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How To Tame A Parrot Minecraft

How To Tame Parrots In Minecraft

Minecraft: How to Tame a Parrot – (Minecraft Taming Parrots)

Now that youve found a parrot, the next thing to do is secure the creature by successfully taming it. To do this, you need to feed it either wheat seeds, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, or beetroot seeds.

Keep in mind that taming parrots only have a chance of success, so you may need to repeat this process several times.

Heres how you can tame parrots in Minecraft:

  • First, obtain any type of seeds mentioned above and place them in your hotbar.
  • Approach the Parrot carefully and equip the seeds to your hand.
  • Press the Action button while aiming at the Parrot to feed the seeds on your hand.
  • Repeat the process until you successfully tame the Parrot.
  • Tame Parrot In Minecraft

    Parrots are tamed by feeding them seeds. You can use

    • Wheat seeds

    Wheat seeds are the easiest to obtain break grass until you get seeds. You can also harvest fully grown wheat crops and they will drop seeds in addition to wheat.

    To get Melon seeds, you can place a melon slice in the crafting table, or you can break a full grown melon and it may drop seeds. Likewise, to get Pumpkin seeds, you can place a pumpkin in the crafting table or you can harvest a fully grown pumpkin. Beetroot seeds are obtained by harvesting the crop. It is normally found in village farms though it is rare.

    Once you have seeds , you need to find a parrot. Look for a jungle biome. Parrots tend to spawn near other mobs and usually on leaf blocks. Climb a tree and look for them. When you see a parrot, click on it with the Use button. Repeat until you see hearts coming from the bird.

    Once the parrot has been tamed, it will follow you around and it will sit on your shoulder. You can remove it from your shoulder by going to sleep, or falling from a high area. Parrots can fly and do not sustain fall damage.

    How To Find And Tame Parrots In Minecraft

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    Parrots are an animal added to Minecraft on June 7, 2017 as part of the World of Color update . This is the same update which added concrete and terracotta to the game.

    Parrots are tameable as pets just like wolves and ocelots and are found only in . Once tamed, they can sit on your shoulders and will follow you until you right-click on them to sit down.

    They also have other cool behaviors such as dancing when music is played, imitating the sounds of nearby hostile mobs, and following other mobs and animals. This tutorial will teach you how to find and tame your first parrot in Minecraft.

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    How To Put A Parrot On Your Shoulder

    To put a Parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft, you will need to make sure its tamed first. Tame a Parrot by feeding it wheat/melon seeds until hearts radiate from it, that will mean its yours. Then all you have to do is walk through the Parrot and it will sit on your shoulder.

    Alternatively, a Parrot will occasionally make its own decision, and choose to fly towards you to sit down on your shoulder. You can have a Parrot on each shoulder at a single time, and they will dismount if you take damage, mount a horse, enter a boat or jump down steep terrain.

    Perks Of Having A Pet Parrot

    How to tame parrots in Minecraft PE tutorial

    Parrots are one of the most beneficial animals in Minecraft. They act exactly the same in the game as they do in real life, copying sounds. They will imitate the sounds of adjacent mobs, and they will notice mobs up to 20 blocks away, however, this is not always the case.

    Crawlers, zombies, spiders, phantoms, drowned, ravagers, and pillagers are just a few of the creatures that parrots may imitate. If youre too preoccupied with your chores to notice a monster approaching, this can serve as an excellent warning sign.

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    Put Parrot On Your Shoulder

    After the parrot is tamed, you can easily get it to sit on your shoulder by moving through the parrot. A player can have two parrots sitting on their shoulders, one on each shoulder.

    They can also fly to and sit on your shoulder on their own.

    And that’s it! You’ve now tamed a parrot in Minecraft and got it on your shoulder.

    Where To Find Parrots In Minecraft

    Before we dive into the process of how to tame Parrots in Minecraft, its best to know what biomes players will be able to find these lovely animals in. As if you dont know, not all animals will spawn in the same location, and theres multiple biomes around a Minecraft server for players to explore.

    One of the caveats in regards to Parrots is that theyre extremely rare to find across the Minecraft map, so much so, that youll probably need to spawn into multiple servers until you find one.

    Below is a quick overview of the spawn rates of Parrots within Minecraft, along with the biome theyll spawn in.

    • 0.2% chance

    So, Parrots only spawn within the Jungle, and have a less than a 1% chance to appear within the game, so best of luck finding one.

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    What Does A Tamed Parrot Do

    While most creatures in Minecraft have their own unique purpose when tamed, parrots are seemingly odd as they are not that useful at all. But this doesnt mean that you get nothing in return after taming it.

    Parrots were added to Minecraft in Java update 1.12, also known as the World of Color update, in 2017. If you tame a parrot, it can do three things for you. The first is to mimic the sound of nearby creatures and mobs.

    This can be helpful if you cant see hostile mobs approaching you. Your parrot may serve as a warning that a creeper or zombie is nearby.

