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How Do You Make A Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft

Splash Potion Of Levitation

How to Make a Potion of Weakness! | Easy Minecraft Potions Guide

This splash potion is exclusive to legacy console’s “tumble” minigame and most likely uses the same sprite as the splash potion of leaping. Like other throwable objects in the tumble minigame, the splash potion of levitation destroys blocks upon contact, and additionally, will apply levitation to any player in its range, which can allow them to go back up to higher platforms.

How To Make A Splash Potion Of Weakness 114

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As we have explained before, the steps of how to make a splash potion of Weakness is done at a brewing station. Different from the previous how to make a splash potion of Weakness steps, now we will learn about how to make a splash potion of Weakness that doesn’t need a nether wart to brew it.You will just need water bottles and the ingredients for the Potion of Weakness to finish the recipe. When you’ve made the Potion of Weakness in the Brewing Stand you can add Gunpowder to it to make it a splash mixture of Weakness which will permit you to utilize it to cure villagers. The guide below will describe precisely how to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft.

This Recipe Is Unlike Other Potions In Minecraft

The Potion of Weakness in Minecraft is made at a brewing station and will take a handful of steps to complete. This Minecraft potion guide is unique in that it doesnt need a nether wart to brew it. You will only need water bottles and the ingredients for the Potion of Weakness to complete the recipe. Once youve made the Potion of Weakness in the Brewing Stand you can add Gunpowder to it to make it a splash potion of weakness which will allow you to use it to cure villagers. The guide below will explain exactly how to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft.

Splash Potion of Weakness Steps:

  • Step 1 Gather ingredients
  • Step 2 Add ingredients to Brewing Stand
  • Step 3 Add Gunpowder

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How To Make Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft Including Recipe And Materials

Potion of weakness has significant use in Minecraft- to make a splash potion of weakness out of it. Otherwise, a player rarely uses a potion of weakness. Minecraft surrounds you with many monsters and mobs that can harm you poorly when fought. So, a player needs to take every precaution and safety before engaging with them.

Potion of weakness is made in the brewing stand with the help of water, blaze powder, and fermented spiders eye. You can mix all these together in the brewing stand to make a potion of weakness. It can be created in large quantities with the help of this same process. Just add extra water to the mix.

The splash potion of weakness can be made from it once it has been prepared. A splash of weakness can be thrown at an enemy during the fight. It reduces the amount of damage they can inflict on you. In the hardcore mode, this trick comes handy because the fights are intense and even a small factor of safety can make a huge impact on your survival. Lets get into more detail as to how to make a potion of weakness in a Minecraft game.

Minecraft Potion Chart For 1165

How To Make A Weakness Potion in Minecraft?

Minecraft Wiki

Above youll see an incredibly detailed potion chart from Minecraft. To make it bigger, you have two options: on a mobile device, pinch your screen to Zoom in on a desktop PC or laptop, right-click and select the option to open this image in a new tab. Once youre able to read it, you should find some very useful details within.

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Are Mundane Potions Useless

Mundane Potion has no purpose in Minecraft. It is a pretty useless potion in Minecraft gameplay if we compare it to the benefits the other potions provide.

Mundane Potion has no effects of its own when you drink it. The only benefit that a play can get from this potion is to make the Potion of Weakness.

What Can You Do With A Mundane Potion In Minecraft

The Mundane potion really has no real purpose in the game. This potion is just a brewable potion in the game that has no true effect when it is used. This potion is only used to create other potions. The Mundane potion has no true effect itself, but it can be used as an ingredient to brew the potion of weakness.

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How To Obtain Items For Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft

We are going to explain how you can obtain each item necessary to make our potion. If you are already familiar with the items, feel free to skip this part and move to the step-by-step process to make the Potion of Weakness.

Brewing Stand

You will need a brewing stand to make, upgrade, and extend any potion in the game. It works similar to a Crafting table in Minecraft, where you combine items to get a specific result. We have a dedicated guide on how to make a Brewing Stand in Minecraft to help you get started with this essential item. The key crafting ingredients in it are 3 cobblestone blocks and a blaze rod. We will also need it while making the splash version of our Potion of Weakness.

Blaze Powder

At the heart of our potion, blaze powder is the fuel we need to power our brewing stand. To obtain it, you will have to place blaze rods on the crafting table. It will automatically turn into blaze powder. To get the blaze rods, you should know how to make a Nether Portal in Minecraft to travel to the Nether dimension. Here, you will have to find, fight, and kill blazes to get blaze rods.

Water Bottle

To make a water bottle, you will need a glass bottle first. Similar to a bucket, you can right-click on the water to fill your glass bottle with it. But to make a glass bottle, you will require 3 glass blocks that can be obtained by heating sand in a furnace. Once you have glass blocks, you will need to use the following recipe to craft a glass bottle.

