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When Is The New Minecraft Update

Minecraft ‘the Wild Update’: Release Date Features And Everything We Know

The NEW Minecraft Update

Minecraft is a game that constantly improves over time, with Mojang Studios usually releasing at least one major update per year. For 2022, we now know The Wild Update is what’s next for Minecraft after the release of the massive Caves and Cliffs Update. The Wild Update adds some awesome new features, improves existing mechanics, and highlights Mojang’s commitment to making Minecraft a better game with every single release.

Here’s everything we know about The Wild Update for Minecraft, including its release date, features, and much more.

Changes To Minecraft Mob Spawns

In the first Minecraft 1.18 experimental snapshot, theres a natural terrain variation that is separate from how the biomes work. The patch notes state an example of this, suggesting that forests and deserts could form up on a hill without needing a special biome just for that. Mobs that spawn in the dark will now only spawn in complete darkness, so dimly lit areas are safer. However, a subsequent experimental snapshot makes zombies, spiders, and skeletons spawn at light level 11, so multiple torches are needed to ward away those monsters.

The Allay And Other Notable Additions

The Allay was the winner of 2021s mob vote, and is the newest passive mob that will help players by picking up items on the ground. This new feature makes the Allay perfect for players building large farms, as the Allay can pick up all items that the player did not and drop them off near a note block. The Allay can be given an item, and will only pick up that particular type of item for the player until it’s retrieved again. They can be found in cages around Pillager Outposts or inside Woodland Mansions.

There are numerous smaller additions too, like the new boat with chests that add an inventory to boats so players can explore without having to worry about filling up, as well as a new armor enchantment called Swift Sneak. Swift Sneak will improve the speed at which players move when sneaking, making it particularly useful for exploring the Deep Dark.

Also added to the game is a music disc that can be acquired by combining disc fragments found in Ancient Cities. The update includes goat horns that will drop whenever a goat rams into a hard block, with there being several types that each will emit a different sound. Finally, the update also introduced 3D Directional Audio simulation, giving fans better audio quality that may be useful while exploring.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Multiplayer Secure Chat Signing

  • Chat messages between players are now cryptographically signed
  • The message arguments to `/say`, `/msg`, `/teammsg`, and `/me` commands are all also signed
  • Players are given a Mojang provided key-pair on startup
  • Servers can require players to have a Mojang-signed public key by setting `enforce-secure-profile=true` in ``
  • Enforcing secure profiles will prevent players without a Mojang-signed public key from connecting
  • Static chat styling can now be controlled by the server through the `chat_type` registry, or with server resource packs as before
  • Dynamic chat styling can also be controlled by the server, although this is only signed when Chat Preview is enabled
  • Clients can prefer to always show the original, signed message by enabling Only Show Secure Chat in Chat Settings
  • Chat from players still using Mojang Accounts is not signed
  • Their messages will not show for players with Only Show Secure Chat enabled
  • They may be unable to join server with the `enforce-secure-profile` option enabled
  • When Does The New Minecraft Update Come Out Expected Launch Time In Et Pt Bst And Other Time Zones

    Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Will Add The Warden, Minecraft

    With the Minecraft 1.19 update mere hours away, players are more excited than ever to gain access to the plethora of new content coming to the game. One of the best things about the new update is that it is set to be released for all platforms today.

    This is a step away from the release procedure up until a few years ago, when every platform got a new update at a different time, and sometimes even days apart.

    The new content coming with the Wild Update was teased around eight months ago when the it was announced at Minecraft Live 2021. Since then, players had been eagerly waiting for any news on the release of the new update, and have learned a ton about them in recent snapshots, previews, betas, and pre-releases.

    The update itself went through many changes, like the removal of fireflies and archeology. However, most of the features that were first announced have been kept in, and have been confirmed by Mojang for release today.

