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How To Make Cool Stuff In Minecraft

Make Renovations To Your House

How to make cool things in minecraft

Already built a house that looks immaculate? Think again! Minecraft has numerous texture packs, whether it’s on PC or console, that can enhance the house’s appearance. Do some renovations to an already built home to show off those creative and architectural chops amongst the growing number of other user-made Minecraft houses on the web.

Does that house even have a fridge? There are a variety of lesser-known items that can be put into a home. If that doesn’t satisfy, build a patio, or a fancy storage room.

Minecraft Pvp Map Build

For the game devs and level designers among us, it can be incredibly interesting and rewarding to design a PvP map or arena build in Minecraft, one that is specifically designed for players to fight inside. You have to think not only about how everything will look, but also about whether the sides will be balanced, how much cover there is around, whether there are any traps or drops that it’s impossible to jump out of, and so on. And you can make it any size or shape you want. The above build was made by YouTuber “Gamarudo”, and opts for the traditional gladiator arena approach but you can make a PvP map out of just about anything you want.

That wraps up our list of cool Minecraft building ideas! If you’re looking for the perfect world to house your new builds, check out our list of the best Minecraft seeds Alternatively, if you’d like more textures to play around with, be sure to check out our list of the best Minecraft texture packs.

Cool Minecraft Builds You Need To Check In 2021

Minecraft gives every player a chance to show their skills. Both forms, survival or creativity, require skills. The creative community of the Minecrafters works day and night to come up with amazing ideas. Players create some amazing builds like pieces of art. There are plenty of builds that are famous in the Minecraft community. So what are the top 50 cool Minecraft builds?

50 cool Minecraft builds in 2021 are based on simplicity and time taken to build. Creative players and YouTubers are making some incredible structures, but some take hours and even days. Therefore we are emphasizing the builds that are easy to make.

These 50 Minecraft builds stand out yet are easy to make. All information is provided in the links. The information about the material used and creator is all present in the links. Some of the creators use their discord for updates about the material so dont forget to check that as well.

Some of the greatest builds are not possible for the newcomers in the Minecraft world. Therefore the builds that can be created easily are at the top of the list. All these builts can be made easily without any extra effort or time spent. Also, if you like this article, you can check out our 7 Best Minecraft Statue Ideas.

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Minecraft Nature Reserve Build

Parks and nature reserves are some of my very favourite places to go in the real world, and both places make for great building projects in Minecraft. If you’re tiring of big blocky creations and you’re looking for a more landscape-oriented build, then a nature reserve is a chance to create a truly beautiful area of land, and then fill it with foxes, horses, and all other animals you’d like. Take a look at this video by YouTuber “Keralis” for inspiration.

Creating Real World Inspiration

5 Things You Didn
  • 1Recreate national monuments. Create elaborate and detailed recreations of cool national monuments, attractions, and other famous buildings and sights. Set them up so that your players or family members can go on a trip around the world in just a few minutes if they want to.
  • 2Make the environments from your favorite TV show. Take inspiration from your favorite TV show and build your interpretation of the environment or setting of the story. You can build the high school from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Finn’s tree house from Adventure Time, for example.
  • 3Recreate your city or neighborhood. Recreate a walkable version of the neighborhood where you grew up. Include your school, local parks, your house, and other places where you spend a lot of time.
  • 4Create the setting from your favorite book. Really stretch your imagination and recreate the environment from your favorite books. Make the Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit, or the wacky hills of a Doctor Suess book. Let your creativity fly!
  • 5Make your room. Take a single room or other small space and then recreate it on a grand scale. Make 1 block equal to 1-2″. This will result in Skyscraper-sized doors. If you want, you can build yourself a home in the walls and live like a Borrower!Advertisement
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    A Pig Riding Racetrack

    Does anyone remember when riding Pigs was the big thing? Seriously. Before horses and the like, players would find saddles in chests. Then they would place them on pigs, get on, and just be with the pig.

    You couldnt even control the pig very well. It was a lot of fun.

    So why not put that old tried and true mechanic to the test with your very own pig racetrack. There are a lot of ways to do it. But for a blast of instant nostalgia, why not try out something like this old video from ZackScottGames?

    Just be sure to have enough carrots and sticks handy for every player if you are in multiplayer. If youre solo, get that stopwatch handy for some time trials action!

    Turn The Graphics Black

    Lots of classic video games have fun unlock-able Easter eggs that allow players to mess with the visuals , and Minecraft is no exception. Players can access one of 25 different graphics shaders by pressing a button in the Options menu marked: Super Secret Settings…

    Pressing it will randomly apply one of the graphics shaders, and while some tweak the graphics so subtly its almost unnoticeable, others are delightfully weird. One turns everything black and white and reminiscent of a pencil drawing, while another completely inverts the screen so all the action takes place upside-down.

