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When Were Villagers Added To Minecraft

Villager Skins Show Greater Detail


There are now proper jungle and swamp villages, complete with detailed new villager clothes. Jungle villagers look like they are supposed to be wearing some sort of animal pelt clothing. The yellow and brown makes it look like it might be meant to be ocelot fur.

They also seem to have a green belt made from a vine. The swamp villagers are covered in moss and wear lily pads upon their heads. Both types have charming designs that can go unnoticed if the player is in a hurry.

How To Summon An Iron Golem

Iron Golems are village protectors and although one Iron Golem will usually spawn with a village, these large passive mobs are pretty simple to summon, although expensive. Having extra muscle to take care of the village inhabitants means you can sleep soundly at night knowing the village people and your;Minecraft farm ideas are safe from an untimely explosion from a Creeper.

Heres how to summon an Iron Golem in Minecraft, you can also create a farm, using our Minecraft Iron Golem farm guide:

  • 4 x iron blocks
  • 1 x carved pumpkin

Place the four iron blocks in a T shape in the overworld , with one block on the ground and the remaining three on top. Place the carved pumpkin on top and watch your Iron Golem materialise in front of you.

How To Cure A Zombie Villager In Minecraft

Todays post is regarding how you can cure a zombie villager in Minecraft. Have you ever come across a zombie village or seen a baby zombie villager riding around on a chicken? That sounds like a lot of fun.

However, it can be extremely aggravating when your own employees transform into zombie villagers. This can happen when regular zombies attack your villagers, and the difficulty settings affect how frequently the zombification occurs.

On Hard, every villager killed by a zombie will turn into one of the undead, whereas on Easy, this will never happen. Even if you play on Easy, zombie villagers roam the wild, waiting for you to come across them.

If you want to return your villagers to their normal state and resume business as usual, there is a simple solution that works across all platforms.

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Curing A Zombie Villager

Although this method is technically faster, you do need to have a few specific items stored away beforehand. Plus, zombie villagers will rarely spawn so you need to be quite lucky for one to spawn so you can then cure it.

But, on the bright side, if you’re around your base and they spawn, you can simply lure them, no boats necessary. And, once cured, they will trade at a discount price to show you their gratitude for your efforts.

You can cure a zombie villager by crafting a Splash Potion of Weakness, throwing it on the villager and then feeding them a golden apple.

Build And Protect The Village

Defend The Villager (Minecraft)

Minecraft fans will love joining forces with Alex in the LEGO Minecraft The Village set. Builders can challenge themselves to construct a variety of biomes plus a watchtower, library, blacksmith, butcher, and marketplace. With over 1,500 pieces, this set encourages kids to create endless hands-on adventures with their favorite characters–like growing vital crops and keeping an eye out for the exploding Creeper and the endermen that roam after nightfall. This set makes a standout gift for LEGO Minecraft collectors and Minecraft fans.

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The Inspiration For Villagers

Villagers were actually inspired by the shopkeepers from a game called;Dungeon Master 2, which was released on multiple systems in the early 1990s.

It was a dungeon crawler with which;Minecraft shares quite a few similarities besides the villager’s aesthetic.;Minecraft is legendary because it does a few things extremely well, but it would not even exist if not for the;Dungeon Master games as well as similar ones.

Where Can You Find Villages

Villages come in all shapes and sizes and can now be found in a number of different biomes. Namely, plains, sunflower plains, savannas, deserts, snowy tundras, and many different taiga biomes including normal taigas, taiga hill biomes, and their snowy variants.

In order to find these villages, you simply need to explore. Then explore some more. Villages can generate pretty much anywhere inside compatible biomes, so the closest village could be just over that next hill. You can potentially shave time off by grabbing a horse or boat , or skip the wait entirely by choosing a world seed that starts you next to a village.

Most of the biomes also have their own unique design language for villages, lending a bit of credibility to them. There is one fault with the method Minecraft uses to spawn villages, and that is the fact they can be generated pretty much anywhere. What this means is that if there are any crevices or caves, villages will just spawn bits of dirt or sand on top of it, or carve pieces out of holes. This leads to some awfully strange landscapes around villages.

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How To Unlock A Trade

There are five trade levels that you can work through and the higher you go, the better items you will see available.

  • Expert
  • Master

You will be able to tell the level of the villager you want to trade with by the colour of the badge that they wear with honour. Novices wear a stone-coloured, one, Apprentices sport an iron-coloured badge, then its gold for Journeyman, emerald for Expert and Diamond for Master.

Nitwits In Minecraft: Everything You Need To Know

Invisibility Potion Villagers Were Just Added To Minecraft 1.14

Villagers are some of the most useful mobs in Minecraft. They can take on different professions and offer trades – a handy feature allowing the player to acquire useful items in exchange for common items.