Fermented Spider Eye

How To Make An Extended Mundane Potion

Minecraft: How To Make a Splash Potion of Weakness

Modifications for anything are crucial if they have a beneficial impact. You can modify the mundane potion in a variety of ways. You can enhance its effects by adding glowstone to it. Duration of mundane potion effect increases with the addition of Redstone dust. You can make a splash potion by adding gunpowder to your mundane Potion. So, this is all about modifications.

Extended mundane potions are beneficial for a player. These potions can increase the duration of manifolds. You can easily make an extended mundane potion in Minecraft. You need to add the Redstone dust to the mundane Potion to extend the duration of its effects. So, it would be best to modify the mundane Potion to make it an extended mundane potion.

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How To Make A Brewing Stand

To make a Brewing Stand, you must combine 1 Blaze Rod and 3 Cobblestone in a Crafting Table. Place the 3 Cobblestone in a row, with the Blaze Rod just above it in the centre, like so:

Place the Brewing Stand on the ground and right-click it to open the brewing window. It looks complex at first but it’s actually very simple:

  • The far-left slot is where you add Blaze Powder to fuel your brewing, just like putting Coal in a Furnace.
  • The bottom three slots are where you place the bottles of potions that you want to modify.
  • The top slot is where you place an ingredient that you’re using to alter the effects of the potions below.

Every time you add a new ingredient to a potion, it’ll take 20 seconds of brewing for the effect to occur. But with three potion slots at the bottom, you can brew multiple potions at once to save time. Just remember that you’ll need Blaze Powder to keep the Brewing Stand fuelled and working!

That’s really all you need in order to start making Potions. It’s not like enchantments where you need a whole room in your Minecraft house dedicated to enchanting tables and bookshelves. A single, simple Brewing Stand will do!

How To Brew A Potion Of Weakness

The Potion of Weakness can now be made now that you have all the ingredients. The first thing you should do is open up the Brewing Stand and insert 3 water bottles into the bottom slots.

In the left-most slot, place the Blaze Powder.

Put the Fermented Spider Eye in the center of the top-left corner. Let the progress bar fill up, and the 3 Water Bottles will turn into Potions of Weakness.

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How To Make Potion Of Fire Resistance In Minecraft

Looking to ensure that youre protected from deadly fire or lava when out on your travels across the games wide array of seeds? The Potion of Fire Resistance can help you and your friends out in a pinch.

To craft it, first obtain an Awkward Potion, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, and a Water Bottle.

  • Magma Cream can be crafted by combining a Slimeball with Blaze Powder or gathered directly from Magma Cubes.
  • Combine the items together in your Brewing Stand, and there you have it! Your very own Fire Resistance Potion

To turn this into a Splash Potion of Fire Resistance, combine it with Gunpowder and Blaze Powder within the Brewing Stand to turn it into a throwable variant.

How To Get Fermented Spider Eye

How to Make a Minecraft Potion of Weakness

You will need to craft yourself some Fermented Spider Eye. You will first need a Spider Eye, which you can obtain from slaying spiders. A Brown Mushroom, which can generally be found in dark areas. They spawn pretty frequently in swamp, giant tree taiga, and mushroom field biomes. You can also find them in The Nether, which you will need to visit for the Blaze Powder. You can also sheer these off of a brown mooshroom!

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Turning Potion Of Weakness Into Splash Potion

There is currently no way to throw this potion, they can only be drunk. Basically, if you want to use them as throwables, you have to turn them into splash potions.

Add a single piece of Gunpowder in the top slot, where the Fermented Spider Eye was previously inserted.

Potions of Weakness will become Splash Potions of Weakness once the progress bar is completed. It is now possible to throw at any mob or enemy you choose.

How To Use A Brewing Stand And Where To Find One

A brewing stand is a mid-game item. Typically, players will have to craft it on their own , finding a Nether Fortress and gathering Blaze Rods. However, villages, igloos with basements and woodland mansions will occasionally have brewing stands. To craft a brewing stand, combine a Blaze Rod with three pieces of any type of stone.

The brewing stand needs to be fueled. To do this, place Blaze Powder in the top left square to fill up the progress bar on the left. This represents the fuel available. Brewing stands need to be refueled regularly. To start brewing, gather a bunch of glass bottles and fill them with water. Make sure to also have Nether Wart on hand, since this red mushroom-like plant is the base ingredient for the grand majority of potions. For a more in-depth guide on brewing, check this potion brewing strategy guide.

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Potion Of Slow Falling

  • Nether Wart
  • Phantom Membrane

If dying from fall damage is a major concern, consider crafting this potion to help you out.

Combine a bottle of water with some Nether Wart. Add in Phantom Membrane, which can be looted from a Phantom after it’s killed. Phantoms only appear if you haven’t slept for three nights straight in-game.

