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Minecraft Birthday Party Invitations

What To Put On The Table

Make your own Minecraft Birthday Invitation with MS Word

There are two options:

  • Or make a buffet, cover with a green tablecloth, then you can put bottles of water on the table, after having pasted images of Steve or Creeper and all sorts of chocolates, cakes, chips and so on. Here you decide, for example, you can decorate the buffet in different ways: put figures of characters, paste images from the game on chocolates, stick toothpicks into cakes or cookies, on which there are also different pictures.
  • Or to make a large feast, then, in principle, the decoration of the table will be the same, but the dishes on the table are needed more seriously, for example, all sorts of salads, hot, and so on.
  • And the most important thing for the two options is the Minecraft-style CAKE. You can order it from the pastry chef, or you can bake it yourself, make a square cake, and cover it with mastic.

    The mastic should be green, dark green, and make something like a checkerboard on the cake from these colors, and then you get to earth. And on this ground, you can put, for example, a Steve figurine, also sculpted from mastic.

    Free Printable Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation

    Do you love to mine, creep and build or know someone who does? Are you having a Minecraft party soon? Download this free printable Minecraft birthday invitation and choose from two easy to use formats to create your invitations.

    JPEG Minecraft Printable Invitation

    This printable Minecraft invitation in JPEG format is blank and needs your party info. Simply print and fill in the details with a pen or marker. Convenient if you are short on time. Also great if you have nice handwriting want to be creative with your printable invitation. This Minecraft themed invitation measures 5 x 7 inches and can be edited in your favorite graphics program. This invitation is decorated in the Minecraft style pixel art and has various familiar items from the game on the invitation.

    PDF Minecraft Printable Invitation Easy Type and Print Option!

    Like the JPEG invitation, you can easily print this free invitation and then fill in your info with a pen or marker.

    If you dont like to hand write your invitations the PDF version of the Minecraft invitation also has the more convenient option of allowing you to type your details directly into it and then sending to print. The free Minecraft PDF printable will print two invitations to a sheet at 5 x 7 inches. You can download your free Minecraft birthday invitation below!

    Minecraft Invitations Made Easy

    We are taking the headache and cost out of making Minecraft invitations. If your kids this game as much as our kids, throwing a Minecraft party will be a huge hit!

    Lets learn how to download the Minecraft invitation PDF and also learn how to customize the invite for a personalized custom invitation.

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    Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation With Photo Printable Instant Download


    NOTE: *** This listing is for a digital file only. NO PHYSICAL ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED. There is no return refund accept for any item on this site. Please Read Our Return & Refund Policy before placing an order.*** Include: 1 Template:

    Invitation 7in x 5in

    Your invitations can be printed onto 8.5×11 white card stock from home . If you want to email, text or post your invitations, save the file as a PNG or JPG. You can use This Page to buy the printed products. Save up a lot money if you compare it with other websites. You can save and come back to bobotemp.com anytime to edit your files – items expire after 9 months and it will limit the amount download to 8 times on each template in this listing. We do it to just avoid my customer use it for other people, you can contact me to update it if there is any mistake happen in that time. All copyrights and trademarks of the character images belong to their respective owners and are “NOT” being sold in this listing but provided to you “free” of charge. This listing is for my time in making and creating something special for your event, ‘NOT’ to claim ownership over any characters being used.

    Customize Your Printable Minecraft Party Invitations

    Minecraft Birthday Invitation

    If your child loves playing Minecraft and you want to throw a themed party, these printable Minecraft creeper invitations are a great start! These ice cream cone cupcakes are great to make for any party, match the sprinkles to the Minecraft theme and theyll match perfectly.

    Materials youll need:

    Step 1: Download and customize the Minecraft invitation

    The first step to customizing your printable Minecraft party invitations is to, right-click and save the image to your computer. To customize for free, visit fotor.com and click EDIT A PHOTO. Navigate to open and upload the Minecraft photo saved on your computer and get started!

    On the left-hand side of the screen, there is a T symbol for adding text. Click this, then click the text size you wish to add. Type whatever you want, edit the size, font, and color of the text, and move it around to wherever you want on the invitation. Once youve added your information and youre happy with it, save the edited photo to your computer, the Export button is at the top of the screen. You may have to log in with Facebook or create an account, but it is still free.

    Step 2: Set The Minecraft party invitations up to print

    If you have a Mac, open up your image, click File > Print, and select 2 under the Copies per Page drop-down field. Make sure the Scale to Fit and Print Entire Image radio buttons are selected. You should be able to print out two invitations per piece of card stock, these will be 5×7 size.

