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How Do You Make An Armor Stand In Minecraft

Crafting Of Wooden Sticks

How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft | 1.8 Tutorial

Six sticks are needed to make an armor stand that can be created using wooden planks. Two wooden planks can be used to make four sticks. This step needs to be repeated two times to make a total of eight sticks, from which you can utilize six sticks for creating an armor stand. Keep in mind to place the wooden plank in the same arrangement shown in the image below otherwise, you wont to be able to create the sticks.

Required Materials To Make An Armor Stand

Armor stands require 5 sticks and 1 smooth stone slab to craft

Sticks can be obtained easily via placing one wood plank on top of another in your 2×2 crafting inventory menu. If you are unsure as to how to get wood planks, click here.

Smooth stone, which is needed to make smooth stone slabs can be obtained via mining any block of stone with a pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch. This piece of stone then must then smelted inside a furnace.

If you are unsure how to smelt an item click here. If you are confused what the silk touch enchantment is or how to get it, click here.

After obtaining smooth stone, open a crafting table menu. Now simply arrange your smooth stone in the exact fashion shown below.

How To Craft Sticks And Smooth Stone Slabs

We now know that we need Sticks and Smooth Stone Slabs to create a Minecraft armor stand. However, these ingredients are craftable items, and they rarely generate naturally. To create the items in question youll need:


To create Sticks, youll need to punch or cut down trees to get logs/wood. After doing this, you need to craft planks and then sticks. To create planks, simply put as much wood/logs as you need in the crafting tab. After that, put two planks, any plank, in a straight two long panel line to create sticks. You need to do this seven times to create seven sticks for the armor stand.


Meanwhile, Cobblestone is one of the necessary Minecraft blocks that players will encounter when mining. Theyre created when players mine Stone, which will turn to Cobblestone immediately after mining.


After they mine enough Cobblestone, players need to create a Furnace. A Furnace costs 8 Cobblestones and is made by encircling the center of the 3×3 crafting grid with Cobblestone, leaving an open middle. Usually, a Furnace is how players can create food from animal meat that players killed or to smelt ores. However, well use it to smelt stone. However, to use a Furnace, well need a way to light it. Usually, that can be done with just wood, but since we need wood to make sticks, well have to use Coal.


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Move Items To Armor Stand

Next, you will want to move items from your hot bar to the armor stand. Select the piece of armor that you would like to place on the armor stand in your hot bar. In this example, we are going to put a diamond chestplate on the armor stand.

The to place the diamond chestplate on the armor stand depends on the version of Minecraft:

  • For Java Edition , right click on the armor stand.
  • For Pocket Edition , you tap on the armor stand.
  • For Xbox 360 and Xbox One, press the LT button on the Xbox controller.
  • For PS3 and PS4, press the L2 button on the PS controller.
  • For Wii U, press the ZL button on the gamepad.
  • For Nintendo Switch, press the ZL button on the controller.
  • For Windows 10 Edition, right click on the armor stand.
  • For Education Edition, right click on the armor stand.

Now, the diamond chestplate will be removed from your hot bar and will appear hanging on the armor stand.

How To Make A Smooth Stone Slab

Minecraft 1.8 Teaser: Armor Stands

Firstly, youll need to mine some Stone, which will give you Cobblestone unless you are using a tool with the Silk Touch enchantment. However, if you cook Cobblestone in a Furnace, you can turn it back into regular Stone. Though, were not ready to make slabs just yet.

After you make some Stone blocks, youll need to make them into Smooth Stone. To do so, simply put the Stone back into the Furnace to cook it some more. Make at least 3 blocks of Smooth Stone this way.

When you have enough Smooth Stone blocks, place at least 3 of them to fill any row on a Crafting Table. This recipe will give you 6 Smooth Stone Slabs. Alternatively, you can use a Stonecutter to turn individual blocks of Smooth Stone into 2 slabs each.

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What Is An Armor Stand

In Minecraft, the armor stand is an entity that can hold and equip items that are wearable by a player. The actual stand structure is made up of wood and placed on top of a stone slab. You can move it, place it, and even assign it poses as per your preference. Moreover, as you might expect, the stand, in itself, cant use the items or armor it is holding.

But things change when you assign it the best armor enchantments. For example, an armor stand with the thorns enchantment can hurt a player that goes near it. Similarly, a stand with the frost walker enchantment can make frosted ice blocks when pushed over water by other entities.

Make Smooth Stone Slab:

You need at least 3 smooth stones to make a smooth stone slab, itll produce 6 smooth stone slabs. Open your crafting table and place the smooth stones as shown below.

