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Minecraft Dungeon Lego Sets

How Do You Stop A Skeleton

Minecraft Dungeons Lego Sets | Snap Build

A Minecraft® warrior must be skilled in making weapons as well as using them. That is why the Training Grounds has a level for building weapons and a level for building skills.But what happens when a marauding skeleton arrives on the scene? Lets just say, the trapdoor that links the 2 levels comes in very handy!

Discontinued Lego Minecraft Sets

Like any ongoing legacy of Lego collections and editions, Lego Minecraft has also seen its share of discontinued sets.

So, the question is: which sets have been retired, and can they still be bought?

In short, yes.

However, I advise you to cross-check between the online Lego Store and Amazon to figure out which are still available for purchase.

Per the online Lego Store, a total of 48 Minecraft sets have been retired they currently sell the 28 listed above.

However, although youll have access to a complete list of retired Minecraft Lego sets on the site, you wont be able to purchase any through the brands online store.

Thats where Amazon comes in.

If you go into the , youll find that many sets are still available. But expect to see a spike in price every now and then! Also, availability may vary according to your location.

That said, I advise using the Lego Stores retired sets catalog as a reference to purchase items on Amazon. BrickLink also has a complete reference catalog where you can see each Minecraft Lego sets status.

Here are a few of our favorites you can find on Amazon:

Best Lego Minecraft Sets

Release date: 2022Age: 8+

Appropriate for ages 8 years and up, this super popular 499-piece Ice Castle playset contains enough items to reenact a thrilling attack around and within a castle, with the help of a Royal Warrior, yeti, and four hostile mob members: two skeletons and two zombies.

This set also features a world of perfectly designed accessories that make it extra special a diamond sword and banner shield, a crossbow, an ax, crafting table, stonecutter, anvil, cauldron, and more!

This versatile playset can be rearranged and reconfigured in different ways and measures over 6 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 7.5 inches deep, once completed.

Age: 8+

The Skeleton Dungeon Lego Minecraft edition is a highly detailed set filled with creative potential.

Despite containing under 400 pieces, this pack offers an exciting range of building possibilities. Besides a cave explorer and three skeletons, youll have enough parts to create three distinct biomes: a cave with a rock-fall function, another surrounded by vegetation, and a spooky dungeon!

This makes an excellent gift for any Minecraft lover who enjoys using imagination to reconfigure different Lego set-ups. The final product will measure over 5.5 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep.

Release date: 2021Age: 8+

The Warped Forest Lego set invites players 8 years and older to enjoy realistic Minecraft landscapes and lots of action.

Release date: 2021Age: 7+

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Lego Minecraft The Skeleton Dungeon 21189 Building Kit


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Two New Lego Minecraft Sets Announced At Lego Con 2022

LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon, 21119

At LEGO CON 2022, LEGO have also unveiled 2 brand new LEGO Minecraft sets 21189 The Abandoned Village, and 21190 The Skeleton Dungeon, which have a release date of 1 August 2022!

21189 The Abandoned Village will be priced at 44.99 USD / 49.99 EUR

21190 The Skeleton Dungeon will be priced at 34.99 USD / 29.99 EUR

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Explore The Lego Minecraft World

Anyone who is familiar with Minecraft knows that it is a game of near-infinite possibilities. Starting their first night with nothing but a basic skin , players are presented with a slew of choices. Most sensible adventurers focus on gathering readily available materials, with which they can begin constructing a basic house to protect themselves from the mobs that roam the wilderness during the night. Once the necessities have been satisfied, the world is ready to be explored, and no two players experiences are ever the same, as the map is populated by completely randomised landmarks: villages, dungeons, mountain caves, and fortresses.

Compared to the game itself, Minecraft LEGO sets are the next best way to immerse yourself in this sandbox world. Start by building a house, then expand your one-person shack into an entire village, complete with a farm and horse stable. Eventually, when the green-hilled landscapes lose their lustre, you might find yourself drawn to portals that lead to dimensions beyond the familiar: the End and the Nether. One is a dark void inhabited by the fearsome Ender Dragon, while the other is a fiery hellscape.

From Blocks To Bricks

Conceptualised by Swedish programmer Markus Notch Persson, Minecraft is best known as being a massively popular video game by developer Mojang Studios. The vanilla iteration of the game was debuted in 2009, and since this pivotal moment, it has gained the title of best-selling video game in history. This success can be attributed to its unique concept, which gives players the freedom to explore a procedurally generated sandbox environment presented in the shape of blocks. The simplistic visuals lend themselves to the addition of user-created mods, including one that transforms the environment into an interactive space composed of LEGO bricks.