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    Develop The Minecraft Theme In Your Birthday Invitation

    Different Birthday Card Examples require different design approaches. As an example, how you develop the design and theme of your Funny Birthday invitations is basically not the same with how you brainstorm for the creation of Mermaid Birthday Invitations. This is the reason why you have to take your time when thinking of ways on how you can execute a minecraft birthday invitation design appropriately. Listed below are some design guides that can help you develop the minecraft theme that you will associate with the design of your birthday invitation.

    Use colors that have earthen tones so that you can specifically get the mood and vibe of the game. It is very important for you to present the game as much as you are presenting the birthday celebration for the design to be deemed effective. You may also see 18th Birthday Invitations

    You can use pixels in different ways so you can give more idea that minecraft is a game that the birthday celebrant truly likes. You can have pixel fonts or you can also use it as background or border. This will also work for Teen Birthday Invitations.

    Create scenarios or images that can depict the actual minecraft game. Action in your design can help the entire birthday invitation look more vibrant, lively and joyful.You may also see Personalized Birthday Invitations

    Reviews For Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Elizabeth Jones April 17, 2021

    My son loves Minecraft and has decided he wants his party theme to be Minecraft. I just ordered this invitation for his 5th birthday and it is perfect! Looks just like the invitation in the picture but with our information for his party. Amazingdesignsus was very fast to get my order completed and sent to me as well!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    angela m.

    Super fast and exactly what I ordered!!!

  • Rated 5 out of 5


  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Jolanda T.

    Wonderful! I had a tome change and they changed it very fast! Great service!

  • Rated 5 out of 5


  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Ashley T.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Stephanie F.

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    How To Design A Minecraft Birthday Invitation

    There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to making a minecraft birthday invitation look unique. Whether you would like to have a modern birthday invitation or a funny kids birthday invitation, it is important for you to have a design plan so you can easily implement the design processes that you will undergo in. Listed below are a few ways on how you can design a minecraft birthday invitation:

    1. Refer to other samples of Kids Birthday Invitations so you can have an idea on what trends and design aesthetic are currently being used when developing birthday invitations for children. It will help you if you will refer to game-themed birthday invitations as you are to create one that is minecraft-inspired.

    2. Use the characters of the minecraft game as the main design elements of the birthday invitation. You can display them individually or you can also incorporate the entire group in one birthday invitation design.You may also see Adult Birthday Invitations

    3. Use design aesthetics that are closely related to the game. This way, you can reflect the brand of minecraft without overpowering the actual purpose of the birthday invitation.You may also see Funny Birthday invitations

    4. Incorporate other birthday invitation designs like those that you can see in Chalkboard Birthday Invitations. If you are designing the birthday invitation for a girl, then use a Princess Birthday Invitation infused with minecraft characters.

    Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas: Games Menus & Decoration

    The Invitation (Minecraft Animation) | Birthday Special

    What is the essence of this Minecraft Birthday party? Everything is very simple: the player creates his own world, that is, he appears in the world, he has nothing, he must mine wood or ore, and then build a house, maybe even a whole village. But we must not forget that at night all bad creatures go hunting for YOU! Therefore, you need to look for an overnight stay, and also do not forget to eat.

    Here are all the main characters and their descriptions:

    • Steve is the main character, a human being controlled by the player.
    • Creeper is Steves green enemy, and it starts to hiss and explode when approaching the player.
    • Hirobrin is a mystical creature similar to Steve but with white eyes.
    • Enderman is a black, long creature, a thief.
    • Zombies creatures similar to Steve, only green, kill the main character.
    • Also, there are all kinds of animals and other creatures in the game, but we studied the main characters.

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    Minecraft Birthday Invitation Template


    Invite your guests and family by sending out this Minecraft birthday party invitation a few weeks prior to the big day. This editable Minecraft Birthday Invitation template works for any age gamer birthday party. Calling all Minecraft lovers to have fun on the video game theme birthday party!Formats: JPG or PDF

    Try FREE DEMO and start editing your Minecraft Party Invitation template for boy right now!Simply open this link and access the templates even before you purchase:

    • Purchase, edit, and print your Minecraft Invitation within minutes
    • Instant download invitation template is editable directly in your browser
    • No need to download any software, fonts, or wait for proofs
    • Get access to your Minecraft template immediately and create your perfect invitation
    • Make changes anytime your access stays active for 90 days!

    Please watch this video for a detailed tutorial on how to edit the invitation: https://youtu.be/blbM0n13-DQ

    This Minecraft Invitation is an editable template. However we are happy to edit it for you for NO charge. Please submit the order and send the party details to contact@perfectpartyprints.com

    Invite your guests and family by sending out this Minecraft birthday party invitation a few weeks prior to the big day. This editable Minecraft Birthday Invitation template works for any age gamer birthday party. Calling all Minecraft lovers to have fun on the video game theme birthday party!Formats: JPG or PDF

    Make Your Child’s Birthday Party As Unique As They Are

    We make it easy to make your childs birthday party unique. We recommend mixing and matching solidcolors and patterns, like stripes and polka-dots, with your favorite themes party supplies. For example,red, blue and yellow polka dots look great with our Superhero Party theme,which looks like an old-school, pop-art comic book. Or, match aqua and graystripes with our Spa Party theme for a zen-like look.

