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How To Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Create A Furnace For You

How to make smooth stone in Minecraft | Survival Minecraft 2020

Once you have collected the raw materials, you can move ahead to make your smooth stones. Making a smooth stone requires you to make a furnace first. You can create a furnace by using eight cobblestones and a crafting grid. You can also make several furnaces at the same time.

You can expedite this process by making a large number of furnaces in your gameplay. For that, you will need a large number of cobblestones .

What Is Minecraft Smooth Stone Used For

There are two main purposes for Smooth Stone. The first is to create a Minecraft Blast Furnace. A Blast Furnace is basically an upgraded Furnace. It smelts ores, armour, and works at twice the speed of a furnace, but only grants you half the experience. It can also be used as a job block for villagers and can turn them into Armourers. All you need to create a Blast Furnace is five Iron Ingots, one Furnace, and three Smooth Stone.

Aside from that, the only other thing you can craft using Smooth Stone is Smooth Stone Slabs. Really, the other use is for decorative purposes, but we really, really love decorative uses. Its quite a sleek block, and it makes for a nice foundation in any house or Minecraft mansion you might want to build. Plus, its so easy to make that it is a lot more accessible than trying to build a house out of Iron or Gold. You could even just use it to make a feature wall of sorts, or as a way of identifying which paths youve been down in mines.

Thankfully, the Minecraft Smooth Stone Slab recipe is three Smooth Stone blocks placed in the middle row of the crafting grid. This will make six Smooth Stone Slabs for your build.

Craft Smooth Stone Into Slabs

If you lay out 3 Smooth Stone blocks horizontally in a Crafting Table, you get 6 Smooth Stone Slabs. Smooth Stone Slabs have this property wherein if you put one on top of the other, they still maintain a border in between. For most slab blocks, they end up looking like their non-slab counterparts.

Because of this, Smooth Stone Slabs look amazing for Minecraft interiors. You can make tables, kitchen counters, and unique-looking stairs. Its an overall neat building block to take your builds to the next level.

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How Do You Get Stone In Minecraft

If you want to get your hands on smooth stone, first you need regular stone. Stone is easily obtainable. All you need is a furnace, fuel, and cobblestone. Smelting one cobblestone block gives you a regular stone block. Stone has a nicer texture, but not nearly as smooth as that of smooth stone, hence the obvious name choice.

How To Make Smooth Stone Slab

A Complete Guide On How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

Slabs are essentially trimmed down versions of full blocks within Minecraft. They are best used for roofing and smaller-scaled locations, as their low profile blends in well at certain locations, so players are often flocking to Slabs over full-sized blocks!

In order to make Smooth Stone Slabs, you are only going to need some Smooth Stone as the process of making these slabs is not too complicated. You will need to open up your crafting menu, and then place a row of Smooth Stone horizontally across all three squares within the crafting menu.

Placing one Smooth Stone block within each square will produce six Smooth Stone Slabs, so you really get a bang for your buck here!

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What Are The Types Of Stone In Minecraft

Cobblestone is the first type of stone you can get in Minecraft. Mossy cobblestone is another variant that can easily be found in dungeons.

Other types include granite, diorite, andesite, and calcite. Sandstone is another stone block variant that you can craft or mine on beaches and deserts. Even gravel is a type of stone block, but it is essentially useless.

The Nether region has its own stone variants such as Netherrack, basalt, blackstone, and end stone. A unique glowstone is also available in the Nether and you can use it for its light-emitting properties. Prismarine is a type of stone only found underwater.

Minecraft: How To Make Smooth Stone

Smooth Stone is a building block in Minecraft that can be used for decorative purposes or craft a Blast Furnace. A Blast Furnace is a workbench that can smelt ores and raw metals twice as fast as a standard Furnace. Similar to the Smoker in Minecraft, the Blast Furnace can only refine the specific resources its intended for, meaning players cant cook food within it. To craft a Blast Furnace, players will need to acquire three blocks of Smooth Stone. Smooth Stone is a material that is very easy to produce early on in the game. Read on to learn how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft.

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Refining Cobblestone Into Stone

You will have to refine the cobblestone into stone before making smooth stone. After building your furnace, place your cobblestone on the top slot. You will need some sort of raw material to start the furnace. You can use Coal, charcoal, or a bucket of lava. Coal is the best energy source in the game it is easily available while mining and lasts longer. Keep the source of energy right below the cobblestone.

Once the source has been added, the furnace will automatically start refining the cobblestone into stone. Once the cobblestone has finally converted into stone, the finished item will appear on the right slot inside the furnace.

  • Note: If you have silk touch enhancement in your pickaxe, you dont have to mine cobblestone. Stone is available in the game, but when you use a regular pickaxe, the stone breaks into cobblestone. If you have a silk touch, you can straight get your hands on the stone. It removes the current step mention above.