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    What To Expect After The Minecraft 119 Update

    For most video games, future updates stay as guarded secrets until an official teaser. Fortunately, thats not the case with Minecraft, which constantly implements user demands and suggested changes. The Wild update is the prime example of Mojang improving existing worlds as per users demands.

    So, if thats to remain true, 2023 or part two of Wild update can bring us the Minecraft weather update. It will supposedly transform the weather system of Minecraft with biome-based weather, dynamic weather cycle, and more. However, this is mere speculation at this point, and we suggest you take this rumor will a grain of salt.

    Minecraft Caves & Cliffs New Blocks

    Given the nature of the split update, its easier to just list which blocks are coming and where you can find them. The new Minecraft blocks in 1.17 are:

    • Copper ore found underground close to mine shafts
    • Dripstone and Pointed Dripstone blocks found in caves
    • Amethyst geodes found in caves
    • Glow lichen found in caves
    • Powdered snow found on mountain tops
    • Deepslate found close to bedrock in the underground area
    • Moss found in shipwreck chests
    • Glow Berries found in mineshaft chests
    • Azalea use bone meal on moss for a chance to find it
    • Dripleaf plant use bone meal on moss for a chance to find it

    Note that you can also find some of these items by trading emeralds with wandering traders. Outside of these new blocks, the new textures for ores will also appear in the Minecraft 1.17 update. They were redesigned due to accessibility issues for colourblind players.

    Lets go into a bit more detail about some of these blocks:

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    Predictability Of Randomized Events

    • Some randomized events are now more predictable and no longer have a possibility of extreme behaviors:
    • Placement and velocity of things dropped from Droppers / Dispensers
    • Placement and velocity of items spawned from containers upon destroy
    • Randomized `follow_range` component attribute for mobs
    • Velocity of Horses spawned from Skeleton Traps
    • Blaze random position and randomized speed of Blaze projectiles
    • Randomized portion of damage and velocity of Arrows
    • Randomized flight pattern of Fireworks
    • Bobbing patterns and time until a Fish appears for Fishing Rods

    New Mobs In Minecraft: The Wild Update Shrieker Warden Allay & Frog

    The New Minecraft UPDATE has a built-in AUTOCLICKER!

    As well as the Shrieker, the new update will introduce a further three brand-new mobs: the Warden, the Allay, and the Frog!

    Firstly, the Warden is a powerful and hostile mob that lives in the Deep Dark biome. Apparently, youll need to be very stealthy if you want to discover it, but you probably wont want to because it sounds pretty nasty.

    Secondly, theres the Allay, which is a friendly blue flying mob that will even help to collect items for you. Much like Parrots, they can even dance if theres a jukebox nearby. Pretty neat, huh?

    Lastly, theres the much-awaited Frog mob, which are friendly and feed on baby Slimes. In addition, they also grow from Tadpoles, and these Tadpoles start off as Frogspawn. Very cute!

    Oh, and lets not forget one other new item that will be added in the new The Wild Update: Yes, a new Boat with a Chest will be available for those who like to travel in style!

    So, there you have it. We hope this helped to clue you in on whats new in Minecraft: The Wild Update. For more Minecraft-related content, check out our guides on underground base ideas, finding diamonds, and bedroom ideas. And as always, feel free to peruse the relevant links down below.

    Featured Image Source: Mojang and Microsoft

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    Crystal And Amethyst Geodes

    In rare circumstances, caves can lead to Amethyst geodes. Walking on crystals emits a sound effect that sounds like a wind-chime.

    You can break the crystal plants, but you cant take the specific blocks that crystals grow on. The puzzle will be working out a network of harvesting the crystals at the source efficiently. Crystals have uses in making items, namely in making the new Telescope, which you can use to zoom in on details from far away.