You can also give commands for smooth stone slab:

Now all our ingredients are completed for How to Make Armor Stand in Minecraft. Lets make Armor Stand now.

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The Essential Materials For Making An Armour Stand:

Stands for armor require five sticks as well as one stone slab to make.

Sticks are easily obtained by placing one plank of wood on top of the other within your 2×2 crafting inventory. If youre unsure about how to obtain wood planks, go ahead below.

The stone that is required to create smooth slabs of stone, can be extracted by mining any stone using a pickaxe that has been enchanted by Silk Touch. The stone needs to be melted in the furnace.

If youre not sure what to do to melt an item, make sure you click below. If youre unsure of what silk touch magic is or how to obtain it, then go here.

After getting a smooth stone, you can open the crafting menu. Then, simply place your stone smooth in the same way as below.

Uses Of Armor Stands In Minecraft

How to Make an Armor Stand in Minecraft Survival Mode Easy (Recipe Tutorial!)

Armor stands can potentially serve you in several ways, depending on your individual requirements. In regular vanilla survival mode however, the main and most common use for them by far is simply to show off armor and allow for quick armor storage.

Outside of survival mode, armor stands can be used as great decorative devices to utilize during custom map creation. Many servers also choose to use armor stands frequently due to their unique mechanical properties a myriad of the most popular server-side plugins in Minecraft currently rely on armor stands for correct functioning of their code.

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Armor Stand Crafting Recipe

Once you have all the ingredients, you only need to combine them on a crafting table to make an armor stand.

To do so, you first need to place three sticks in each cell of the first row of the crafting area. Then, place one stick in the middle cell of the middle row. Finally, place the smooth stone slabin the middle cell of the bottom row with astick on either side. And voila! Youve successfully crafted an armor stand in Minecraft.

Once the armor stand is ready, you can place it like any other block. But since its an entity, it will be affected by the games gravity. That means you cant make it float in the air, similar to mobs and blocks like sand. You have to place it on a solid block.

Making The Sticks For An Armor Stand

An armor stand requires six sticks. To make the sticks you will need wood planks. Two pieces of wood or two logs will make four planks which will make eight sticks.

Place your wood or logs in the crafting table to make the planks.

Next place your planks on the craft table in a column of two to make sticks.

Minecraft Armor Stand Recipe

  • Place six sticks and one stone slab on a crafting table as shown below
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    How To Make Armor Stand In Minecraft Java And Bedrock

    One thing that Minecraft players love to do is show off their creations and collections. Some, like me, create unique Minecraft houses to do so meanwhile others adorn the best Minecraft skins to stand out. But what if you could make a clone of yourself to present in the game. Yes, if you know how to make armor stand in Minecraft, you can dress it up just like yourself. From armors to custom mob heads, this in-game dummy structure can wear anything that a player wants to show off. If you are on one of the best Minecraft servers, theres no better way to flex your style than building an armor stand. Having said that, theres a lot to prepare first. So, lets not waste time and learn how to make an armor stand in Minecraft.

    How To Show/hide Arms On An Armor Stand In Minecraft

    How to Make an Armor Stand in Minecraft: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

    This Minecraft tutorial explains how to show and hide arms on an after it has been placed.

    In Minecraft, you can customize an armor stand by adding or removing arms using a cheat .

    TIP #1: Starting in Minecraft Java Edition 1.13, the was replaced by the to show/hide arms on an armor stand.

    TIP #2: Although you can in PE and Windows 10, you can not yet customize it with game commands yet. These more advanced commands should be available soon in PE and Windows 10 Edition!

    Let’s explore how to do this in Minecraft.

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    Are There Different Types Of Armor Stands In Minecraft

    There arent any types of armor stands. Theyre all the same item: a gray stand that resembles an armor mannequin.

    There arent any other items that really serve the same purpose, either. Unfortunately, most players dont have much use for an armor stand. You can wear your own armor on you. And, you dont need a mannequin to display that armor.

    If you get creative and start placing them around the world in unusual places, theyll look cute or funny. However, with only one color of their texture block , theyre not quite as impressive as they could be.

    How To Make The Armor Stand Dance

    Using the posing mechanic mentioned above, you can make the armor stand dance using continuous pulses from comparators.

