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What To Do With A Conduit In Minecraft

Conduit In Minecraft: Uses In The Game

MINECRAFT | What Does a Conduit Do? 1.17.1 Tutorial

The Conduit is a special block in Minecraft that provides the players with a special buff upon successful activation.

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The Conduit provides the player with Conduit Power, which is an area-of-effect status effect which has all the properties of Water Breathing, Night Vision and Haste. These effects are only active while in water or when in rain. It also attacks hostile mobs underwater that are at least 8 blocks apart.

To work the conduit needs to be enclosed within a 3x3x3 volume of waterlogged blocks and on a 5×5 squares centred on the conduit as shown above. Only prismarine, dark prismarine, prismarine bricks or sea lantern can be used for the frame of the device.

What Is A Conduit In Minecraft

If you are thinking about building a city underwater, then you will need a Conduit.

Conduits are blocks that provide Conduit Power, a very useful ability that you will need to explore underwater ruins at your will.

The Conduit block is one of the most powerful ones in Minecraft since they allow you to experience new parts of the map that already exist but cant be accessed without the risk of being drowned.

A Conduit Is Vital If You Want To Build An Underwater Base In Minecraft Here’s How To Build Yourself A Conduit And Control The Sea

A conduit is a beacon-like block that provides Conduit Power and attacks hostile mobs underwater. It is one of the most useful tools to have if you want to build an underwater base. In this article, we are going to show you how to make a conduit in Minecraft.

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The Best Way To Make And Use Conduits In Minecraft

Minecraft conduits are both incredibly valuable and very difficult to acquire, so its good to make the most of them. Heres how to make and use conduits in Minecraft.

Underwater bases are some of the coolest things to build in Minecraft, but they come with a ton of potential hazards. In addition to flooding, dangerous water monsters like drowned and elder guardians can bother undersea adventurers. Thats where conduits come in. While difficult to build, the mysterious structures grant a powerful buff and can protect an undersea area from harm. So heres how to build a conduit and use it to the fullest extent in Minecraft.

Conduit Minecraft: How To Make Activate & Use It


Imagine you had the ability to explore all of Minecrafts ocean.

Now, we know that swimming in the sea is a wonderful and fun activity, but players cant spend long underwater unless they want to drown.

If you find something interesting in the middle of the ocean, then you will have to go up and down, so you dont run out of breath.

Nevertheless, theres a solution to this problem.

What if we told you that you can craft a Conduit to basically become Aquaman?

Sounds impressive, right?

Well, in this article, well give you information about:

  • All you need to know about Conduit power status
  • How to activate and get the Conduit in Minecraft
  • Where to find the blocks, shells, and other required materials youll need in your adventure.

Jump to the specific section:

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Advantages Of The Conduit Minecraft

As mentioned previously, a conduit Minecraft not only helps to breathe underwater but also protects you from mob attacks. Having a conduit Minecraft is equivalent to creating a safe corner in the ocean for yourself. If you manage to build more than one conduit Minecraft, you will able to create a castle at some point.

In addition to the above, a conduit Minecraft will also defeat and kill the guardians as long as the Minecraft conduit has minimal power. When it is activated, a conduit Minecraft will be able to float on its own. However, there must be something of temporary block underneath it while it is being constructed in order to ensure that the base is in the right place. Once the conduit Minecraft is built, you must remove the block to trigger the conduit Minecraft which, in turn, will activate it.

How To Activate A Conduit

Now, to activate a Conduit, you must create a structure that looks like this:

First, place a temporary block under the Conduit and then remove it. The Conduit must be floating in the middle of the structure. You can make more complex structures to increase Conduits range.

The blocks must create a frame around the conduit, which can be placed in different ways, always with the same result.

This frame can adopt different positions, depending on how you decide to create it.

Theres a minimum of 16 blocks required to activate it.

Remember that once the conduit is activated, its range might highly depend on the number of blocks used in the structure.

But can you use every block to activate it? The answer is no.

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Crafting And Using A Conduit In Minecraft

Once Minecraft fans have acquired enough Nautilus Shells and the Heart of the Sea, they can craft a Conduit by placing the heart at the center of the crafting grid, surrounded by the eight shells. However, this is only the first step in activating the Conduit. Next, players must find an Ocean Monument or random Underwater ruins and harvest 32 Prismarine-type blocks. These blocks include:

  • Prismarine
  • Prismarine Bricks
  • Sea Lantern Blocks

Next, to activate the Conduit, the Prismarine blocks in Minecraft must be placed around the device in a specific way. First, place down nine blocks in a horizontal “plus-sign” shape. Next, stack four blocks at the end of each side and form a cage-like figure by placing angled blocks around the center. Finally, cover the top and put the Conduit in the center of the structure to activate it. This shape allows the Conduit Power’s effect to reach a maximum radius of 96 blocks. However, it is possible to remove the three-dimensional sides and only use a square to power the Conduit, but this shape will reduce the buff’s range.

