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How To Use The Blast Furnace In Minecraft

How To Create A Blast Furnace

How to Use Blast Furnaces in Minecraft Survival 2019

Time needed: 10 minutes.

To make a blast furnace in Minecraft you will need five iron ingots, one furnace, and three smooth stone. It’s not too difficult to round up these materials, but smooth stone isn’t a typical thing we use in recipes, so creating it might be new to you!

  • Create a Furnace

    If you don’t have an extra one of these already, then you’ll want to craft one real quick. Just throw eight cobblestone into your crafting table to make a furnace. You might want to create two furnaces, because one will be used in the process of creating the blast furnace.

  • Obtain Iron Ore

    We’re going to need five iron ore, which can be found pretty much anywhere there’s stone to be mined. Both caves and ravines are great places to find the ore. Any space that’s opened up which gives you a lot of surface area to explore makes it easier to spot it. You also might see it in the side of a mountain or hill. If you can’t find it that way, mine your way downwards, and you should eventually come across it. It’s one of the more common ores you will find in the game.

  • Create Iron Bars

    We need five iron bars to create the iron bars we’ll need for the blast furnace. This can be accomplished by throwing in our iron ore into a normal furnace with some fuel.

  • What Is The Blast Furnace

    In Minecraft, Blast Furnace is basically a rich mans version of Furnace. Village and Pillage update from 2019 was the one to add Blast Furnaces to the game. The main function of Blast Furnace is smelting ore blocks.

    This way players can smelt their old gear into iron ore. Unlike Furnaces, you can only smelt ores and gear made of Gold, Chainmail, or Iron in a Blast Furnace.

    Furthermore, youre allowed to smelt tools, armor, and weapons only. Other smeltable items have to be processed in a regular Furnace.

    On top of that, armorers in the village use Blast Furnace as their job block.

    Important note

    Blast Furnaces are two times faster than regular Furnaces and they consume Fuel faster too. However, the amount of Fuel required is the same for both devices.

    What Is The Purpose Of A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    The Blast Furnace, like the conventional furnace, is used to manufacture iron and gold goods at a 2x quicker rate than the normal furnace. As a result, the blast furnace is the top recommended alternate block for smelting ores quicker. The main disadvantage is that the blast furnace is expensive and provides only limited advantages.

    The pistons cant be utilized to push the Minecraft Blast Furnaces as they can with the smokers. Because the blast furnace has a blast resistance of 17.5, a hardness of 3.5, and a light level emission of 13, this is the case . This is a step down from a torch. Like a result, it functions as a torch at night.

    A Pickaxe is the best tool for picking up a Blast Furnace. The blast furnace will not drop anything if you dont use the Pickaxe. Sand may also be melted in the Blast Furnace. What if you have doubts about the blast furnaces efficiency? The blast furnaces efficiency, in my opinion, is worth it.


    • »Can smelt metals more quickly
    • »In survivor mode, it may be employed as a defensive weapon.
    • »A more effective safety mechanism
    • »It is possible to construct roofs for homes in order to improve their structural integrity.
    • »Has the ability to interact with Hoppers


    • »Uses up gasoline more quickly
    • »Only limited advantages
    • »Heavy and incapable of being propelled by pistons

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    Spread And Origin Of Early Modern Blast Furnaces

    With the growing demand for iron and casting canons, the furnace became widely used in France in the mid-15th century.

    The foremost ancestors of those used in France and England were in the Namur region in what is now Wallonia . From there, they first spread to Pays de Bray on the eastern border of Normandy and from there to the Weald of Sussex, where the first furnace in Buxted was built about 1491, followed by one in Newbridge in Ashdown Forest and remained relatively few in number until about 1530 but most were built in the following decades in Weald, when the iron industry probably reached its peak about 1590. Most of the pig iron from these furnaces were taken to the best production iron bar.

    The first British furnaces outside Weald appeared in the 1550s, and many were built during the remainder of that century and in later generations. Industrial excavations probably lasted about 1620, and were followed by a gradual decline until the beginning of the 18th century. This was apparently due to the fact that it was more economical to import iron into Sweden and elsewhere than to the more remote parts of Britain. charcoal was the main source of income for the industry and was probably consumed as fast as wood to grow. The Backbarrow blast built in Cumbria in 1711 has been described as the first effective model.

    How To Use A Create Furnace In Minecraft

    How To Use A Minecraft Blast Furnace

    Using a blast furnace will allow you to melt down your old gear into iron ingots, so its worth your time to learn how to do it they will come in handy as you can use them to craft other items in the game.

    To find them, you will need to look for armourer houses in Minecraft villages and dont forget that you can change the profession of a villager to an armourer if you need to.

    Before doing anything though, you will need to add eight pieces of Cobblestone in the crafting grid to create a regular furnace you will need it before making a Blast one. But once that is done, its time to get to work on the Blast Furnace. Here are the materials that you need.

    • 5x Iron ingot
    • 3x Smooth stone

    As for how to pop all this into the crafting grid, here is the info!