Nitwit is a unique type of villagers that can spawn in any village. Players can differentiate between them and other villagers by inspecting their appearance. Nitwits go to sleep and wake up roughly 2000 ticks after every other villager. They also don’t gather around the bell when it rings.

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How Long Do Villagers Stare At Each Other In Minecraft

Occasionally, two villagers may stop and turn to look at each other, in a behavior called socializing, during which they stare at another villager for 45 seconds at a time. They continuously stare at a nearby player unless the villager is trying to get into a house at night, farm food, work, or flee from a zombie or illager.

Farmers Are Better Than Most Players At Farming

Farmers are some of the most hardworking villagers one will find. They tend their fields all day, making sure that their crops grow big and strong.

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They will actively use bonemeal on plants to speed their growth and will put spare seeds into composters as well. Their AI is even sophisticated enough to recognize and pick up these items if they come across any that are just lying about.

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How Do You Trade With Villagers

The biggest reason most players will be interested in villages will be the in-depth trading system baked into villagers. This allows you to possibly get things that would normally be very difficult in your area or flat out impossible.

Villagers that have professions are all able to trade to players. Nitwits, unemployed villagers, and baby villagers are not able to. Whenever you interact with a villager that can trade, a special trading menu opens that shows you what trades are available.

These trades change from villager to villager, and many trades are only possible with certain professions. For example, librarians may often trade for paper or books, while butchers will want meat.

Villagers also have a leveling system in place that unlocks additional trades as they progress. There are five levels in total, ranging from novice, apprentice, journeyman, expert, and master. Trading regularly with villagers is how they gain experience towards their next level, so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship.

Not only do you have a relationship with individual villagers in regards to what trades are available, but you also cultivate a relationship with the village as a whole. This is referred to as your popularity. The higher your popularity, the better the prices for trades are. The lower your popularity, the higher the prices.

There are three ways to get emeralds:

Here’s how to take advantage of the trading system in Minecraft:

How To Change Villager Jobs


Sometimes when you encounter a village, there will not be Villagers occupying the profession you are looking for. This can be troublesome, as villages are tricky to find if you are not ready to explore far away from your home base.

So, there is a process that players can take in order to change Villagers jobs, and it all revolves around their job site block. Think of the block as a contract for the Villagers, if they do not have an active block, then they do not occupy that certain profession.

If you need to change the job of one of the Villagers follow the steps we have outlined below:

  • Destroy the job site block that the Villager is currently using
  • Build whichever job block that corresponds to the job you want the Villager to hold now
  • Place the block within proximity of the Villager
  • Wait for the Villager to interact with the new job site block
  • Once they do so, they should change into their new jobs clothing and you should be good to go

This is a pretty universal method, and can work with all Villagers except Nitwits, as they cannot hold any jobs within Minecraft!

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How Do You Breed Villagers

If you’re looking to expand your village, or simply replenish those unfortunately lost to, well, pretty much anything, you’ll need to know how to breed your villagers. In order for villagers to breed and create baby villagers, 3 prerequisites must be met.

  • Beds, beds, beds. A village determines its maximum possible population by the number of valid beds present in the village. A bed is considered valid if it has a door connected to it, and has at least 2 blocks of air directly above it. In other words, it has to be safe and usable.
  • Food, food, food. Villagers can actually pick things up as they go about their day, and you’ll notice that occasionally villagers will actually throw things like food at each other. You can also throw food at villagers, which makes them willing to breed. You’ll know you’ve given them enough when a shower of hearts radiates from them.
  • Another villager. It takes two, you know. You need to have at least two villagers that are both willing to breed and in close proximity to each other.

Once all of these requirements are met, your villagers should spawn a baby villager next to them. The baby villager tends to just run around and jump on the beds, but eventually it’ll grow into an adult villager.

If you don’t have enough villagers to breed them, you have two options. You can either kidnap a villager from another village, or you can cure a zombie villager.

Villagers And Their Jobs

Villagers in Minecraft can have a variety of jobs, which determines the items that they will have available to them when trading with the player. The job of a Minecraft villager also decides the way a villager will behave when wandering or working. For example, farmers sow any seeds or plants they have in their inventory.;

In Minecraft, a villager can have any one of fifteen total jobs, including being a Nitwit and an unemployed villager. An unemployed villager can claim any available job by going to an empty job site. Here is a list of all the Minecraft villager jobs and their respective job sites required to assign the villager that job.


Image credits: Cubey, Youtube

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Trading Up In The ‘minecraft’ Update

As previously mentioned, there are new occupations in each village you visit, and that means new opportunities for trading.

When villagers make trades, they gain experience. Gain enough experience and they level up. Leveling up unlocks new trades. You get the idea.

Villagers now have a new visual-based trading system and will hold up an item they wish to trade if the player is holding something they want.