Minecraft is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

How To Get Nautilus Shells

Conduit – A Complete Guide | Minecraft Update Aquatic

Even with Minecraft‘s 1.5.0 upon us, getting nautilus shells and the Heart of the Sea is still kind of a pain.

You can get nautilus shells by either fishing or by killing drowned that are holding one. Both options are quite rare, so it’s up to you which method you decide to use!

It’s also possible to get nautilus shells from a wandering trader, but that’s even harder than just fishing them up or seeking out drowned to slay. Fishing is probably your best bet.

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Minecraft Conduit: Everything You Need To Know

Minecraft Conduits are some of the most powerful but underused blocks in the game. Like a Beacon in Minecraft, it can give you special abilities that are even more powerful than the best Minecraft potions. But unlike a Beacon, it can also kill some hostile mobs for you even while you are not around. And above all, its the only permanent way to breathe and live underwater without any Minecraft mods. With this much power, you can guess that using a Conduit is no easy job. But worry not. Were here to cover everything you need to know about Conduits in Minecraft. From their preparation to the full power of Conduits usage, our guide goes over everything in detail. Having said that, lets dive into the world of Minecrafts Conduits!

How To Use Minecraft Conduit

A conduit Minecraft is not going to do anything by itself if thats what you think. At the most it can help you underwater the same as a torch. However, if you want to use it to your advantage, you will need a grid of prismarine blocks and surround the conduit Minecraft with it. You must activate the conduit to use it. You can acquire prismarine in underwater temples from the drops of guardians who can also be spotted in these underwater temples. To create a grid around the Minecraft conduit , a minimum of sixteen prismarine blocks is a must. To power up the conduit Minecraft, a maximum of 42 blocks of prismarine will be essential. The dimensions of these water blocks have to be 3×3×3 and the conduit Minecraft must be placed in the middle of it.

Build a + on the ground and place the prismarine on its edges. After that, place some more prismarine in the form of a ring around the top layer of the plus sign. The conduit Minecraft is activated by now, but in case it doesnt, it means that there are not enough prismarine. Take a few more blocks of the prismarine and arrange it around the plus sign in order to activate the conduit Minecraft.

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What Is A Minecraft Conduit

Similar to Minecraft Beacons, Conduits are power blocks that, once activated give special effectsto players within a short range. One of the most common effects of using a Conduit is the ability to breathe underwater. The Conduit doesnt spawn naturally in the Minecraft world as an item.

Moreover, it cant be traded for or found in any loot chests. Players have to manually craft a Conduit to use it in the game. However, once its ready you can easily place, break and pick it up with almost no effort.

How Do You Break Conduits In Minecraft Java

How to Use a CONDUIT in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Conduit, Heart of the ...

In Java Edition, conduits drop as an item when broken with any tool or by hand. In Bedrock Edition, conduits drop as an item when broken with any tool or by hand, but a pickaxe is the fastest way to break it. Times are for unenchanted tools as wielded by players with no status effects, measured in seconds.

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Add Items To Make A Conduit

In the crafting menu, you should see a crafting area that is made up of a 3×3 crafting grid. To make a conduit, place and in the 3×3 crafting grid.

When making a conduit, it is important that the heart of the sea and nautilus shells are placed in the exact pattern as the image below. In the first row, there should be 3 nautilus shells. In the second row, there should be 1 nautilus shell in the first box, 1 heart of the sea in the second box, and 1 nautilus shell in the third box. In the third row, there should be 3 nautilus shells. This is the Minecraft crafting recipe for a conduit.

Now that you have filled the crafting area with the correct pattern, the conduit will appear in the box to the right.

How To Build A Conduit Power Structure In Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to build a Conduit Power structure with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

In Minecraft, a Conduit Power structure is a special underwater structure that gives nearby players the status effect. While it does not occur naturally in the game, you can easily build one yourself in a few simple steps. Let’s explore how to do this.

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How Do You Make Conduit Power In Minecraft

Steps to Build a Conduit Power Structure

  • Build a 3×3 Prismarine Frame.
  • Place a Prismarine Block on top of the Frame.
  • Place a Conduit on top of the Primarine Block.
  • Break the Prismarine Block under the Conduit.
  • Add a Prismarine Layer around the Frame
  • Add another Prismarine Block to the Outside Layer.
  • How To Obtain The Heart Of The Sea

    How to Use a Conduit in Minecraft! [3MM]

    The Heart Of The Sea is an item that can not be crafted, and the only way to find it is through a Treasure Map. You can find a treasure map in a shipwreck or ocean ruins. The fastest way to find one of these is to feed raw cod or raw Salmon to a dolphin and theyll lead you to one or the other.

