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Most Popular Server In Minecraft

Mineplex Ip Address: Mineplexcom

Most Popular Minecraft Servers, Java & Bedrock (2012 – 2021)

Although not as popular as it once was, Mineplex remains a great server to play. There are many different kinds of minigames that it offers, and they are all unique in their own way.

For example, there are some games like Block Hunt, where gamers have to find blocks in a hide and seek style. Other games like Skywars and Cake Wars are more focused on combat, where users have to fight against each other until someone dies.

Whats Awesome About Purple Prison:

  • This has been consistently voted the best prison game mode server that exists.
  • They have massive PVP arenas that allow you to duke it out with your friends or other players.
  • They offer more store discounts than most other servers.
  • There is a highly active forum on their website and also on Discord.

Builders and GOT fans alike will love this collaborative server.

The Lord Of The Craft

IP Address:

While this may sound like a Lord of the Rings server, its not quite. Its fantasy, sure, but with a huge focus on roleplaying. The world, and its lore, is already set up, and a helpful warp command means travelling between the different kingdoms is simple. All you need is a killer skin and an elaborate backstory in Lord Of The Craft and youre good to go.

Minecraft Middle-earth : a team who spent 10 years on one build

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Multiplayer Mode In Minecraft

Although Minecraft can be played solo, one of its main attractions is multiplayer mode that allows users to engage with each other. This can result in many things depending on the environment.

For example, players can decide to wage war, run co-op quests, or simply co-exist in peace on their own little plots of virtual land. For multiplayer mode, there are four main options

  • Playing on a Local Area Network A LAN connects a group of computers in a smaller space. For example, linking a few computers in a room is considered a LAN.
  • Minecraft RealmsThe Realms concept was created by Minecraft designers to allow players to quickly host Minecraft games via the service. Its subscription based, on top of the cost of Minecraft.
  • Split ScreenThis is for consoles only and allows up to four users to play Minecraft together side by side using a single screen.
  • Online ServerThis is the most interesting of all and involves a user actually setting up an entire online environment from scratch to host Minecraft games. Most usually the host will rent server space from a web hosting company for this purpose.
  • 2 CPU Core

Storage space is pretty negligible in context to whats offered, so well skip that here, as long as it is SSD based.

In these cases Id recommend a VPS plan like the Minecraft Villager Plan on Hostinger, offering 3GB of RAM but clocking in at $12.95/mo. As you can see, the more players you want to host, the higher your potential cost gets.

Whats Awesome About Hypixel

Best Minecraft Server 1.14.4 List
  • Many servers will have one or two mini games, but this server has 21 separate mini games from zombie survival to racing to PVP arena.
  • Your friends can play mini games with you or you can challenge other players.
  • They have ongoing tournaments and build battles to compete in for in-game currency and bragging rights.
  • You can purchase different ranks in their store that will give you access to more content and prizes.
  • You can complete daily and weekly quests for rewards.

They have every game mode from prison to MCMMO, plus or minus Pokémon.

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Minecraft Best Servers That Are Fun

Minecraft is a game thats plenty of fun to play alone, but is best when youre adventuring along with friends. While purchasing a realm or setting up a private server are both valid options, there are also a plethora of public servers already running as we speak, featuring all kinds of creative minigames and multiple game modes to experience. Here are 15 of some of the best servers available to join now!

How To Join A Minecraft Server

To join a Minecraft server, first, find a server you like the sound of like any of the ones mentioned below and grab the IP address. Start the game, click multiplayer, then add a server. Next, pop in the IP address and name the server.

Now, make sure you click done before heading back to your server list and finding your desired server. Hit the join server button and you will find yourself in a new, wonderful world of blocks, and people who like said blocks.

Now has that list of the best Minecraft servers got you as excited as it has us? Amazing new worlds combine with fun and varied activities but make sure you look the part on each new server you encounter with the best Minecraft skins. Also, dont forget to make Minecraft even better with our list of the best Minecraft mods, youll never look back after youve applied all those excellent tweaks and improvements. If youre interested in starting your own server, check out our Minecraft hosting guide. But, if you dont mind, weve got some minigames to play, and new blocky worlds to discover.

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Minecraft Servers: Best Minecraft Server List Of 2022

BEST Minecraft server list ranked by popularity, add your server to get more players!