    Sadly, as of the Minecraft version 1.9, the feature has been disabled, but players still running earlier builds can access the graphical wackiness.

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    Try Out The Latest Mods

    If you’re growing bored of Minecraft, then there are plenty of options for broadening your horizons. The modding community has put together an abundance of mods to enhance the Minecraft experience.

    LOTSOMOBS puts away the long days of seeing chicken and squid everywhere. Biomes in the game become more realistic with the introduction of twenty-five mobs. There are at least fifteen mods that make Minecraft feel brand new.

    Minecraft Tnt Block Explosion

    How to make cool things in Minecraft (no mods)

    2. Build a Boat And Travel the Seas3. Build a Castle4. Build a Cobblestone Spawner5. Build a House6. Build a Huge Farm7. Build a Statue8. Build a Tower To The Sky Limit9. Build an Animal Farm10. Build an Entire City11. Build an Obsidian Farm12. Build an Obstacle Course13. Build Something Underwater14. Build the Ultimate Fortress

    Minecraft – Famous Landmarks

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    Redstone Door Minecraft Building Ideas

    A pressure plate door where you dont have to flick a lever or touch a button to let it open? Yes, please!

    This Redstone Door by BlenDigi harnesses the power of Redstone dust to create an automated entryway. All you have to do is step on a designated area and the blocked-off wall in front of you will magically open, like a secret passage.

    Better yet, find more cool Redstone contraptions for your next creative home.

    How To Make Cool Stuff In Minecraft

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    Do you dream of creating impressive structures to be remembered among the Minecraft community, but don’t know where to start? Making cool stuff in Minecraft is feasible for most players familiar with the game’s interface, and you can create awesome buildings, structures, worlds, environments, mechanics, and inventions if you start with the right plan in mind. Consider drawing inspiration from the real world or letting your imagination run wild and crazy!

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    Rebuild Your Favourite Maps In Minecraft

    When you have been playing Minecraft for a long time, the same temptation will always eventually arise. Do you quit, log out, and switch to another game for a bit?

    Well, you could. Or you could bring another game into Minecraft. There are a bunch of awesome examples of FPS maps and platforming levels recreated in Minecraft. But here are two of my favourites to get the inspiration flowing:

    Which map or location are you going to recreate? Let us know in the comments below!

    Minecraft parkour maps are a mainstay of many online servers and challenge maps but attempting to build your own could be a great addition to your creative or survival world.

    Essentially, parkour maps are mid-air platform challenges where players must judge large and small jumps from block to block. In the more difficult maps, blocks are replaced with more unconventional items with unique hitboxes, like cobwebs and fences. It takes a lot more skill than regular Minecraft, so check out our list of the Best Mouse for Minecraft in 2021.

    If you are not sure where to start and you would like a refresher on the basics of creating an awesome Parkour map, check out this tutorial by YouTuber Ragon Akashi.

    Building My Real House

    Minecraft 1.9: 8 Cool Things to Build

    62. Recruit Some Wolves to Your Pack63. Ride a Pig64. Take All the Sand From the Desert65. Try to Get All the Music Discs66. Try to Enchant the Ultimate Weapons67. Try to Find a Nether Fortress68. Visit the Nether69. Try to Get All the Achievements70. Try to Survive a Whole Night Outside Without Weapons71. Use a Minecraft Seed

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    Minecraft Mountain Base Build

    If you’re looking for a new thing to build in Minecraft, why not create a new base somewhere? An outpost from which you can explore new lands. And what better place to make one than to embed it into the side of a mountain, so you can see and scout for miles around? There are all sorts of wonderful ways that you can build into the side of a mountain or cliff. The above build is but one of the ideas showcased in this video by YouTuber “Tentango”.

    Torches Can Be Used To Destroy Sand And Gravel En Masse

    Sometimes, we want to build stuff in the sky. But to get there, you need to first build a pole up into the sky, so you can then build a platform on top of it. Afterward, youre left with the task of tearing it down, which can be difficult . Thankfully, there is a neat trick you can use to tear down a platform much quicker.

    As you may know, sand and gravel in Minecraft are affected by gravity and cannot float in the sky. This means that if there is a tower of gravel or sand and you remove the bottom block, the rest will fall by one. But if you remove the bottom block very quickly and then place a torch in its place, the gravel or sand will cascade down one by one, each being destroyed when it hits the torch, tearing the tower down.

    The next time you need to build a tower up into the sky, make it out ofsand .

