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What Can You Build In Minecraft

Add A Fountain To Your Town

50 Things YOU can Make in Minecraft

It’s hard to come by things that don’t make sense in Minecraft. This water fountain design makes a whole lot of it. Originally designed by YouTube user Minecraft Sekai, and showcased in this video, this beautiful water fountain fits perfectly within most settlement-oriented builds, especially large scale towns.

Since build projects of this stance can prove exhaustingly long, building something completely out of stone and water is a nice change of pace from having to gather many different types of resources.

Minecraft Underground House Ideas

When I think underground base I just think of a shabby bunker, but ItsMarloe‘s underground base has blown my expectations away. It’s not exactly inconspicuous, but it certainly has plenty of style.

Another stylish Minecraft underground base is from Tanol Games, who’s build kind of looks like a Pokéball. The really cool thing about this base is that there’s a tree at its centre, bringing some life down into the blocky, earthy depths.

Simple Medieval Minecraft House

This is a house from a naturally generated village as found in the 1.14 Village & Pillage Update. The homes in villages can be a good starting point or example for how to build a simple Minecraft house.

Note the easy-to-get materials for building a medieval house: cobblestone, wooden logs, wooden doors, and trapdoors. You can improve the appearance by using smooth stone or stone bricks .

These types of houses are perfect for your first days when playing survival Minecraft. They arent exactly beautiful, but they get the job done and protect you from monsters.

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Ideas To Build In Your House

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Abandoned Minecraft House At Sea


If you havent reached the level where you can build underwater, try building a house floating on water. This is an abandoned house at sea by Tkapplez, which is quite popular in the game. Paired with really nice realistic shaders, this breathtaking house is great for even beginners.

By this structure, you can know the power of wood and stone and the importance of understanding the builds palette. Having a lot of multiple blocks and patterns still, this house has nothing that breaks from the color scheme. The only thing that creates variation is texture and shape. Give it a chance and try to build this house!

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The Worlds Smallest Minecraft Houses

A lot of the zanier ideas so far have been gigantic Minecraft houses. But what if you want to build the smallest Minecraft house possible?

A good place to start would be this awesome tutorial for a stylish minimalist home design from Random Steve Guy, which features a truly shocking number of amenities for such a small package.

However, some may even argue this is too big. Ive seen smaller houses out there, but that will ruin the fun. How small can you make your Minecraft house? Let us know in the comments!

Aesthetics Matter Don’t Build A Cube

This tip goes back to the idea that you’ll be using this place for a long time. Don’t just make it passably functional put in the work of making it look awesome.

Start from a theme: Epic treehouse, mountain chateau, desert castle, vaporwave mansion. Look for real-world examples to take inspiration from and try to bring those to life. If you want a bit more guidance, start looking for tutorials on YouTube. All you have to do is punch in “cool Minecraft house” and start scrolling for limitless videos to pull from, whether it’s how to make an aesthetically pleasing path or to make a roof that does more than keep out mobs.

The more you build, the more you’ll learn, and the more ideas of your own you’ll get. At the same time, don’t feel beholden to a given theme. And never stop experimenting.

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Large Oak Starter Mansion

A beautiful oak starter mansion in the forest with multiple levels for farming on the sides. This one is really not too difficult to build in survival and uses simple materials like oak.

An elevated house like this will look way better next to a hill or a forest as you can see in the video. If it were built in the middle of a flat field, it definitely would not look as good!

If you want to give this mansion a try, the above video is a tutorial that shows you how to build it step by step.

Minecraft Modern House Ideas

SECRET Minecraft BUILDS You Can Build As Well! (NO MODS!)

‘s builds are back with their take on a modern Minecraft house. Clean lines and minimalist designs transfer really well into Minecraft’s blocky world and this modern build definitely fits the bill.

Rizzial has a bunch of slick house ideas on their Minecraft channel but this modern house build stuck out because it’s slightly bigger with three whole floors. I love how angular this build is and the brick, wood, and white blocks balance each other out perfectly.

Modern Minecraft houses are plush enough, but what about a modern Minecraft house on water? Knight‘s modern house has been built to make it look like it’s floating effortlessly on water. It’s a build that definitely benefits from some of the best Minecraft shaders, but it’s stunning nonetheless.

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Carve A Minecraft Pumpkin

Try carving your own Minecraft pumpkin. Or make Minecraft holiday cookies. Or a Labor Day parade. Whatever the upcoming holiday, celebrate it Minecraft style.

