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How To Make Minecraft Plugins

Importing An Existing Project

How to Make a Minecraft Plugin | First Plugin (Ep. 1)

If youâve already started with your project and want to import it again at a later point you need to import it insteadof re-creating it inside your IDE:

  • Gradle: Navigate to the projectâs build.gradle file and select it.

  • Maven: Navigate to the projectâs pom.xml file and select it.

  • Make sure the settings are as you desire and click Ok.

Writing Our First Commands:

As fun as it is, lets take a break from bullying the users of our plugin. Lets make them a semi-useful command. If youve ever found an interesting location, you may have created a cobblestone tower to mark it.

Sure you could write down the coordinates, but this presents us an opportunity to learn block manipulation.

First, we need to make sure to define the command we can create. We create the definition of our command in the plugin.yml file:

# defining our commands.commands:# create a new command called mark-location.mark-location:description: create a 50 block tall cobblestone tower to mark a location# show to the player how they should call the command. You would also show arguments here.usage: /< command> # create other names we can call the command by.aliases: 

Next, we need to create a class that will execute the command whenever its called. This class must implement the CommandExecutor interface of the org.bukkit.command package. This forces us to implement the onCommand method of that interface.

Whenever someone calls the command, our plugin will call this method as a response.

package me.john.amiscaray.minecraftplugindevelopmenttutorialfinalcode.commandexecutors import org.bukkit.command.Command import org.bukkit.command.CommandExecutor import org.bukkit.command.CommandSender publicclassTowerCommandExecutorimplements CommandExecutor }

To do this, we would do the following command:

To do so, add the following line of code:


Motion Bar Well Being

Action Bar Health lets server homeowners implement coronary heart indicators on gamers and mobs and convey extra RPG-like gameplay to Minecraft.

With Motion Bar Well being gamers can see different gamers well being bars and know if theyve full HP or not, which might open extra PVP-ing.

The identical goes for the mobs. With Motion Bar Well being mobs additionally obtain their very own well being bars, which could be seen on high of them, which supplies gamers the thought if the mob or boss shall be arduous to kill

The plugin could be built-in with some other plugin for customized gadgets or mobs and doesnt require PVP to be on, so the plugin is lively.

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Mc Each Day Rewards Minecraft Every Day Rewards Plugin

Have you ever ever wished an ESO like plugin, which lets gamers get every day rewards on a real-time foundation?

MC Each day Rewards lets gamers who log into the sport obtain these rewards each 24 hours and if that they had missed a day, they will pay a sure worth to get it.

MC Each day Rewards is a totally configurable Minecraft plugin with a setup of every month of the yr, and every day is configurable.

You may set any type of picture on a every day reward, a sure reward, which is executed by way of the server, and way more.

MC Each day Rewards makes fantasy RPG servers come alive and convey a better participant base to Minecraft servers.

Console Commands Vs Player Commands


You may have noticed the CommandSender sender parameter above. CommandSender is a Bukkit interface which has two useful subclasses: Player and ConsoleCommandSender.

When you’re writing your plugin, it’s a very good idea to ensure that commands that can be run from the console actually work, and that commands that should only be run as a logged-in player really are only run as a logged-in player. Some plugins simply return if the sender is not a player , even when those commands make perfect sense from the console .

One way to do this is:

@OverridepublicbooleanonCommandelseif.equalsIgnoreCase)elsereturntrue }returnfalse }

In this example, the command basic can be run by anyone – a logged-in player, or the server operator on the console. But the command basic2 can only be run by logged-in players.

In general, you should allow as many commands as possible to work on both the console and for players. Commands that need a logged-in player can use the mechanism in the example above to check that the CommandSender is actually a player before continuing. Such commands would generally depend on some attribute of the player, e.g. a teleportation command needs a player to teleport, an item giving command needs a player to give the item to…

If you want to get more advanced, you could do some extra checks on your command arguments so that e.g. a teleportation command could be used from the console if and only if a player’s name is also supplied.

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Scheduling Tasks And Background Tasks

Currently, Minecraft servers operate nearly all of the game logic in one thread, so each individual task that happens in the game needs to be kept very short. A complicated piece of code in your plugin has the potential to cause huge delays and lag spikes to the game logic, if not handled properly.

Luckily, Bukkit has support for scheduling code in your plugin. You can submit a Runnable task to occur once in the future, or on a recurring basis, or you can spin off a whole new independent thread that can perform lengthy tasks in parallel with the game logic.

There is a separate Scheduler Programming tutorial which introduces the Scheduler, and gives more information on using it to schedule synchronous tasks, and on kicking off asynchronous tasks in Bukkit.