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    Jeb Sheep And Dinnerbone

    Minecraft is not a game known for being chock-full of easter eggs, inside jokes or hidden secrets, but there certainly are a few to be discovered. One of the funniest and most random of these is the Jeb sheep or Dinnerbone. The Jeb sheep, named after one of the game’s designers, occurs when a player gets a name tag and changes it in an anvil to be called “jeb_,” then applies it to a sheep. That sheep’s wool will then cycle through all the colours of the rainbow in a magical display!

    Getting another name tag and calling it “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm,” then applying it to any animal will make that animal flip upside down and live out the rest of its existence staring up at the sky.

    Implementing Mechanics And Inventions

    Showing you how to make cool stuff in minecraft
  • 1Build a train system. You can use tracks, carts, Redstone and the in-game physics to build yourself a fully automated train system. You can set this up in a mine or even make an actual train and train station for the people visiting your world.
  • 2Build an elevator. You can use Redstone and command blocks to build an elevator for your buildings. This is surprisingly easy to do and you can find many tutorials online.
  • 3Build an item sorter. Using hoppers, you can build systems which organize your items quickly and efficiently. This is useful in mines but also for your home as well. You can find many tutorials online for different types of systems.
  • 4Build street lamps. Using daylight switches that have been inverted, you can build light sensitive street lamps that turn on when it gets dark. Use this to light major pathways to protect your players from spooky mobs.
  • 5Build a Mob trap. Mob traps are often very large contraptions which catch and automatically kill mobs, usually by drowning them. There are many different designs for all budgets, so do some research on your options. Many tutorials can be found on YouTube.
  • 6Build a griefer trap. Haven’t you been griefed? Well, start to build a griefer trap to catch the griefers! Look up some tutorials, there are many ways to do one!Advertisement
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    The Top 5 Real Life Buildings In Minecraft

    16. Build Your Own Igloo17. Build Your Own Pirate Ship and Have a Cannon Battle18. Climb the Highest Mountain You Can Find19. Collect One of Every Block 20. Collect One of Every Item21. Create a Huge Hole and Fill it With TNT22. Create a Lava Waste Disposal23. Create a Lava Waterfall

    Minecraft Gameplay

    Walk Through Walls Using A Boat

    Players have now had almost a decade to figure out how to game the little quirks of Minecrafts physics in order to do and make things that the original designer Notch never intended or conceived of. One of the more useful quirks to exploit is using the humble boat to be able to walk through walls.

    Walking may be a bit of a misnomer, but the result is the same all a player has to do is place a boat in front of a wall and gently push it into the blocks of the wall until about half of the boat is inside it.

    Then, the player can left-click on the boat to enter it, then left-shift to exit it. Since players always exit off of the front of the boat, theyll find that theyve phased through the wall that the boat was sticking into and out the other side.

    Its incredibly useful for making quick escapes or for breaching into a structure during player-vs-player survival matches, but be warned: it only works in one direction. Once youre through the wall, you cant use the boat to go back.

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    Build A Cobblestone Generator

    Though cobblestone is fairly easy to come by when mining and exploring the vast Minecraft caverns, sometimes it’s nice to have a ready supply at one’s immediate disposal. With just a few easy steps involving a small pit, a bucket of lava, and a bucket of water, a cobblestone generator can be constructed. The water makes constant contact with the flowing lava, creating an instant block of cobblestone. This principle can be applied on a more advanced level to generate obsidian as well.

    This handy guide delves into more detail regarding the steps involved to make this simple cobblestone contraption.

    Things To Build In Minecraft: Building Ideas For 117

    cool stuff images

    Looking for ideas for things to build in Minecraft? We all know that Minecraft is filled with infinite possibilities, particularly when it comes to building. With the right types and quantities and structures of blocks, there’s really no limit to what can be made. The trick is figuring out what to build next!

    Below you’ll find 24 amazing Minecraft building ideas to inspire you, ranging from small, practical builds such as bridges and storage rooms, to massive aesthetic projects like castles, towns, and skyscrapers. Have a browse below and see if anything captures your imagination!

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    Make An Automatic Cooked Chicken Farm

    Unlike in Creative Mode, Survival Mode requires players to continually find and consume food to survive. If a players food meter goes too low, their health stops regenerating from damage. If it continues to deplete, the player stops being able to sprint, and finally starts taking damage when it gets close to zero.

    So players need to find or cultivate a steady, reliable source of food. Some resort to farming, some to hunting, but truly clever players have found ways of ensuring a never-ending food supply with a little help from redstone circuitry. Enter the automatic chicken-cooking farm.

    YouTube user TheBeached Hippo created a farm that automatically spawns chickens, kills them, cooks them, and then uses water to wash all of the finished chicken and feathers out to the waiting player. It’s harder than just farming wheat, but arguably much more satisfying.


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