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How To Build A Simple House In Minecraft

Roomy House With A Basement

How to Build a Simple Survival House | Minecraft Tutorial

Uploaded by Greg Builds.

There are no fancy building techniques for constructing this house. However, it still manages to look fairly interesting, which is mostly thanks to its shape. It’s rectangular, but the way it dips inwards and outwards gives the impression of several rectangles stuck together, making for a great house idea in Minecraft when combined with the solid roof design.

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The basement layer is well done too. The small amounts of stone poking out through the leaves add some color variation without overwhelming it with grey, and the windows make it visually interesting both inside and outside.

If players want to kick this already awesome roof’s design up a notch, they can use even more stairs in strategic spots. When placing stairs, the kind of stair block that appears will depend on the surrounding stair blocks. For example, by placing a stair block to connect two existing ones that are diagonal to one another, players can create a corner stair block. This can be done to give the corners of rooves an even more refined appearance.

Where To Build Your Minecraft House

Before you go ahead and start the construction process, you will need to pick a good spot for your house to be and for the simple style houses that we are looking at here, you will want to place it right where you start at the spawn location.

If you are playing with friends, this is a must as you will want a safe space where they will not be at risk from all the various enemies wishing to cause you harm. You can build more elaborate houses later on in the game and in different biomes, but for now, lets look at this simple and safe abode.

Easy Wooden Minecraft House

Players are often looking for the easy way out when it comes to surviving in Minecraft. After all, many users tend to incline towards exploration rather than building, so when it boils down to it, easy Minecraft house idea can probably save the day for them. You can also build one of these and establish a comfortable and simple build for your Minecraft world. The design that you see in the image above is incredibly facile and doesnt demand much to come to life.

Keep in mind, we have done an in-depth Easy Minecraft House Ideas article, so check that out for complete information on easy ones.

Youll first have to clear out a small area in any given biome to kickstart the construction. That way, youll find it easier to complete the whole house with zero interruptions. Most players follow the grass-clearing-first technique when starting their builds. If you more into small Minecraft House Ideas, check out our Minecraft Cottage guide.

The layout of the Easy Wooden Minecraft House is merely 6 blocks by 3 blocks in length and width respectively. However, you first need to dig out the grass blocks and use Cobblestone blocks to form the roof of the house. Youll then surround this area with 3 Oak Blocks atop each other. Join those corners together with Stripped Oak Logs from the ground to move forward. The next step is to join the Oak Blocks from the top using the same Stripped Oak Logs so theres a gap of one block remaining in the middle.

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Minecraft Home Building Guide

When building a house in Minecraft, the only limit is yourself.

If you don’t have an eye for architecture or good spatial awareness, building a Minecraft house that isn’t just a cobblestone cube can be intimidating. Luckily, the internet is full of Minecraft builders who should be considering a future in designing real-world buildings. Here are five killer examples of ways to build houses in Minecraft that put form as high on the list as function.

Large Oak Starter Mansion

How to make a simple house in Minecraft (For Beginners)

A beautiful oak starter mansion in the forest with multiple levels for farming on the sides. This one is really not too difficult to build in survival and uses simple materials like oak.

An elevated house like this will look way better next to a hill or a forest as you can see in the video. If it were built in the middle of a flat field, it definitely would not look as good!

If you want to give this mansion a try, the above video is a tutorial that shows you how to build it step by step.

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Make Another Base In A New Location

Having more than one base helps if you need to travel farther to get resources. A base next to your spawn point is helpful if you built your main base far away and you died at night. A base in a desert can provide sand, and a base in a tundra can provide snow. A base hovering in the sky can provide entertainment, especially if mobs spawn on the edge of it. A great idea is to connect them with nether portals that have a secure hallway in the nether.

A Sturdy Stone House By Instructables

If you do not want a house made of wood given that is far less likely to withstand damage, this basic stone house is worth building. It requires commonly available blocks like stone, and it still adds a few block variations to make the final build look good i.e., not just a stone cube.

The house is fairly big and you will be able to use it for quite a while before you decide to upgrade. Its also not the sort of house you feel bad about leaving behind because you put so much work into it.