SkywarsEconomyPvEPvPSkyblock 1.12.2
PrisonSkyblockSurvivalCreativeFactions 1.13
PixelmonRoleplaySurvival GamesSurvivalEconomy 1.13
HardcoreKit PvPFactionsPvPMinecraft Server 1.13
CreativeMini GamesPvPSkywarsSurvival Games 1.12
FactionsMini GamesCreativeSurvivalSkyblock 1.14.x
Survival GamesMini GamesSkywarsPvEPvP
8 MCMMOSkyblockPvPEconomyFactions 1.12
Kit PvPSurvivalSkyblockMinecraft Server 1.8
MCMMOFactionsSurvivalPvPSkyblock Unknown
EconomyFactionsPvEPvPRaiding 1.12.2
TownyKit PvPCustom EnchantsCraftbookPrison 1.14.1
PvPEconomySurvivalPrisonMinecraft Server 1.13
GadgetsMobs EliteGunsWeaponsPvP 1.101.11
MCMMOSurvivalEconomyPvEPvP 1.13
PvPCreativeEconomyMinecraft Server
PvEFactionsSurvivalEconomyMinecraft Server
21 SkyblockPvPPvEEconomySurvival 1.19
PvPEconomySurvivalMinecraft Server
EconomySurvivalSkyblockMini GamesCreative
27 SurvivalSurvivalSkyblockMCMMOPvP
RoleplayTownySurvivalPvEPvP 1.15
VanillaMini GamesSurvivalEconomyPvE 1.15
TownyFactionsCreativeSurvivalSkyblock 1.15.2
HardcoreKit PvPRaidingFactionsPvP
35 Kit PvPFactionsMini GamesCreative 1.15
VanillaMCMMOSurvivalEconomyPvE 1.15
EconomyFactionsPvEPvPRoleplay 1.8
Mini GamesSurvivalEconomyPvPSkyblock 1.9.x1.8
RoleplayTownySurvivalEconomyPvE 1.13
RaidingSurvival GamesMini Games 1.15.2
ParkourPrisonEconomyPvPSkyblock 1.15.2

Mc Central Ip Address: Mccentralorg

The Top 10 Minecraft Servers of All Time

For those looking for a Minecraft server with many different game modes to choose from, MC Central is the place to go. They have their own factions, prison, KitPvP, and parkour maps to play.

The MC Central Minecraft server has a great and active community. The server has been running for over nine years, which means it has had plenty of time to grow and develop.

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How Do I Join Minecraft Servers

Its very easy to join featured servers on Minecraft, just follow these simple steps.

  • Switch to the servers tab by hitting L or R
  • Peruse the curated selection of the most popular servers and games available right now
  • Enter whichever one you fancy!

Unfortunately, the selection isnt huge, so you may also want to know how to join a custom server. Joining a custom server is much more complicated, so we suggest taking a look at this detailed breakdown from YouTube creator jbob3mm below.

Whats Awesome About Westeroscraft:

  • Its a collaborative building server dedicated to creating Westeros in its entirety, and completely identical to the show.
  • You and your friends can work on iconic keeps like Winterfell, Storms End, and Castle Black.
  • The website for this server has guides and other tools to help you improve your building abilities.
  • Just want to visit? You dont have to be a builder to enjoy Westeros and reminisce about one of the greatest TV shows of modern times.

All of your favorite game modes on a server that wont crash.

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Server Ip Address: Playwynncraftcom

Wynncraft is a well-known Minecraft RPG server with a lot of unique gameplay elements that have contributed to its outstanding popularity. This year was no different, and the server saw many thousands of players at all times of the day during the summer months of the year.

Furthermore, the server has also received widespread promotion from renowned Minecraft YouTubers such as “TommyInnit”, who recorded a mini-series on it.

Whats Awesome About Minewind:

The Most Popular Minecraft Servers: A Guide to Choosing the Right One ...
  • Theres only one rule: dont cheat.
  • Anything goes , and there are absolutely no repercussions for your in-game actions.
  • You wont find in-game mods/admins.
  • Everything and everyone is trying to kill you, because the ultimate goal is to survive the longest.
  • Theres just something incredibly satisfying about pushing someone into a lava pool and having it be acceptable.
  • Duke it out amongst your friends or form an alliance against other players .
  • Events and competitions like fox hunting let you get your name on the leaderboard.

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The 5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2022

With a game thats as beloved and agile as Minecraft its not much of a surprise that many people are looking towards setting up their own Minecraft server.

There are several ways you can play Minecraft with friends, but the most versatile by far is on a Minecraft server that is hosted online.

Think of Minecraft as the modern day version of a classic that hasnt gone out of style. In fact, Ive seen it referred to before as virtual Lego. This might not be accurate though as Minecraft has become so popular that theres even an entire Lego theme of it!

Its simplistic graphics coupled by basic gameplay that still allows a great deal of innovation has made this game skyrocket in popularity.

Thanks to its supportive fan base, Minecraft has been able to push out onto virtually all digital platforms, from desktop computers to mobile devices and consoles. Today, Minecraft is available in plain vanilla or as one of many custom builds that fans and developers have created.

Hypixel Best Minecraft Server

  • JavaServer

If you wish to become a part of an ever-growing community, the worlds largest Minecraft server is a good place to start from. With weekly tournaments, regularly updated fresh content, and an unlimited number of things to try, Hypixel has it all. In many ways, you can expect Hypixel to feel like an autonomous game based on Minecraft because of the exclusive maps, purchasable items, and an independent community.

From Bedwars, murder-mystery, and vampires to paintball, this has almost every fun Minecraft mini-games you can wish for. If nothing else interests you, it has plenty of customized Minecraft biomes for you to explore.

