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How To Make Flying Machine Minecraft

How To Build Flying Machines In Minecraft

How to make A Flying Machine in Minecraft

Crafting is what the players of Minecraft do, but many do not know that there’s a simple way to achieve lift off with a flying machine.

Building a flying machine, in Minecraft, can be as complicated or as simple as the player wants. While it doesn’t need to be much construction, there are many different ways a player can create some way to propel themselves across the map. For something simple that will fly in one direction, this tutorial should suffice.

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The most complicated part about this build is creating a sort of small propelling engine. For this particular build, players will need to have a normal piston, a sticky piston, two observers, seven slime blocks, and at least five building blocks. For a more complicated build on the same engine, collect more building material to make a full ship, or whatever the player desires.

Extra Tips And Tricks

Since it takes 18.5 hours with one machine. We made two of them to get it done within 9 hours.

Now the best way to cover up lava is with sand. This is also a very good way to find ores, but we mainly wanted diamonds.

Now to make it easier to find ores, we recommend using a texture pack.

After applying it the ores are clearly visible

This makes finding diamonds and all other ores 10x easier. You can collect as many diamonds as you can. Also try not to die while collecting ores since TNT is very dangerous.

Using The Tnt Flying Machine

To activate this machine, just remove the redstone block.

You will see TNTs will start dropping straightaway

Just dont forget your stuff down there.

To pause the machine, just place the redstone block back to activate the piston.

And when it arrives, it will stop.

Some important things to keep in mind:

You need to remove all the lava and water that appears.

Keep rolling the machine to make the hole deeper and deeper.

We had a pretty big lavapool right from the beginning

It takes about 68 minutes to clear out a 16*1 chunks area. So 16*16 chucks area takes around 18.5 hours. You have to wait a long time to see a complete perimeter.

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How To Build A Flying Machine In Minecraft

This flying machine design is incredibly cheap but very, very cool. It only requires seven blocks to build and will travel in a straight line, infinitely in the direction you align it in. It is highly recommended that you build your flying machine as high up in the sky as possible, as you can’t steer it. You certainly wouldn’t want to crash into any mountains. Here is what you’ll need:

  • One sticky piston
  • Two slime blocks
  • One redstone block

It is also recommended that you bring a water bucket with you, so that you can get down from your flying machine when you stop, without falling to your death.

To begin, place your regular piston, a slime block, and an observer as seen in the image below. You want to make sure that the slime block is touching only the observer. The direction that the “face” of the observer is looking towards is the direction that the machine will travel.

On top of these blocks, you’re going to build a similar setup with a sticky piston, facing the opposite way. This time, however, make sure the slime block is touching the piston, not the observer. The sticky piston should on top of the lower slime block.

Believe it or not, that’s actually the entire machine, but how do you start it? First stand on top of the upper slime block, which will act as your “seat.” As long as you don’t move, you shouldn’t have to worry about falling off.

Next, place your redstone block on top of the sticky piston to “start the engine,” then remove the redstone block to hit the gas.

Flying Machine Mechanics In Minecraft

Minecraft Tutorial

Almost any player can build a flying machine in Minecraft due to its ease of creation.

In its most basic form, a flying machine consists of pistons, a few slime blocks or honey blocks, and either redstone blocks or observers. Once activated, the pistons will begin pushing the slimeblocks. The pistons facing the other way will pull the slime block towards themselves. This causes a perpetual state of motion for the flying machine.

Each piston has a 14-block push limit, which can be avoided by using honey blocks. Thus, honey blocks are required for larger flying machines.

Players, blocks, and most entities can be transported using flying machines, provided they are either riding in a minecart or towed along by honey blocks.

Once the flying machine runs into an immovable block , it will stop.

The video above showcases how to build the most basic flying machines in Minecraft. These machines can then be expanded upon with the use of honey blocks.

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How To Stop The Flying Machine

It’s very simple. All you have to do is place your redstone block on top of the body of the sticky piston, just like you did to start the engine. This will lock up the machine and bring it to a halt.

Removing the redstone block will automatically get you moving again, so if you don’t like the area you stopped at, climb back up to your flying machine and keep going. To get down, just place some water next to the redstone block and ride the stream to the ground.

Just like that, you are safe to drop down. If you were hoping to bring some supplies along the way, but don’t have enough inventory space, you’re in luck. Pistons can push up to 12 blocks, so by sticking some chests or furnaces onto the front of your aircraft, you can bring as much stuff as you need. You can even add a seat for your cat or dog!