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Sugar Cane And Cactus Farms

Easier to manage but somewhat less useful than the above two projects, farming sugar cane and cactus underground requires little effort. A cactus farm requires sand to grow, and sugar cane needs to be properly irrigated with water within one block of it. If you don’t want to spend lots of time harvesting your cactus, place a three-block-tall pillar next to where you want your cactus .

How To Build A Minecraft House: The Basics

Minecraft | How to Build a Simple Survival House | Starter House

However you build your Minecraft house, there are a number of essential items you need to make sure you include. To start off with, make sure you place plenty of torches around the place, as these serve two important purposes. First, they let you actually see what’s going on inside, which is especially useful if you’re carving out a cave, and second they help to keep monsters away as they mainly spawn in darkened areas. By placing a generous number of torches both inside and outside your abode, you can significantly reduce the chances of a monster appearing to ruin your day.

Next, build a bed in your Minecraft house, so you can sleep through the night and wake up fresh in the safety of the morning. More importantly, a bed serves as your spawn point in the world, so if the worst happens then you’ll revive at home rather than the set world spawn point, which will at least save you a journey getting back there to pick up where you left off.

Other essentials to consider installing are chests to store all of your materials, items, weapons etc so you’re not lugging them all around with you. A single chest should be enough to get you started, though you can increase to more storage as you progress. You’ll also want to install some crafting stations to produce new items and enhance your equipment, so start out with the standard crafting table and furnace, then add in extra crafting options as you further expand your adventuring operations.

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Getting Off The Ground With A Treehouse

When I was a kid, my fantasies were simple: I wanted a treehouse. Not just a wooden platform halfway up a tree–that’s way too reasonable. No, it had trapdoors, stairs, rope bridges, and more.

A treehouse is a great option for building something fantastic enough to feel unique but still a little bit grounded. Because Minecraft procedurally generates its standard trees, you might want to start by building the tree itself. An axe for the wood and a pair of shears will get you started make the Great Deku tree from Zelda, the Norse worldtree Yggdrasil, the redwood-style forest from Return of the Jedi’s Endor moon, or–if you’re nasty–make the Chicken-Leg house that witch of Russian mythology, Baba Yaga, resides in.

Once you have the tree ready, you can start building. Build big, build vertically. Trapdoors and fences make for great rustic flooring and rope bridges, and liberal use of steps and slabs will let you build a wide variety of shapes.

How To Build A Minecraft House: Overground

This is probably the type of Minecraft house most players will be familiar with, as they’re much more visible and there’s scope for building some truly impressive structures. Any materials can be used to build the walls, but solid matter such as stone will provide a stronger foundation than wood. To get started, you’ll want to clear a flat area to build on, which can be a large as you like but around a dozen blocks square is a good starting point so you don’t run out of space too quickly you can always expand later if needed.

Next, build walls around the perimeter at least four blocks high, leaving a gap for a door and any windows you want to install make sure you fill these with suitable panels. For a roof, you can either go with a flat sheet of blocks, stack them up at an angle, or even use stairs to get the traditional sloped look. On the outside, consider ringing your Minecraft house with a fence to keep any marauding monsters at bay, with plenty of torches to ward them off. Add in all the basic items we’ve previously discussed, and your homestead is ready to go.

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Construct The Walls & Tower

Image Source:

Now were going to create our walls with smooth sandstone. Fill in all the gaps by placing sandstone two blocks wide and four blocks high.

To make a tower, start placing the same smooth sandstone blocks in the empty space. Put them around in a square shape and raise them until theyre nine blocks high in total. This will look something like this:

If you want to add a balcony, put some spruce slabs on one side of the house. Now youll see some gaps are left behind. Fill all of the remaining gaps with spruce logs.

Image Source:

House With Storage Space

Minecraft starter house, Big minecraft houses, Minecraft ...

Uploaded by Zaypixel.

The main section of the house design doesn’t do much to improve on the box with a roof design that most players will have already built. However, the extra features around this house are what make it much nicer to look at.

Raising the main section of the house makes it nicer to look at and safer from Creepers, not to mention it gives lots of space underneath. This space below can be used to keep animals, store lots of items, or as a bedroom for a 2nd player. It allows the space around the house to be extended for other purposes, as shown in the image, which has attached a stable and a couple of farms.