How Do You Make A Plugin For Minecraft 2021


Typically, Minecraft plugins are programmed in Java. This is the language Minecraft is made in. However, compared to JavaScript, Java can be quite a challenging language to learn. We can develop our own Minecraft Plugins using an existing plugin that allows us to run JavaScript code in Minecraft.

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How Do You Code Minecraft

Bukkit was a set of community built, open source tools envisioned and developed to ease the creation of mcw:multiplayer plugins. It was intended to replace hey0s mcw:Mod. Bukkit will most likely remain the multiplayer tool of choice until Mojang releases its official API, which is currently not in development.

Where Can I Learn Plugins For Minecraft

How To Make A Minecraft Server With Plugins! (NGROK)

Plugins are packages of code that extend the core functionality of WordPress. WordPress plugins are made up of PHP code and can include other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. By making your own plugin you are extending WordPress, i.e. building additional functionality on top of what WordPress already offers.

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Where Can I Get Help

Skript has a great community that provides help to each other and even includes many people who share scripts they have created for you to use.

SkUnity is a project we sponsor that includes documentation for Skript, as well as many of its addons. Additionally, it includes a forum where you can ask questions and share your scripts.

Many of our team at Shockbyte also have experience with Skript, so you are also welcome to contact our support for any Skript related questions. Members from our own team have developed widely used Skript addons which further extend the functionality of Skript.

If youd like to use scripts developed by others, Spigot is a great resource for these. Spigot has a dedicated downloads section for Skript that you can access here:

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How Do You Make A Minecraft Plugin Without Coding

To make the project set up easier, I recommend using the Intellij IDE. Intellij has a plugin you can use to generate the project structure with minimal effort. To install it, go to file > settings > plugins, and search for Minecraft Development. Once installed, go to File > New > Project > Minecraft > Spigot Plugin.

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How To Install Plugins On Your Minecraft Server

We have a video tutorial for installing Plugins:

This guide explains how to install any plugins onto your Minecraft server. With Shockbyte, there are two ways to install plugins:

  • The Plugin List feature on the panel
  • Manually uploading via FTP

If you are trying to uninstall plugins instead, you can find our guide here.

Before getting started, your server must be running a Server Type that supports plugins such as Spigot and Craftbukkit for Minecraft Java Edition, and PocketMine-MP and NukkitX for Bedrock Edition. You can select these from our control panel under the Server Type dropdown menu.

Creating Spigot Plugin Workspace

GUI Commands

To create a Spigot workspace, open MCreator, and click the “+” button to create a new workspace.

If the plugin is properly installed, you will see the “Spigot plugin” type on the left side of the workspace creation window. Click on this option and enter workspace details.

After you create a new workspace, setup will be run and afterward, you can start making your mod.

Keep in mind the plugin is still in the development so not all mod elements or functionalities will be supported.

For more help, check the related pages listed below.

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How Do I Install Plugins For Minecraft

It is harder, as it more complex and a lot more hard to learn. Actually, its complexity makes Java a lot more easier to perceive. C++ complexity also makes it a lot more vulnerable to bugs and errors that are hard to be detected, unless you use one of those programs, such as checkmarx, that helps with it.

Project Structure And Setup:

Before we begin, its necessary to learn how to set up our project. For this tutorial, well be using a tool for Java projects called Maven. If you have never used Maven before, it is a tool we will use to download some external code we need.

Our project will contain a file called pom.xml that will tell Maven to download this code.

To install Maven on your computer, you can find the instructions here.

To make the project set up easier, I recommend using the Intellij IDE. Intellij has a plugin you can use to generate the project structure with minimal effort.

To install it, go to file > settings > plugins, and search for Minecraft Development.

Once installed, go to File > New > Project> Minecraft > Spigot Plugin.

From there, you have to choose your group ID and artifact ID. In case you dont know, the artifact ID is the name of your Plugin, whereas the group ID is a unique ID to say you created it. The group ID is also used to identify projects of similar artifact IDs.

It usually takes the form of a reverse domain , so if you have your own website use it as the group ID. Otherwise, you can use something like me.firstname.lastname, or me.minecraftusername.

Make sure to separate words by periods, and that they are all lowercase.

From here, the rest of the process is straightforward.

The IDE then asks you for optional settings like a project description.

Within the main package , you should have a single Java file.