    Santas Workshop: Make all the Christmas decorations and characters. Santa, the reindeer, elves, presents, a tree, and more. What says Christmas most to you?
    Celebrate the Seasons: Start your next creative build or survival base in the biome most appropriate for the season. If theres snow on the ground, find some tundra. Celebrate the winter inside and out with snowball fights, snow sculptures and more. What will you do in the spring?

Creative And Dynamic Ceiling Lights

You need to light your house. Why? Because if not it will fill up with monsters. Not a pretty sight.

But that doesnt mean you are limited to torches and glowstone. In fact, in recent updates, your options for lighting have increased exponentially, as evidenced by this awesome Minecraft ceiling lights tutorial from MCram.

If you are looking to learn more about all your options when it comes to Minecraft lighting, why not check out our guide to the Best Minecraft Light Sources You Can Use Anywhere?

Finally, your lighting is going to look infinitely better if you use the Optifine mod. Heres our guide to Installing Optifine in Minecraft in 2021.

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Small & Compact Modern Minecraft House

Tiny and compact homes are becoming increasingly popular, even in real-life. Despite the small size of this house, it is possible to make it practical for your needs too. A tiny house is usually best for just an outpost place to sleep and grab some supplies like food.

Another cool idea is to make a tiny house like this on the ground, and then have a massive underground base beneath it. People will come inside expecting a tiny house, and be pleasantly surprised when they find a massive underground base under it!

Modern Minecraft Villa On The Lake

9 Awesome Minecraft Medieval Buildings That You Can Make ...

I just LOVE this modern Minecraft build! And the best part? This build has a tutorial video to help you build a similar house all by yourself.

Everything about this build is stunning: the huge glass windows and natural lighting, the choice of decorations and furnishings, and last but not least the waterfront lake.

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Things To Build In Minecraft: Building Ideas For 117

Looking for ideas for things to build in Minecraft? We all know that Minecraft is filled with infinite possibilities, particularly when it comes to building. With the right types and quantities and structures of blocks, there’s really no limit to what can be made. The trick is figuring out what to build next!

Below you’ll find 24 amazing Minecraft building ideas to inspire you, ranging from small, practical builds such as bridges and storage rooms, to massive aesthetic projects like castles, towns, and skyscrapers. Have a browse below and see if anything captures your imagination!

Secret Underwater Pirate Cove

Have you ever discovered a small air pocket while exploring underwater? You can use this space to create a secret pirate cove hidden away below the depths. These areas are surprisingly large inside, but be careful when chipping away at the walls as you may accidentally break into the surrounding water. As long as you avoid any sudden leakages, you should have a permanent underwater base to surprise your friends with. This could be a great way to start an experimental run where you do things youve never thought about trying.

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Vending Machines Arcade Cabinets And More

A big problem Ive had when filling my Minecraft houses is that I often have a lot of free space and not a lot of cool ideas to fill it with. A fence-and-pressure-plate table and chairs, maybe. But it would be cool to be able to include vending machines, arcade cabinets, kitchen furniture, and more.

Both Volume 1 and Volume 2 of this series by BlenDigi feature instructions for crafting all of the above.

Unfortunately, none of them will be functional. But they will still look amazing when you have finished putting together your blocky man cave.

What Is Minecraft: Education Edition

How Realistic Can You Make Minecraft in 2021?

Back in 2016, Mojang announced a new project to help educators teach their students by using Minecraft as a fun and interactive tool. A little while later, Minecraft: Education Edition was born to the world, and it featured a ton of unique features and plans across a variety of curriculum subjects like architecture, math, chemistry, agriculture, and computer programming. Across all of it, Minecraft: Education Edition is focused on teaching children important critical skills like problem-solving, teamwork, and creativity.

Because the Education Edition is actually just an expanded version of the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft available on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Android and iOS, it also comes with all the same features present there. However, the Education Edition isn’t quite as prolific as its base version, since as of now it’s only available on Windows 10, MacOS and iPad devices.

The full Minecraft: Education Edition is specifically tailored to schools, and is currently being used in over 115 countries around the globe. It is a monthly subscription service that requires a Microsoft 365 Education account and a Mojang Account, so access is limited and everyday people won’t be able to take advantage unless their school allows it.

