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As The Flash Movie Hangs In The Balance What Will Happen To Its Lego Set

Lego Minecraft Movie

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As Warner Bros. mulls over its Flash problem, were left with the question: what will happen to the movies tie-in LEGO set?

Following a string of arrests and controversies surrounding its star Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. is currently considering three paths for its long-delayed The Flash movie one of which will involve canning the $200m project altogether. If that happens, it will be grave news not only for the DC Extended Universe, but also the LEGODC Super Heroes theme, which already looks on the brink of being forgotten.

Just three LEGODC sets have arrived on shelves in 2022, and even those all tied to Matt Reeves The Batman launched in October 2021 in the US. We know at least one more is coming in 76220 Batman versus Harley Quinn, but its a tiny 4+ set that cant compare to LEGOs huge breadth and depth of sets across the past 12 months.

The LEGO Group at least has some plans for the DC theme in 2023, however, as a Romanian retailer has already revealed the existence of 76221 Batmobile: Flash Tracking . While there are few details available for the 456-piece set, its not hard to imagine its intended to tie in with The Flash, which also features the return of Michael Keaton as Batman.

Five ways LEGO can resurrect its dormant DC Super Heroes theme

What Parents Need To Know

Parents need to know that Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation is an animated parody for young audiences who enjoy both the LEGO brand and the Star Wars franchise. This special is the conclusion to the cross-saga’s latest seasonal trilogy its counterparts include The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special and The Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales. This sentimental, thrilling, and comedic ending centers around Finn, who plans a fun vacation following the dramatic events of Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of the Skywalker. As with other Lego Star Wars spinoffs, the story includes fantasy violence. The importance of friendship and dealing with the unexpected are themes.

Talk To Your Kids About

  • Families can talk about how in Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation Finn’s vacation doesn’t go the way he planned. How have you dealt with being disappointed?

  • This story is told by characters that are also toys. How does this encourage you to play with your imagination?

  • Which special from the trilogy was your favorite? Why?

  • : August 8, 2022
  • Spooky special is overstuffed but fun some violence.

    age 7+

  • Delightful special is a gift for Star Wars fans, families.

    age 6+

  • Fun, action-packed saga features favorite characters.

    age 7+

  • Hilarious saga add-on features new Padawan, new lore.

    age 7+

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Lego Minecraft Survival Day

  • 3 minutes read

LEGO MINECRAFT SURVIVAL DAY | Zombie Apocalypse | Lego Animation MovieA zombie apocalypse has taken over the world. Steve must fight his way through hordes of zombies in a large city if they intend to make it to the safe haven. Survival at any cost.#legoland #LEGOMINECRAFTSURVIVALDAY #ZOMBIEAPOCALYPSE

0:00 Alex and Steve Escape Zombie Apocalypse2:20 Steve Save Alex

Zombie Apocalypse | Lego Animation MovieSee more of LEGO Land: -About LEGO LandLEGO Land is a team with great passion for LEGO and making LEGO Stop Motion Animation Videos. Our videos cover a variety of topics such as LEGO City, LEGO Zombies, LEGO Police, LEGO Robbery, LEGO Human Apocalyse, LEGO Minicrafts, LEGO Agent, LEGO Ninjago, and more. With sarcastic black comedy, we expect and welcome all the audience no less than the age of 15. There is no actual or physical harm caused in the video.If you like the video, dont forget to like, subscribe and share it with your friends! We really appreciate your support.-Music, audio and visual content: All audio and visual content in this channel is owned by SCONNECT. License Certificate Music: Youtube and other sources.-

Build Your World With Fred

Lego Minecraft Movie 3

LEGO designer, Fred, is no stranger to creating adventurous and wonderful worlds in Minecraft. That got him thinking. What would it be like to recreate some of his favourite scenes in the game in real life and integrate them in his desktop? Watch the video to find out what he made! Are you ready to bring your creations to life? Take part in the challenge here!


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Is It Any Good

This is a funny and relatable story that LEGO and Star Wars fans will enjoy. Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation highlights a main character of color who deals with very relatable feelings and scenarios, such as being disappointed and needing to think flexibly when things don’t go as planned. Although there is sci-fi-centered, fantasy violence, the special is still suitable for a young audience. Fans who’ve seen the first two installments of this trilogy will want to see how it all ends.

How Do You Stop A Skeleton

A Minecraft® warrior must be skilled in making weapons as well as using them. That is why the Training Grounds has a level for building weapons and a level for building skills.But what happens when a marauding skeleton arrives on the scene? Lets just say, the trapdoor that links the 2 levels comes in very handy!


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