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How To Check If Plugins Are Working

After you restart your server, open your Server console:

And write plugins:

This will display a list of plugins which is currently running on your server.:

This command also works while logged in the server, however, you should use a slash in front of the command while in-game. It should look like this /plugins

How To Install Plugins Automatically

Introduction to Minecraft Plugin Development (2022)

Set up your server and make sure to choose Minecraft Java Edition. Once thats done click on the Manage button for your Minecraft server instance:

Select Configuration:

From there choose Server settings, the option you are looking for is Server type, there you will be able to choose from a variety of custom server types:

In order to install plugins, you will need to choose one of the following:

Server Type



Modified vanilla Minecraft server with the Bukkit API built into it. Bukkit is the API that Bukkit plugins use to interact with the server


Modified Minecraft server based on CraftBukkit which provides additional performance optimizations, configuration options, and features, whilst remaining compatible with all existing plugins and consistent with Vanilla Minecraft game mechanics


High-performance fork of the Spigot Minecraft Server that aims to fix gameplay and mechanics inconsistencies as well as to improve performance. The paper contains numerous features, bug fixes, exploit preventions, and major performance improvements not found in Spigot

* Recommended for users who want to achieve the best possible performance with their current plan without sacrificing server features or functionality

When you specify your preferred server type, click on the button, and download will start:

After the download is done your server will be ready to have plugins installed. Navigate back to your Instance section and select Plugins:

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How To Install Plugins

There are two installation methods for using plugins on your Minecraft server, which gives you more options. The first one is a manual installation, while its counterpart is automatic. Most server owners use the manual option to install plugins, although the automatic variant saves time. Both of these achieve the same goal, but their instructions differ greatly. However, before you start installing plugins, the server must be on Paper, Spigot, or other bukkit types. If the server isnt set on that, then review this to change the Minecraft version. Once you have a valid setup, follow one of the methods below to install plugins.

How Do You Make A Minecraft 18 Plugin

Plugins are packages of code that extend the core functionality of WordPress. WordPress plugins are made up of PHP code and can include other assets such as images, CSS, and JavaScript. By making your own plugin you are extending WordPress, i.e. building additional functionality on top of what WordPress already offers.

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What If I Want To Switch To Java In The Future

Skript doesnt interfere with Java or any of your other plugins at all. Skript is essentially just another plugin, so creating additional plugins wont have any impact. If you decide youd like to make the switch to Java at any point, you can simply begin creating new Java plugins.

Skript is a great introduction to programming because it follows the same concepts and logic as any other programming language. If you are an aspiring Java developer, it certainly is a good pathway to begin on.

Setting Up Your Development Environment

Create minecraft server plugins for spigot, bukkit, paper, and more by ...

Install Java

You need the Java Development Kit, not the Runtime Environment. Download the Java SE JDK from Oracles site. Make sure you get the JDK, not the JRE, and make sure you have the correct one for your operating system. only has JREs, you have to go to Oracles site for the JDK. Linux users can try installing the java-8-openjdk package.

Note for OS X users: OS X no longer ships Java by default. It will automatically install if you try to run something that needs Java, however, the version it installs is old and Bukkit/Spigot development requires at least Java 7, so you will need to download the newer Java even if you already have the system Java.

You need to link against Spigot in order to compile plugins, so youll need a local copy of Spigot to link to, even if you never actually run it.

Download BuildTools.jar from

Place it in an otherwise empty directory. Open a command prompt and navigate to the directory you placed it it. Run the following command to build it:

java -jar BuildTools.jar

This will probably take a while. If all goes well, you should get a file called Spigot-1.14.2.jar in the same directory with BuildTools.jar . Remember where this directory is, youll need it later when creating the project in Eclipse.

Install Eclipse

You can get Eclipse here:

Mac OS X: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.8.0_31.jdk/Contents/Home/jreLinux: /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre

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Learning How To Code Quickly Without Prior Experience

This option is suitable for 99% of people. Even if you need an extremely large solution like Mineplex or Hypixel, you still need to understand at least the basics so you wont need to ping your developer team each time you need to change a simple message in the code for you.

Coding is easier and faster than most people experience. The problem out there is a lack of quality resources, proven systems to follow and professional guidance to help you get unstuck. And as you probably know, if youre a beginner, youll get stuck a lot.

Getting Started With Coding For Free

Here are some great starting points for coding plugins. Minecraft updates rapidly and plugins break, so I really tried to write this article in an universal and future-proof way to avoid putting out a version-specific advice out there.

Understand This Before You Start

Minecraft is coded in Java. Everything we do will have to do with the Java programming language. If you never coded anything before, or you dont understand the Java programming language, you need to learn it before you can developer great Minecraft plugins. Yes, this tutorial is designed as a jumpstart right into production and we will not cover how Java works in general, but for most people you need to learn it simultaneously if you are serious about your progress.

Installing The Spigot Generator Plugin

The first step is to install the Spigot generator plugin for MCreator. Click the plugin. The plugin is open-source and can be found on . Contributions are welcome.

To install the plugin after downloading the Spigot generator plugin ZIP, do the following:

  • Launch MCreator
  • Open preferences -> Click “Manage plugins”
  • Find your downloaded ZIP file and select it
  • Restart MCreator
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