However, be sure to light up this space below, otherwise, mobs will spawn in great numbers if left unchecked. Though, this doesn’t mean that players will have to stick a bunch of torches all over the place. Utilizing fenceposts and lanterns, players can illuminate this natural outdoor basement in a visually pleasing manner.

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Stylish And Compact By Csx42

The Stylish and Compact design by CSX42 is a modern yet small house that has room for a bed, a crafting table, and chest. It is built with basic blocks like wood and stone slabs. As you build it, you will also learn a thing or two about creating a good looking house. The tutorial includes ideas for making stacked chests easily accessible and how using different block types adds aesthetics to a build. There are also ideas for expanding the house when you need to.

Mob Xp Farm/drop Collector

An experience farm uses water currents to push most mobs into a central area. With mobs in the nether, pistons are used. Use a piston crusher or a long drop to get the mobs to a ½ heart. Mobs can be killed by hand or with a splash potion of harming to get XP. Note: This is more efficient with multiple spawners, as more spawners mean more spawning opportunities. You also obtain drops from each mob killed. This can also be done with large dark rooms with platforms. The mobs spawn and fall into water currents, where you can choose what happens to them once they are out of the spawning chamber.

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Top 50 Best Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft is surprisingly inclusive for a game thats focused on blocks for building. You can actually build a wide variety of stuff in this sandbox simulation. From castles and buildings ideas, the sky is the limit when Minecraft is in question. That said, the game can get pretty demanding in Survival Mode. You need to have a house or a shelter of some sort to make it through the night and carry on exploring.

Many players get tired of living and surviving in the same house repeatedly. If youre looking to switch that up, weve compiled a list of the best Minecraft house ideas for you to build and relish. This expansive list will comprise several types of house ideas, such as modern, cool, small, and cute ones. Well also leave instructions on how to build these houses as we go through the guide.

Minecraft boasts a variety of game modes, but only two of them take the cake. These are Creative Mode and Survival Mode. The latter is the default mode that has been with Minecraft since the day of its release. You simply go out in the sandbox and look for resources that you could use. In addition, you have to craft items, enhance your experience, sate your hunger, and outclass lurking mobs. Therefore, this is the real Minecraft experience that may or may not let you build houses, depending on your skill level and your ability to maneuver the game.

  • Minecraft House Ideas FAQ
  • How To Build A Medieval House In Minecraft

    Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Survival House

    This is a step by step Minecraft survival house guide.

    In this guide, I show you one way in which you can build a house in Minecraft. There are of course many other ways and you don’t have to strictly stick to this design. Follow the tutorial and when you get to the end, add your own flair.

    I have supplied you with a youtube video and required block list to help you out – enjoy.

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    Where To Build Your House

    You should build a simple house at your initial spawn location, especially if you plan on playing with friends. This will give them a safe spot to hang out if they spawn in during nighttime and will also serve as a marker so you know where spawn is.

    Once you get a bit deeper into the game, you can make a more elaborate house in your favorite biome.

    Build A Doorway + Add The Flooring

    Image Source:

    To make the main entrance for the house, you have to break some stones on one side of the wall. Then at a little free section, place three stones, three spruce fences. After this, put three spruce trapdoors and finally add a door. Now take some spruce planks and start filling your ground floor. Repeat the same thing on the top of the walls to make the base for the second level.

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    Modern House By Rainbowgamerpe

    The Modern house by RainbowGamerPE features concrete so it is, again, not the easiest to build however, concrete can be replaced with smooth stone. You will need a considerable amount of coal to do all this but the house is large and you may never move out of it. You will need to gather quite a bit of wood and sand but they occur commonly enough to not be a big deal.

    The build also uses birch wood which is common, and black glass panes which require black dye. Again, you can use ordinary, colorless glass. The design is pretty good and will allow you to play with material variations easily.

    Small & Compact Modern Minecraft House

    Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Starter House Minecraft Map

    Tiny and compact homes are becoming increasingly popular, even in real-life. Despite the small size of this house, it is possible to make it practical for your needs too. A tiny house is usually best for just an outpost place to sleep and grab some supplies like food.

    Another cool idea is to make a tiny house like this on the ground, and then have a massive underground base beneath it. People will come inside expecting a tiny house, and be pleasantly surprised when they find a massive underground base under it!

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