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Building A Minecraft Pc For Less Than $500

The parts above should have no issue working together â the motherboard should ship with the latest BIOS that works with the Ryzen 5 3400G CPU â but there are some extra parts you might need to invest in. This will technically push the build past $500, and if that’s an issue, you might have better luck browsing our collection of best pre-built PCs for Minecraft.

An OS is required, and Windows 10 will add around $140 if you’re buying new. You can also move a Windows 10 license to a new PC to save money. If you don’t have a monitor, check out these budget PC monitors that will fare well with Minecraft.

You might also want to add a dedicated graphics card if you’re looking to play other games and have the budget. Be sure to check out our collection of the overall best graphics cards for plenty of great options. As for keyboard and mouse, we also have some recommendations. Browse our roundup of the best gaming keyboards and the best gaming mice for a ton of great hardware.

And finally, don’t forget about the game of choice. Minecraft Bedrock Edition costs about $27, though might be eligible for a free copy of Minecraft if you’re a longtime owner of the Java Edition.

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Buyer’s guide

Multilevel Simple Wooden House

A simple wooden home that has multiple floors. Its compact and practical, with a main floor, a basement, and a second floor. You could easily put a storage chest room in the basement.

A house like this is quite easy to build and is best for beginners or players in their first few days of the game. Once you have advanced in the game and have access to more materials, you may want to consider building a bit larger or even a castle!

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Your First Desert House

Many players like to build their Survival houses in grassy biomes, forests, and even marshes and cliffs. But Minecraft players notoriously shy away from building their bases in deserts.

The reason why is simple. It is a lot harder to make your house look good when it is yellow and surrounded by yellow. Between sand, sandstone, and sandstone bricks, there doesnt seem to be much of a difference visually.

But check out this idea for an awesome desert house from YouTuber Julious. It implements aspects youd expect to see in high-quality grassland builds, but adapted for the vast Minecraft deserts.

Try it out and let us know how you get on.

Entrance To Your Mine

Minecraft: 10 Examples Of Crazy Things You Can Build ...

It’s generally a good idea to put the entrance to your mine inside your shelter, simply so that if you return at night you won’t encounter mobs. It’s probably a good idea to make sure your mine is well lit by torches, redstone lamps, or glowstone. If playing in a mode besides peaceful, you should put a door so mobs do not get in . Buttons are useful for any barrier only opened by Redstone.

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A Western Cowboy Town

An old western town

Another good use of a desert and one that probably more people will be familiar with, seeing as a surprisingly large number of people dont even watch Spongebob. This one takes us back to the early 20th century, where cowboys rode to stop gunslinging bandits, sheriffs jumped on the tops of trains to stop them from falling off cliffs, and prospectors struck it rich with millions of dollars in gold. Fun fact: that stuff never actually happened. Sorry

  • You can make that stuff happen! The wild west can once again be wild!
  • Who will you be? Sheriff? Bandit? The new guy that blows into town?
  • Instead of gold, spawn a bunch of villagers and pan for emeralds!

Minecraft Storage Room Build

A storage room is just about the most practical build you could ever make. It’s all about practicality, about organising your things so that you always know exactly where to go to find what you’re looking for. Minecraft gives you lots of tools like signs and item frames to help with such a build, and if you’re putting in that much effort then you might as well make the place look nice! Check out the lovely storage room build above by YouTuber “TheMythicalSausage” and let yourself be inspired.

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Best Pc Build For Playing Minecraft Under $500

BestPC Build for Playing Minecraft Under $500Windows Central2021

Minecraft is a global sensation, and part of the appeal of this beautiful game is that it can run on pretty much anything with a processor. This is especially true for the Bedrock Edition, though the original Java Edition also doesn’t require much horsepower under the hood. If you’re on a tight budget or just don’t want to overspend on a custom PC for the kids to enjoy Minecraft, we’ve put together a list of parts that will become a quality PC for less than $500.

Make Your Sleeping Look Cool

25 Things YOU NEED To Build In Minecraft

One thing every player undoubtedly needs to craft is a bed. Sure, you could settle with a plain white one and call it a day, but if you are looking to spice up your home décor or your furniture, then check this video made .

Did you know you could achieve some incredibly faithful bunk beds using barrels and trapdoors? Typface gets creative with interesting combinations of blocks that are easy to come by in survival mode. Minecraft is literally built on little known facts and mechanics that are incredibly fun to explore, and Typface’s video explores some building possibilities that are unbelievably easy to achieve.

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