    What Is The Wild Update For Minecraft

    The Wild Update is Minecraft’s 2022 titular release, and will bring new levels of polish and quality to the game after the fundamental shifts and changes introduced in the gargantuan Caves and Cliffs Update. The Wild Update will be smaller than its predecessor, but will also have a finer focus on parity between Bedrock and Java Editions of Minecraft, achieving a greater level of quality for new and existing features, and making Minecraft’s Overworld a more exciting and diverse place with which to explore and interact.

    The Wild Update was announced during Minecraft Live 2021, The Wild Update will follow 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two, still slated for release later in 2021, with a fresh batch of additions and features for all platforms Minecraft is available. It will also likely introduce the winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 Mob Vote, alongside all the other changes and brand-new features.

    On the surface, The Wild Update may not be as immediately exciting as the Caves and Cliffs Update’s major shifts to world generation and mining , but it’ll still contain plenty to get players excited. The Wild Update will, hopefully, do nothing but contribute to why Minecraft is the greatest game ever made. As we learn more about The Wild Update and everything it entails, we’ll continuously update this space with all the information we have.

    You can see more concept art for The Wild Update below.

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    Minecraft : When Should Players Expect The Update To Be Released

    On May 26, Mojang announced that the Minecraft 1.19 update would be released for all platforms on June 7. However, they did not mention the time at which the update would come out.

    While it has been this way for a while now , players can speculate what time the update will be released at by looking at the history of earlier updates and snapshots.

    Back in July 2021, the Caves and Cliffs Part 1 update was released at around 10 AM ET and 3 PM BST. As for the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update, it was released in November 2021, around 5 PM BST or 12 PM ET. As for the recently released pre-releases and release candidates for the Wild Update, each of them was released between 3 PM BST or 10 PM ET, and 5 PM BST or 12 PM ET.

    Based on the aforementioned release times, the official Minecraft 1.19 update is expected to be released during the following timelines:

    • Between 11:30 PM and 02:30 PM BST
    • Between 8:30 AM and 12:30 AM ET
    • Between 6 PM and 9 PM IST
    • Between 5:30 AM and 8:30 AM PT

    The new update brings a ton of changes and additions to the game. The most notable ones include the Warden boss mob, the Deep Dark biome, Ancient Cities, Mangrove Swamps, Mangrove wood, Mangrove trees and leaves, and more.

    The Deep Dark Biome Sculk Blocks And Wireless Redstone

    Minecraft 1.18 update, Release Date, Features : Everything you need to ...

    One of the Deep Dark biomes characteristics is that its where you can normally find Sculk Growths. These growths a new Redstone-like power source but is the key for finally introducing us to the wireless activation of Redstone powered gadgets.

    If a Sculk Sensor detects footsteps or destroy/place a block, it will emit a new Redstone signal. You can use these to operate gadgets without a trail of Redstone connecting the two.

    You can use wool to prevent the signal from passing through too, meaning that you can ensure that the trigger only activates the signal between Sculk signals and contraptions. So the possibilities for wireless Redstone in constructing city builds or colossal Minecraft castles are nigh-on endless!

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    Minecraft 117 Update Caves And Cliffs Part 1 Features

    Goats, axolotl friends, and plenty of new blocks

    Looking forward to the release of Minecraft update 1.17? For years, Minecraft players have been asking for a big update to the rather bland underground areas you may know them as caves. Theyve not really changed all that much since vanilla Minecraft launched over a decade ago, while new biomes have been added constantly to the game. So it was hugely exciting to get confirmation of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update.

    While the cliffs do get new snow effects, powder snow blocks, and goats, the really fascinating stuff thats being added is all found beneath the surface. All youll need to do to find these new areas is tunnel downwards. Three new underground biomes were discussed during this years Minecraft Live presentation, filled with new plants to harvest, new materials to gather, and new Minecraft mobs to encounter.

    Yes, Minecraft Caves & Cliffs does add a terrifying-sounding monster, but it also gives players not one, but two potential best friend mobs that can help them take down pesky enemies. Here is everything you can look forward to when Minecraft 1.17 goes live.