    • Right in the centre of the grid is where the furnace you just made will need to go.
    • Now pop two iron ingots on either side of the furnace
    • You still have three left, so place them in the top row
    • The three smooth stones go into the bottom row
    • Now craft yourself that Blast Furnace!

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    How To Get A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    Its just as essential to have a Blast Furnace in your inventory as it is to make one. Understanding how to acquire a Blast Furnace in Minecraft is much more essential than knowing how to utilize one. The Minecraft Blast Furnace is a pricey yet quick furnace. It also lacks any interesting features.

    So, heres how you can acquire a Blast Furnace in Minecraft:

    • To get the Minecraft Blast Furnace, use the following commands.

    Blast furnaces may be obtained via armorer homes, however the Command Console and Cheats are the most efficient and convenient ways to get a Blast Furnace in Minecraft. Is this, however, a kind of cheating? You cant even live in Minecraft Survival Mode without using commands for very long. As a result, it is completely lawful.

    The instructions Im about to give you will work in Minecraft JAVA Edition . Though I havent tested this command in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, I believe you should try it. This command may be used in both survival and adventure mode.

    So, for Blast Furnace Minecraft JAVA versions 1.14, 1.15, and 1.16, here is the provide command:

    NB: Remove the brackets and adjust the number of blast furnaces to your requirements.

    Unlike certain unique mineral blocks, a Blast Furnace in Minecraft JAVA Edition may also be locked with a Lock Tag. The Blast Furnace may be locked and unlocked with a key when necessary. As a result, it has a more effective safety system than a standard furnace.

    11 22 /data merge block Blast Furnace Key is the lock.

    How To Use The Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    Smelting iron, gold, and chainmail objects, as well as sands, is done at the Blast Furnace. The Blast Furnace operates similarly to other furnaces, but at a much faster pace. The structure and function of both smelters are similar to that of the furnace.

    The main disadvantage of this blast furnace is that it has restricted smelting capabilities. Otherwise, the Blast Furnace would be lighted as its name suggests.

    The Blast Furnace may be used to speed up the production of goods. The minecraft blast furnace, on the other hand, is extremely simple to use.

    To use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft, follow these steps:

    • Build a Blast Furnace and set it in the ground.

    Youll receive the blast furnace once youve merged all of the smelted materials as instructed. Open the inventory and drag the blast furnace to the desired location before right-clicking it .

    • Coal should be added as a fuel source for the blast furnace.

    You must add fuel to the furnace, just as you must to the furnace. The finest fuel for lighting the blast furnace is coal. Make sure the coals are in the blast furnace crafting grids bottom box.

    • Inventories may be added to and moved around.

    Only iron, gold, or chailmail goods, tools, and armors may be smelted in the Blast Furnace in Minecraft. Diamond ores and sands, on the other hand, may be smelted. After you open the blast furnace, youll learn more about the things you can smelt in it.

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    What Is A Minecraft Blast Furnace

    Minecraft blast furnaces can be found in the handicraft villages of Gunsmith Homes. If there is no village cannon that uses a blast furnace as a building stone, then any group of Minecraft Village residents can turn their profession into a armorer.

    This blast furnace Minecraft works 2 times faster than a regular furnace. It can be used to melt metal, iron ore, and tools.

    To make a blast furnace, you must first build a common furnace. You can do this with eight pieces of Cobblestone on a manufacturing network.

    Now that you have your furnace, heres the rest of the manual Minecraft blast furnace recipe.

    How To Craft A Minecraft Blast Furnace

    How to Craft and Use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft

    Crafting the Blast Furnace is relatively easy, provided you have the required ingredientsand even then, they’re not particularly difficult to get hold of. You need one Furnace, five Iron Ingots, and three pieces of Smooth Stone.

    The standard Furnace can be made with eight pieces of Cobblestone, which is pretty common. If you’re at a loss, just dig down for a bit, and you’ll come across some soon enough.

    To get the Smooth Stone, you need to cook Cobblestone twice. The first time it turns to Stone, and then to Smooth Stone the second.

    The most difficult ingredient you need is the Iron Ingots. The difficulty in acquiring iron ore will come down to how lucky you are with your world and terrain. You can often see Iron Ore in shallow caves, though in some cases, you may have to mine a bit further to locate some. Once you’ve found the ore, you can smelt it into Iron Ingots. If you happen to get lucky with treasure chests, you can also make one by combining nine Iron Nuggets, but that’s more hassle than it’s worth, frankly.

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    Add All The Items To The Crafting Menu

    Pull up your crafting grid and load the top row with Iron Ingots. Two of the remaining Ingots will go on either side of the middle row with furnace placed in the centre of the grid. Add three smooth stones in the bottom row and you will be ready to create your blasting furnace.

    Image credits: Minecraft

    After you have filled the crafting area with all the required items as specified above, your blast furnace should appear in the box to the right.

    How To Build A Furnace

    You will need eight cobblestones or stone-tier blocks such as cobbled deep slate or Blackstone. You can also mix them up and use them to build a furnace in Minecraft. But since cobblestone is the easiest to find initially, we will go through the process of crafting a furnace with it.