Also new is Wandering Traders, which are mysterious salesmen ;flanked by a llama on each side of him ;who deal items from several different biomes, often with rare materials, and offering up to six randomly generated trades. These special characters stay alive at night by drinking invisibility potions. And their loyal llamas spit at mobs if approached.

What Else You Need To Know

Minecraft – History of Villages (& Pigmen)

If lightning strikes a Villager, or near one, theyll become a Witch, and I don’t mean the kind that will attempt to sell you healing crystals. Witches are dangerous, so be sure to take them out.

Occasionally villages will get raided by Illagers. You can help to defend the village, and if youre successful, youll earn the title Hero of the Village. This means youll get better rates on trades and can even end up with gifts from the humble townsfolk. It pays to be nice.;

Last of all, attacking a Villager will sour the entire village against you, resulting in higher demands when attempting to trade. You can offset this by saving them or taking the last item they offer in a trade, but its far simpler to just not attack them in the first place.

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Cure A Zombie Villager

Zombie villager is a special variant of Minecraft villager. These zombie villagers are the infected versions of normal villagers who have been turned into zombies. However, you can still cure them to have a normal villager. The required ingredients to cure a zombie villager include a Golden Apple and a;Potion of Weakness.

How To Breed Villagers In Minecraft

Lee StantonRead more August 14, 2021

Villages in Minecraft are inhabited, and you can grow the population by breeding villagers. This enhances trading in the game while making the vast world of Minecraft a little less lonely. If youre confused about how to breed villagers in the game, were here to help.

In this guide, we will explain how to breed villagers in different versions of Minecraft, and how to protect them from zombies. Additionally, we will answer some of the most common questions related to village inhabitants and breeding in the game.

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How To Breed Villagers In Survival Mode

Breeding villagers in Minecraft survival mode is the same as breeding them in the creative mode. Follow the instructions below:

  • Find or build a village. A couple of buildings close to each other are already considered a village.
  • There should be three times more doors than adult villagers in your village.
  • Ensure that the building where your villagers are going to breed has at least three beds with two or more empty blocks above them.
  • Trade at least once with your villagers.
  • For the villagers to be willing to breed, ensure that there are three loaves of bread, 12 carrots, 12 potatoes, or 12 beetroots in the inventory per one villager. Feed them to your villagers.
  • Leave two villagers alone in a building. In Minecraft Bedrock, there are male and female villagers, but it doesnt matter for breeding.
  • Check the building in about 20 minutes a baby villager should appear.
  • Tip: In survival mode, you want to ensure the extra safety of your villagers. Read on to find out how to make your village zombie-proof.

    What Threatens A Village

    Humanoid Villagers Add

    Villages are in a constant state of fear, it seems like. There are a wide variety of threats they have to deal with, which makes a village’s survival suspect without your help. Here’s everything that can harm your villagers, from the most common to the least:

    • Zombies and drowned attacks. There are two hostile mobs that selectively target villagers and attack them on sight. Both of these mobs can spawn naturally in and around villages. On harder difficulties, zombies can even break down doors, leaving villagers even more defenseless.

    This is by far the easiest threat to deal with, since you can deter them with simple torches and a wall.

    • Zombie villagers. Whenever a villager is killed by a zombie or drowned, it can turn into a zombie villager and turn on its own kind. A normal difficulties, the chance is 50%. On hard difficulties, the chance is 100%, and drowned can convert a villager from a distance by throwing a trident at them.

    This is another thing that can be avoided pretty easily, but can throw a wrench into things if you’re not diligent. Especially on harder difficulties.

    • Raids. In one of the recent major updates for Minecraft, Mojang added pillagers and ravagers. Pillagers are new hostile mobs that vaguely resemble villagers, but are extremely aggressive and are armed with crossbows. Ravagers are these huge beasts that have a lot of attack power and health, and often accompany pillagers during raids.

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    Solution How To Cure A Zombie Villager In Minecraft On Bedrock

    The Bedrock Edition is a collection of editions that spans all major gaming platforms.

    Despite the new name, the steps for curing zombie villagers are the same as in previous versions. You must first use a splash potion and then the golden apple on the zombie villager.

    Bedrock included several changes to their behavior and inventory.

    Since Update 0.16, zombie villagers have been able to drop their weapons, but only if they are still holding them. Update 1.0 added a useful mechanic by adding a Cure button. If you hit a zombie villager and approach the village with a weak spot, the button appears. This does not fundamentally alter how you cure villagers, but it does make the process a little easier.

    If you want to, you can also multiply zombie villagers using their own spawn eggs after Update 1.2.

    Finally, the Bedrock Edition now includes a feature that was previously exclusive to the Bedrock Edition. It changed the clothes of zombie villager Steve to Villagers clothes. However, as of the 1.9 updates, this feature is no longer exclusive to Bedrock.

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