The two sharing a similar aesthetic, it seemed inevitable that Mojang Studios and The LEGO Group would combine their two ideas, and this presumption was soon revealed to be accurate. With the support of the gaming community, Mojang used the LEGO Ideas program to convince the brand to invest in these new toys.

The first LEGO Minecraft sets flooded the toy market in 2012, allowing players to continue their block-building journey in the real world. To guarantee that fans could immediately recognise the franchise, each set or rather, each crafting box included unique locations, objects, and characters , all of which resembled their in-game counterparts. Known as Micro Worlds, they featured a removable surface that, when exposed, would reveal caves laden with ores, minecart tracks, and rivers.

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Shop For Lego Minecraft Building Sets

LEGO Minecraft is the LEGO playset for the avid players of the extremely popular video game, Minecraft. Children can have fun with realistic Minecraft adventures featuring familiar characters and unique items from the game using LEGO bricks and minifigures. Create Minecraft structures brick by brick and embark on exciting missions. All LEGO Minecraft sets can be combined and re-built to create your very own unique Minecraft universe. Buy your child a LEGO Minecraft set and see them use their imagination building an entire world of their own with houses, villages, crops, and more. Brick by brick, they can put together a mini-version of the epic Minecraft video game. Own a LEGO Minecraft set from Mr Toys now!

History Of Lego Minecraft

Top 10 Missing Things from LEGO Minecraft Dungeons Sets

Before getting into Lego Minecraft sets and what theyre all about, lets have a look into the backstory of how Lego and Minecraft got hitched.

In December 2011, Swedish game developer studio Mojang submitted an idea for potential collaboration with Lego through the companys then-called Lego Cuusoo program .

The program was set up to invite users to pitch and vote for business ideas they considered promising, which in this case required at least 10,000 signatures for project approval.

Within two days, Minecrafts passionate community met the mark with an overflow of signatures, and in 2012, Lego Minecraft released its very first Micro World set.

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In 2013, Lego announced the release of two more Micro World sets, the Nether and Village themes at Comicon, and months later, the final and fourth set of the series, The End.

That same year, Minecraft used their video game convention MineCon to announce that the Lego Group would be developing a complete series of Minifigures based on the video games characters as a result of a Co-Build Project.

The projects aim was to create Lego sets in a Minifigure scale with the input and feedback of Minecraft and Legos fanbase and community, eventually leading to the creation of classics such as the Creeper, sheep, and mine carts.

In 2014, the first set of six Minifigure-scale sets was released, and four more were unveiled and released a year later.

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What Are Lego Minecraft Sets

Essentially, Lego Minecraft is the collaboration between Lego and the uber-popular videogame Minecraft.

Together, they have developed a unique experience for both Lego and Minecraft fans passionate about recreating the video games iconic scenes and narratives, brick by brick.

Currently, the online Lego Store features 28 available sets, with 48 of its products being retired .

Get inspired:LEGO artist Jeff Sanders bends bricks into mind-blowing geometric shapes

So who are Lego Minecraft sets for?

While primarily targeted at young children, the truth is that Minecraft has become a cultural phenomenon that appeals to just about any generation thus, its evergrowing success. Yes, much like Lego.

Here are a few aspects that describe these sets and what to expect:

  • Everything from compact sets of ~70 pieces to more elaborate brick-building projects comprising roughly 1000 pieces
  • Targeted for children as young as 7-9 years old and up
  • Sets are inspired by original Minecraft scenes, settings, narratives, and characters
  • Sets can be built individually or added and connected to others
  • Each set inspires rebuilding scenes or replaying battles from the popular video game
  • Lots of dynamic features like explosions or collapsing buildings
  • Reconfiguration of sets, playing with versatility, and creativity is at the forefront of this experience an excellent educational and skill-building activity for children.

New Lego Minecraft Sets Are Available Now

Jack Yates 21163 The Redstone Battle21171 The Horse Stable21172 The Ruined Portal21173 The Sky Tower21174 The Modern Treehouse21176 The Jungle AbominationLEGO MinecraftLEGO.comMinecraftMinecraft DungeonsNew SetsSummerSummer 2021

Minecraft Dungeons returns to the LEGO theme this summer as one of the five new sets now available revisit the spin-off game in a boss battle build.

