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What Is Realms In Minecraft

How To Fix The Not Saving Issue In Minecraft Realms

Minecraft: So What is Minecraft Realms?

Minecraft Realms is a Subscription of the base game where the player gets a private server with extra content. But as of recent updates, Realms has not been saving any progress done in the Minecraft World. Usually, Realms saves your World Data automatically on the server. So if your World Data is not getting saved then the issue lies in the Server. This means, that as a player you cannot do anything until the problem is fixed. Mojang has acknowledged the problem and is trying to fix it as soon as possible.

This is kind of a sad thing as all of your lost progress cannot be retrieved nor you will be able to do anything long-term if the problem persists. All you can do is wait till Mojang finds a Solution. One thing you can do is try to save your Minecraft Realms World Data onto a . This will ensure that once the issue is fixed, you will be able to resume your game from that file.

This was all about how to Fix the Not Saving issue in Minecraft Realms. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides like How To Update To 1.19, Backup & Restore in Minecraft Realm.

What Is A Minecraft Realms List

What is a Minecraft Realms List? A realm list is a website that can be accessed through Google to help find Minecraft Realms. Each realm list varies depending on who runs the website however this website, Best Minecraft Realms manually checks each realm that is listed and makes sure they are of the highest quality so that you can enjoy the Minecraft Realms that you play on! In order to use our Minecraft Realms List simply scroll down our website and click copy IP address once you ve found the realm that you think you will enjoy and boom, just copy it into your Minecraft launcher and have fun playing the realm list

Minecraft Is A Game Loved By Millions Of People All Around The World But How Is Microsoft’s Nascent Minecraft Server Subscription Service Doing

ByJez Cordenlast updated 21 November 18

Minecraft is an unprecedented title in various ways, most recently pioneering some of the most pervasive cross-play systems in the industry. This is Minecraft Realms.

Minecraft Realms is an unprecedented feature in gaming that doesn’t really get enough praise. Through Realms, Minecraft can connect players from Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR platforms, Android, and iOS .

For a small fee, you and up to ten friends can play together on a shared dedicated world, crafting, adventuring, and building together. No other game has achieved anything this pervasive as of writing, although many are moving in that direction, most notably Fortnite, which allows Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile cross-play. Of course, Minecraft is, of course, a completely different sort of game, which revolves around co-operative play in infinitely random worlds. The rentable Realms feature is still relatively new, however, and is missing a frustrating amount of features.

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Why Are There Two Versions Of Realms Servers

We’ve developed two separate versions of Minecraft to optimize game performanceon different platforms. Minecraft runs on one kind of code, and Minecraft: Java Edition runs on another. These two versions are incompatible with each other and are developed separately with different features. Players on Minecraft: Java Edition can’t play on console, mobile or Windows 10 Realms and vice versa.

How Much Is Minecraft Realms

How to Add Custom Worlds to Your Minecraft Realms Server

It has been said that the best things in life are free, but unfortunately, that does not translate to Minecraft Realms.

Saying that though, for the dedicated Minecraft players amongst us it is not too high a cost to take advantage of Realms as it will only set you back £6.69 for a maximum of 10 players per month.

Paying this will get you extras too, such as access to over 50 Marketplace packs includes new skins, mini-games and maps – so you do get a lot for what you pay and you can cancel anytime you like.

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What Are Minecraft Realms And How To Use Them Beginners Guide

Minecraft is a game that is best enjoyed when you play with friends. In a single-player world, the player might enjoy the first few days of solitude, but after a while, you get really bored. It doesnt hurt to get some company apart from the mindless villagers who keep saying hmmmmm, uhhhmm!

While Minecraft is a very popular game, the multiplayer feature isnt very accessible. At least compared to today’s standards, where players can start playing with their friends in a game without worrying about the technical stuff that goes behind the screen. The multiplayer experience wasnt outstanding in Minecraft before, but it has improved over the years.

You can actually play Minecraft online with your friends, and there are ways to go about it. Either you setup up your own server to play with your friends , or you can stay in the Minecraft ecosystem and buy Minecraft Realms. The realms subscription is an offering by Mojang to encourage people to stay on their platform.