What Block Goes Well With Smooth Stone

Minecraft How to Make Smooth Stone and Smooth Stone Slabs

Smooth stone has a very polished texture. Its essentially what stone blocks look like in Minecraft before you break them down for cobblestone with a pickaxe.

Aesthetics are often a matter of opinion, but smooth stone does look really good when combined with stone bricks and polished andesite. Any black decorative blocks would work well too if you have a somber theme in mind.

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How To Make Minecraft Smooth Stone

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of what you can use Smooth Stone for, we should probably teach you how to make it. The good news is that it doesnt require any arcane knowledge or magical tools to create Smooth Stone. In fact, you can find what you need lying around nearly anywhere, without needing some specific Minecraft seeds.

The first thing youll need is a furnace. Just in case youve never made a Furnace before, all you need is eight blocks of Cobblestone. Once youve got that, you need to put some fuel in it, usually either Wood, Charcoal, or Coal, and then plop in some Cobblestone. Itll take a tiny bit of time, but it turns out that if you smelt some Cobblestone in a Furnace, you end up with Stone fire eats cobble, we guess? Now all you have to do is smelt the Stone, and youll have Smooth Stone. Now that you know how to make Smooth Stone, you need to know what its for.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft Recipe

Smooth Stone is a light gray color, and has a visible outline. There is no Minecraft crafting recipe for Smooth Stone in the Crafting Grid, however you can still make it:

This is how to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft: The Smooth Stone Recipe.

Step 1: Get Cobblestone. Cobblestone is the most common type of stone. This is the stone to use to craft a furnace. Also, it is the stone that you can refine into smooth stone.

Step 2: Get Coal, or Wood. Coal or Wood is needed to get your furnace fire started. You will find coal in stone areas. Look for the blocks that have black pixels in them.

Step 3: Build the Furnace by using 8 Cobblestone blocks in the Minecraft crafting menu. Every block should be filled, except the middle one. This is how you craft the Furnace.

Step 4: Turn Cobblestone into Stone with the Furnace. Use the coal and put it into the bottom of the furnace. In the top put your Cobblestone. Once you put both in the furnace, flames are burning and Cobblestone is turned into Stone.

Step 5: Turn Stone into Smooth Stone with the Furnace. Repeat the exact same process. Take the Stone you created in the furnace in the first place, add coal and you will get Smooth Stone.

When, smelting in the Furnace, the conversion is 1:1, so you will get one Smooth Stone block for every Stone block, you smelt.

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Craft A Blast Furnace

The furnace is one of the pivotal tools of the Minecraft adventure. So, do you know whats better than a regular furnace? A Blast Furnace!

Making Smooth Stone is utterly necessary if you want to create a Blast Furnace. You will also need iron ingots and some other materials, but worry not – weve got you covered in this subject:

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Checking our Blast Furnace in Minecraft Guide is a must to comprehend how to create this item. Who wouldnt want to complete the smelting process with twice the speed of a regular furnace?! Now its your chance to master this fantastic tool.

Mechanics And Extra Info

How To Make A Blast Furnace Minecraft Pc

Since Smooth Stone is made from Stone, it must be mined with a pickaxe for it to drop. Also, besides crafting, the only way to obtain Smooth Stone is by finding villages and houses.

If you didnt know, you can also use the Stonecutter on Smooth Stone like any other rock-based block. Sadly, you cannot make Smooth Stone stairs, but you can use this to get a single slab rather than six.

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Blocks Needed For Smooth Stone

Smooth Stone is directly smelted from the Stone block. Stone is highly abundant in any vanilla Minecraft world. If youre starting, you likely have lots of Stone blocks in the cave youre living in or the mountain youre building on.

However, you might run into a problem: you get Cobblestone whenever you try to mine the Stone. Thankfully, all you have to do with Cobblestone is smelt that back into Stone using a furnace.

How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft 114

The first ingredient you need to make smooth stone is cobblestone. Cobblestone is abundant, so get as much as you want and start the process:

  • Use eight cobblestone blocks to build a furnace.
  • Add your cobblestone blocks.
  • Add sticks, charcoal, or anything flammable for fuel.
  • Smelt your cobblestone stack to turn it into regular stone.
  • Add more fuel to the regular stone stack.
  • Smelt the regular stone to get smooth stone.
  • Use the smooth stone blocks to create a better furnace or start using them as a decorative or building block.

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    How To Make Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    Smooth Stone is a building block in Minecraft that can be made using Cobblestone, and players can use it to craft a Blast Furnace and Armor Stand.

    While Cobblestone is a decent choice for building a simple yet protected starter home in Minecraft, Smooth Stone can be a much more aesthetically pleasing alternative. As its name suggests, Smooth Stone is a building block in Minecraft that can give floors and walls a sleek-looking surface. It offers a more clean and refined look than its Cobblestone counterpart, and it is also a necessary component in crafting the Blast Furnace and Armor Stand.