    Heres how to do it:

  • Gather eight cobblestones using a pickaxe.
  • Open your crafting table.
  • Place the cobblestones on the table, making a 3×3 square. The space in the middle should be empty.
  • Grab your furnace from the right side and place it in your hot bar.
  • You can then exit the crafting table GUI and place the furnace on any placeable block.
  • You can use any burnable item such as logs, wooden planks, wooden tools, or coal to use the furnace. You can find coal by mining. But if you are in a desperate situation, you can use the wood you see all over the place.

  • Access the furnace by right-clicking it.
  • Place the coal on the lower section of the furnace.
  • Place whatever you need to cook or smelt in the upper box. You can see the flames activate in the middle of the two boxes.
  • Wait until the arrow pointing right is full. The cooked/smelted product will be on the right side when it is full.
  • Grab the product and place it in your inventory.
  • When you smelt any kind of ore, the furnace gives you not only an ingot but also some XP. So if you have many items you can smelt, you can easily gain a bunch of XP as well.

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    How To Get The Items Needed To Craft The Blast Furnace

    We advise you to get the ingredients from the Blast Furnace crafting recipe first.


    The first thing youll need is the crafting table. Furnace, just like Blast Furnace, requires a 3 x 3 crafting grid to be made. Next, gather eight Cobblestones. The way to obtain Cobblestone is simply by mining it from a Stone with a pickaxe. Cobblestone is also a product of flowing lava and water coming into contact, but you dont need to go that far to get it.

    Once you collect eight Cobblestones, place them on the outside of the crafting table like so:

    Once you press the Use item button, you will receive a Furnace.

    Additionally, Furnace can be obtained as a product of breaking Minecart with Furnace.

    Iron Ingots

    This is a basic material used in a lot of Minecraft crafting recipes. You can get it from Chests, Crafting, Smelting, Compound Creation, and looting mobs.

    From other mobs – 1

    Smooth Stone

    Smooth stone will be dropped from mining Stone if you mine it using a pickaxe. Mining without a pickaxe yields nothing. There is also a 20,8% chance that it will drop from a Chest in Both Java and Bedrock Edition. Finally, Smooth stone is a product of a smelting regular Stone.

    You can use any fuel source.

    How To Craft A Blast Furnace

    Minecraft Sky Factory 3 : Blast Furnace Tutorial

    Crafting a blast furnace requires:

    • 5 Iron Ingots
  • Arrange the ingredients in the crafting table.

    Add 5 Iron Ingots, 1 Furnace and 3 Smooth Stone

  • A blast furnace can also be crafted from 11 cobblestone and 5 iron ingots and wood or coal as fuel if you dont already have a furnace.

    First, craft a regular furnace with 8 cobblestones on a crafting table leaving the middle slot blank. Using your new furnace, create 3 smooth stone from the remaining 3 cobblestone. Now mine the furnace to pick it up. Now craft your blast furnace on a crafting table from 5 iron ingots, your furnace and the 3 smooth stone you just created.

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    How Do You Make A Blast Furnace In Valheim

    You can unlock the Blast Furnace by killing the fourth boss Moder and building an Artisan table. Killing Moder will require you to find three Dragon Eggs first to summon him, found at the highest points of the mountain biome, but once youve beaten him youll get a Dragons Tear, used to create the Artisan Table.

    How To Make The Minecraft Blast Furnace

    With all the previous ingredients, we can now make the Minecraft blast furnace.

    We simply have to go to a work table by hand, include the ingredients of the normal oven, the 3 smooth stones, and the 5 iron ingots.

    Now you will not have any excuse to know how to make a Minecraft blast furnace and with all the necessary ingredients.

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    How Do You Make A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    To use a Blast Furnace in Minecraft, you simply need to place the item and fuel on top of the Blast Furnace. This will change its state to lit. The item that you place on it will be smelted at twice the speed of a regular furnace and the fuel that will go in the blast furnace will also be consumed at double the rate.

    How To Use A Blast Furnace In Minecraft

    How To Work The Blast Furnace Minecraft (Tutorial)

    You can use a Minecraft blast furnace to smelt ore blocks, tools, and armour as well as gold or chainmail. To use the blast furnace youll need to place the item and fuel onto the blast furnace to change the state to lit. The item on the blast furnace will be smelted twice as fast a regular furnace, but fuel used on the blast furnace will also be used at double the rate. You can collect the smelted item from the block, by selecting use item.

    Here are some other facts about the blast furnace:

    • Any villager in a village without a dedicated armourer has a chance to become an armourer when standing nearby the blast furnace.
    • You cant smelt food. Use a normal furnace or a campfire instead.
    • You will get less experience when collecting items from a blast furnace than a regular furnace.
    • Blast furnaces cant be pushed by pistons.
    • They have a similar resistance to explosions and emit a light level similar to normal furnaces when active.
    • You can use a blast furnace with hoppers.

    Using a Minecraft blast furnace on a block of ore will melt it down to iron ingots quickly and efficiently, so you can use it for your other crafting needs whether thats using an enchantment table or creating a Minecraft banner for your shield. The first part of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is almost here! Check out our guide to see everything coming to the game when the update goes live.

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