Still not impressed? Well here’s the machine’s best feature. Stick an extra slime block onto the side of the slime block you use as your “seat.” By standing on this new wing you’ve made, you can place TNT blocks to the side of the lower slime block, like so:

The front observer will automatically prime the TNT, which will then bounce up. The wing that you are riding on will collide with the TNT and launch it forward with incredible speed, down upon the environment below, turning your flying machine into a weapon of mass destruction. Just bring a few stacks of TNT and go wild.

When To Use A Flying Machine

Now that you know how to build a flying machine out of slime blocks, where do you use it? As mentioned earlier, it’s not the most practical for daily use around your base. This flying machine excels over wide expanses of lava and water.

Exploring the Nether can be scary. There are enemies everywhere, and oceans of lava as far as the eye can see. To help with your Nether exploration, try building this flying machine. It can fly you across large bodies of lava, keeping you safe.

The slime block flying machine is also incredibly useful as a bridge-building machine. You can place blocks in the air, and create long bridges that are high above the ground. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about balancing on the edge of a block to form a bridge. When paired with an auto-cobblestone generator , you can create huge bridges out of thin air!

While this machine is basic, it can definitely be expanded upon. There are dozens of designs online that all use slime blocks, pistons, and observers. Once you’ve mastered the simple machine, try to create boats and ships with the same mechanics!

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Build The Flying Machine

In our flying machine design, we use slime blocks to build the machine above the ground and then break the slime blocks so that the flying machine appears as if it is floating. You can use this technique to build the machine as many blocks up from the ground as you like.

Watch our video for detailed instructions, but here is what the flying machine looks like when it is done:

How To Make A Flying Machine In Minecraft

(1.16 ) How To Make A Flying Machine In Minecraft! – Minecraft Tutorials

Flying machines in Minecraft are an ingenious creation that allows players to travel in the air as if they were flying . Luckily, they’re easy enough to build and even allow for straight travel above any obstacles .

Another popular function of flying machines is AFK travel, which can be incredibly useful for players in certain situations . This article will teach players exactly what’s needed to assemble a flying machine in Minecraft.

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Top 3 Flying Machines In Minecraft

The flying machine is one of the best redstone discoveries in Minecraft. It allows for almost infinite flight and can be expanded upon to become more useful and resource-efficient. A basic flying machine is also quite easy to build.

When the slime block was released in update 1.8 of Minecraft Java Edition, many players realized that it would pull other blocks along with it when pushed by a piston. This discovery led to the creation of flying machines, which are basically just multiple blocks held together by slime blocks.

Listed below are three of the best flying machines ever created in Minecraft.

Note: This article reflects the individual opinion of the writer. Readers’ views may differ.

How To Activate The Flying Machine

To activate the flying machine, place a slime block down so that you can hop onto the machine. Then place a block on the face of the observer to watch, for example, a dirt block.

Then break the dirt block to start the machine.

The machine should start up and begin to move forward. It will appear as if it is flying.


Congratulations, you just learned how to use an observer to make a flying machine in Minecraft!

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S To Make A Flying Machine In Minecraft 117

First, you will need to decide where to put the flying machine. Try to pick an area that is above all the surrounding landscape.

Once you’ve found your spot, create a foundation ‘pillar’. You can use scaffolding instead, but remember to go high enough so your flying machine doesn’t run into anything.

At the very top of your foundation pillar, place one slime block. If you already have all the materials, you can destroy the pillar.

For this guide, the pillar will be gone, but you can keep it as long as you want. Make sure to remove it once the machine is complete though.

Place a second slime block in the direction you want the flying machine to move.

Next, place an observer next to the first slime block, as shown above. You will want the observer to be facing away from the direction you plan to move in.

Facing the red dot on the back of the observer, place one piston. From the piston, place two additional slime blocks in a row, with a third block to the left. Check the image above for placement. You should have a backwards ‘L’ shape coming from the piston.

In the empty space, place a sticky piston facing towards the first piston. The sticky piston will push against the original two slime blocks that you placed.

There should be two slime blocks in the front of the flying machine, facing the direction you will travel in.

Place two additional slime blocks on top of them. From the front, it should form a 2×2 square.

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Materials Needed To Build A Flying Machine In Minecraft 117

How to make a flying machine in minecraft

To build a flying machine, you will need the following materials:

  • 1 piston
  • 7 slime blocks
  • temporary blocks/scaffolding

This flying machine will be built in the air, so you will need scaffolding or temporary blocks to reach the top. To use scaffolding, just place it on the ground and click on the existing scaffolding. This will create a tower extending upwards. If you want to destroy the scaffolding, just break the bottom block and it will all come falling down.

The material in this build is pretty easy to get, but you may find it difficult to get slime blocks. A slime block is made out of nine slimeballs. These can be obtained by killing slimes that spawn in slime chunks below layer 40. It can be a bit hard to find slime chunks, but thankfully, this slime chunk finder is readily available. Just type in your seed name and the map will display all slime chunks in the world.