    The second one is dancing. As you explore the Minecraft world, you would find different kinds of music disks, and playing them near your parrot would cause them to dance. The parrots dance may also vary depending on the type of music that you would play.

    Finally, you can command your parrot to perch on your shoulders by moving through the parrot. Unless you instruct it to sit, your parrot will automatically fly or perch into your shoulder.

    However, parrots dismount its owner if the player does one of the following:

    • Jump down on terrains
    • Jump into a pool of lava

    Minecraft: How To Tame A Parrot

    How To Tame A Parrot in Minecraft 2019 [TUTORIAL]

    The first step is to know what parrots eat, of course.

    All you need to do if you see one is feed a parrot simple grass seeds that can be found in abundance almost anywhere in Minecraft. That would be enough — and please, don’t feed it cookies or other foods, as they’ll be a poison that can kill these little fellas.

    Also remember, a parrot sitting on your shoulder will not take any damage — and if you don’t want it to follow you, then order it to sit by pressing the right-mouse button.

    That’s it for our parrot taming guide at GameSkinny, and if you’re looking for other cool Minecraft guides, then check them out below:

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    How To Tame A Parrot In Minecaft

    Parrots are a rare mob found in jungle biomes in Minecraft. When killed, they drop feathers but have no other utility outside the item they drop. Considering how rare a parrot is, hunting it for feathers isnt a good idea when chickens are more common and easier to kill. Parrots can be tamed though and if you happen to find one, you can easily tame it.

    All You’re Missing Is An Eyepatch

    Over the years, Minecraft developers have steadily introduced a number of different animals into their monumentally popular game. Like Polar Bears or Rabbits, many of these cannot be tamed, while others such as the Llamas and Ocelots can.

    Another animal that many players might not even know is tamable is the Parrot. In fact Im fairly certain that a significant number of players dont even know that there is a Parrot mob in the game, due to the extremely rare chance of one spawning at all.

    So with this how to tame a Parrot in Minecraft guide, well show you exactly how to find and get one of these birds for yourself.

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    To Tame A Parrot In Minecraft:

    In Minecraft, players can tame a parrot by giving them Seeds. Any seed will do, including cocoa beans, even though they are the essential component of cookies. Once tamed, a parrot follows a player around and teleports the side if they move too far away.

    Tamed Parrots of Minecraft:

    They are walking into a parrot cause to ride on a players shoulder in Minecraft. A tamed parrot attempts to sit on a players shoulder unless told to sit at random intervals. A parrot can order to sit on the shoulder by right-clicking on a PC.


    Dont overfeed parrots to tame them because overfeeding cookies can cause instant death. If the parrot tamed when it died, a server message would display on-screen that Player slew parrot.

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    Minecraft Parrot Colors:

    In Minecraft, the beautiful creature parrot spawns in different Colors. Here, we mention the colors of Minecraft Parrots that you can have in the game.

    • Red
    • Cyan

    Parrots in Minecraft:

    All flying creatures land through the parrots too. Parrots in Minecraft do not walk but can swim in the game. For such a purpose, they flip their wings so as not to drown. In Minecraft, the parrot dances when they hear music as you hold the right-click in Jukebox. Untamed parrots cluster around the non-parrot mob. The parrot is a loyal bird, thats why the pirates always keep parrots with them.

    Parrots Food in Minecraft:

    How To Get A Spawn Egg To Breed Parrot In Minecraft

    How To Tame a Parrot In Minecraft 1.12 &  MCPE!

    There is a spawn egg in Minecraft called Parrot Spawn Egg which is green with red spots. Unlike other items in the game, this spawn egg cannot be crafted. The Creative Inventory menu is only available in Creative mode . A parrot will be instantly spawned when you use this spawn egg.

    · In Minecraft Java Edition 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.16.5, and 1.17, the /give command for Parrot Spawn Egg is:

    · In Minecraft Java Edition 1.12, the /give command for Parrot Spawn Egg is:

    This way you can easily spawn a parrot through this egg. This is a great way to get a Parrot in creative mode as parrot breeding is still not possible in the game.

    Unfortunately, for creative mode, there is no way to get this spawn egg. Spawn egg is only available in creative. It can be generated by typing the command given above.

    Also, spawn eggs can be produced with the help of two parrots going in love mode. But for that, you need to learn to tame the successfully.

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    To Get A Parrot On Your Shoulder In Minecraft:

    Taming parrot makes the Minecraft creature get on your shoulder. In Minecraft, the players can generate parrots in two ways.

    First, it spawns in the jungle biome naturally. Generating parrots from the jungle is a way to get your parrot and tame them.

    Hatch Egg:

    Second, it can be spawned through the parrot eggs in a creative mode. Get the egg and hatch them in the game to get the young parrot.

    We can include breeding in the option, but the breeding also brings the eggs that need to be hatched. You need to tame one of the parrots to learn how to get a parrot on your shoulder in Minecraft. Moreover, how to get a parrot off your shoulder in Minecraft.