But many players get confused they dont understand how to use and start playing. After all, the players only care about playing the game and not technical jargon. So in this blog post, well guide you through setting up a Realms server, explain what the different Realms variations are, if there are some other alternatives, and is Realms actually worth it. So lets get into it!

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What Is Minecraft Realms How Does It Work

Minecraft Realms is a subscription service that allows Minecraft players to play the sandbox game on their own and/or with other players in their own personal server thats stored in the cloud. These servers are called Realms.

Once someone subscribes to Minecraft Realms, they can invite up to 10 people to play online with them in their Realm. These visiting players dont have to subscribe to Minecraft Realms to participate in the subscribers Realm.

Realms are private experiences, meaning a subscriber will need to invite other people to play in their Realm with them. Realms are also designed to be always online. This means that once a subscriber adds someone to their Realm, that person will be able to access the Realm at any point in the future, even if the subscriber isnt playing Minecraft at the same time.

While Realms are designed to be always online, subscribers have the option to turn their Realm off, which will cause it to go offline until they turn it back on. When a Realm is offline, other players wont be able to access it.

Each Realm has three different world slots, as well as a slot for mini-games. This means subscribers can store multiple worlds within their Realm. However, only a single slot, or world, can be active at any time. The other worlds will remain stored in the cloud and subscribers can switch to them when they want to play in them.

Minecraft: How To Setup A Realms Server

Everything About Minecraft Realms on Java Edition!

Minecraft is a great game to play, especially when you can invite a bunch of friends. If you have ever played a co-op game, then you likely know how much easier survival mode can become. This is due to the fact that making a base and mining goes much quicker when you have multiple players on your side. If you want to play on a bigger server, though, you will need to use a special Minecraft Realms service. The guide below will walk you through everything you need to know about setting up Minecraft Realms and how to use it properly.

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Minecraft Realms On Minecraft Bedrock Edition

In a rare occurrence, the Minecraft Bedrock edition gets a better deal here. Realms for Minecraft Bedrock edition are quite special. You get 150+ exclusive marketplace theme packs that get new content every single month if you subscribe to the Realms Plus service. Well discuss the differences between Realm and Realm Plus later on.

The bedrock edition also gets a significantly cheaper plan if you only want to play with 3 people on your server. This option doesnt include the exclusive monthly content but is still as reliable as the Realm Plus plan. Beyond that, Minecraft Realms on Bedrock also has support for limited community-based content to fully customize the server. If nothing else suits you, RTX is still exclusive to Minecraft Bedrock, and it even works on Realms.

How To Create A Realm In Minecraft For Windows 10

Before managing anything, you need to get a Realm off the ground. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Launch Minecraft for Windows 10 from your Start menu or desktop.
  • Click Play.
  • Click Create New.
  • Click Create New World.
  • Click Create on Realms.
  • Click Add a 10 player Realm or Add a 2 player Realm.
  • Click a duration of time for which you’d like to rent the realm.
  • Click the checkbox next to I agree.
  • Click Create for $X.XX button.
  • If you’re not signed into your Microsoft account, you will be asked to sign in and confirm your payment details. Once you’ve paid and the transaction is finalized, you’ll be able to invite friends to join your Realm. Click Done, Let’s Play! when you’re finished inviting.

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    Realms In Bedrock Edition

    Bedrock Edition offers players two options: one subscription for the host plus a maximum of two players which costs $3.99 and the other for 10 players for $7.99.

    When a player buys a 10 player Realm Plus subscription, they are also given access to more than 150+ different worlds and packs curated by Mojang, which is updated every month.

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    Minecraft Realms Down: Gamers Reported Servers Not Working

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    What Is A Realm

    A Realm is a multiplayer world that can be joined by anyone if they have been invited by the host. It is a simple and efficient way to create a server where up to 10 players can play simultaneously. Once created, the players can access it 24×7 even if the host is offline.

    Realm is available in both Java Edition as well as Bedrock Edition. Players can play cross-platform in their respective editions. However, they cannot play across different editions.

    How To Create A Realm Plus In Minecraft

    To be able to create a Realm, players must first be logged into their Microsoft account and have a stable internet connection. Creating a Realm is a straight-forward and hassle free process.