Occasionally, the wandering trader will also sell one slimeball for four emeralds. This isn’t the best deal, because you will need 63 slimeballs in total.

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How To Make A Piston Engine In Minecraft

Place a piston facing 2 slime blocks.

Put a slime block on the side of the piston and place a sticky piston facing that then place an observer block facing the sticky piston.

Put a redstone block on top of the piston and it will go.

Put an obsidian block in front of it to make it stop. To start it, break the obsidian block and update the observer.

If you want it to dispense things put 2 observer blocks in the front.

Now put 2 dispensers in front of the observer blocks.

Fill the dispensers.

If you want it to go both ways, mirror it on the back but with one redstone block on the other side.

Build something like this to make it automatically change direction. The right piston is sticky.

Build another one on the other side.

How To Build A Simplistic Flying Machine In Minecraft

To start, after collecting the necessary blocks, players will want to head to the highest block they can find. If not the highest, remember that the simple propelling system won’t allow players to turn out of the way of obstacles or move up or down. Instead, players will need to either bust their way through anything they crash into or use this as a parking mechanism.

On this top-level, players should place two slime blocks, at the same level, with one in front of the other. Place an observer on the side of the back slime block. Make sure that the red dot of the observer is facing the direction the player wants to go. Then put the normal piston in front of the observer on the red dot.

Then, on the front of the piston, place another two slime blocks. On the left of the last slime block, place another slime block, making a tiny L-shape. Now, between the new gap that has been created, place the sticky piston. This will need to be facing the opposite direction of where the player plans to go. Then place another layer of two slime blocks on top of the bottom of the L-shape. Then place the second observer on top of the sticky piston facing down. This will complete the propelling engine.

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Introduction: Minecraft Sethbling’s Simple 2


This is a Legacy Console Edition and Bedrock friendly adaptation of SethBling’s Simple 2-way Controllable Flying Machine. If youve tried to build Sethblings 2-way flying machine pattern on your PS4/XBOX ONE or Bedrock edition youve found that the note blocks dont update observers, and that leads to a cascade of problems getting the 2-way flying machine both to work at all and still be rideable.

If you want to implement this pattern in LCE or Bedrock, here’s a way to solve both problems, demonstrated on LCE.

Firstly, you will need to replace the switch components from note blocks to fence gates. This isnt ideal, but provides a toggle switch-style block that doesnt break or get left behind by the flying machine.

Secondly, You will need to place the mine cart in just a particular position on the flying machine to provide a seat with which to ride it without sliding off or glitching through the block beneath you. This takes a few steps that I will guide you through.

Build A Flying Machine Using An Observer In Minecraft

How To Make a Simple Minecraft Flying Machine! | Redstone Tutorial | Minecraft

This Minecraft tutorial explains how to use an observer to make a flying machine.

In Minecraft, you can build a redstone device that uses observers, slime blocks, a piston and a sticky piston to move the machine forward so that it looks like it is flying.

Let’s explore how to make this flying machine in Minecraft .

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X02 Flying Machine + Cart Assembly = Airship

As I mentioned earlier, I made a airship by combing flying machine and cart assemly . Because there’s no direct method to accomplish air freight system, I think it could be utilized in mant ways.

As you can see, we just drop the cart connected with airship-like blocks on the flying-machine. It is quite complicated part because you can’t see through the blocks. It is possible because in create 0.3, moving blocks are not regarded as a rigid one until collide with entity.

If you use more complicated flying machine, you might be able to make a controllable airship but I didn’t try that one.

The followings are additional stuffs I made before make airship-like cart.

+ Boat Shaped Cart

Just a cart whose cart is located under the sea . Not controllable.

Making A Simple Flying Machine In Minecraft Java Edition

The Java Edition is known as the first release of Minecraft. It means that there will already be many great projects from players in it. About how to make a flying machine in Minecraft, you need to make sure that you have the resources at first.

This simple design requires a slime block, standard piston, sticky piston, and block of Redstone. It does not take too many of them for this design. It is pivotal for new users to pay attention to this set of steps to make it work.

Start by stacking some blocks to get off the ground level. Make sure to create a reasonable distance off the ground so that the machine will fly for real in the end.

It is also possible to make a nerd pole or make use of a tall tree. The next thing to do is place a piston above the highest block with its face facing the forward direction.

Add a slime block in the front of the piston, following the pistons face. Place two blocks of anything in front of it in a row.

Remove the first block and put a sticky piston in there. The face of this block needs to go against the first piston. The sticky piston will be the only piston with a different direction than the other pistons.

Furthermore, replace the second block with a standard piston facing the other direction. Remember that the facing course of the piston is crucial.

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