    Taming A Parrot In Minecraft

    The first step in taming a parrot is to find one. Parrots appear in jungle biomes, such as pandas and ocelots. They come in several colors: green, blue, light blue and yellow, gray and multicolored.

    Parrots are tame like wolves or dogs. Give them their favorite food and wait for the hearts to appear. Parrots love seeds: wheat, grass, pumpkin, etc. Use the seeds on the desired parrot. Once the hearts appear, congratulations, you have tamed a parrot.

    Parrots will fly around their owner and occasionally land on their shoulders. They don’t fly very fast, so if you’re in a hurry, you might leave your little parrot friend behind. They will stay on your shoulder until you jump.

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    Where To Get Seeds

    To get the aforementioned seeds, you can break or craft their respective crops. For Wheat and Beetroots, you only have to break the crop block. Whereas with Pumpkins and Melons , you have to place them onto a crafting grid to convert them into seed form.

    Alternatively, you can sometimes find the seeds themselves in the Chests of various Villages and other locations. Its also possible to find them in naturally-generated structures like Mineshafts, Dungeons, and more.

    How To Get A Parrot Off Your Shoulder

    How to Tame Parrots in Minecraft 1.12 (Use Seeds not Cookies)

    Having a parrot sit on your shoulder can be quite fun, however, it can be quite a challenge for many players to get them off. There the two simple tricks to do this. The first one is to jump into the water and the second trick is to grab a fishing pole.

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    Image credits: Minecraft Gamepedia

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    What Is The Rarest Parrot In Minecraft

    Basically, all parrots in Minecraft are rare, with a 0.2 chance of spawning in jungle biomes. They can imitate the sound of nearby hostile mobs and perch on your shoulder once tamed.

    This ends our guide on how to tame parrots in Minecraft. If you have any questions regarding the topic at hand, please let us know in the comment section, and wed be happy to extend a helping hand.

    What Do Parrots Eat In Minecraft

    There are a few Food Items that you can use to Tame the Parrots in Minecraft. Them being Wheat Seeds, Beetroot Seeds, Melon Seeds, and Pumpkin Seeds. You can use any of them to tame a Parrot. But you cannot feed these Seeds to Breed the Parrots in Minecraft. There is another Food Item you can feed to a Parrot in Minecraft, that being the Cookie. What happens when you feed a parrot a cookie in Minecraft? Well, it dies. Yes, a cookie is poisonous to a Parrot and then it will instantly die. This is a mechanic as Chocolate is toxic for Parrots IRL so do not feed them any kind of chocolate. Just feed them Seeds and give your Love, thats all.

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    Where Can You Find A Parrot In Minecraft

    Parrots are extremely rare passive mobs in Minecraft. They can only be found in jungle biomesrare lush, temperate biomes full of dense vegetationwith a 0.2% chance of spawning. They only spawn on jungle leaves, logs, and grass blocks and are usually found alone or in pairs. So if you are looking for some parrots, you may want to try searching near the top of trees or find them hovering slightly above the ground.

    More Minecraft Guides:

    How To Find Parrots In Minecraft

    How To Tame a Parrot â Ask Minecraft

    Parrots can only be found in jungle biomes, including old jungles generated prior to the World of Color update . Due to their vibrant colors, they are not too difficult to find and they stand-out quite a bit. Note that parrots spawn only on lighted grass blocks and are able to fly to other areas.

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    Here are some useful tips if you are having trouble finding parrots in an old jungle :

    • Passive mobs will not spawn if there are more than 10 in any currently loaded chunks. You will have to kill all nearby passive mobs for more to spawn. Note that the spawn-point chunk is always loaded and is included in this limit.
    • Clear out nearby trees and ensure that the grass is well-lit with torches. The tall, leafy jungle trees can block out sunlight.

    Trouble finding a jungle? You will have to explore your world until you find one! If youre having a lot of difficulty, you can try using a Map Viewer to locate a jungle for your seed.

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    How To Breed And Tame Parrots In Minecraft

    The parrot is a rare mob in Minecraft. It can mimic sounds made by nearby hostile mobs and perch on the players shoulders. But like every other animal parrot has a lifetime and they die after some time. And the only way to keep parrots with you is to tame and breed them. But there is no breeding method for parrots in the game. So, how do you tame and breed parrots in Minecraft?

    Breeding of the parrot can be done through the spawn egg that is available in Creative mode. In Survival mode, breeding can be done through add-ons available on the Internet. Before breeding the parrot, you need to tame them. These lovely birds can be tamed by feeding them seeds.

    Parrots are passive creatures. In addition to their ability to fly, they usually fly upwards when struck by something. Theyre capable of flying under normal conditions, but they can also lose their energy and land on the ground.

    Crowds of parrots settle around nearby mobs, both friendly and aggressive alike. Parrots swim by flapping their wings when they are in the water. The parrots in the game are joyous companions that keep you amused all the way. They can imitate other mobs within a radius of 20 blocks. It can alert you of any dangerous mob nearby.

    Sadly, they die with age. If you want to keep them as a pet, youll need to learn how to breed them.


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