    The New Warden Mob Is Coming In A Future Update

    Unfortunately, the new Warden mob has been delayed out of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part 2 update and will instead arrive in a future update some time in 2022. Mojang announced this year that the Warden and the Deep Dark biome it lives in were being pushed into the 1.19 Minecraft update, which is also known as Minecraft The Wild update.

    Wardens and the Deep Dark biome arent the only things that didnt quite make the cut for the 1.18 update, however. Archeology, bundles, and goat horns wont be in Minecraft just yet either, but will come in a later update likely the Wild Update along with the Warden mob.

    For those not in the know, Archeology will allow players to use a copper brush to reveal items buried in Sand, Gravel, or Dirt Blocks found within a new Archeology Site structure. Goat Horns have a chance to drop from goats after they charge into a solid object and can be used by the player to make sounds. Finally, Bundles are craftable sacks that take up one inventory slot but can hold several items of different types useful for long journeys and extensive mining expeditions where food and material storage is essential.

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    Minecraft: Java Edition 119 The Wild Update Changelogs

    The 1.19 update for Java Edition players is now available everywhere, including Windows PCs, Mac, and Linux.

    • The main menu background now shows a Wild Update panorama
    • Minor changes to Minecart with Chest / Furnace / TNT / Hopper
    • Improved the predictability a number of gamplay elements
    • Explosions caused by player-ignited TNT now cause experience to drop from broken blocks
    • We will be keeping an eye on feedback for this change, it might change in a future update
  • Added sound option for 3D Directional Audio simulation
  • This option is best experienced with headphones
  • Replaced Realms subtle selected world highlight with a clear green checkmark
  • What Time Does Minecraft 119 The Wild Update Come Out

    I Played the NEW Minecraft 1.17 Update! (#45)

    The official release date for the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update is Tuesday, June 7th, 2022, whilst the release time for the upcoming update is expected to be 7AM PT / 10AM ET / 3PM BST. This is the time in which new snapshots are released each week, and will likely be the release time for the 1.19 update.

    Should a more official release time be announced by Mojang Studios for the Minecraft 1.19 update, we will be sure to update this article.

    Well now youve gone and done it All that noise youve been making has awoken the warden!Will you test your courage in #TheWildUpdate? Coming June 7!

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    What Are The Features And Gameplay Of The Wild Update For Minecraft

    The Wild Update may not be quite as grand in scale as the highly ambitious Caves and Cliffs Update that predates it, but it still contains a plethora of brand-new features and improvements to Minecraft. As Mojang Studios divulges more details on what’s included in The Wild Update, we’ll update the below sections with everything we learn. With new biomes, mobs, blocks and items, and several other changes, The Wild Update is another exciting addition to everything that makes Minecraft great.

    Minecraft’s The Wild Update Releases On June 7

    As you no doubt noted by the headline, The Wild Update is coming to Minecraft on June 7.

    The Wild Update will come with two new biomes: the deep dark and the mangrove swamp. The deep dark lies below the surface To get there, you will need to find the base of a cave and start digging. It is the only place where you will find sculk blocks.

    One of the things you will notice about this biome is how silent it is – until you set off a shrieker. Triggering the creature will give you only four chances to get away from it. If you by chance make it shriek a fourth time and don’t get out of there quick enough, you will come face to face with the only mob that dwells in the deep dark.

    The other biome, the mangrove swamp, is full of large trees with big roots. They bring a new type of wood that you can use to build with alongside the new mud block. You can build the mud block using dirt and water.

    While in the mangrove swamp, you can use a boat to travel across the place, and it contains a which you can fill.

    The Wilds Update also comes with new mobs. These are the warden, the allay, and the frog that you can feed tiny slimes. The frog is actually more than one mob as it comes in three forms: frogspawn, tadpole, and adult frog.

    Announced during MineCon Live 2021, come June 7, you can download The Wild Update for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, and Minecraft: Java Edition on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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