other players across the web, its important for parents to be tuned into what is happening during gaming sessions.

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Enjoy The Best Minecraft Toys For Kids

We hope you found some great Minecraft toys for kids on this list. If you need more inspiration, or you already got everything on this list, consider checking out the websites of Minecrafts Official Story or the LEGO store, as theres a ton of other great toys to choose from. For more challenges, check out our Minecraft Modding Quest class at Create & Learn, or find out how to make a Minecraft skin.

Discover The Best Minecraft Toys For Kids

Theres a great range of Minecraft toys to choose from, from Zombie plushies to swords and armor to board games, theres a ton of great toys out there. The Minecraft website has an official merchandise store that has a lot of high quality toys, books, and accessories. Aside from that, only a few companies such as LEGO and Jinx have the right to make official Minecraft toys. There are some great unofficial toys out there too, but be careful of scams.

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Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe

Every Minecraft player knows how important a pickaxe is if you want to survive the Overworld. They also know how important a sword is if you want to survive against Hostile Mobs!

If you can only have one item at the ready, it might as well be this: the Amazon Exclusive Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe! Your kid wont have to choose between tool and weapon. This two-in-one Minecraft model toy sword transforms into a pickaxe and vice-versa whenever they need it to. One swift motion is all it takes for them to go from mining ore to fighting Creepers and back!

Impressive dual-function aside, the design is also incredibly spot-on! Even if you arent 100% versed in Minecraft culture and lore, youre probably familiar enough to know its iconic pixelated design. This toy looks exactly like the games Sword and Pickaxe items.

But we do urge parents to exercise caution. The toy is made of very hard, very durable plastic. We recommend you gently remind your kids, time and again, that this toy should not be used to hit anyone and definitely not in full swing! Playfighting is perfectly fine, but if someone isnt careful, this toy could cause serious injury.

If your kids want to go all out with a Minecraft sword, then maybe a foam sword and pickaxe would be a better gift. Check out the


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