    Need help obtaining a Treasure Map? Check out our complete guide below.

    Once you find the treasure map youll notice a big red X on the map. Head towards the X and start digging to find the treasure. Theres a 100% chance of finding the Heart Of The Sea buried treasure in both Bedrock and Java.

    I have obtained the Heart Of The Sea

    Now that youve found the Heart Of The Sea check it off and look for an Ocean Monument

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    How Does It Work And How To Power It Up

    A conduit wont do anything on its own so you need to know how you can benefit from it. So, for that, you want to surround it with a grid of prismarine blocks. You will find them in underwater temples. Moreover, you can also craft the blocks from the drops of guardians that spawn near the temples.

    While constructing a grid around the conduit you will need a minimum of 16 blocks. Moreover, a conduit can only be powered up to the max with 42 blocks of prismarine or sea lanterns. Place the conduit in the middle of 3x3x3 water blocks and start to build a plus sign on the ground. In addition, you can add some prismarine on the edges of the plus. Next, you need to place a ring of those blocks around the top layer of the edges.

    What Does Conduit Power Actually Do

    After interacting with a conduit, players will immediately become affected by the Conduit Power buff. It will immediately restore full oxygen as long as the player is near it. Minecraft conduits will also grant approximately 17% bonus mining speed and underwater night vision, which make undersea exploration much easier. Conduit Power only lasts 12 seconds but refreshes whenever a player gets near a conduit again.

    Conduit Power is one of the most useful status effects in the game, so naturally it comes with a few limits. Players can only be affected by a single instance of Conduit Power, and attempting to apply a second stack will only refresh the initial buff.

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    How To Use Conduits In Minecraft

    Placing a conduit underwater will not immediately turn it on. The small block must be surrounded by prismarine mined from underwater monuments. The easiest way to build a conduit cage is to create rings around it similar to intersecting nether portals. When enough prismarine is present, the conduit will burst open and become active.

    The most important feature of conduits is their ability to grant a powerful aura to players. Conduit Power provides several buffs, most notably night vision and a small increase in mining speed. Minecraft conduits only work when fully submerged in water, so make sure to put it in the ocean or in a deep lake to make full use of it.

    In addition to providing a useful buff to the player, conduits are also helpful in combat. They will automatically attack hostile mobs underwater, making it a good way to protect an underwater base. Guardians and drowned will start taking damage as soon as they get near a conduit, so plant it near an entrance to keep your home safe.

    Understanding Conduit Power Status Effect

    How To Use A Conduit In Minecraft Xbox One

    Conduit Power is a powerful area status effect that combines three main abilities that well mention further in this blog post.

    The sea is an immense location with lots of new underwater places to explore, but since players cant stay under the sea without breathing, exploration gets difficult.

    Conduit Power is just the perfect way to make the best out of survival mode.

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    How To Make A Conduit

    Only 16 blocks are needed to make the conduit but in order to fully utilize it, youll need 32 blocks. The structure of the building itself needs to be built in a 5x5x5 to activate it. The conduit will need to be in the center of the building and floating in order to activate it. The building itself will need to be in a 3x3x3 body of water, so you can build it on the surface if you want.

    Youll know when its active because the conduit will open up and begin to suck in materials. Youll also see the Conduit power symbol on the top right of the screen.

    What A Conduit Does

    A conduit gives the conduit power status effect to all players within its range of effect. This status effect is a real doozy for players who prefer to build or adventure underwater, as it:

    • Increases your vision underwater
    • Grants haste to speed up your mining
    • Kills aggro mobs in range

    Essentially, it’s a super-powered bubble without the bubble visual effects!

    It’s easy to see why the conduit is the nautical player’s best friend, but there’s no denying this is a block that takes some real effort to not only craft but to put to good use as well. Perhaps the perfect pairing to an underwater fortress?

    If you found this guide useful, check out our other Minecraft guides or even our plethora of Minecraft seed lists. We have new hand-picked seeds to share each and every month, you know you want to take a look.

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    Everything You Need To Craft A Conduit In Minecraft

    A conduit in Minecraft is one of the most fascinating blocks it acts just like a beacon but in its own way by providing you with conduit power. This power is a lifesaver for many who have bases near the water bodies the conduit power includes oxygen restoration, underwater night vision, and increased mining speed! So if you ever wanted to stay underwater in Minecraft, you can start doing that you wonât even have to come up to the surface ever you can begin a self-sustained farm inside the underwater base!

    Here are the items youâll need to craft conduit:

    • 8x Nautilus shell


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