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Best Minecraft Servers To Play In 2022

Minecraft servers are pretty popular, and with the game’s fame rising, more and more Minecraft servers are being created every day. With that in mind, it can be hard to find a good one to play.

For those searching for a great Minecraft server to play, this helpful guide will highlight not just one but ten of the absolute best and most fun server choices to check out. There are a variety of different gamemodes included here, so there’s something for everyone to have fun with.

How To Play Minecraft Servers

Top 5 Best Minecraft Servers of 2020!

As for how to join Minecraft servers, you need to go onto a Minecraft Server List website like ours and find a server that you want to play on. Luckily, we have a lot of servers right here on our website! There is a great selection of gamemodes and servers that have been vetted manually by us. Once you have found a server, click “Copy IP” then open Minecraft: Java Edition. In Minecraft, click on “Multiplayer” then “Add Server”. Paste the IP that you have copied into the IP Address field and for the port put “25565”. From there, click on the server and it should load up.

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Whats Awesome About Minecraft Middle Earth:

  • This is another building server that many people have spent hours on completely recreating Tolkiens Middle Earth.
  • Lord of the Rings has some of the most gorgeous architecture in any fictional land, and you can explore all of it.
  • If youre itching to contribute you can grab your friends and help build the map.
  • Everything in the map is scaled incredibly well.

Theres something for everyone in this highly interactive server based on Mount Olympus.

What To Look For In Minecraft Server Hosting

Like many other applications, Minecraft puts demands on both hardware and infrastructure. In order to enjoy a smooth gaming experience on self-hosted Minecraft environments, you need to be aware of some financial and technical details.

Although most of these details apply broadly to almost all web hosting options, some web hosts have gone a step further to offer specialized Minecraft hosting plans which may include extra Minecraft-specific features.

Running your own Minecraft server online means that youll need the hardware and bandwidth to support it. Unless you own a data center, that means renting space on a server hosted by a web hosting company like Hostinger.

To ensure that your Minecraft hosting runs smoothly, there are some things you need to consider when choosing a Minecraft hosting plan, such as

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Mineclub Ip Address: Playmineclubcom

Mineclub is a Minecraft server that features a social hub. It is built around the idea of making friends and having fun while playing.

There are also minigames that players can play to win prizes, such as hats and other cosmetic items. The server is rapidly growing, and some are saying it’s on track to overtake Hypixel for the #1 Minecraft server of all time.

The Hive Ip Address: Playhivemccom

Most Popular Discord Servers for Minecraft You Should Know 2021 ...

Although The Hive recently closed down its Java Edition operations, it is still one of the best Bedrock Edition servers out there.

The Hive Minecraft server provides players with an opportunity to enjoy the game in their own way. It offers classic minigames like skywars and deathrun, but also murder mystery and other creative gamemodes for people who want something different from the traditional experience.

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Start Playing On Top Minecraft Servers With Your Friends

With that, you are now more than ready to take on the Minecraft multiplayer experience with the help of the most amazing servers to ever exist. But if you want more control over them, learn how to make your own Minecraft server via the linked guide. You can use some of the best Minecraft resource packs to decorate your server, and Forge for Minecraft is always there for extra modifications. Though, building a complete world from scratch can be a little overwhelming, even with the best Minecraft seeds at your disposal. So, if you plan on creating a custom server, do check out the best Minecraft adventure maps first. If the owner permits, you can build your own server on top of them. If not, you can take inspiration for your creations. With that said, which server on our list are you most eager to try? Tell us in the comments below!

Best Survival Minecraft Servers

Top Minecraft Servers lists some of the Best Survival Minecraft Servers on the web to play on. Browse down our list and discover an incredible selection of servers until you find one that appears to be ideal for you! Click on a server to learn more about it, or just copy the ip address into your Minecraft client and find out for yourself just how great it is.

Game Modes:Cracked / Minigames / PvP / Skyblock / Prison / Oneblock / Survival / Creative / Skywars / BedWars / Faction
Game Modes:Survival / Cracked / PvP / Oneblock / Mcmmo / Skyblock / Skywars / BedWars / Faction / KitPVP / Prison / Economy
  • 1

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Benefits Of Running Your Own Minecraft Server

So, having reached this point in the article, are you now wondering why on earth youd go through the headache of finding your own server to host Minecraft on?

While I wouldnt blame you for shying off at this point, there are some very positive aspects of Minecraft hosting to think about.

  • Freedom of Choice in Mods

    If youve ever played a game and gotten frustrated because the version youre on doesnt have certain mods enabled, it can be frustrating. These plugins might even be readily available, just out of your reach. By hosting your own Minecraft server, you get a free choice of what to install.

  • Building a Community

    Humans are social creatures and while it can be a lot of fun to be with friends, time doesnt always permit. Thankfully the digital world removes distance and Minecraft can be a great way for you to build a small community of your closest friends. Your own world within the world, so to speak.

  • My House, My Rules

    With hosts that support a large community, rules are often created for a huge blanket effect for the benefit of the majority.If you host your own Minecraft server, you only need to consider rules that will affect your little group. Even better it will be at your pleasure and no one elses.


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