    Players are able to acquire Smooth Stone quite early in Minecraft, as Cobblestone is the primary material required to craft it. Cobblestone is extremely common in Minecraft, and players will likely find it within minutes after spawning into a new world. It naturally comes in the form of Stone blocks, which can be mined with a Minecraft pickaxe. After gathering some Cobblestone and Coal, players will have what is needed to make Smooth Stone.

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    Cobblestones Have Turned Into Stones

    How to make SMOOTH STONE in Minecraft (Automatic)

    After some time, you will get stones from the right slot of your furnace. Turning a cobblestone into stones is the first phase of the smelting process. You can use these stones to proceed further in your gameplay. Remove the stones from the furnace. This thing will reset your furnace within no time.

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    Building With Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    You can make smooth stone blocks, stairs, and slabs for your build in Minecraft.

    The process of making each of these is the same as making smooth stone blocks.

    Bake cobblestone stairs or slabs in the furnace twice to make smooth stone blocks.

    Consider combining a mix of regular stone and smooth stone textures to create unique builds.

    Creating smooth stone blocks in Minecraft is a fairly simple process â just think of it as twice-baked stone blocks.

    Now youre ready to take your Minecraft building to the next level!

    What Is A Smooth Stone Used For In Minecraft

    With unique color and textures, smooth stones have become the choice of every Minecraft player. You will see that smooth stones are the favorite building items in Minecraft. Thanks to the endless uses and services of smooth stones that you can use for generating your structures.

    Here I will mention a few of the main uses of smooth stone in Minecraft. Lets get started.

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    How To Make A Furnace In Minecraft

    In order to make Smooth Stone in Minecraft, you will need first need to gather Cobblestone which will be for constructing a Furnace. We recommend getting as much Cobblestone as you can, because not only will you need it for the Furnace, but for actually making the Smooth Stone itself.

    While you are harvesting Cobblestone, be sure to check around for some Coal as this will be the material best suited for the Furnace. Once you are done gathering materials, follow the below image which is the recipe for making a Furnace.

    Once you have completed this task, then we are ready to move on making Smooth Stone!

    How To Make A Smooth Stone In Minecraft

    Minecraft How to Make Smooth Stone

    In a Nutshell:

    To make Smooth Stone, you need to smelt cobblestone in a furnace twice. The first time you smelt cobblestone in a furnace, it will turn into stone. When you smelt stone again, it gives you a smooth stone. Wait for the arrow in the middle to fill, after which you can simply click the smooth stone and drag it into your inventory.

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    Making Smooth Stone Slabs

    If you’re wondering how-to make some Smooth Stone Slabs with that fresh new material, then it’s very easy! Head back to your Crafting Table and then line up three Smooth Stone at the bottom of the boxes.

    Once you do that, you’ll get yourself some Smooth Stone Slabs! For every three Smooth Stone you use, you’ll get six slabs.

    Crafting A Stone In Survival Mode:

    Step 1: Load the Furnace Menu

    The first step is to open your furnace to bring up the Furnace menu on the screen.

    Step 2: Add Fuel to the Furnace

    In the next step, you are required to add some fuel in the lower fuel box of the furnace. You can use coal as a fuel for making stones.

    Step 3: Add the Items

    Since cobblestone is the only item required, you can simply place it in the upper box of the furnace. Once you have done that, you will see the flames cooking the item. After the cobblestone is properly cooked in the furnace, the stone will emerge in the box to the right.

    Step 4: Transfer the Stone into the Inventory

    Once the stone is ready in your furnace, it can be moved into the inventory.

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    Add Items To Make Smooth Stone

    After adding fuel to the furnace, the next step is about ensuring that the flames already cooking the stone. The smooth stone will appear in the box as well as its cooked or smelted in the furnace.

    The smooth stone will only appear as well as you did previous steps with furnace and coal. You need to take this step and try to repeat same process to get a perfect smooth stone you want.

    Turn Stone Into Smooth Stone

    How To Craft And Use Smooth Stone – Minecraft Block Guide

    This will create you regular Stone. Now, that’s not what we needed, but we’re on the right track. Craft as much of that Stone as you’re going to want for the smooth version, and then place the Stone you’ve crafted into the Furnace where the Cobblestone was! That will then burn through again, and this will create you the Smooth Stone you’ve been looking to make!

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    How To Make Smooth Stone Slab In Minecraft

    Theres not a lot you can do with smooth stone blocks in Minecraft, but its still a good-looking base material. If you craft smooth stone slabs you can expand your decorative options if you want to take advantage of the refined texture.

    The same process used to make slabs from other materials applies to smooth stone.


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