    Setting up a Realm in Bedrock Edition

    Players can follow these steps to create a Realm in Bedrock Edition:

  • Open the Minecraft app and click on Play.
  • Tap on the Create New World button.
  • A menu will pop up which will ask players to Choose the Realm Server. They can choose to create a 10 player Realm or 2 player Realm.
  • After choosing the desired Realm, tap on the “I agree: box present in the Terms and Conditions section.”
  • For those creating a 10 player Realm Plus subscription for the first time, they will be allotted a one-month Free Trial.
  • Players must now pay their respective fees.
  • Once the payment process is done, a window will show on the app saying Creating Realm.
  • Players can now add friends, either by sharing a link or searching for them in their friend list or using their Gamertag.
  • Creating a Realm in Java Edition

    Players can enact the following steps to create a Realm in Java Edition:

  • Tap on the “Buy Realm” button.
  • Players will be redirected to, where they will have to make the payment.
  • Once the payment is successful, return to the game and select “Minecraft Realms” once again.
  • Players will be able to see their new Realm.
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    What Happens If I Cancel My Subscription

    When you cancel your subscription, you wont be able to access your realms packs or cloud storage anymore and will also lose access to the extra content from the Realm Plus catalog. However, you can still purchase the skins, worlds, and texture packs you used in Realms Plus from the Minecraft store. If you have world templates saved to your Realm, you can purchase and download them within 18 months from the end of your subscription. If you cancel the subscription, then want to purchase it again, you can import the backups of your old Realm into a new one. After the recurring payment stops, you have 18 months to back up your realm.

    Adjust The Overall Settings For Your Realms Server:

    Minecraft | What Are Realms?

    Turn the Server On or Off

    Select the green slider next to the on setting or the gray slider next to the off setting to turn your Realm on or off. Turning the server off will back up your world, and then cause the server to go offline this action will not affect world data or your subscription in any way.

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    What Is The Internal Server Error In Minecraft Realms

    Although the servers of Minecraft realms tend to be smooth and steady for most players of the game. One of the most common problems you might face is the Internal server error. The game requires a constant network connection to be able to maintain its infrastructure and update server data.

    It is a connection problem that disrupts your attempts at joining an online server or realm. In extreme cases, this issue can be unresolvable unless you can pinpoint the exact ways to solve it. Most players tend to brush these errors off at first glance as one of the player-created realms being insecure.

    In most multiplayer games, network instability or various bugs and glitches are the probable causes for these kinds of errors. The errors can arise from the lackluster aspects of the game or simply due to unstable servers.

    Most of the time that can be true, but if the error persists, then the reasons may just be from your side. As we mentioned before, the issue is more common than you would think.

    So there are a variety of ways where players can easily learn how to fix and handle the internal server error in Minecraft Realms. Also, consider reading the Best Minecraft Launchers guide.

    Minecraft Realms Platform Compatibility

    Two versions of Minecraft Realms are available from Mojang:

    • Minecraft Realms version for mobile devices, consoles, and Windows 10 platforms
    • Minecraft: Java Edition for PC, Mac, and Linux platforms

    The two versions are incompatible, so players using Minecraft: Java Edition on a Mac or pre-Windows 10 computer can’t play with players on a mobile device or console.

    Overall, Minecraft Realms are a worthwhile and official answer to creating and managing a server for Minecraft if you want a simple gaming experience. Hosting your own server provides a user-friendly alternative to third-party server hosts.

    However, Minecraft Realms are not for everybody. If youre into the scene of modding, you should stick with a host that allows those adjustments.

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    Force A Server Backup

    We noted in the beginning of this section that server-side backups occur automatically in the background at intervals while your server is active. Curiously, however, there is no GUI button or in-game console command where you can force a backup, like typing /backup while playing on the server.

    Nonetheless, you can actually force a backup in a clever way if you need to. If you and your friends are planning on doing a major change to your builds that would be really annoying to reverse, this is a great little trick. Pull up the configuration menu of your Realms server and unload your current world and temporarily replace it with a minigame by selecting the Minigame button, seen above, and picking a game.

    This is a completely undocumented trick, but it works like a charm. When you switch to the minigame level , Realms automatically performs an immediate backup of your current world before unloading it and replacing it with the minigame. Simply select your world to reload it and the backup process is complete.


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