    Put the perfectly personalized finishing touches on yourcelebration with personalized party supplies. Create a banner with a specialmessage and a photo of the birthday boy or girl, or personalize any of ourother party supplies, like placemats, stickers and cupcake toppers.

    We also carry all of the decorations you need to make your partyspace festive, like birthday balloons in a variety of colors, streamers,cardboard stand-ups, centerpieces and photo booth props. Set your table withmatching tablecloths, plates, napkins, cups and tableware, and set up a candy buffetwith all of your childsfavorite treats. We recommend filling glass apothecary jars with gumballs,sixlets and other sweets theyllbe the perfect complement to a table full of cupcakes .

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    Easy Picmonkey Invitation Tutorial

    Lets get started personalizing your free Minecraft birthday invitations. First, lets visit PicMonkey.com

    Select the Minecraft invite file from wherever you saved it to on your computer.

    Using the Add Text function, add the party details to the invitation. I have an upgraded account at PicMonkey so I have more font options. I used the Times New Yorker font . I used the Didact Gothic font for the party details.

    Next, add in any details you want. And then hit SAVE. Love the way the pixel look of this invite came out!

    Last you will want to save your invitation as SEAN the highest quality if you are including in email or an evite, you can save as a Roger or Pierce.

    These are FREE, the only thing I ask is that you please share these with your friends. Pin, Facebook Like, Tweet, Stumble.

    Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation Printable Digital File

    Novel Concept Designs

    This product is for one Minecraft Birthday Invitation, printable and digital file that will be send to your email after your purchase.

    Delight your child with this amazing Minecraft Party Birthday Invitation


    This is a digital, printable Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation. the invitation will be personalized by a professional designer after your purchase, using the info that you wrote at the buyers note when checking out.

    This, is a real advantage, having a real designer who will be available to adjust your information in a professional way and later make the improvements that you deem convenient and can be made under agreement.


    Its NOT an Online Template item.

    Required Info to personalize

    It is very important to understand that we will need details such as: Name, Age, date, time, place, address, RSVP information, etc, to personalize your invitation your information will be completely safe with us. All of our published sample pictures contain fictitious information. The info should be add at the buyers note when checking out if you forgot it please email it to us asap. Money will be refunded and order cancelled after 3 days waiting for the info for personalization.

    Product Size and resolution

    Our digital printable invitations standard size is 5×7 inches, if you need it 4×6 inches you must let us know at the buyers note or emailing us.

    Printing & Printing Bleeds



    Used Colors

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    Minecraft Birthday Invitation Templates Editable With Ms Word

    Hello, in previous article, Ive been sharing two of my latest design, which you can use it for your upcoming Bridal shower party, and for one of them, it will be great your little boy birthday, as how much loves he poured into his construction truck-toys. Anyway, for todays design, Ive done something that a bit similar to the last one, as it meant for our little boy.

    This template was inspired from one of my own son favorite game, yup! My son does loves it so much, he spends almost his entire weekend playing Minecraft with my husband. Thus, this Minecraft was on my top to-do lists, and you know, this one is gain so much attention, lately. You could easily see it, like in your Instagram, Twitter, or any social media platform that youre using.

    With that being said. Ill show and tell you, why you need this one as your final invitation card. First thing first, this template has six different models, and each have Pixel or Pixelated kind of border, it looks so damn cool, doesnt it? Not only that, you also got a plenty of other things, such as Minecraft iconic logo , some graphics of its characters. Last but not least, Ive been providing a couple of good, super-awesome looking fonts for you, and all you need is downloading the template, install all the fonts, and do some editing on it. How simple is that? Absolutely.

    Ive a couple tips for you, go check it out, and sure it will help you a lot.

    b. Read this

    c. Printing

    If You Need To Cancel Your Order Before Delivered Please Email Us Asap

    The money could only be refunded under an emailed agreement between the parts.

    There are a couple of reasons to be refunded generally your dissatisfaction once the product is delivered, or: the order cancellation before delivering the product.

    The money will not be refunded after 24 hours the product has been delivered without receiving and mutually agreeing on a refund request.

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    How To Personalize Your Minecraft Party Invitations

    The best part of these free Minecraft invitations, its easy to personalize! Follow the below directions and learn how to customize the free DIY Minecraft birthday invitation to your liking. We have also added a free Evite Minecraft invitation template keep reading to see this!

    This Minecraft invitation is 5 x 7. If you are looking to mail this like a card, send these in a A7 envelopes these are 5.25 x 7.25.


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