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How To Build A Small House In Minecraft

How To Build A Small Wooden House In Minecraft Easily

Minecraft: How To Build A Small Survival House Tutorial (#5)

The small wooden house is one of the easiest builds in Minecraft. However, not every home will be completely identical. In this article, players will get a blueprint for building a small wooden house, and they can add their own spice and personality to it.

To survive the dangerous first night of Minecraft, one of the most straightforward solutions is to build a wooden house that will protect against the deadly hostile mobs. This needs to be done before the night falls, or gamers will have some uninvited guests in their incomplete house.

Decorate Your Minecraft Medieval House

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After youre done with the chimney and other details now, you can decorate your pathway with some leaves and flowers. You can decorate your house interior as you want.

Here in this Minecraft house design, there are basically three main levels:

  • On the ground level, there is an open kitchen with a lot of storage cabinets. There is also a stove and heater. There is also a small living area that also has a table for work.
  • On the upper level, there is a huge bedroom with a fireplace and some decorative shelving areas. You can also use some chandeliers and lights to brighten up your place. There is also a balcony which can be accessed from the master bedroom.
  • Finally, on the last level, there is a small corner that can be used as a reading nook.

This is just a small decorative house, not a much survival house, but this will fit into any village nicely. Take more interior inspirations from our blog onMinecraft Interior Design Ideas.

Here are some more cool Minecraft medieval houses:

Construct The Walls & Tower

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Now were going to create our walls with smooth sandstone. Fill in all the gaps by placing sandstone two blocks wide and four blocks high.

To make a tower, start placing the same smooth sandstone blocks in the empty space. Put them around in a square shape and raise them until theyre nine blocks high in total. This will look something like this:

If you want to add a balcony, put some spruce slabs on one side of the house. Now youll see some gaps are left behind. Fill all of the remaining gaps with spruce logs.

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How To Make A House In Minecraft

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Some Minecraft players prefer to play in a nomadic style, but if you are a beginner, it’s best to start off with a home. A home protects you from hostile mobs, lowering your chances of death. This guide will make your small dirt shack of thing of the past!

Complete The Basic House Structure

Small Minecraft House Step By Step Pictures  Modern House

Add a spruce slab roof to the main house as in picture 1.

Use spruce slab again, but this time add the floor 1 block lower than the dark oak, as shown in picture 2.

Create 4 dark oak pillars that are 3 blocks high and connect them horizontally. See picture 3.

Extended beams out from the top of the tower.

Add beams and spruce slabs to create the floor of the third level of the tower. See picture 4 for reference.

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Build The Top Of The Tower

Use stone brick stairs to trim the roof of the tower then fill in the gaps with stone brick slabs. See pictures 1 & 2.

Add a 1 block tall wall of stone brick around the very top of the tower followed by 1 block placed every other block to form the tower battlements. You can see this in picture 3.


How To Build A Small Aquarium In Minecraft

An aquarium is an excellent way for Minecraft players to spice up an otherwise dull house. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can act as a home for the various aquatic life found in the game.

A base with a massive aquarium is sure to shock any visitors who happen to wander by it.

Luckily, aquariums are pretty easy to build for even beginner builders. At its simplest form, an aquarium only requires glass so that players can view their aquatic animals. However, those who want to make their aquarium reflect their personalities tend to spice it up with the various building blocks that Minecraft offers.

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Add Windows And Shutters

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Now its time to make some windows in your house. After all, no home will be complete without it, right? So, break the two stones, and then install an upside-down stone at the bottom. Place a glass plane of your choice and use spruce trapdoors for the shutters. Do the same for all of your windows.

For extra decorations, you can also add spruce fences and get a more finished look. Just take them and start placing them from the bottom of the second level up to the roof. Add lanterns above all the windows to brighten up space.

How To Build An Easy Medieval House

Minecraft : How To Build a Small Modern House Tutorial (#41)

This medieval house was constructed by BlueNerd. This is a simple build with some traditional style architecture. This construction would fit perfectly in the middle of any medieval village or in a forest. Pretty easy to build from gathered materials, this house could be a great survival place. So get ready to design, create, and build.

Lets get building,

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Build The House Base Structure

Create the base as shown in the plan image. Make sure the make the floor out of spruce logs.

Make the dark oak log pillars a total of four blocks high and fill the space between the pillars with stripped birch logs.

Connect the pillars horizontally with dark oak logs and things should start looking like picture 4.

Create a dark oak log overhang around the edge of the main building as shown in picture 5

Add protruding beams around the edge of the whole build as shown in picture 6

Add The Frame To Build Minecraft Medieval House

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Now lets begin building the upper level. On the top of the structure, add upside-down spruce planks on the sides and one regular block or spruce slab in between them. Now place four spruce slabs in the middle of each side, so theyre level with the corners. Now, add six strip spruce blocks on the top to make a raise. Dont forget to connect the top of the pillars with the same spruce blocks. .

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Top 5 Easiest Minecraft House Tutorials For Easy Builds

For players new to Minecraft, or for those who are not building experts, finding ways to make easy but nice looking houses can be hard.

Building a house, or some sort of base, in Minecraft is vitally important, especially in the early stages of the game, as it will protect players from dangerous mobs, as well as provide a place to store all items safely.

Because building might not come naturally to some players, watching house building tutorials is the best way to find easy yet beautiful house builds. Listed below are the top 5 easiest Minecraft house tutorials, all of which are decently small, compact and easy to build.

Build A Doorway + Add The Flooring

Pin on Minecraft

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To make the main entrance for the house, you have to break some stones on one side of the wall. Then at a little free section, place three stones, three spruce fences. After this, put three spruce trapdoors and finally add a door. Now take some spruce planks and start filling your ground floor. Repeat the same thing on the top of the walls to make the base for the second level.

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Building The Second Floor

Add cross beams as shown in picture 1, these will act as floor supports for level 2 of the house.

Fill in the floor with spruce slabs and then extend dark oak pillars as shown in picture 2.

Use stripped birch logs as walls between the pillars, as shown in picture 3.

Create a simple doorway as shown in picture 4.

Connect all the new pillars as you did in step 1.

Extend the pillars out horizontally as shown in picture 5.


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