Amongst the rest of the LEGO summer sets on the official online store, Minecraft has a total of five new models ready to be built by block-loving builders.

21176 The Jungle Abomination is an outlier in the range as is it is based off of one of the Minecraft Dungeons DLC packs that added the jungle biome and the titular boss. Much like 21163 The Redstone Battle, an assortment of weapons and minifigures are included to do battle with the beasts that populate the builds.

Below you can find links to the official online store for every new LEGOMinecraft set that releases June 1:

The new sets also encourage some interdimensional exploration as 21172 The Ruined Portal depicts one of the gameâs newest structures, mirroring the peaceful overworld with the chaotic and fiery Nether dimension. Thereâs a few new pieces to find in the models such as a helmet that covers the faces of players and a trident to soar through the seas.

Support the work that Brick Fanatics does by purchasing your LEGO Minecraft sets through one of our affiliate links.

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Lego Minecraft Dungeons The Redstone Battle Building Set 504 Ct


Bring all the fun of the online Minecraft Dungeons game into the real world with LEGO Minecraft The Redstone Battle . With posable giants, favorite characters and fun battles, this buildable toy gives Minecraft players an action-packed setting for endless hands-on adventures. Kids create Minecraft action of their own as they take on the giant redstone monstrosity and the redstone golem. Kids use cool weapons to role-play battles and adjust the posable redstone monsters to create ever-changing scenes. There are also lots of fun accessories, such as the loot contained inside the Minecraft piggy bank. Bring Minecraft action to life with LEGO brick building toys! Looking for the best birthday gift or merchandise toy for a Minecraft fan? LEGO Minecraft playsets put the characters, the construction, the mini toys and the battle action from the online game right into kids hands.


Prepare Yourself For The Ultimate Lego Minecraft Encounter Are You Ready

LEGO Minecraft Dungeons 21163 Bitwa o czerwony kamie :: Sklep Kleks

There are many LEGO Minecraft sets available to choose from here at Mr Toys. Our range includes buildable Micromob figures such as Enderman, Creeper, Steve, and the Villagers. Once kids have designed and built their creations, theyll be able to explore, gather resources, and combat the zombies. Models can even be re-configured and re-built for a whole new experience.

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Lego Minecraft Characters & Mobs

Every set created for this line is made to the scale of ordinary LEGO Minifigures, and in the case of the games many hostile NPCs featured in the early Micro Worlds sets, they are called Micromobs. In addition to this, the brand has also made what they term Bigfigs, which are larger than ordinary figures that emphasise one character.

As any long-term fan of the series would expect, LEGO Minecraft sets include the franchises voiceless protagonists and their enemies, the mobs. Said enemies include the creeper, zombie, skeleton, golem, wither, Enderman, and Ender Dragon. However, these arent the only NPCs roaming the land there are dozens of animals, some of which are sheep, pigs, horses, bees, and even pandas.

Minecraft Toys And Gifts

  • Piece Count: High to Low New
  • Average rating4out of 5 starsPrice$44.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.6out of 5 starsPrice$129.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$119.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$99.99
  • Average rating3.6out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$69.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$79.99
  • Average rating4.1out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating4.7out of 5 starsPrice$59.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$49.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$39.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.9out of 5 starsPrice$34.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating5out of 5 starsPrice$29.99
  • Average rating4.5out of 5 starsPrice$24.99

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Want More Lego Minecraft

Some of the LEGO Minecraft building sets that are available here at Mr Toys include:

  • The Snow Hideout: Your mission is a mining expedition in an icy landscape. Can you build a shelter and a Snow Golem for protection before night comes?
  • The Nether Fortress: The Overworld doesnt have all the supplies you need to survive. Can you make it through the hostile mobs guarding the Nether Fortress?
  • The Dungeon: Time for a perilous quest into the Dungeon to find valuable ores. Watch out for zombies!
  • The Desert Outpost: The desert has never been scarier. Build a house and lookout tower to stay safe as darkness falls.
  • The First Night: The first night is the hardest to survive, so use the daylight hours wisely and build an enclosure for your livestock and a shelter for yourself before it gets dark.
  • The Farm: Here youll find the renewable resources youll need to survive. Channel the flowing water, fence in the livestock, and harvest the crops but look out for the skeleton!
  • The Cave: Battle your way into the cave and use the TNT to blast out the ores and minerals you need.


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