  • Dig one block down and make a 2×4 hole in the ground.
  • Place a block on the second block of the hole and place the armor stand above it.
  • Attach a Redstone torch on the block sideways facing the shorter side of the hole.
  • Place a comparator facing the block opposite the Redstone torch.
  • Add another comparator next to the first comparator.
  • Join the circuit with Redstone dust. Your circuit should look like the picture below.
  • Your armor should constantly change poses. It should look like it is dancing.
  • In conclusion, the armor stands are very handy in Minecraft, especially if you want to decorate your base. But the Java versions stand is limited compared to the Bedrock Edition. However, you can use different data packs and cheat commands to make the armor stands more aesthetic.

    For instance, you can use commands to make the armor stand invisible or summon an armor stand in a seated position.

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    Where To Find An Armor Stand

    If you are lucky, you can also find naturally generating armor stands in Taiga villages. Two armor stands usually spawn in the outdoor armory of most taiga villages. Not only that, these stands spawn with iron chest plates and an iron helmet. You only have to find a Taiga village that has an armorer villager in it.

    Required Materials For Armor

    MINECRAFT | How to Make Invisible Armor Stands!
  • 24 Pieces of Material
  • Netherite Ingot
  • Crafting Table
  • A set of armor will require twenty four pieces of either leather, iron, gold, or diamonds. The boots costs four, leggings costs seven, chestplate costs eight, and the helmet costs five for the total of twenty four pieces.

    If you want to upgrade your diamond armor into netherite armor you will need a netherite ingot for each piece you want to upgrade. Each piece of armor will only cost one netherite ingot.

    To craft your armor you will need the 3×3 crafting menu of the crafting table.

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    How To Use Armor In Minecraft

    You can equip your armor by holding the left shift key and clicking on the armor piece you want to equip. This can be done manually by clicking and dragging the piece of armor up to your armor slots in your inventory.

    As long as your armor is equipped you will take less damage and your armor will slowly lose durability depending on how many hits you take.

    Can The Armor Stand Hold Items

    As mentioned above, you can only make a stand hold the items in bedrock items since the Java version does not have any arms. However, you can use command cheats and give the armor stand arms which, in turn, lets you equip the stand with items.

    Of course, to use the commands, you will need to allow cheats while creating your world. You can also enable cheats while enabling LAN multiplayer mode on your world.

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    Aesthetic Uses For The Armor Stand

    Armor stands can be used for some cool, non-practical things in Minecraftthings that will make your world look much more impressive.

    Besides armor, you can create intimidating displays of mob heads and jack-o-lanterns. You can create eerie statues of villagers, bosses, and other non-player characters .

    An armor stand can give a room a feel like a classroom, library, or museum. Or, it can simply give the illusion that a room is occupied by an owner who simply isnt home right now .

    You can configure an armor stand in unique poses to create some really appealing displays. With a few well-placed lighting effects in the right places, you can make an armor stand appear as if its alive!

    Uses For The Armor Stand

    How To Make An Armor Stand in Minecraft


    Players can use armor stands to place their armor, mob heads, carved pumpkins and elytras. These can be obtained later by clicking on it.

    Players can change the pose of the armor stand by sneaking and clicking on the pose button. There are a total of 13 possible poses.

    Players can name the armor stand in Bedrock Edition, showcase to revolve the armor stand until they are destroyed.

    Armor stands can also display enchanted armor and dyed armor.


    Armor stands ae weak to explosions, fireworks and arrows will be destroyed completely and not drop as an item.

    They can even be destroyed if a potion of Harming or decay potion and even lava, fire and campfires. However, this is only for the Bedrock Edition.

    Follow our page for more updates on gaming and esports!

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    How To Make An Armor Stand

    To start, if you want to make an Armor stand, you will need a crafting table craft one if you haven’t already with the pattern shown above.

    Once you have a crafting table made, you will need six sticks and one smooth stone slab placed in the pattern inside the crating table, as shown above, to make the Armor stand.

    To get sticks, you make them with two wood planks with the crafting pattern, as shown above, and to get the wood planks that the sticks require, you can gather them from various trees on the overworld. Bring the raw wood back to a crafting table and set it in a single slot to turn it into wood planks.

    Before you can make the smooth stone slabs, you will first need to gather some normal cobblestone. You can mine cobblestone from any stone block found on the surface, underground, and from various mountains. Gather enough of it and then bring it to a furnace and put it inside with some coal. If you don’t know how to make a furnace, you can make it with cobblestone filling every slot but the middle in a crafting table.

    After a while, the stone will cook into smooth stone, and you can then use it to make the smooth slabs with the pattern shown in the image above. Once you got the slabs crafted, go back in the guide and follow the pattern for the Armor stand in the picture we listed.

    How To Make Armor In Minecraft

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