How To Brew A Potion Of Harming In Minecraft

how to make a weakness potion in minecraft

Heres how to brew a Potion of Harming:

  • Craft a Crafting Table by placing four Wood Planks in the basic crafting interface.

  • Place the Crafting Table.

  • Craft a Fermented Spider Eye by placing a Spider Eye, Mushroom, and Sugar in the Crafting Table interface.

  • Craft Blaze Powder by placing a Blaze Rod in the crafting interface.

  • Craft a Brewing Stand by placing three Cobblestone in the middle row of the Crafting Table interface and a single Blaze Rod in the middle of the top row.

  • Place the Brewing Stand on the ground, and open the brewing interface.

  • Add Blaze Powder to the upper left box in the brewing interface.

  • Brew a Poison Potion if you don’t already have one ready, then place it in the Brewing Stand interface.

  • Place a Fermented Spider Eye in the Brewing Stand interface.

  • Wait for the potion to brew.

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    What Does This Potion Do

    Dont get confused with the regular variant, the Splash of Potion of Weakness in Minecraft can be used on other players and enemies. This will lead them to be afflicted with the Weakness status effect, dealing damage value to be lowered for a short period of time, which is handy when you are in a pinch.

    Thats all you must know about how to make the Splash Potion of Weakness and what it does in Minecraft.

    Craft A Brewing Stand

    Before you can get started crafting any type of Potions in Minecraft, you will need a Brewing Stand. Its a type of block thats used to create Potions, Splash Potions, and Lingering Potions.

    Luckily, the recipe for a Brewing Stand is quite cheap.

    All it requires is 3 Cobblestone and a single Blaze Rods. You can get a Blaze Rod by killing a Blaze in the Nether, which is a flying mob, found inside Nether Fortress.

    They have a chance of dropping one. Once crafted, place the Brewing Stand down anywhere you can access it.

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    Making A Throwable Potion

  • 1Making a splash Potion. A splash potion is a potion that can be thrown. When thrown, a particle cloud with the effect of the potion will appear for around a second. You can make this by the combining any potion from the tables above with a piece of gunpowder. XResearch source
  • It is possible to turn Awkward and Mundane potions into splash potions.XResearch source
  • 2On top of that, you can make a lingering potion. A lingering potion is kind of like a splash potion, but the effect cloud lasts longer and “lingers” in place. To make a lingering potion, put Dragon’s Breath in the top slot of a brewing stand and put one splash potion in one of the top slots.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • Why Is It Important To Brew A Minecraft Splash Potion

    How to Make Potions in Minecraft (with Pictures)

    When administered to a specified coverage zone, the Minecraft Splash potion lowers melee damage. If a zombie villager is treated with the splash drink and a golden apple, the potion will cure him and transform him back into a regular villager.

    To make a golden apple, first open the craft table and put an apple in the center, around it with golds.

    Making potions is not a difficult process. Rather, you may use the same technique to make any potion. Using the same technique, you can also turn it into splash potions.

    The melee damage taken by those who drink the potion will be reduced by 4 for 1 minute and 30 seconds. As a result, its a fantastic method to slow down your opponents while still putting up a fight. To see the perfect difference between damages, look at the Minecraft difficulty level.

    Because it enables the user to interrupt the effect potions, the Splash potion in Minecraft may be utilized successfully against monsters.

    Once youve mastered the art of creating potions, its just a question of practice and experimenting with different components to create new ones.

    If you wish to extend the duration of the weakness potion, brew it using a Redstone put in the top box once again.

    The weakness potion is accessible in all versions of Minecraft. There are, however, alternatives to making a weakness potion. You may also use this brewing potion to weaken your opponent.

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    Minecraft: How To Make Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft

    For making a splash potion of Weakness brewing stand need to be opened and placement of the Potion of Weakness should be done at the bottom box. The gunpowder should be added for making it splash potion. The potion has many uses. Not all potion needs to be consumed as some of the potions when consumed can cause disadvantage and these type of potion such as poison and potion of weakness need to be converted to a splash potion. The effect of these potions is upgradable although it cannot be brewed to a level 2. Splash of weakness can be used to cure zombie villagers.

    Items needed to make this potion are a fermented spider eye, a Brewing stand, a water bottle, blaze powder, gunpowder, crafting table. The recipe is not that complex and is simpler than many other options. It does not require any weird potion but a basic one. The primary ingredient although is difficult to make as it needs an additional ingredient named brown mushrooms. Glass bottles and a water source are needed. For brewing a brewing stand is also required and for that, a blaze rod is needed which is a little difficult. Blaze powder is also needed for fueling the stand. A 3×3 crafting menu is necessary and gunpowder is easy compared to others


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